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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Nora Ephron

Do you know Nora Ephron? She had a one woman show at the famous
 Paramount Theatre in Austin, Texas on February 10, 2011 Before the Show; Paramount Theater, Austin Texas Gretchen ask me to attend the show with her.

Nora Ephron is an established author so Gretchen and I both wanting to be near and around anyone creative we eagerly looked forward to her show. Honestly when Gretchen ask me if I wanted to see Nora Ephron speak I had to rack my brain on who she was and what she has written. Then Gretchen mentioned every one's favorite Sleepless in Seattle and When Harry Met Sally and then she had my attention.

The day of the show I googled Ms Ephron name to see what I could find out about her. Of course I was thrilled and impressed that she was a respected screenwriter and had been nominated three times for an academy award.

But.....................ten minutes into her show I was entertaining myself by looking at the magnificent theatre and how after a 100 years it was still beautiful. She disappointed me because everything she talked about was exactly what I had read when I googled her. You know how you get your expectations up and then their deflated just as quickly.

I was glad afterwards when Gretchen and I talked that she too was disappointed because I thought it was just me. We were expecting to hear more about her writing and maybe take notes but it was basically a woman standing there telling about her life and what she had accomplished all that I had read on the Internet.

One thing I found odd is she mentioned her two ex husbands by name and never once mentioned the man she was married to now. You know me I love to laugh and she did manage to get a few laughs from others but Gretchen and I barely smiled.

I think a woman of her talent and experience should consider what people have to pay to see her and she should make sure they get at least a portion of that back in entertainment.  Sorry Nora you are a very gifted lady but I think something was missing in your show. Not to say if any of you get the chance to see her don't let me persuade you not too because everyone is entertained differently. I think we were looking for more of the writing info than how many times she had married.

Sadly to say the woman sitting in front of us with her husband (I am assuming it was her husband) she kept us entertained to the point where Ms Pearl almost ask her to act her age and shut up. She was constantly hugging on her man, talking to him and when she was not doing that she would pick up her huge purse and go through it as if she were at home cleaning it out. On several occasion's she showed the man a bottle about the size of a baby food jar and I could not for the life of me see what was in it. At least in that hour of the show she showed him that bottle three times. What could have been in that bottle?

After the show Gretchen and I walked next door to a lovely little restaurant and that is where I enjoyed myself. We never not have a good time when we are together. She is such a beautiful young lady inside and out and also has starred in movies and is now doing screen plays while hiding out here at the ranch. One of these days when she comes out of hiding I can do a post just about her.

We were downtown Austin and after we had dinner we walked past the theatre again and then the building next to it is where Gretchen goes to acting classes. The building inside was beautiful just like the theatre. I have to tell you what happened when we were standing there looking in the big open doors and windows. Her acting teacher came out of a door upstairs and Gretchen flew to the end of the building where she could not be seen and was screaming for me to come on that her teacher was coming. Well you know me I knew that Gretchen has a school girl crush on him and I had to get a peep at what the man looked like so I am trying to get her to be quiet so I can stand there for a minute and see him.

He comes out on the upstairs balcony and he is looking down at me and I am doing a dance. Yes I did not realize at the time I was doing some kind of vaudeville dance for him but what was happening is Gretchen is freaking out like a funny teenager and I am moving back and forth towards her and then back to the position to where I can see him and it had to be really comical. Of course we did not laugh about it until the ride home. What Gretchen did not realize and could not see was he was just standing on the balcony looking down at this little ole lady doing a dance in front of his door and he is grinning from ear to ear. lol

Finally I gave into Gretchen's screams and went with her to the car. Now every time I see Gretchen she does the dance for me. hahahaha...She of course now realizes that she should of stood there with me and introduced him to me but it is cute to see a someone with a crush who can't think and just runs away.  I can just barely remember feeling like that but it was fun too.

Just last night Gretchen came over and we sat on the front porch and shared some wine and talked about her screen plays that she so desperately needs one done by March 10th...when she was leaving to go home I got my little dance from her.

Hope all of you are having a wonderful weekend! Our weather here is warming up but the wind is blowing like crazy. Can not complain at all because my toes are finally thawing out.

Almost forgot Gretchen ask me if she could get a goat to keep in her yard. She said she would put a collar on it and walk it around the property. How could I say no to the possibility of seeing that and sharing it with you!

Love to all


Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

Not a work about Alec Baldwin? I think Nora E. did the screenplay for Its Complicated.
Did you see it? No offense to Steve Martin, but I still can't understand why the heroine baker lady let Alec get away....;))
Now how bout a video of you doing the happy dance for your friend?

My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

so i come here to visit with you and thank you for the kind words on my blog and i see my best friend in real life...julie....

tinkerbell is adorable...and so is Toby.

didn't ms. ephron write a book about her neck too? :-)

happy to visit here today, my friend
kary and teddy

Donna said...

Maggie...once again...I'm giggling seeing you do "the dance" in my mind! Hmmm, now really wondering who Gretchen is!
Funny how seeing someone inspiring should hsve been fun but was instead tooting her own horn...what a disappointment.
Being with a fun friend makes up for it!!

Debby said...

Thanks Maggie. I will be okay. It just has been so hard. It won't be long now.
I love this Gretchen. Can't wait til you can share more about her. Love the silliness you have. I was afraid that there was another singing person there. I love goats.

Mumsy, Chancy and Company said...

I am sorry the show was a disappointment to you but I see the time was not spoiled for you and Gretchen. You two always seem to find fun everywhere you go and even if you are at home. Now I am always going to wonder what was in that bottle. :)

You know if you got a couple of goats, one for Gretchen and one for you they could cut way down on the mowing as you walked them around the property. Does that sound like a good idea?

Loved your post as always sweet Maggie. Hugs

acorn hollow said...

Well it is a drag to pay to hear someone and you don't like it. But you got a few laughs in anyway. Can't wait to see the goat on a leash

Tracy said...

I hate when I'm disapointed after I spend so much money on tickets to something that is suppose to be good and turns out not to be....that happened when we went to see Trans Siberian Orchestra at Christmas...not what I expected.

Thanks once again for sharing your funny stories to add joy to our days...

yaya said...

Once again Maggie you have made me laugh! Now I'm curious about your friend Gretchen, about her play, about her acting teacher, about your dancing without the stars performance, and goats. I will be thrilled to read all those posts and I'm sure it will involve more laughing!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Oh bummer, Maggie. I hate when that happens. You are so excited and build yourself up for such a great event and then it disappoints. Oh well, it sounds like you and Gretchen had fun afterward though.

Deb said...

it is disappointing when the show is not what you expected..glad your night turned better...

Firecracker Kid said...

Aww, maybe the speaker in the house was having a bad night. Sounds like the fun came afterwards:) and what was in that baby jar? Pee? Sounds like that lady forgot her meds.

Kathie said...

I have read Nora Ephron's " I feel Bad About My Neck" and currently on her book " I Remember Nothing", she is hilarious and I have so enjoyed her writing and her work on the movies. But I have heard her interviewed on several TV shows and can honestly say I don't think I would need to pay to hear her in person. But I will read anything she writes and see anything she writes for on screen.

Shirley said...

Hi Maggie, I had a chuckle tonight as I read your post which I really needed. I don't know why some people can write, but have a problem talking in front of people. We have had some nice weather, but the wind has been strong. We are really cooling off as a matter a fact we are at 36 after being up to 71 earlier today. isn't it weird. Have a great week. Your Missouri Friend.

Julie Harward said...

Oh Maggie...what a gal you are! Thanks for your visit and have a great week! ;D

Garden of Egan said...

I'm so distracted thinking about what could possibly be in the baby food jar I can't think.

I'm a little worried though.

I really think Ms Pearl should have grabbed that thing and sent it off to the FBI. You got connections don't ya?

Sounds like an OK time. It took me a second to figure out who Nora Ephron was. It was good to see her, but I'm sorry your time wasn't more entertaining.
You certainly don't live a boring life my friend.

Tracy said...

My dear girl, of course you are forgiven for your mistake of calling my son, my grandson...I actually laughed!
Okay, now about your comments on my blog; I find it fascinating that you worked in a prison for that many years. As a teacher of special education students with learning disabilities and behavior difficulties, this is a frequent conversation I have with them. Some of them think it is cool to have that bad boy image but I tell them if they truly let show who they are, they will be adored...really, deep down they are great kids; they've just lost their way with little guidance from home. It makes me sad...any tips you could offer?
thanks for your thoughtful comments about titles and labels...I really try not to judge others and know they are doing the best they can with what life has thrown their way!

Dragonfly Treasure said...

OMG! I can see you in my mind doing your little jig! At least her teacher was amused ;)

Too bad about the show, very disappointing indeed. You think she would have had some new material and info instead of recapping what was on the net.
You have me wondering about what was in the little bottle the lady in front of you had. hmmm...
Goats huh? hey you could each get one and walk them around where you need trimming done ;)
Enjoyed your post and chuckled along as usual.
Have a great day Maggie! and do your jig one more time for me!!

Marydon said...

G'morn sweet Maggie ~
Nothing worse than sitting thru a 'disappointment' .. trust me! But you both had a good time together which surely made up for that. You two do enjoy each other & I am so glad that you do.

Maggie, you could write forever & keep us all entertained, with or without Miss Pearl.

Now I've hadmy chuckle for the day, I can move along ....

Have a beautiful week ~
Hugs & love to you sweet friend,

Nezzy said...

Oh and I only thought I loved Nora. I've seen her on talk show and have always been delighted by her. Maybe she needs a 'host' (Oprah) to bring the good stuff outta her.

Ya always leave me rollin' in the floor sweetie!!!

God bless ya and have a marvelous Monday!!!

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Hi Maggie Sweetie...
I loved this post. I can see that you had a good time, even though it was a disappointment. I hate that when that happens, but actually you made up for it with fun anyway.

Heck I am with Nezzy, and I thought I liked her. Hu? She needed someone to bring out her best in her.

I am signing up to follow you again. For some reason my dashboard has dropped all of my blogs that I was following. I have had to go around and sign up as even through Google Reader some were not showing up. I have you now sweetie. I couldn't see when anyone was posting and I didn't have any of my blog lists.

Hope you are doing well. I think of you often and smile. Haven't hear from Ms Pearl lately. She must be on her good side for now.

Many hugs and much love, Sherry

T's Daily Treasures said...

Hey Maggie! I think you could have gone up there and given folks their money's worth. Such a shame when something or someone falls short of the build up. I love how you always put a humorous spin on everything that comes your way. I've been imagining beating the heck out of certain people these days - all I can say is my hormones are playing havoc right now! :) Wishing you a great rest of the week. Keep dancine! Best wishes always, Tammy

T's Daily Treasures said...

DANCING! I do know how to spell. :)

KarenHarveyCox said...

Nora Ephram is my all time favorite, whether reading her hysterical books, or watching some of my favorite movies. I love her, and I giggled my way all the way through traffic listening to her audio book I HATE MY NECK. How fortunate to be closeby where she was having a show.


My Grama's Soul said...

Hello sweet Maggie....I adore Nora Ephron....She is a fabulous author and has written such fantastic screen plays.

BTW.....can't wait to see Gretchen's goat! LOL



Tam said...

OMG Maggie I was there that night too. I can not believe I was in the same building with You and did not get to meet you. How weird is that.....but I agree with you 100 percent she did not have a good show. I actually was mad when I left there because my ticket was 50.00 way to much for how she presented herself.
I guess everyone can have a bad night but like you said everything she said was on the internet.
Like you and others I am a fan but will not spend money to see her in person ever again

Sybil said...

It sure is worth comming back from a few days away on the South Coast to be able to read you wonderul words..Tears of laughter are on my face as I visulize you and yor "dance" poor Gretchen..Do wish she coudl have seen what you saw !!!! I am so looking frward to you being able to introduce us to more of Gretchen..also seein the goat on a lead!! so long as it dosn't eat the lead before she can get it on her !!!
Love always Sybil xx