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Thursday, February 24, 2011

I Wet My Bed!


Did I get your attention with the title of my post. Sorry I just wanted to talk to you this morning and what better way than to make you come by here and read about the ole woman who now wets her bed. hahaha

Seriously remember my faithful readers on the last post I had wrote about my dizzy cat that is high at night only. She lays around helpless and so sweet by day and then when I have read all I can before nodding off I will turn the lamp off and Tinkerbell gives me just enough time to be dreaming.

 Then she jumps up on the bed and it is high off the floor so when she lands it is like a body has just flopped down beside me and never fells to scare the be jives out of me. So then I usually turn over and hide underneath the covers while she does her nightly ritual of dancing in circles on top of the bed. Sometimes she includes my body in this dance by stepping on me now and then. You know what it reminds me of. Remember that movie where all the ladies have formed a club what was it the YaYa club and then they dance around a fire out in their woods. All Tinkerbell is missing in this nightly ritual is a scarves to wave around.

OK back to last night....after her nightly ritual then I fall back a sleep and that is when she starts the forever all night sneaking up to me and finding my face and slapping me with her furry fat white paw. If I don't acknowledge the slap then she takes both paws and really drums away on me. If it is around 3:30am then I get up and feed her because she is still on the clock of when I left for work at the sheriff's office but if it is earlier then I know she just wants attention and some snuggle time which is okay but then once I fall a sleep she is at it again.

So remember on my last post I came up with the idea to go to bed with a spray bottle. Well I did and I felt guilty drifting off to sleep thinking I was going to spray the fat darling. I soon felt that paw slapping my face and I instantly thought of the bottle. I reached for it and when I did the lid was loose and the bottle dropped on the bed and of course you can guess what a wet mess and then I was a hot mess because my planned failed.

If I did not know better I would think my cat is smoking pot or doing some kind of drug because of her night time attics.

In between her slaps last night I had the weirdest dream. It was a dream like I have never experienced before at least I don't remember having one like this. It was about a young couple and I did not know them and it was weird some of the things these two did. Usually when you dream aren't you a part of it. It was like I was a fly on the wall watching this couple and their life. I have to tell you it was a weird feeling when I woke up and of course you know how I woke up. hahah

Today is my special grandson Bailey's Birthday! I can not believe that cutie pie is already 7. My plans were to surprise him today with a visit to his classroom and have lunch with him and of course take him his present but my rehab place did not like the idea of me playing hooking so here I am stuck here and missing Baileys Birthday but I am hoping over the weekend I can give him his birthday kiss.

Yesterday I could not walk without limping like I was a 106 but today I am getting around better. Go figure! I guess that is one reason they did not want me missing today was because I was not very good at my rehab yesterday. If they were grandparents they would of told me no problem see you Friday.

Maybe tomorrow I can do a post about Fainting Goats. I think that is what Gretchen is talking me into getting out here for the two of us.

Love to all


Kim said...

Yup, your title got my attention! That sneaky Tinkerbell - loosening the cap on the spray bottle while you slept. She was obviously on to your tricks! Oh I'll bet Ms. Pearl was spitting and sputtering when the bottle spilled. hahahaha
Happy Birthday to Bailey. I know it is sad to miss his big day but rehab is important Miss Maggie. We need to get you fit as a fiddle soon.

sjmcdowell said...

Ha Ha Ha....Oh Maggie that was quite a foiled attempt to get back at Tinkerbelle! Maybe she was the one who unscrewed the water bottle...with her two fat furry paws!!

I am sorry to hear that you are limping around but glad you are doing the therapy thing though..I know it will help you!!

Please send a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your sweet grandson Bailey from me ok?

Ok I am not sure you should go see the talking Goats!!...Who knows what sort of dream you will have after seeing these goats!! Yikes!!

Love, Hugs and prayers..


Mumsy, Chancy and Company said...

Your title worked although I would have been here no matter what your title was. Wow, I am thinking Tinkerbell is wanting something that she is just getting across to you. Maybe she wants you to sleep in the day time when she does and play with her at night. lol

So sorry the spray bottle plan didn't work out, bet Tinkerbell is too. :)

Sure hope the rehab starts helping you get better soon, it can be no fun to have pain and walk with a limp. Still praying you get all well again sweet Maggie.

Hope Bailey has a wonderful, fun birthday and you get to spend time with him this weekend.

Tell Tinkerbell we all here said for her to cool it some so you can get your rest and get all better.

Love and hugs sweet Maggie

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

oh Maggie..that cat is a stitch..we have 2 that will walk on you on purpose to get your attention..and they do it with 50 pound weights I swear..and they are sloooowwww at doing it..and one will do that meowing at night..then when we go to bed she stops..oh the joys of our furries..wouldn't trade them in for nothing.;)

bunny said...

I Love your kitty cute! Why do you want "fainting" goats? They are a genetically
misfit goat. Farmers used them as decoys back in the day. Get some real goats...nubians, toggenberg and pygmy goats are cute...I'm just Sayin'


Tracy said...

you certainly did get my attention! GeezLouise! Now, about that cat! I really think you should try the water bottle trick again but this time TIGHTEN the darn thing!

Jennifer said...

Very funny... loved the entire post and hope you're better every day! I have 3 cats - Mr. Naught - Thomas he's 6, Elaine - she's 10 and Jasmine who's 16...she's my 'pees in her bed girl' - but when you yell her name it's mew mew mew - rub me brush me pet me cuddle me and I change the box with another raggy towel because the old gal (me) and my old gal can't keep buying real cat beds!!! jennifer come by sometime jennsthreegraces toby is adorable too

Debby said...

Happy Birthday to Bailey. That crazy cat. Maybe you could ask the vet for a sedative for the cat at night. You can't be getting any sleep. I hope that you get to feeling better. Way too long fdor all of this to go on.
Thanks for your prayers and concerns. Very sad. xo

Sue said...

You have the funniest experiences/stories of anyone I know, Maggie!

Sorry you missed your b-day celebration with that cute grandson. Hopefully, you can make up for it over the weekend.


Susan said...

Why don't you get a boat horn? Tinkerbell would NEVER do it again!
I used it on my neighbor's dog that was always trying to fence-fight with my shepherd. She never did it again. Of course, she hated my guts after that!

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

What a funny post. Tinkerbell is a real character. And you are right. The wet bed certainly got mt attention. Have fun this weekend when you see Bailey.

Whimsey Creations said...

You always make me laugh! Weren't you just steamed when you found that water bottle lid loose? I wonder if your kitty got under the covers and screwed it off LOLOLOL Sure looks like Tinkerbell is boxing in that first pic. Hope you get some sleep tonight.

yaya said...

First thing that crossed my mind when I saw the post title.."Oh no, what did that Maggie do now!" I could hardly wait to read your story and have a good laugh...mission accomplished! However, I wouldn't give up on that plan..but somehow I picture Tinkerbell slowly uncapping the bottle then slapping you's possible! Sorry you had to miss the birthday boy's lunch surprise. We're suppose to drive to Michigan tomorrow to see our grandkiddos but 10in. of snow and some ice and wind are heading our way. I think I'll be home this weekend! Get feeling better soon!

sissie said...

Hi Maggie,
I'm so glad to know that you didn't really wet the bed! LOL!
Your kittie is a bad little girl, very much like my Gizzie. Gizzie likes to scrath the french doors that lead to the screened in porch from our bedroom. She likes to do this at 3:30 in the morning. She is afraid of the vacumn cleaner, aka, the "monster," So, we sometimes have to sit it in front of the door to keep her quiet! LOL! I don't like to bring out the "monster" but sometimes we have to in order to get some sleep.
Maybe Tinkerbell needs to meet the "monster!"

Anyway, glad to hear that you are making progress in your physical therapy sessions.

Stay well and have a beautiful weekend.


Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

Now I know who taught you to do the happy dance!

Cherrie said...

I bet Tinkerbell had something to do with that loose lid!

Garden of Egan said...

Sorry about wetting yourself missy!
That made me laugh.
Since I'm officially the crazy cat lady since my youngest moved back home with her two cats to add to my two cats.
This place is a zoo.

Weird dreams. You better start going potty before bed so you can get into some normal REM.

Tracy Suzanne said...

Girl you just make me ROAR with laughter!!!! I can just picture your cat. I always wanted a cat who would actually wake me up (in the mornings that is). Your baby's about as fat as ours. You know I brought that little cat in that bite me and now the two cats sleep all day and run around the house all night. He's neutered, she's in heat and he's sick of her putting her butt in his face. And we're sick of her howling! And Pumpkin's just like your cat, weights a ton and sounds like they're playing basketball on the wood floors at night.

Oh' and we must be kin, but instead of me getting the bed wet, my little Mattie (doggie) puked on our bed last night. Just lovely....

Hope you're feeling better tomorrow and have a great weekend. I loved hearing from you!!!

OOXX's...Tracy :)

Sharon said...

You sure did get my attention.LOL
I bet that DARN Cat had something to do with the spray bottle. did you check for prints on the lid???
Happy Birthday to your grandson.
Have a great weekend.

Nezzy said...

That cat of yours is truly a night owl and as spastic as I am. Then thing must have a stash of speed somewhere nearby. Heeeheheh!

Wet the bet....sister ya sure know how to grab a readers attention then crack us up when we get here.

Dang therapy....If they were grandparents they would know that Grandkiddos birthday trumps therapy any day of the week!!! :o)

God bless ya sweetie, I so appreciate your support and offer. I have truly felt the prayers of my readers!!!

Have an amazin' weekend my friend! :o)

Shirley said...

Hi Maggie, Your title got my attention yesterday, but I wasn't where I could leave you a comment. That darn cat just wants you to know they are there. My husband is doing physical theraphy twice a day. He is getting stronger. I am going to go see him tomorrow, but because of the weather I haven't been up the last couple of days. we had another eight inches of snow. I am dug out again. Have a great day. Your Missouri Friend.

Brenda Kula said...

Oh Maggie, I wish you were getting around better. But you keep your wonderful sense of humor. Cute kitty!

HumorSmith said...

I love your cat already. Definitely the paws that to speak.

Ola said...

Good title but also intereting content:) I had a lot of laugh:) Cats will be cats:)Greetings!

dulcy said...

Oh my gosh! Our grandson, Graham, had his 7th birthday on the 24th! And..... our little kitty, Iris, has to occasionally be put in the closet in the middle of the night because she bangs on the blinds. Now, before anyone cries "animal abuse!" you must know that she loves the closet, and will usually curl up and go right to sleep. Hope things are going well Ms. Maggie.... and that you have a most lovely weekend after you dry off.

Julia said...

Hi Maggie, What an attention grabber you are. Wet your bed, lol... It's awful to have animals run our lives. You've got Tinkerbell and I have my calves. They sure keep us on our toes don't they.

Thanks for your comment on my blog. Grand kids grow so fast. If you blink they are all grown up. I hope that they come to visit you soon.

Don't give up on the water spray bottle, just make sure that the cover is so tight that Tinkerbell can't possibly unscrew it and let her have a taste of what it feels to be pulled away from dreamland...

Today we are celebrating our 45th wedding anniversary. I'm using the word Celebrating loosely. I'm all for a quiet evening at home. We have become so complaisant that we don't have anything planned out. I'm dyeing some wool for hooking and I worked at the barn this morning. We had a major snow storm 45 years ago for our wedding day and the same this year. Things never change. We've gotten older and take each other for granted, lol... As long as we have our health then that's good enough for me.

I sure hope that you take care of your back and don't drive long distances in your condition. Give your back the time to heal.

Do you Skype your grand kids. If not, maybe you should look into it and set it up on your computer. They would have a lot of fun talking and seeing you at the same time. It's free except for the small webcam that you install on your computer.

Hope that your brother Gary is coming along well in his recovery. Hugs. JB

Sybil said...

Don't know about YOU wetting the bed...I am only glad I wasn;t in bed when I read about it..or I would have been having the same caption !! what a cat !! I think the horn idea suggested elsewhere might be an idea..keep it under your pillow and slowly ease it out and let it blast !!
I do love you,
Sybil xx

My Grama's Soul said...

Oh Maggie....once again you have cracked all of us up. Please don't tell me that you will sleeping with those GOATS next!



Donna said...

Oh Maggie....wet the bed??? LOL!!! If nothing else the titles of your blog are always eye catching!! You always manage to give me a smile and more often have me laughing out loud reading your posts! I always need that...thanks!
Hope you get to feeling better one of these days...Happy birthday to Bailey...we are having birthday celebrations in our family too. (Our Bailey's sister!)
Tell Tink to behave and beware!!

Auntie Cake said...

Hi Maggie,
How are you doing? I have been reading over here, and checking in with you, but my computer has made it really difficult for me to comment. I have to scroll down and hit the post comment section sometimes seven or eight times. I just get impatient and say I will email them later. And you know how that goes...

We have an jacked up kitty here too. She is the most social kitty we have ever had, she makes her rounds and follows whoever is home from room to room. She also likes to perch up high and stake out the situation. Luckily, she sleeps with my youngest son during the night before starting in on her morning routine. She waits outside each of our bedrooms when we wake up. My kids alternate between thinking she is awesome and being weirded out by her.

Last night she actually hopped in the bathtub with my son. Talk about weird...

Hope all is well and your family. We are in the midst of many car problems. While hubby was on his way home from work last night, the car went bonkers. He was going to pull over, but at midnight he didn't want to wake anyone up, so he just drove faster. He thought he might have left half the car parts in the road the next town over. And as he crawled in bed, he said, "I should go check if the thing is on fire in the driveway."

And have Lib or I ever told you about the time we took her 2nd grade class on a fieldtrip to my neighbors farm? Well, let's just say the kids literally scared a fainting goat to death. Oops, those suckers are expensive too. Good luck if you decide to get some. One time I drove over the hill up the road, only to come upon a fainting goat, who then proceeded to flop over.

Have a good day at therapy!

Anxiety Cures said...

What a very funny post! By the way, you have a very lovely and adorable cat!