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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ms.Pearl Returns!

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Yesterday I had to stop on the way home at our local Wal Mart for water. The heat here like many places is amazingly hot but put our high humidity with it and you have some miserable days.

Walking up to my car there was a man screaming at a little boy. It was one of those moments when I knew that this was not going to turn out good. I tried my best to ignore the man even though he kept watching me load my few bags. I walked around to get into the drivers side and he had picked the little boy up by his shirt collar and had his big hand drawn back to strike the boy. Of course most of you know Ms. Pearl has been in hiding for a long time now but it only took a second for her to react. She told the man, "If you hit that child I promise you that you will spend tonight in jail!" He dropped the child and turned to me and said, "How many days for hitting a nozy Bitch!"

Well you know Ms. Pearl hates being called the B word so she raises her voice and said, "Mister if you are dumb enough to hit me I can say for sure you will spend more nights in jail than your pea brain can count to!"

We stood there looking at each other and of course Maggie was praying that it did not turn into a hitting match because thats all she needs with her back. Ms. Pearl of course was happy just to be alive again so she was not thinking at all.

Ms. Pearl walks around to the back of his car where she is taking a mental note of his license plates. She repeated the letters and numbers several times to get them in her head.

The idiot follows her asking what now was the nozy Bitch doing. I explained to him that anytime I see any kind of abuse to anyone I have to report it to the right authorities and that he would be hearing from Child Protective Services. He then picks the child up again by his arm and throws him into the back seat.

It broke my heart to watch that child have to leave with such a man but this morning I reported him to CPS where I hope they do a follow up.

Being in Law Enforcement you see so much abuse that you wonder sometimes has the world gone completely nuts. Abuse to children though is something I have never gotten a handle on and been able to detach myself.

Thank God that my two grandbabies are being raised by two parents that are so loving and understanding of both their mental and physical needs.

What can we do to stop abuse of children or anyone? Women are also abused by some sorry boyfriend or husband. Then again there are believe it or not women who abuse their husbands or boyfriends. What a horrible situation and there has to be a way to end the cycle. Of course, end it without Ms. Pearl getting Maggies head knocked side ways....oh boy just what she needs right now. lol

Before I go today please know that yours prayers and comments for my darling Kaci are appreciated more than I will ever be able to say. Thank you for always being here for me and my family. You are the best and my life was not full until you came into it.
If you need me ever for anything or if you need the crazy Ms. Pearl then please do not hesitate to ask.

Also I put a button on my sidebar for a sweet little girl fighting for her life. She is in Nezzy's Sunday School class and if you have time maybe stop by and say hello.

My baby brothers Gary's biopsy has been put off another week until he sees his heart doctor tomorrow to give the okay of putting him to sleep. Thanks again for his prayers.

Remember I love you all



stefanie said...

oooo, that is my peev....why don't they pick on someone there own size..I truly hope tha cps checks up on that little boy!!!

Nezzy said...

Girl, know I'm keepin' that sweet Kaci and you brother Gary in my prayers.

Thanks for throwin' a pic of Angel up. She completes her radiation this week but has to continue chemotherapy for some time.

Mrs. go girl. As an educator we were expected to report child abuse even if it was simply suspected. I taught Special Ed where many of the parents had low IQ's also. I'd say at least 95% of my students were abused in one form or another. I commend Mrs. Pearl for comin' out of hibernation.

Take care of yourself girl and have an extraordinary day. ( I mean that in a good way!) :o)

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

oh Maggie I hope that guy does get a follow up for from cps..;) and kudos to you for being there at the right might very well have been that childs guardian angel..;) and was put there at the right time to save him;)

T's Daily Treasures said...

Hi Maggie, glad to hear that Ms. Pearl made an appearance for all the right reasons. It is awful that people do this at any time, and then to be bold enough to do it in public. Crazy! I hope someone takes your report seriously and follows up. Who knows what happened to that boy once they left. Awful! I just don't understand what goes through people's brains to make them want to do bad things, or to hurt people, or just be downright awful and ugly and negative. Where does that come from? Sending hugs and prayers and many blessings your way for Kaci and Gary. Best wishes, Tammy

My Grama's Soul said...

Oh Maggie....I'm so very glad Miss Pearl stepped up to the plate!! Do you think we could clone her and put her everywhere around our country?

Sound like you are doing a little so glad for that!!



Garden of Egan said...

I LOVE MS PEARL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You deserve a medal. If you called CPS, they should respond.
Thank you for maybe giving this guy a second to "cool" off before he hit.....this time anyway.
Way to go.

I love you!

Pam said...

Thankfully Ms Pearl was around when she was desperately needed and I hope the man gets exactly what he deserves. My heart goes out to the little boy and to you and yours also.

Anonymous said...

Good for you stopping that SOB.... When I was in my early teens I was beaten by my then step-father. Eventually I went to the authorities & they helped me press charges. He went to jail & it went to court. He threatened me the day of the hearing.
That was in 1966 & one very quiet day in 2003 I read the SOB's obit & I breathed a sign of relief.
I am nearly 59 now & believe me physical abuse is something that you NEVER grow out of!! Some days I think about it like it was yesterday & I cry.... I also wonder why my Mom ignored it.
These abusers of children should be treated like murders because they murder a part of the childs life forever...... believe me, I know.

she dreams big! said...

You go Ms Pearl! Why don't parents realize that they are making memories every day for their children - both good and bad. You, my dear, made a memory for this child that he is not alone in this world. Shame on that father!

LuLu Kellogg said...

YAY!! Ms. Pearl is back!!! I love me some Ms. Pearl and Maggie too! Thank heaves you were there to see what happened and followed up and reported it. I am so glad you did.

Prayers for your brother and sweet Kaci.

I love you Maggie!

Sue said...

I was holding my breath reading that story because I immediately thought of what any kind of jostling even would do to your back. Thank heavens that didn't happen.

I will never understand people who abuse others, especially children. I'm proud of Ms. Pearl for standing up and glad she's back in action. (That's a good sign of healing, for sure.)

I will check out Nezzy's little friend, too.

Hugs and keep healing!


sjmcdowell said...

Dearest Maggie,

You did the right thing Maggie and I hope that
the man will get what's coming to him real soon!! You may well have saved that little boy from terrible abuse!! God Bless you and Ms. Pearl!!

The heat is creeping back up here in GA. too today. I am praying that my son and I will have
decent weather in Savannah for the few days we are there...Hope Hurricane Earl just stays out in the ocean!!

Love you dear,


Daydream Living said...

Hi Maggie,
I was reading this and my heart went very fast...I'm so glad nothing happened to you, but who is Ms. Pearl? Is she your alter ego, aka Strong Maggie? That's what you get when starting just 3 weeks ago, I'll have to go back and start reading your blog from the beginning, I'm missing out here! I truly hope the authorities are doing something to help that boy. Good that you said something! I will send prayers and a hug from me, to you,

Anonymous said...

Maggie, if I ever needed someone to cover my back, Mrs. Pearl would be the one I'd pick.

I hate seeing kids abused and I always wonder if that's how the parents act in public then I wonder what goes on behind closed doors.I grew up fearing my mother's awful rages so I know what it's like to be afraid of an unstable parent. Back then people looked the other way. You are a hero to stand up for that child.

I'm praying Kaci is feeling better soon. Hugs, Marla

A Tale of Two Cities said...

Hip, hip hooray for you for stepping up and confronting the man. Maybe, just maybe it made him stop and think for a moment. Too much abuse going on in the world--it's time we put a stop to it.


Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

I don't know why people have to abuse our children, Maggie! Well, of course, it's because they can - they are vulnerable and easily manipulated. I wish I could protect every one and I'm not even in law enforcement. I'm just a Mom {and now a grandma} that loves children; children are our future. What these abusers should give some thought to is that these children will grow up and paybacks can be a "you know what"!

On a lighter note, I saw a t-shirt that said something about parents being nice to their kids because they pick our nursing home.

Brushed By An Angel said...

Thank you for being a good mother!! I believe in what goes around comes around so hopefully he will get his one day. I pray that he was just having a bad day and after he got in the car and simmered down he realized how stupid he was. But unfortunately, he probably thought he did nothing wrong. Why do the wrong people have children?

My neighbor just went through something similiar with another neighbor - a grown man calling her son of 10 really bad words - she stood up to him and let him have it! He came back this morning with a half-*** apology but she had had time to think about it so she let him have it again - I'm so proud of her!!

Maybe you should keep a can of wasp spray in your car in case Ms. Pearl comes out again and the other person doesn't back down.

Brynwood Needleworks said...

You go, girlfriend! That poor mo fo has no idea just how close he came to meeting Ms. Pearl's 55 gallon drum of ass-whoop! lol

Hope to hear positive updates on Kaci and Gary, but just one people never say "put to sleep" when we mean "go under anesthetic". It makes dogs (and dog people) nervous...I'm just sayin'. ;-)

Love you and hope to chat again soon.

Brenda@Cozy Little House said...

I hope all turns out well, Maggie. Ms. Pearl must have just been dying to be let out!

Lisalulu said...

Words cannot express my anger at abusers. You tell a great story, I was worried for your physical well being! Glad you were there to stand up for that little boy. You did all you can do! Thanks Ms. Pearl, you are a gem! If I ever need someone to back me up, you are my woman. please rest and may you be blessed with more strength each day!

Anonymous said...

Oh, sweet Maggie it breaks my heart to read of another sweet little one living in an abusive situation. Having been a foster parent I have seen and took care of way too many children that were abused. Most people have no idea what happens to a lot of the children, women and men who are living with or involved with an abusive person. Like you, I know it has to be stopped! Bless Ms. Pearl for standing up for that sweet little one. I do hope that CPS follows up on your call. I am sure glad that you did not get hit.

Prayers will not stop for your sweet Kaci and Gary or for you either.

Love and hugs!

Julie Harward said...

I have no tolerance for the abuse of a child....and God doesn't either...I would hate to be that person and have to face Jesus Christ to be judged! Thanks for your visit...keeping you and yours in my prayers :D

Kim said...

I have always loved Ms. Pearl, but I have never been more proud of her!! Maggie, you rock! Sadly most people would have walked away.
God Bless You Sweetie!

yaya said...

That just makes me sick! I see the results of big pigs like that dude when the little ones are brought into the ER...breaks your heart, especially when it's too late to help. Hope he gets what's coming to him and hopefully the little boy will be OK.

Debby said...

Yeah, Miss Pearl is back. Child abuse is one thing that I won't tolerate. Raising a son (adopted) that has been abused, makes it even more real to me. I would have been in that guy's face and probably gotten smacked. You did good girl. Proud of you. Sure hope that CPS takes it seriously. I am obliged to report as well. Sometimes I wish the CPS would be obliged to follow up each case that they have reported to them. Maybe they are better at that now.
Glad he didn't hurt you.
Is Kaci doing any better?
Will pray for your Miss Dawn. ((((HUGS))))

sissie said...

Hi Maggie,
I'm so glad that Ms.Pearl has got your back!
She had every right to come out and blast that nasty man. My heart just aches for that sweet little boy. It's terrible to think of the horror that he has seen or experienced. I'm so glad that you have reported him. And I hope the authorities can do something.

I have been away for awhile and needed ot catch up on your posts. There has been much going on in your life and I pray for you and your family.

Hugs to you my sweet friend.


Shirley said...

Hi Maggie, I am glad to see Ms Pearl is back. We see so much abuse in this world in children, men and women. I think some have gotten so mess up with drugs and etc that they just take it out on who is the closest. I wish some people would not be allowed to have children because they don't want the responsibility that goes with it. I am so glad that you reported him, and hopefully they will follow up, but you just don't know. Does your brother have heart problems for them to postpone his bioposy. I know we have to have an ok with our heart doctor, but he has heart issues along with a lot of other things. I hope sweet Kaci is doing better. I am sending prayers out to all of you. Take care. Your Missouri Friend.

Laura said...

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~ Regan said...

Good for you, Ms. Pearl!! ;)

It makes me sick to hear of anyone abusing anyone or anything. I'm praying for that little boy, who ever he is. :(

Home and Heart said...

GOOD FOR YOU!!!!! I once reported a woman who slapped her BABY in the face! Too many people never get involved and say it's none of their business. I disagree. The safety of others, especially little ones is EVERYONE'S business!

June said...

I'm not sure how Maggie kept Ms. Pearl under control, but I am really glad she did. But I am really glad that she made an appearance in this circumstance. And I am so glad that you reported him. I am so sad over what some children have to go through in their little lives. It breaks my heart and I can only pray that their are other Ms. Pearls out there in force.
Maggie I want to thank you for your sweet comment to me today. You are a treasure and I am so thrilled to call you friend.
Love to you,

Arkansas Patti said...

Amen for Miss Pearl. So glad she is functioning again. I really hope CPS gets that poor child out of that situation. Sadly, he is probably an abuser in training himself if he is not helped.
The hard times we are in financially today for so many, really incourages this type of behavior.
You did scare me though Maggie that he might do something to set you back on your recovery.
Fortunately, most bullies do back down when they meet some one that can't be shoved around.
Do be careful though, OK?

NitWit1 said...

It takes someone, everyone, looking out for those who cannot defend themselves, and usually have no knowledge of what they are doing that is so offensive as to incite violance. Glad you did the right thing....Hope he didn't that you license tag # but then people in rage rarely think methodically.

Anonymous said...

What can we do? EVERY SINGLE TIME WE SEE IT--REPORT IT!!! Do not turn the cheek, do not back down, do not take no or I'm in a hurry as your excuse to NOT get involved.

I have survived unbelievable tragedy in my life on more than one occassion. If one adult had lifted their hand to dial or grab hold of, I may have been spared a lifetime of abuse & tragedy.

Confront, Call & Complain.. this was taught in a class I took to overcome... I love it and it is my reminder today when I see abuse happening. Is there risk, sure. BUT, it's better than a cloudy conscience and sleepless nights of I wonders. Hugs to you for this post. Tammy

Taos Sunflower said...

Hooray for Ms. Pearl, and for you, for giving her life!

PEA said...

Hello dear Maggie,

I've been so out of the blogging loop this summer due to being crazy busy but things are settling down now so I'm able to spend more time on the computer:-) I've so missed reading your posts, you always make me smile/laugh!!

I'm so glad Miss Pearl showed up when she did, that man deserved meeting her:-) I abhor any type of abuse, especially of children and animals. My heart aches knowing that so many children out there get beaten up on a daily basis...even the mental abuse is horrible.

I now need to read your previous posts to find out what you've been up to! It's good to be back:-) xoxo

Marydon said...

Ohhh, my ... prayers for Kaci & your brother & YOU! are still being lifted, sweetie. It breaks my heart to see any child carry a
medical-illness-load ... usually, tho, they are braver & more mature than we adults about illnesses. Gosh, Maggie, I so pray all will end well for everyone.

Yes, we are working on Nezzy's Angel Dawn to bring her joy & surprises, too.

Holy tamoly! Miss Pearl did the right thing ... what a twit that guy is, poor kid-ling going home with him, too. I'd be worried.

Nearing the end of the rental house construction this weekend.
Have a beautiful holiday weekend.
TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

The Paper Princess said...


I am so glad that you are safe and that you had the where-with-all to get the info needed to get the info and do the follow-up with CPS. I too get angry and heartbroken when I see stuff like this happening.

Anonymous said...

I just had to read this one too. I'm liking Ms. Pearl more and more with each post. =D This always breaks my heart. I'm glad you were brave. Glad you weren't hurt and glad I read this post as well because I will pray not only for Gary but for your Kaci too. Much love!