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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

It Ain't No Hair Off My Ass!

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Hey there I hope you had a great Labor Day and put away your white shoes. Can you remember those days when your mother made sure she did not step out of the house wearing white after the holiday?

Before I get started on a post I am not sure I should write let me update you on Kaci and Gary. I skyped on the computer with Kaci over the weekend and she seems to be getting the sugars where they should be but who knows with that girl she always smiles and tells me she is good.

Gary is due for some good news and we pray that he gets it tomorrow when he goes to Houston for his biopsy. Since he has to have a stint in his heart they are doing a needle biopsy and we should know by the end of the day if he has cancer.
I go back to the doctors tomorrow myself and will let you know how that turns out. The pain doctor last Friday told me I not only had vertabraes broken in the back but also some bulging disc in my neck so I go back to him tomorrow.
Thank you again for all your sweet prayers, calls and emails.

The other day I received an email from someone that was a follower of this site but she dropped out because according to her email I was not funny anymore.

Well you know Maggie she wrote this sweet lady back and apologized profusely! I told her how sorry I was that I had let her down and to forgive me. I wished her well and Happy Blogging. Lol

Okay during the night when the rain was hitting the tin roof so hard from the storm off the gulf I could not sleep. I got to thinking about this lady and how I had let her down.

Then aggravated that she was tired and wanting to sleep stupid Ms Pearl reared her ugly head and put her two cents in for whatever that is worth.

She reminded me of the time years ago when I was working at a prison and just happen to be lucky enough to be helping the Wardens with their classification process of new inmates. During classification the Wardens ask the inmates questions and classify them where they should live, work and if they need to go to school. This one fool (not the Warden) decided this was bull sh** and he was not going to work.

I will never forget the explosion from the Warden’s fist hitting the desk. I was standing behind the inmate and I know that I jumped a foot off the ground. That big hunk of a Warden stood up after putting a hole in the desk, leaned over it toward the fool and screamed, “It Ain’t No Hair Off My Ass if you work or not!” “Lock him down Maggie!”

This is one of those moments in your life that you know immediately that you will never ever forget. I took the inmate to Solitary Confinement and the next time he went before that Warden he was more than happy to take a job. Lol

Your asking ok my dear what does this have to do with your ex follower. Well Ms. Pearl got to thinking what a limp noodle Maggie is for kissing up to that woman when Geezzzz Marie who ever said Maggie was funny to begin with. She started this blog as a journal to de-stress from every day tensions at the Sheriff’s department. Never figured anyone would read it much less think her funny.

Don’t get me wrong I am tickled pink that someone like you did read my site and come into my life because honestly I think since the accident happened with out you supporting me I would not be as far along as I am now. God knows Ms Pearl just appears now and then and actually I am relieved she has slowed down. But it was one of those nights when she was tired and could not sleep and this email kept going thru what’s left of the ole brain and so to that sweet lady what does Ms Pearl come up with no other than It Ain’t No Hair Off My Ass whether or not you decided I was funny or not. Are you asking me for a refund for not living up to your expectations. Sometime’s it is hard to be funny when your Neck and Back are hurting or your worried sick about the one’s you love which by the way includes all of you. That includes Even Ms. Ex!

Now enough said and please don’t think Maggie had anything to do with this post!

Love to all,



Brenda@Cozy Little House said...

Maggie, I for one cannot believe you apologized! And I can't believe she had the unmitigated gall to say that. Who in the hell said life was funny all the time, stand up and let me count you now? Geez, some people I just cannot believe.

Sue said...

Sounds like good riddance to me. Fair weather friends are not worth the effort it takes to try and please them.

And I think you're about as funny as someone who is going through multiple trials at the same time gets!

Sue =)

Kim said...

Geez, some people!!!! I am sitting here stunned (and laughing too) about how this dim-witted tool had the un-mitigated gall to send you that email. I mean seriously, really your life IS ALL about her. And how inconsiderate of you Maggie to disrupt this poor, sad womans life by not being funny everyday. Maggie, you should go flag someone down on the road and ask them to take you down to the barn for a good whipping! You should be punished!!
As a final note - Your post title - PERFECT! And I love you and your blog through good times and bad.

My Grama's Soul said...

Good morning sweet Maggie....Oh I do wish I lived closer to you....I know we would become fast friends!!!

Now for the post.....Ya grama said ..."It takes all kinds to make it a ball game in this game of life.....perhaps this follower should be thrown out of the game." Life is hard at times, it is not all funny ha take the good with the bad and it seems to me your ability to make us laugh even during the bad has never left you.

You are a jewel,


Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Oh for Pete's sake! Seriously! Who even sends an email that they are unfollowing. I've had several people unfollow and the only way I know is when the numbers go down. I hardly think it's something that an email needs to be sent over unless you are trying to make the blogger feel bad.

Julie Harward said...

It always amazes me when I hear about the fools that blog and what they think or expect...days are up and days are down, I say deal with it or get won't be my lose at all! Just keep being ya! :D

Pam said...

Good grief! And I thought I'd heard it all. It's actually kind of funny but sad too and definitely not worth anyone sending an email! Life is not funny every day and your post title says it all! Way to go with your response to her!

Sybil said...

What a load of tosh she writes, as I would say over here !! she is not worth even a seconds thought..far less an hour or two at night !!
Me I just think you are wodnerful, funny certainly, but far better than that I think of you as a friend and as a friend you can be funny or sad or daft or serious and for what it's worth you would still be my friend LOL
Love Sybil xx

Linda said...

You know, I love it when another of your posts is in my reader. I don't care if you are funny, serious, worried about a family member, your job or your life....I love your blog. And that is the point...this is your blog! I have a lady that comes by mine, and she is pretty snippy, but I take it with a grain of salt, and then delete her comment.

You just keep writing! I love your pictures and music too!

aliciaok said...

Some nerve this ole biddy has. I almost always find you funny !!!! Just get well. Praying for you and your family----- aokassis

GerryART said...

We bloggers write about our creative endeavors, and sometime our expectations and in posting to our blogs regularly we do intersperse our daily lives into our blogging.
We ALL know life is not just one happy moment after another and that life happens.
So we stick with our friends thru thick and thin and enjoy our travels.

Hugs & ♥♥♥s,

Tam said...

Dear Maggie
I come by almost everyday to check on you. Strange woman that she would expect you to be funny all the time. I would love to visit her blog and see how darn funny she is.
Does she not have a clue what you have been going through or does people like that just think of themselves.
So what I going to say is even though my sweet Maggie I visit you almost everyday I don't leave many comments but as long as I know your ok then I can get on with my day.
Sounds silly but even though we have never talked or met I feel like I know you and we would be best friends immediately.
Like Brenda said I can't believe you would apolize to such a person but then I guess knowing you the way I have gotten to know you Yes I could see you wanting to please.
My guess you have spent your whole life trying to please everyone and now Maggie you must start pleasing yourself.
Write my friend every morning ....can you not tell we are waiting on you to write us a book that we can cry, laugh and say I know her. That's Maggie.
Anyway theres my two cents worth. Love Ms Pearl's reaction...Priceless and boy what a Warden you had...I would of jumped higher than a foot but of course I would never ever do work in a way
Keep us posted about you, Gary and Kaci
Always your biggest fan

janet said... are too much...she should be reading this post if she wants funny ;-)
I'll take all of you Maggie...the hilarious and the not so's all good and real.

Janet xox

Daydream Living said...

Dear Maggie,
I just want to say I joined your blog because I like what you write! And just continue doing so, I will read it all! Hope your back and neck will feel better soon, all the best,

jojo said...

so I guess you won't be crowned Miss Congenitality again this year!

some people are so strange. Whenever I write a post about being down, depressed, sick or anything along that line..I have a woman who comments that I need professional help. A psychiatrist perhaps!

Anonymous said...

Isn't it "funny" that it's your blog, your words, your photos, and your life and yet someone feels they can be critical of your sense of humor????? If it isn't entertaining "enough" for someone and real life often gets in the way of humor - oh how well I know that - then well.... There was no need for that Follower to be hurtful in any way and should have just exited gracefully.

When I no longer follow a blog for one reason or another I just stop following. Not every blog is for every person but we can be kind.

Nezzy said...

Glory be sister, you apologized to this ex-follower??? Just like the world has different seasons so do we. In an unrealistic world we are up, funny and bubbly all the time but this is not an idealistic world and we have hurts, sorrows and woes. I for one am happy that we can share those time to and support one another.

Please don't feel a bit bad sister, we love you no matter what.

Ya'll have a beautifully blessed day and know I am here and prayin' for you, Gary and precious Kaci! :o)

Anonymous said...

Trust me sweet Maggie, you nor Ms. Pearl did not need to apologize. That person will be the one to suffer loss, not you, she stopped following a super terrific blog. Forget her and go on being YOU and blogging just like always...there are a lot of us out here in blog land that will be with you...and we love you.

Still praying her for you, Kaci and Gary. Hugs

yaya said...

Someone once said that other people's opinion of you is none of your business, only your opinion of you matters...this post did make me smile because I've been thinking lately of why I blog. It was to keep in contact with family that lives far away and we could send pics and little snipets of our lives. I never envisioned meeting so many fun, sweet, clever and just plain good folks through my blog. Folks like you! (of course that opinion is none of your business!!HaHaHa!) I'm not a writer, painter, designer, chef or anyone else (like pioneer woman) who will make a living off her blog. I will never be a "blog of note" so to speak. But I will stay true to who I really am. And so should you. Funny? Most days you make me smile or laugh right out loud. Some days you bring a tear to my eye and I feel your physical pain as well as your worry pain for your loved ones. So keep up your blog in the only way you should...true to you Maggie dear! P.S..sorry this comment turned into a book!

Debby said...

You go Brenda, hah.
I still am thinking about Ms. Pearl and the child abuser guy. You are so funny and such a friend to so many. The person with the reminds me of someone getting something for free and complaining about it. Geez Louise.
So glad that Kaci seems better. I will continue to pray for her and for Gary. The lady I work with just said tonight that so many families are really going through some tough times. She lost her son to cancer a few months ago. I admire her strength.
This follower isn't anywhere.

dulcy said...

Hey Miss Maggie! Off topic of your post... I believe there is a rather large rug hooking community in Texas. Why don't you google something like "Texas rug hookers" and see what you get. I've been trying to figure out a way to get you started, and finding someone local would be the best. There are on-line videos, and you can also get supplies on line. It can get expensive, but doesn't have to be.

The White Farmhouse said...

Some people just don't get it. I wish that I lived in that sugar coated candy land where only good things happen that she lives in. I think you are just adorable and wouldn't change a thing! Glad to hear that you are getting better each day.

The Other Maggie

Dragonlady said...

WEll, Maggie, i am mostly a lurker and do not comment much, but I just had to let you know how much I love your blog and reading about your life...You can never please everyone, so just please yourself and write what you want..I love it and you...
Prayers for your up coming dr visit...

AtOneWithHim said...

people can be selfish douchebags.
dont apologize for being an authentic human being. that lady has her own path and her own lessons...and youre on your own set.

keep up being real..and dont lose another wink!

sissie said...

Hi Maggie,
That old hag of a woman has some serious issues. She probably does this for kicks and goes around lurking and then telling bloggers they aren't good enough for her ignorant self!
Don't every apologize for anything Sweetie, we all love you just the way you are. You keep it real and that's what I love most about you.

Now and hurry and get better.
Big ole squishy, gooey, squeezy hugs,


Shelly said...

I usually read the other people's responses to your post......but I didn't this time. I just got a "Bee in my Bonnet" and thought,,,,,who in the HECK is the person? How long has she been reading/following,,and oh, GEE WHIZ,,Maggie isn't funny enough to hold her attention span,,,for what? Someone with the brain of a Nat?

Yeah, you an me are alike that we Joke and make light of a lot of situations. But there are times,,,,when the humor or "glass Half Full" attitude totally evades us.....

I'm sure like me, you've heard, I really admire how STRONG YOU ARE...Well, yes and no, but I'm sure we both wouldn't rather BE that STRONG,,,,,but you just "do."

Don't waist a minute trying to figure someone like that out....

Love you missy,,,but you KNOW that! I hope things turn around,,,,and I'm with you, no matter-Ms. Pearl, vulnerable or laughable Maggie,,,,You mean the world to me!

Hugs and a "Bus"
I'm having a "Girly Giveaway!" Stop over and enter,,,because Lord knows, my life wouldn't be the same without having YOU in it!

Home and Heart said...

Well, I can say this, you are thoughtful and caring, and I get a good chuckle regularly! You can't please ALL the people ALL the time!

Lesley said...

Maggie, we all love you. I have Ms and have days when I don't feel too good (understatement) but I always try to see the funny side of my limitations. My on-line friends always expect a joke from me, but sometimes it's impossible to be funny. Good friends understand that, and accept you for being YOU. That woman must be a very shallow unhappy person , which is the complete opposite of your personality. Take care of yourself and Blessings from your friend in the UK

Arkansas Patti said...

I am totally stunned by that person's "balls" to complain. All she really had to do is hit that little X at the top of the page and not come back. Too simple?? It is not like you are charging.
I don't come here to laugh every day but to visit with a terrific lady who is currently having a tough time. I care and all of the above care.
My thoughts and prayers are with Gary,Kaci and you.

Tina Eudora said...

Hey Maggie girl (and Ms Pearl too)! I often wonder what are we all doing here? When I started my blog I thought "am I supposed to just be me?" or cheerful all the time? Do we tell the "whole" truth, or imply our lives are all sugary and lovely?
I love your "tart" take on life but I also love just "plain sweet ol' Maggie and "saucy" Ms Pearl! I am here to read whatever you feel like posting.
My dad had a saying that seems appropriate right now (he was a Texan too) "Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out".
Nuff said!
Tina xo

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

OMG....this ex follower thought you weren't funny any more? How insane is that?!! Boy howdy if I had my emails open to all my followers I'm now wondering just what kinda B S I'd get?!! LOL...I'm sorry, but that was way too funny. I'm sure it upset you at the time, but with water, it'll always run off your back. Back? OOps...that's not a pun at all with what ails you dear Ms Pearl!!! I do hope it'll all be mended in no time!!! You deserve a break...oops, that too is not a pun intended...I think I'd better leave and shut my big fat keyboard down before I get in hot water.

I'll always follow you.

PEA said...

Can you believe some people! OY!! I've always said that if someone doesn't like my blog or what I write about or how I write it, then there's that little X at the upper right hand corner they can click on. As for actually emailing you and telling you she had stopped being a follower because she didn't find you funny anymore...well that's...that's...that's just too funny!!! hehe Oh well, it's as the saying goes, we can't please everyone all of the time. To tell you the truth, I would have felt apologetic too but then I would have smacked myself upside the head and told myself to smarted up:-) When someone tells you something like she did, I just put it down to jealousy, pure and simple. I'm glad that Ms Pearl came out to play again! xoxo

PEA said...

Oops, make that "smarten up"! lol I'm telling you, I need spell check for my comments!

Lisalulu said...

my oh my... well she obviously doesn't "get" you. I don't see... Grandmayellowhair- my blog is the funniest around.... so what is her problem. It obviously not yours,
You are what you say you are. You also have the BEST followers, please don't stop, It seems we all need to hear from you AND Ms. Pearl.

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

You are a heck of a lot nicer than I am, Maggie!

Sounds like this lady was a fair-weather follower, and who the heck needs those?
I would've told her not to let the door hit her rump on the way out.

I'm praying for you and all your intentions, sweet gal!

Beth at Aunties said...

Oh my word! You have so much personality almost 'Bigger than life' which delights us and causes us to smile, pray with you and for you and your family and sometimes tickles our funny bone.
Thanks for being YOU!

I pray you will find relief from the pain and if you were in our neck of the woods I would send you to my back surgeon who was awesome! My pain from broken vertbraes and bulging discs is so much better, yet I KNOW it will rear its ugly head later today because I am canning salsa!
Most of the time it is gone unless I do things like I am going to do today.

Choice blessings my friend~♥

Anonymous said...

Oh bless your heart for trying to reach out to her. But, Who the hell is she to say anything about what you are or are not. Screw it. I find you entertaining if not funny!! Hugs. Tammy

PLEASE NOTE: Major crash on old blog. You will need to update your following and any links associated to my blog: New address is:

Thank you and DON'T forget the GIVEAWAY.


maría cecilia said...

Hola Maggie, Hope and wish there`s so much healing and joy in your family and life. I can see you are so much loved from dear blogging friends and know it helps so much.
Thank you so much for your lovely visit.
greetings from Chile,
maria cecilia

Shirley said...

Hi Maggie, I stopped by to see what you have been up to lately and I was amazed when I read your post. We have all kinds of people out here in this wonderful world of blogland and unfortunately there are people like her. I just figure so what, let them go on down the road, there are always the people who are truly a friend and I definitely enjoy reading your blog about family, friends, life, and sometime humor thrown in. I get enjoyment in some of the comments left and some give me a chuckle or two. I keep checking to see how your family and you are doing. Take care my friend and just be you because I enjoy you sand MsPearl,grandmyellowhair. Your Missouri Friend.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

I will always love you! You are so much a part of my life and support you show me is amazing. Will do a post later today but wanted to thank you for always supporting me.
That poor blogger she has no clue how much she is missing in this world of blogging because she looks at it in a whole different way than we do.
Love you

Taos Sunflower said...

Maggie: Well, I'm glad Ms. Pearl took over. It's hard enough to make ourselves happy, let alone others. Blogs are like marriage vows...for better or worse. Mine started for my yarn business and has evolved into something entirely different. I don't have loads of readers, but I suspect the loyal readers I do have are people who are having the same swings in everyday life that I do...and are willing to be patient and wait me out through thick and thin. XXOXO Martie

Paula said...

Hello Maggie! It sounds like you're going thru some tough times...I will keep you & your brother in my prayers:)
As if life isn't hard enough we then have the occacional party pooper who just loves to add to it! I hope she realizes how lucky she was to get a nice email back!
hang in there girl:)

Anonymous said...

Maggie, you should read my post titled "To Apologize or Not to Apologize." How sad when people put more weight on each other than God Himself would ever put on us. I often remind myself that my blog is like my own journal which I'm kindly allowing others to view. It is really a blessing from God to me and in the midst of it, He uses it for others as well but I cannot write what others want to hear. I write my lessons along the way and if it doesn't agree with someone's view, well, click away.