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Monday, September 20, 2010

Ms. Pearl!

Hey there just wanted to check in with all of you and catch you up on my crazy life.

One afternoon last week I got in a hurry to get into my PJ’s so I could relax and I left my cell phone in my jeans pocket. Living out here on the North Forty and not having a land line I usually carry my cell phone with me. Even with it in my pocket I can still miss a call with the ringer set on high and the vibrator on. Go figure that one!

Well I thought while I was fixing my dinner I would kill two birds with one stone and stuck my jeans in the washing machine with my other jeans. Yep I washed my cell phone. In all honesty I wish I could tell you this was the first time I have done this but then I would be telling you a lie. In fact I have probably had more cell phones than Liz Taylor has had husbands. Shame on me why would I say that. Okay more cell phones than flies on a ? Donkey’s rear end.

Now you get the picture! Most of my phones died by drowning but there were some that were run over by a tractor or a hard drop on the head has done them in. One drowning was in a commode on the way to La with a girlfriend of mine. Needless to say it was left in the commode. That reminds me of the time in Warrenton when I dropped my car keys in one of their porta potty’s. Oh Gosh was that a mess!

Lost track talking about the car keys. Now I am trying to remember where I was going with this story. Haha…maybe no where. Don’t you hate it when this happens and your talking to someone and then all of sudden just dead air, not for the life of you can you remember what you were trying to tell them.

Oh yeah now I remembered. Good gosh how could I forget? It was the reason for this post. Geezzzz Louise. I really am loosing it. Not having a phone caused me to go to College Station to our nearest Sprint store. Eagerly needing a phone I did not hesitate to explain to them what happened to my new cell phone that I had just purchased maybe four months ago. I should re-phrase that to read I explained it to a young girl who was too busy with her hair to help me.

Yep she had to be every bit of 19 or 20 which is okay I know they can think and help you just like anyone else but not this one! She had real long straight black hair that kept her so busy that she could not help me. Have you ever tried having a conversation with someone and their separating their hair into sections and then running their fingers through it and only to start over on the next section? This went on for a good 15 minutes and it was very hard to carry on a conversation about getting a phone while she could not stop with the hair. Finally when I figured she had no clue as to how to help me I asked her for a manager. She turns and walks over to a guy sitting at a table on the computer. Their both staring at me while their talking about me. She comes back over to where I am standing and says, “My manager told me to tell you that he would tell you the same thing I am telling you, that if you want to replace your phone it will cost you $250.00.”

Well you know what happened next. Ms. Pearl grabbed the scissors out of my purse and cut the idiots hair off. Hahaha That will teach her to play with hair while helping a customer!

 No not quite but believe me if there had been scissors in my purse that might have happened.

Ms Pearl said,” Excuse me. Are you telling me that your manager is too busy to talk to me and he is sending you back with that message?”

I did not have to raise my voice because he was within hearing distance of our conversation. She then handed me a number that he had given her to customer service if I thought customer service could do better then I could call them. I ask the dummy how I was going to call their customer service without a phone. She points to a row of phones that are on displays and said, “Find one you can use and call them!”

A man was standing there with his two young sons and told me he could not believe they were so rude to me and then tell me to use a phone on display.

Well Maggie might have dialed the number but I can tell you one thing Ms. Pearl did the talking and boy did she talk. By the time I ended my conversation with customer service they were sending me a new phone to my house at no cost. My intentions were not to get something free from Sprint and I knew that it was my fault and I intended to buy a phone but what has happened to good ole common courtesy especially to a customer that has been with them over five years. I have actually paid that little brats first month salary with my drowning of phones.

As far as the rude manager, Scott, I walked over to his little table where he was on his laptop and I explained to him that Yes there were other options besides giving him $250.00 for another phone and that the next time a little ole lady comes into his business I suggest he get off his dooper and ask her if there is anything he can do for her today. I then ask him where the closest Sprint was to College Station because this ole lady would never ever cross thru his doors again.

Ms. Pearl then turned and walked out the door!

Glad you liked hearing about Max. She is a sweetheart and wish I could see her more often but I thank God every day that I walked into that Finance Office and got the job!

Sweet Dreams



Julie Harward said...

Oh Maggie..the adventures of Ms. Pearl are so interesting! Don't feel bad I have dropped mine in the dish water and recently in the potty! Both times, I just took the battery out and let it all sit for 3 days, put it back together and it worked just fine! ;D

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Hi Maggs!
I think Ms. Pearl's theme song should be "Oops, I Did It Again"! Way to go, girlfriend. I might have grabbed the putz by the hair and dragged him over for a chat (but these days, most of them have hair shorter than mine!)...and they call 911 waaayyyy too fast! lol
Hope your phone comes soon.
Later, 'gator!

Linda said...

I am so glad you got a new phone!

Kim said...

Next time you give your phone a bath.... Do this: fill a ziploc bag with uncooked rice and stick the phone in it. Don't touch it for 2 days. The rice will absorb all the moisture inside the phone. It works!

Debby said...

You go girl. Yeah for Miss Pearl. What a couple of jerks. I hope someone gave them a talking to. ((((HUGS))))

Shelly said...

I'm tellin' ya Mags, people just don't have the work ethic they used to! And,,don't even get me started on Cell phones and texting!

I know Cell phones are important for certain things and people that use them as their sole phone,,,,,,but they can drive me BATTY! Ackk!

I don't even KNOW my Cell phone number.....LOL! It's more or less an emergency device if I leave the immediate area!

Oh, Sweetie, we need to catch up soon! (Cell phone or otherwise!) I miss you! I just haven't had time to spend in Blogland, but I think this week will finally be a bit better again!

Love you my dear, dear friend! And,,Love Miss Pearl Too,,,,I'm always glad to hear that you sound a bit like your former self!

Hugs and Pieces!

jojo said...

Oh, the perils of Ms. Pearl!!

Anonymous said...

Maggie, Maggie, Maggie!!!!

I want Mrs. Pearl to come live with me and take care of business in my world. I need her to take over because I feel so b witchy because of menopause - yes, meanopause - some days I want to scream at everyone.

Today, at the gym the class was soooooooo overcrowded because of a "schedule change" that the lady next to me was hitting me in the head with her feet during abs work. I wanted to yell at her that couldn't she feel???? my head but no I just smiled as I got on my knees, looked at her and said, that is MY HEAD your FEET are hitting. She was clueless. You see, clearly I need Mrs. Pearl.

Anonymous said...

Well, sweet Maggie It was good to see Ms. Pearl is back with us and getting rude people in line. I am glad you will be getting a new phone. I don't understand why some people are just rude no matter what. I would think that it would not be good for business to have rude employees, but there are quite a few out there I am sad to say.

Hope you are feeling better and Gary is doing well with his treatments. Still praying for you two and for sweet Kaci. Hugs dear, sweet Maggie

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh Maggie Sweetie...
Yeah for Ms Pearl. You go Girl. I am so proud of you for popping out at just the right moment. I would like to know Maggie if you rent out Ms Pearl, I sure have a few instances out here that she might be able to handle for me. My voice just doesn't come out anymore, so I sure could use her to do a little sweet talkin for me. Let me know okay?

You know I too am wondering whatever happened to customer service, and service with a smile? Or the customer is always right. I don't know about things today.

Hope you are feeling better, and getting back on your feet sweetie. I think of you OFTEN.

Many hugs and much love, Sherry

yaya said...

The best thing about getting older is the ability to tell people off...seriously, I've gotten better and better at it...just ask the Dish network people when they called me today. I hardly ever use my phone..can't text for the life of me either. Our locker room at work has the bathroom with two stalls, and no door. (the stalls do, but they are right in the locker room)..anyway, one day all I heard was the splash and the "Oh "#%^$"...yep, her phone committed suicide by jumping out of her pocket into the swirly..don't know why I couldn't stop laughing about it. I loved your post about's so great to have old friends!

Orange Sink said...

Hi Maggie,
Don't laugh but I keep my cell phone in my purse!
Thanks for keeping me in stitches LOL!
Cathy g

Anonymous said...

My word, darlin', did you pick the Black Marble! (BTW did you ever READ the Black Marble by Joseph Wambaugh? His books always feel like a visit with an old friend,to a kid who grew up in a cop's house!)
Well, if you're feeling ornery, you're probably feeling better than you were, I'm happy to say!

Shirley said...

Maggie, I am so glad that Ms Pearl is back. I can hear her now with customer service which is so lacking in a lot of business these days. I think as we all get older we are more vocal when we think we are being used. I just don't know where they find some of the help now days. They want a paycheck, but they sure don't want to earn it. Have a great day and I hope your phone comes real soon. Your Missouri Friend.

Cherie said...

That was great! I am often apalled at the rudeness I see in stores and businesses these days. Haven't they noticed there is a recession going on and they are lucky to have a job? You'd think they would want to keep it but they act like they could care less.
Many kids that are in their early 20's have just never been taught manners - it is crazy.
I am SO GLAD Ms. Pearl let loose and said her peace (wink!).

~ Regan said...

Yes, customer service is dead... :( and you would think in this economy they would be kissing your feet!!

Sue said...

Good for Ms. Pearl. She seems to have appeared with perfect timing!


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

you go girlfriend!!! glad ole Pearl kicked some young booty butt.;) I wish you had those scissors..I would have sat on her while you did the cutting.:)

Lesley said...

Hi Maggie, I've never drowned a cell phone (probably because I don't have one!) I did however drown my laptop with a bottle of red wine. I was wary of contacting my insurance company, because it was my fault, and more to the point I'd only been with them for 2 months. Anyway, within 24 hours they had someone pick up the laptop to see if it could be given CPR, but to no avail. One week later, they delivered a new lap a bottle of wine tied with a red ribbon. Now THAT'S wjat you call service!

sissie said...

Hi Maggie!
I'm so glad that Ms Pearl is back, she can really open up a can of whopp butt when need be. I wish I had a little more of her in me when it comes to rude people and lousy service! I'm glad she stood up for herself and didn't let that mousy stringy headed thang take control.

The manager was probably playing games on his computer!

I know there are many young kids who are good at their jobs but unfortunately many are not.
And, this is the future generation. Lord help us!

Big old hugs to you and Ms.Pearl


Jacque said...

You go girl !! I swear there is no such thing as customer service anymore. It is an attitude of like it or leave it and we don't care one way or the other. Just burns me up to no end. Were these kids raised by wolves..and why aren't companies keeping track of their employees.. glad to hear you spoke up.

Garden of Egan said...

I LOVE MS PEARL!!!!!!!!!!
Whatever happened to customer service?
I'm glad you got the phone for free. I hope Sprint is aware that you blogged about it and I hope that little hair snit gets fired.

That sorta stuff really ticks me off.

Nezzy said...

Ya have to know sweet Maggie, we all just love a good strong dose of Ms Pearl every now and again. I think ya deserved the new phone for free just for havin' to conjure up Pearl. How very rude they were to you. One could kinda overlook a teeny bopper and her hair but the manager....doesn't need to wear a manager tag or receive a manager salary!!! 'Nuff said.

Take care girl and have a wonderful day!!!

Arkansas Patti said...

Yea for Pearl. Sometimes, Pearls of this world are just what is needed.
Sadly, there are so many people looking for work and there are still incompetents taking up space.
With your track record, I am glad you got some good remedies for drowned cells. I knew there had to be effective CPR for the little darlins. I'll keep those in mind.

Taos Sunflower said...

Good for you and Ms.Pearl! It's a sad fact that the words customer and service don't fit together too well anymore. Heaven knows you wouldn't have wanted those two to do any work! XXXX

Sharon said...

I am glad to see Ms Pearl back and giving me my morning laugh.
I agree that customer service is no more.
Hubs & I were in SD awhile ago and I ran across a very rude young lady too. She was filing her nails and sitting on a chair and she acted like it hurt her to ring up my purchase and give me change.
Have a great day.

Brenda Kula said...

Maggie, I get so irritated with people these days I don't go out much. Speaking of cell phones. Where did common courtesy go when one is on these darned things? I am so stinking tired of dealing with people while they talk to someone else I could just take those scissors and cut the power that serves the stupid things to begin with. (Oh, if only that were possible!) I never know when I'm apt to just explode and then I bet they get off them for just a minute!

PEA said...

Darn it, I was hoping it was true, the part where you took out scissors and cut her hair!!! LOL Don't you just love those young customer service people? Any time I have to go to customer service and see a young person, I just cringe because I know that they will be of no help at all. Makes you wonder how they got hired in the first place! Glad that you were able to contact someone else and got the service you wanted. Good for you for also giving that "manager" a piece of your mind!!!! xoxo

Cherrie said...

I am sorry I am just now getting to checking in on your blog. Boy I am sure glad I did it put a smile on my face!

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Oh! my! I love Ms. Pearl too! haha laughing...and for a minute I really thought the young gal's hair really met with the sharp edge of those scissors! (Yes, I am pretty can get me "hook, line and sinker"! haha

Sorry about your cell phone adventures/mishaps! And your key mishaps too!! Yay! for you that Sprint listened to you, even if their customer "service" did not.

Blessings & Aloha!
Did I tell you that I finally made my 100th post? I can't keep track! haha

Marydon said...

G'day sweet Maggie ~ I am so glad that Gary is curable with this cancer, praise God! & I do hope all goes well in his healing process. Prayers continue to be lifting for Gary & his family.

Life long friends ~ we moved so much in the USN that you learn to have friends briefly & don't get too attached or sad when you move. My best friend is my husband.

Now for Miss Pearl! What is it with these young gals & this HAIR THINGY they do, drives me crazy! We had the same near experience with Sprint just recently ... except it actually was the male manager ... dimwit that he was. He found out that I was not one to reckon with very quickly. I swear I don't know how many of these 'kids' get jobs to begin with, muchless ever graduated from high school or college, whichever it may be. Rude, dumb as an ox ... sheesh! Whatever happened to the 'customer is right smile & manners' ...

I'd better stop before I wind myself up ... chuckle! You go gettum sweetie.

Have a beautiful day ~
TTFN ~ Hugs & love, Marydon

Karen Whittal said...

Maggie, you are someone after my own heart, I hate getting bad service it is like a red flag to a bull...... you go girl. My girls will never complain about food if they are with me, because I believe if you are paying for it........ you deserve the best value for money, your money can buy.

Libbie said...

Hi Maggie! I have been through the same thing! I know what you mean & I think there is a little bit of Mr. Pearle in my husband when that happens too! Nothing makes him madder than that!

Hope you got a new phone! Kelly's is missing right now & we are bummed out we might have to go get him a new one! That would really stink!

Just wanted to let you know I was thinking of you today! Take care!!!

My Grama's Soul said...

Hello sweet friend.....I am so glad you and Ms Pearl are usual I laughed my as.... off while reading this post.

You go girl!!



Anonymous said...

Stopped in to let you know I am thinking of you a lot today...sending up prayers for you. Hoping all is getting better for you, Gary and Kaci. Love and hugs sweet Maggie

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Maggie,

Glad that all ended well but aren't people rude not helping you out in the first place.
Sorry about your phone and keys, and I think it happens to all of us sometimes.
I hope that you enjoy your new phone.

Happy weekend

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

Mrs. Pearl rocks!



artangel said...

I'm normally quite mild-mannered but I HATE crap service - you go girl, striking a blow for the downtrodden customer ha ha!

Sares said...

You go girl! Loved your stories about the phones and the keys. Boy I just BET that was a mess!

myletterstoemily said...

way to go, ms. pearl! i love her and wish i
had the guts to BE her.

i thought you really did cut her hair. ha ha!

A Tale of Two Cities said...

Oh, we've all been there, and that's why I find this so funny. Ms. Pearl, I admire your gumption!

Good luck getting the phone situation worked out,

Donna said...

So funny!!! What a gift for writing and making others smile...thanks! I needed that today!

June said...

Way to go Ms. Pearl!!! I sure wish you would have had a pair of sissors though. You could have cut the girls hair and then gone over to Scott's computer and cut the cord. I would have loved that!
I'm so sorry that your phones don't have very long life spans. I wear mine in my jeans pocket too, and I have come so close to seeing it in the bottom of the toilet.
You make my day! I always get a kick out of you Maggie, and I adore Ms. Pearl too.
hugs to you...