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Friday, September 3, 2010

Bridges Of Madison County!

In 1995 The Bridges of Madison County movie was released. No matter what your age or experience this movie speaks eloquently to you the viewer. It is a truly heartbreaking tale of love, devotion and choices. It will make you think about your own life, and about your closest relationships.

This movie turned out to be Eastwood’s most successful project of all times. He not only played the main character Robert Kincaid but was the director and chose Meryl Streep to be his co-star and at the time I thought why did he choose her. Turns out he was right. She lifts the film to the level of profound piece of art. Her selflessness and devotion to her family, and tortured sense of divided loyalties are presented so powerfully, and so plausibly, that the final scene in the car at the end (those who've seen it will recall immediately what I mean) pulls at your emotions so hard you'd swear it was you who was making the decision. I defy anyone with a pulse not to shed copious amounts of tears at this point --- you would have to have a heart of stone not to be moved on some level by Meryl’s and Clint’s performance.

Copious amounts of tears is just what this ole grandma produced watching this movie the other night. I was so mad at myself because five minutes into the movie tears were sliding down my face. Thirty minutes into the film I was flooding the ole farm house with my tears.

Funny but when I first walked into this ole farm house I thought of this movie and I should of known at the time my kitchen was not big enough to seduce a man like Clint to dance with me there. And then I saw my claw foot tub and again I thought of the movie..hahahahaha If I had only knew then what I know now there are no men like Robert Kincaid driving thru my gate but of course there is no good looking farmers wife from Iowa living here either.

When the movie came out I saw it with my ex and I remember maybe a few tears then but nothing like the other night.
It seems to me that the more I watched it the more I realized how much I miss being in love. Also it did not help that Clint reminds me so much of my ex. I suppose that this movie brought back to many lost memories.

When does a person stop crying over something that is lost and never will be again? Let’s hope not as long as Francesca and Robert kept the torch burning. lol

Have you seen the movie and read the book? Did you flood the room with tears?

Then last night my girlfriend, Sharon, and I went to see Eat Pray Love. Now don’t grab a big bowl of Italian pasta and throw it at me but I was disappointed when I stood up to leave the theater. Sharon felt the same way. Are we the only two women in the world that left disappointed with this Eat Pray Love.

Maybe I will still give the book a chance because usually their better than the movie.

Don’t get me wrong there were parts in it that got the heart strings a little but it was just not what I had expected. I guess sometimes a movie is so built up that you really expect a lot more than you should of it.

I was expecting a one of those love stories that makes your toes curl under or heart beat so fast you think your pace maker will explode. What the heck is wrong with me? I could not have handled a cry like I had the other night anyway. Hahaha

Especially after I just had a girlfriend move to Colorado after this book and movie. Another post I have been planning.

In an earlier post I mentioned my brother Gary had to have his heart doctor approve being put to sleep for his biopsy. Well precious Donna from Brynwood Needleworks is right you should never use the word put to sleep around all the dog lovers we have in our remarkable world of blogging. Anyway bad news this morning! I called him and he has to have another stint in his heart before the other doctors do his biopsy to see if he has throat cancer. Here we ago again putting his much need biopsy off for another week.

Turns out we both have to be in College Station today around the same time today…he needs to pre-registrar for the stint Tuesday and I found out that I have an appointment with a pain management doctor at 2:30 and did not know it. Crazy….not knowing until 5 yesterday. I am dreading this appointment because not sure what he will do to me and there is a long weekend ahead and if I needed him….well we all know what the answer to that would be.

Well my dear friends I am off to see the Wizard and find something to wear this afternoon. If you could see my closet and my choices you would throw your hands up and scream. Nothing among a full closet to wear. Geezzz Marie!!!

Oh I will have a new necklace to wear soon though because I was the lucky winner at sweet Laura’s site White Spray Paint. I hope it’s big enough to hide my neck. Pretty soon I will be like the lovely Diane Keaton and wear scarf’s everywhere.

Have a safe and happy Labor Day Weekend! My little writer friend that just moved in the guest house and I will be out here and hopefully being each others muses. She is writing three screen plays about Texas and I am going to write a love story that will have Clint begging me for the part as Michael or what ever the heck his name will be...maybe Johnny! Who knows that would be a good project for you pick out a name for me..:)

My son Chad wanted me and Christi to come see him in Dallas but of all things she has a hot date and can't leave town. I so want to see my son and his place in Dallas. Oh well a hot date is important too.

Love to all,



Nezzy said...

Oh Maggie, ya have me laughin' cryin' and laughin' again. What a roller coaster ride this post is. Yep, bestow my heart and grab a hankie to watch good old Eastwood and Streep.

Dang, if I wasn't lookin' forward to Eat Pray Love, Hubby even wants to see it. He likes chick flicks and Julia Roberts but would never admit to it with a gun pointed at his noggin'!

Oh sweetie, I'll be praying for your dear brother. Your plate is certainly piled high.

Take care and have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!

Anonymous said...

Sweet Maggie no wonder you filled the house with tears...just look what all has been and is going on in your life. That movie is a great movie, I have seen it and did cry some tears but I didn't have stuff going on like you do so I didn't fill more than a tissue or two.

I will keep praying for Gary, bless his heart, I hope all the waiting will stop for him soon and he will have answers. That waiting is so hard.

I am hoping you will soon get to see your son in Dallas.

Enjoy the weekend and I am with you on Clint begging for the part of Michael, Johnny or whomever he turns out to be. Happy writing sweet Maggie.


bunny said...

I love this movie too. The scene where she's in the truck and she wants to go with him..but chooses not too....killed me. Oh Maggie, I'm so glad you have a little play friend there to help you along and keep you occupied and I'm sending love and good karma to your brother...and of course to you.

(((BIG HUG)))


Anonymous said...

Oh Maggie, my husband and I watched this movie together and we both felt a strong sense of the love shared by francesca and robert. It surely pulls heavily at the heart strings. The part that I was most moved by in the movie is how F glowed with live when robert was around but some how very stoic when it was her children and husband. That is not to say you can't feel the love she has for them but I also saw some weight on her. The every day hum drum of her life came through loudly. I was taken aback a bit by her ability to love with her whole heart this man, a stranger who came to her innocently enough & how she was such a tortured soul on staying with the "right" decision. Oh my, that movie has definately left a mark on my soul. Beautiful love story. hugs. Tammy

My Grama's Soul said...

Good morning Maggie....I'm following a string of blog ladies that I just adore....a little off the subject...I know. Anyway, I read the book and saw the movie when it came out. I thought might heart would break in to in the last scene also.....and I am in love.....what does that say about me....I cry over snails (O:(O:. Haven't seen Eat Pray Love....but did read the book.

The one impression I gleaned from reading it was this: How can a 31 year old something be explaining life, lust and love to a 63 year old broad.....go figure. Didn't finish reading it!!!!

Hugs to you dear friend.....hopefully that pain will get under control.


LuLu Kellogg said...

Ms. Pearl needs a part in the movie too!

I have not seen the movie nor have I read the book but I will see it when it comes out on Netflix.

Love to you sweet girl!!!


Cherrie said...

I guess I really need to see that movie again because I can't remember it all that well! Maybe it's the pain meds I'm on!
I'm praying all goes well for your brother!

Anonymous said...

Wow. You have been on a roller coaster the last few years.
I think being in love is something we all long for, it's a safe place where all you think about is HIM!
I hope you have enough meds to get through the holiday so you don't have to start any new ones until the work week. Why do they always do that? Even my vet knows better...!

Sue said...

I love Meryl Streep, and she was GREAT in that movie.


Sandy said...

Oh, yeaaa, that is a GREAT movie, even tho I've watched it 100's of times. I read the book but thought the movie was better... I cry all through the movie and choose to watch it by myself instead of others making fun of me. It is so like every day life it hurts....he's the greatest actor, even as Dirty Harry -- I guess I like the way he looks --soooo sexy..and it's good, as I've gotten older he's gotten better !! hahahahaaa
Have a nice weekend..

nanny said...

I loved the book and the movie....color me bad but at the last scene I was yelling....go, go, open the door and go!!!!Broke my heart!
I also loved E,P,L. I was there when the doors opened for the first showing...I did not want any reviews swaying my opionion...I was spellbound thru the entire movie..I really enjoyed it!
Hope you and your brother feel better real soon....

jojo said...

That movie just broke my heart...pure sweet, even now I get teary thinking about it. Maybe I will watch it again this weekend, I need a good cry!
Eat, pray, love was a huge disappointment to me so was It's Complicated...I was hoping for more.
take care and have a safe weekend, I will be sending love and prayers to all of you. Is Kaci glucose getting better? I think of her all the time, she's my little hero you know.
love you.

Garden of Egan said...

Yes Maggie, I love Bridges of Madison County.
Clint is tasty for sure.
Sorry you didn't enjoy EatPrayLove. I haven't heard good things about it from anyone.
I won't waste the pennies to see it.

Hopefully you can get some good news from the docs on all fronts soon.
Sheesh my friend, you've had enough!

Love ya.

Andrea said...

Yes, I saw Bridges of Madison County and it is still one of my favorite that surprises you. And yes, I cried bucket loads of tears!
As for Eat, Love, Pray: I started reading the book and through it in the trash. It is probably the first book I did not even deem worthy of passing on. I have NO desire to waste my money on the movie. Now, for all your friends who love it...don't throw things at me. It just did NOT feel right to me and that is all I will say! I am not bashing anyone who likes it, etc. You asked my I gave it...that is it!
Hope you have an awesome weekend. It has continued to be crazy here....if only I could share all the things that have been happening. Well, that would would be an award winning!
Lots of love, hugs, and prayers,

PS: Storming the heavens for both you and your brother.

A Tale of Two Cities said...

Always love reading what you have to say--it's straight from the heart! Wishing you a cheery holiday weekend with movies that stir you and inspire you.


The French Bear said...

Love the book and the movie, cried like a baby!!! Of course I still cry when I watch it. Eat, love, pray was okay but not like this. Have you seen Nights in Rodanthe with Diane Lane and Richard that is a tear jerker!!!! I love that one!!! I made the Dutchman watch it with me...I don't think he felt the same, he he......chick flick!!!

Anonymous said...

Tears are always good for the soul. Crying is just giving your eyeballs and your heart a good cleaning.

I have not seen Eat Pray Love yet but I've also heard that it's ok, not great. Sure goes to show you what good marketing does.

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

I read the book long ago and finally watched the movie a few years back. The movie is good, but the book so much better since most of the characters' "looks" were not even close to what I 'saw' in my imagination when reading it.

Loved your critique.

Texas Longhorns

Have a great weekend

NitWit1 said...

I loved Bridges of Madison County and agree it is one of Eastwood's best works, although I like him in most of his roles.

I almost rather see the movie and forget the book, as they never equate. But then that is what is called artistic license, I guess.

Have a great Labor Day weekend. Even the hurricane simmered down to a tropical storm which can still be a bit dangerous, but less scary.

Shelly said...

Hi Mags!

Oh Bridges? I'd read the book back in the early 90's. Loved it. Cried buckets and kind of forgot about it......

Fast forward to the movie release, in 1995? I'd been recently widowed. Girlfriends decided to take Shell to see a movie. The Movie? Bridges...Well, duh, I was kinda numb between the ears in those days. Sure, girls nite. Dinner and a movie.

Well,,,I'd kind of forgotten the storyline. I'd forgotten he was a photographer. Like my newly deceased husband. To say that shortly into the movie they had to lead me out in hysterical sobs (they'd missed the correlation too, of course). . .

I watched it years later and had a good theraputic cry. I think sometimes we NEED a good emotional release!

Eat Pray Love? Hmmm the Book? Yes, it was a best seller and parts of it were fun and interesting, but all I really got from it from the beginnning was that THIS woman is FULL of herself! Sorry,,,my take.

I think it's important to explore our inner selves and try new things, but there was just SO much ego in the book.

Too bad about the movie, I might have gone to see it anyway, because I love Julia Roberts. I'll wait till it comes out on TV! HA,,,I don't even own a DVD player!

I hope things go well with your Bro. Of course I always have you in my thoughts and prayers and will keep him there too!

No hurricanes here, but it's going to be a cool and soggy weekend. So, we'll probably be busy at Joyworks!

Love you with all my heart GF!

PEA said...

I've watched that movie about 5 times now and cry every time!! I never really cared for Meryl Streep until I saw her in that movie, she was brilliant and made us feel her pain so easily. As for Clint Eastwood, I've been a fan of his for more years than I can remember:-) Movies like that always tend to make us reflect on our own lives and loves lost.

My prayers are with your brother Gary and with YOU...hope the appointment went well. Thinking of you sweet friend. xoxox

Julie Harward said...

Good luck with that sweet brother! I liked the movie too, haven't see E-P-L yet..but i do love a great love story..Dr. Zhivago comes to mind! Take care and enjoy this weekend! :D

Jo said...

I loved "The Bridges of Madison County" too. The final scene where she watches him drive away, and she has her hand on the door handle just broke my heart. I could relate.

Also, I have heard that "Eat Pray Love" was not particularly good. I will probably wait until it comes out on Video on Demand.

Best of luck with Gary's biopsy. Please keep us posted.



Anonymous said...

Oh, this one made me cry a river many years ago.

As far as Eat Pray Love, I had anticipated it but a friend shared she was quite disappointed as well. I'll probably wait for the release on cable.

Absolutely LOVE your music. Have a great Labor Day weekend.

cindy said...

OH, I cry at the thought of Madison County. So many people are in relationships that that just aren't healthy but they just can't leave.

I just can't even watch this movie. I cry, cry, cry.

Take care-

Taos Sunflower said...

Hi there: Well, my turn to throw in my two cents. I actually loved the book about the Bridges of Madison County, and despite the fact that I love both Clint and Meryl, I didn't care for the movie very much because I felt she was miscast for the part...I would have preferred Angelica Houston for the part...just my take on it. I enjoyed the book Eat, Pray, Love...self-indulgent, perhaps, but her travels were interesting to me. I didn't think of it so much as a love story and think comparing it to the other book is like comparing apples and oranges. Or grapes and lemons, or whatever you feel about either one. The movie? I paid to go see it, but it had so little to do with the story of the book, I considered it just another Julia Roberts movie (they're all about the same, in my humble opinion) and probably only liked it because of the scenery and Javier, who could also come to my house anytime now that Clint is looking a little long in the tooth! (PS I would not recommend paying to see Eat Pray Love, just wait for it to hit DVD.)

myletterstoemily said...

you made me smile when you said, "well, there ain't
any pretty woman from iowa either." i bet you're
just as pretty as she is. i admire the main character
for doing the right thing. BUT i haven't seen the
movie yet. you definitely have me intrigued!

i am so with you on "eat, pray . . ." it looks like a
narcissistic movie to me. not even remotely intere-

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Maggie,

Tried to leave a message and do not know what happened to blogger, so I will try again.
I have never seen this movie or read the book, but I can see that I am going to have to.
Just want to say that I will be sending prayers for you and your brother.

Hope that you have a lovely long weekend

T's Daily Treasures said...

Hi Maggie, it's funny how people see things so differently.

I absolutely loved the book Eat Pray Love. Easy to read and kept my attention. A friend read the book and saw the movie. She did say that if you haven't read the book, then you may not get it. But she said that no matter what, Julia Roberts is excellent in the role. I still want to see the movie.

Clint Eastwood is always a winner and Meryl Streep is definitely one of the best ever! I've loved everything she has ever been in. I don't think I ever watched Bridges in its entirety.

The other nite, my 11 year was flipping channels and the last 5 minutes of the movie Marley & Me came on (where they had to put Marley to sleep). I tell you, I boo-hooed that whole 5 minutes and I didn't even see the rest of the movie. I know how it is when the waterworks starts. :/

Sending all good wishes your way and prayers for your brother. :) Tammy

Marydon said...

G'morn, Maggie ~ I am writing to see how Miss Kaci is doing? Would you send me her mailing address, I have something special for this darling child.

You are just a riot, Maggie ... you can brighten a very dismal day ... I needed you desperately today thru my tears. Thank you for being you.

Dr. Zhivago ... that removes me to absolute tears. Haven't seen these 2 movies, not much of a movie goer, but I can continue to watch GWTW another 100+ times.

Prayers are lifting for your brother & you ... do keep me posted.

Have a lovely holiday weekend.
TTFN ~ Hugs of love, Marydon

Libbie said...

Oh no...I have terrible news for you :) Whenever I find myself bawling at movies it always means I am pregnant! Oh Maggie! You better check! :)

You made me smile tonight as you always do! I just love visiting you!!! Hope you looked hot going to see the doc! No scarves...a little cleave...I mean if you want to be in love :) I'm just saying...

Kissed by an Angel said...

I read the book years ago, but I haven't seen the film.
Hope you are well now.

yaya said...

It's never to late to fall in love Maggie! Go for it! I loved "Bridges" too but I haven't read the EPL book yet or seen the movie. I haven't heard a lot of great reviews from those that did...not sure if I'll bother with the moveie, but I'm a big reader, so I'll try it. Hope your Brother is Ok and you too!

Sissy said...

The book? Read it? just four times. I can say it was the best I've ever cried over. Broke my heart. I'm fairly sure its based on truth. Haven't seen the movie.

On the internet you can see all the bridges in Madison county. If you get a chance look the site up sometime. You'll cry again.

The Paper Princess said...

Dear Maggie

What a joy it was to receive a visit from you today on my blog! It has been WAY too long since our paths have crossed! I have missed you, dear friend, and hope that all is well (relatively speaking!) in the midst of all the travails I know you are dealing with right now. You remain in my thoughts and prayers as does your brother Gary. I hope your back is continuing to heal. Stay in touch!