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Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Warrenton is here again!
 Naturally the first day out was ugly cold and raining! Always happens during the show!

I seriously needed this diversion today after dealing with a guy coming off PCP for two straight days. He drove me almost to the point of handing him the key and telling him to run Forrest Run! But he was so freaking crazy I thought I had better leave him where he was but Geezzzzz Marie that was a mistake too… I paid dearly for two straight days.
My girlfriend, Sharon and I thought we would chance the weather but sadly it was just too miserable for us to stay very long. In our younger days, I would have had to hog tie Sharon to the back of the car to drive off from there but she was as miserable as myself.

Sharon and I have been friends so long people think we are sisters! Always whereever we go they ask us that. I think today was the first time but we were only out there maybe two the most...she loves pink and one day I will do a post about her.

I wanted to get some one to take our picture and never did ask so next time out I will have to remember…..but I did manage to get two of Sharon…one of her hiding behind a hippo and the other of her foot…

We ate a chicken salad sandwich that was ok nothing to write home to momma about but it was in a dry halfway warm building with lots of other friendly shoppers. Of course, we had to try their chocolate cake but it was store bought and I finishing it off for my supper now..... My camera kept going on and off so not many pictures to share this trip….tomorrow my friend, Alan wants to drive out there but will have to wait and see about the weather..he has a very understanding girlfriend that lets him go to Warrenton with me every year...I guess being a lot younger than me she sees me as no threat...hahahaha....Believe me after dealing with men all day I could be with Clint baby and probably not flirt with him...

I was trying to show you a really bright chandeliar..half my pictures did not take today....must of been the weather  .....not me!

Hope you’re all doing good and are behaving! Did you not love Dan’s story from the previous post! If you missed it be sure and check it out….also I added a Blogazine Guest button under my headboard for access to their stories. Today I heard from a very special popular blogger that we all love who agreed to write a story when she gets caught up so we have that to look forward to. No I can’t tell you what if she never gets caught up…hahaha

Love to all



Marydon Ford said...

Have a grand time despite the weather.
TTFN ~ Marydon

Me....bunny said...

Oh the trouble we could get into
Wish I lived near by...this warrenton place sounds like heaven..
Have fun manana and let's see what you buy.


sjmcdowell said...

I wanna go with you.....:( Have a blast Maggie...grab me some pepper and salt shakers..or a birdie!!! Love you girlfriend!!
Happy smiles,


Shopping is always more fun with a friend. Too bad the weather wasn't agreeable. Did I spell that right? Anyway.. lots of bright, pretty things to see there it looks like. I think choc. cake sounds like a wonderful dinner:"

Anonymous said...

Love all the color!

Andrea said...

GOD BLESS YOU! Thank you for leaving sweet comments on arise 2 write.
Hugs, andrea

Nancy's Notes said...

Oh, I am hoping to get to Warrenton, I am so confused about the entire show...there are so many, Round Top, Warrenton! Where do I go first, are there long lines, what day is best, jeesh, so many questions! Wish there was a blog that had these answers!

Maggie, have a great time, the weather will clear up, at least I hope so! I may show up!

~ Regan said...

You are so wonderful!

I would love to hear more about your friend! I have a friend like that, but sadly, she has moved to Florida. But we are still thick as thieves!;)

Lisalulu said...

what a great fun trip... go tomorrow and TAKE MORE PICTURES... you'd be great to have on a road trip!!! yahoooooo

Sissy said...

Maggie, oooh what a magical looking establishment! I want to go with you next trip there. Bring cuffs and chains for me though as the colorama will drive me crazy with lust for it all.

When eligible, please add me to your "giveaway" drawing. I'm still yearning to win some of that chocolate one day - I drool ;>) Got a napkin?

Thank you for the invite to write for your new Blogazine. In time I will pull it all together - fair warning: I'm not a writer.

Try to hang on dealing with those crazies you're having to cope with - I couldn't. My patience is transparently thin with such characters.

Kissed by an Angel said...

It looks and sounds fabulous, what a shame the weather spoiled it for you!! Hope the sun is shining for your next visit!! Looking forward to seeing more photos!!!
Loving blessings.

Angela said...

All those vibrant colours. I want that chandelier for my bedroom..oh my!!

Meghan said...

It looks like that place has some awesome finds! Definitely show us what you buy! Hope all is well!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Well the sun is shining this morning ...YEA and I am rained all night so I can not mow...hahaha so someone twist my arm to ride out to Warrenton with them...
I am only looking for the prefect screen door for my kitchen ..shoot me if I buy anything else my house is full...all I looked for yesterday was something I thought you all would like for a giveaway....
If Alan and I go today I will have all of you with me ...
Nancy write me an email and I can answer any questions about these shows...been going there since I was least 30 years

Nezzy said...

Behaving? Girl that's no I gotta?

The show sounds like a blast especially void of rain. Sharon looks like the perfect friend to join you on this trip! I covet her flippies!

Run crack me up every time I drop in. Heeheehehe!

You have a fun day findin' that screen door and all the other treasures you and Alan find.

God bless ya'll...........

farmlady said...

I can see the chandelier. It's beautiful. What "bling" in a room that might need it.
It looks like you and Sharon had a lot of fun in spite of the weather. What a colorful place to go on a cold and rainy Spring day.

Arkansas Patti said...

Sorry, not believing the too tired for Clint story.
Hang on to those special friends and don't forget the post about her.

Sharon said...

It looks like a great show with lots of stuff.
I don't know if I could leave once I got there either.
Yea for your sunshine and we are having some today also. It is even in the 50 love it.
Do have fun with your friend today.

Lisa said...

It's a great treat to to hop around at all the markets, I haven't been to Warrenton, but some day...because I need more stuff! Hope it stays dry, but hey, how long has it been since you squished mud between your toes? You and your friend have a grand time.


Garden of Egan said...

You are having way too much fun I can tell.
Try to behave...............oh, never mind.

Hootin' Anni said...

♥LOVE♥ that hippo!!!!

This post reads like you're just having the time of your, fun, fun!!

I've been awol from visiting and leaving comments because of so many home projects going on around here. But, today I wasn't going to let my computer time get away from me without leaving you a big howdy-do!!!

PEA said...

What? You expect me to be good AND behave??? Not possible! hehe Hello dear heart, I'm so sorry for having been away for a bit, with going away two weekends in a row for 3=4 days at a time, my regular routine was nil and I didn't get to do much blogging at all. Now I'm back and ready to rumble...or at least visit my favourite blogs:-)

Isn't it fun to go on such outings with a good friend? What a shame the weather didn't cooperate but we just must make the best of it. Love all the colours of the items for sale in the show, I would have been oohing and aahing all the while:-)

Must read your last few posts I've missed and catch up with all your news!! xoxo

Libbie said...

What a fun show! I don't even like stuffed animals but that hippo is adorable!!!

It is so fun to have a friend like a sister. Mine fell in love with a man who was visiting here at a wedding & she left me for him :) We joke about that but I do talk to her ALL the time! She is in Vegas now but I miss her completely. She reminds me of your Sharon, we have been BFFs since I was 3! Actually I fell like I need to talk to her right now just reading this! Gotta go call her! :)

Plumrose Lane said...

Looks like a fun place to visit with loads of eye candy despite the awful weather.

Doni said...

I'd have to say that this post wins the most colorful post for the last month or so! How vibrant those colors are! have fun and don't forget to take more pictures!!!