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Wednesday, February 17, 2010


   Today is about how generous and lovely bloggers truly are. In the past four months I have won several great giveaways and also received just as many thoughtful beautiful gifts in the mail. So I had to share these lovelies with all of you!

Annie over at her moms site The Middlest Sister  made me some of these pretty  bracelets and two are just a like for Kaci and myself to have mattching bracelets. How sweet of you Annie not only to think of me but Kaci too. I can not wait to see her and show her who made these bracelets and why! Thank you Annie for making these bracelets to help the people from Haiti. I love mine and will always think of you when I wear it!

                                                                           Kate at Auntie Cakes

Beautiful Kate is Aunt to sweet Annie and of course sister to Libbie. Kate being the sweetheart she is made me a lovely white heart  with a pink roses for Valentines, and I hung it in my bedroom where I blog so I can awe over it everyday....  
Thank you so much the heart is beautiful and something I will love forever! It must of took you hours to make it. Lovely!


For Valentines I recieved this beautiful handmade heart from the lovely Georgia peach Sharon. Once again this heart reminds me of how talented, gifted and generous all of your are out here in blogland. Thank you Sharon I will cherish this forever and hang it also where I can enjoy it everyday. Check Sharons site out she makes jewelry too.

Our darling, Karyn at FRENCH CHARMING had a Lisa Leonard Jewelry giveaway in November and I won it. It was a very generous gift certificate to Lisa's shop and she had so much to pick from I like to have never made up my mind. I finally ordered the wish necklace and had it engraved with the saying "hope with jdrf......which stands for Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. As most of you know my sweet Kaci diagnosed with this in July and was only 7 at the time. I thought she and I could share this really lovely necklace. Thank you so much Karyn for doing this giveaway. I adore the necklace and will always think of you when Kaci or I wear it.

Carin at the CROSS STITCH GIANT had a first anniversary giveway in November and I won these counted cross stitch charts.  I am excited about winning these and hope to have them both finished by Christmas holidays so guess who had to get busy! Aren't they cute.  Thank you Carin for sending me the wonderful charts.

MEGHAN    at The Perfect Compilation Tape had a giveaway which was this beautiful headband!
It is so lovely and I know once my Kcai sees it I will not have it any longer.
Just beautiful don't you think....Thank you very much Meghan for this giveaway!

LISA at Davis Dialogues had a giveaway for this book that I have heard is very good so I am excited about receiving it soon. Lisa is a new nana so be sure and congratulate her. Her daughter had a son.
Thank you Lisa I will let you know as soon as it gets here!

Since I consider myself as one lucky lady for winning all these giveways in the last three or four months. Maybe its time for another giveaway from Grandmayellowhair! So in the next few days I will announce another giveaway so that means you just have to come back to enter and to find out what it will be! lol

Also my daughter Christi will be upset with me for mentioning this but I so believe in the power of prayer so I will just take the chance of her not seeing this post. Yesterday she phoned me and told me her doctor found a lump on her left breast. Since I am a breast cancer survivor myself I totally wanted to just cry but instead I started praying. So my sweet friends I am asking for you all to lift my daughter Christi up in prayer that this lump is just a benign cyst. As always I love all of you  and thank you for always stopping by and making me smile!

Christi and Kaci

Sweet Dreams!


Julie Harward said... are a new friend to me and I just love you...but now I see why and also how much everyone else loves you. I wish I that I could have know you sooner...God bless you and I will say a prayer for your daughter. I hope that all will be well. Come say hi when you can :D

Kim said...

I'll definately add Christi to my prayers!
Hugs, Kim

Andrea said...

I have an urgent prayer request and prayer button on arise 2 write.

Meghan said...

Yeah! So glad you love the headband! Thanks for all of your support, Maggie! You are too kind!!!

Rebecca said...

You deserve all you've won and more my friend. We all love you to pieces!

Love, Rebecca

jojo said...

you have some beautiful gifts there Maggie, and no wonder~~~you are such a beautiful soul. Will send my love and prayers for your daughter. Stay strong and keep laughing...jj

All My Yesterdays said...

So exciting to win things from some special friends, huh..
But the most important part of this post is your sweet daughter. Prayers will be shouted by all the awesome bloggers and you know what prayers can accomplish..
Love to you and your sweet gals Maggie.

Come see my blog and what else you got (O:

And the party..

stefanie said...

wow, you are soooo lucky, you need to play the lottery!!!

~ RM said...

Congratulations on all the wonderful loot! :P
You are a lucky lady! I love everthing!

I will keep Christi in my thoughts, I hope everything is ok. Please keep us posted!

The Garden of Egan said...

Congrats on all your wins. Bloggy buddies are the best. We can hang out in our jammies and stuff and pretend we don't have cellulite.
Hugs to your daughter and prayers are on the way. Keep us posted.
I totally {heart} you!

Me....bunny said...

I make you laugh...that's my gift to you...cherish it. BTW...I have a follower thingy on my blog now...go for it!


funny bunny

C said...

hahahhahhaha! I had no idea people give and get so many giveaways on blogs!!!!! :D

Very precious, beautiful little girl there!!!! :)

Queen "B" said...

Aloha Maggie,
You are clearly fabulous, isn't it wonderful to be celebrated. I am posting about a book I just finished...My walk through Heaven...(sold on Amazon)by Kim Rives it is a breast cancer survivors near death experience, she has a wonderful spiritual experience to share. hope you visit soon
all my Aloha

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

I will put your daughter in my prayers that all goes got some really nice things from your winnings...hey what sort of things are you into? favorite colors etc.;)

T's Daily Treasures said...

Maggie, you are one blessed lady to receive all these generous and lovely gifts! Prayers and blessings are being sent to you and through you for your daughter! Wishing you all the best today and every day, hugs, Tammy

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

I just had to check this morning before the craziness starts today at work. Its court day so it will be wild and crazy.
So glad I did peek at my site because you by dear friends have lifted me so much by all these comments that I just know everything is going to be alright.
I love all of you and will get by to see you soon.
Don't forget I am having a giveaway soon
I can not say how grateful I am for all these prayers for my sweet Christi...She just has to be okay and I know with you all praying for her she will be

Kissed by an Angel said...

You are right, the ladies in Blogland are not only so kind and generous, they are very talented too!! But then you are a pretty special lady yourself!!! Sending loving wishes and healing prayers to both you and your darling daughter!!!

Nezzy said...

Hey my yellowhaired sister, you have been one lucky lady as of late. You have many treasured items there from very generous and talented blogger friends. Congratulations special lady, you deserve them all and more.

I agree with you in the power of prayer. Where two or three agree baby and just look at the support system we have here. I will bombard the heavens with prayers for your Christi and also your little Kaci!!! We serve a mighty loving God.

God bless and have a day filled with peace!!!

aBohemianMarket said...

Hi Maggie:
You are one lucky lady!!!
lovely surprises for a lovely lady. I agree with Rebecca; you are deserving!!!
peace & love

Sissy said...

Maggie, Always remember: All is right in God's world; He holds us close and secure constantly.

When my daughter was diagnosed with JD in'73, our world seemed shattered. It was a tough time for many years, finally coming down to complete kidney failure and 4 times daily dialysis. We were told she would not live to be 25 and she is now 48. Today she lives joyously after miraculously receiving a pancreas and kidney back on her birthday 2005. A cyst in her left breast was found benign; so keep faith that all will turn out wonderful for yes, all's right in God's world.

Lynn will become a grandma soon and heaven forbid, I am to be called great grandma. Impossible! I'm too young for this moniker, don't cha know.

Congrats on all your beautiful wins, Girl. You deserve them. Ah, the music today is lucious -just the thing to put perk into my steps. Thank you Maggie for sharing with us all. And thak you for your prayers for my brother.

Sharon said...

Wel Maggie, you certainly are lucky and blessed as well. Can't imagine winning all those wonderful goodies! Prayers here for Christi; God is good all the time. Will certainly be checking back to make sure all is well with Christi. Hope you are comforted by God's goodness while you wait for His mercy.

farmlady said...

A prayer for Christi.., may this lump be benign and may all your worry be given to God in a few days.
From another survivor...

sjmcdowell said...

Dear Maggie,
Christi is in my thoughts and prayers and
please keep us up to date on how it all goes
with her. My grandmother lost both breasts in her early fifty's and the Dr's back then which was in the 1940's gave her maybe 10 years to live. Well my grandmother lived another 30 years, she was the only grandparent I ever had
and am grateful everyday that she was in my life. Grandma Elsa was a true crafting person. I have embroidery she did when she was around 17 which would have been around 1916. She also was a floral designer and made beautiful corsages and she also knew how to make clothing. Well in all this I am telling you as you already know God is in control in every situation and in all ways..Christi is in very loving and capable hands and with all of our prayers we are all holding her in Love. Love ya Maggie!! Susan

Rebecca said...




Sares said...

How scary for your daughter and for you.I will certainly say a prayer for you both.
What a sweet lot of goodies and giveaways you collected the last few months!

Jacque said...

Good Morning Grandma!!

WOW...I think you should buy some lottery tickets!!

I will be praying for your daughter. I am a cancer survivor as well!! God hears AND answers the prayers of His children.

Have a great weekend!

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Hi Maggie I just popped over tho your blog. Looking so, so great. Off to read some of your earlier posts...

Have a happy weekend!

PEA said...

How wonderful to have won all those giveaways, you deserve every one of them:-) Isn't it so much fun receiving such lovely gifts in the mail instead of the boring old bills? hehe It's amazing the talent out there and I know you'll be like me and treasure all of these.

Please know that my prayers have been added to those of the others for your daughter Christi. Like you, I believe in the power of prayer. xoxo

Auntie Cake said...

Hi Maggie,
I commented earlier on this post, but in my old-age, I probally forgot to click on post. You are very welcome for the rose heart. It was fashioned after the Christmas one. I tried really hard to get a bid on there somehow, like the Christmas one, but couldn't get it to work out. And I am not sending you my address again, you already sent delicious fudge and it was over the top fabulous. And it was so heavy it must have cost you a fortune to mail it!!! So just sit back and enjoy all your new trinkets.

Wish you lived closer to us too. We could have some good times, (and I would not turn down the offer from the totally hot young guy who works with you... we would be hanging with the hotties, and I would include my hubby in on that...)

Thanks for your sweet comment, hope Christi has heard only good things from her doctor by now. We are all praying for both of you! Much too scary for you guys... Take care, have a good weekend.

Karen said...

What wonderful gifts you've received!!! I said a prayer for your daughter, and will continue to keep her in my prayers. Hope you have a good weekend! Karen

Libbie said...

Oh Maggie you are so thankful! You are an inspiration to me & of course FAMILY...let's just still say Kate is the oldest though ...she hates that :)

I am sorry I have not been by lately . I barely have strength to sit up lately so I have been even too tired to blog! Did I actually admit that? I just came from the doctor & they took some blood work so hopefully I will just feel beter tomorrow. I am not worried & just thankful it will pass & I will join the living again. I probably won't be back on here until Sunday to announce my winner since honey i just here to take care of the kidsI plan on sleeping fot 2 days straight! But I am going to be praying for Christi! Alot! & I wish I could know Christie & Kaci...I love moms & their daughters relationships. Now you know I love my boys but I do think Annie will be my little BFF forever :) But I don't see my boys runing off when they get older...we are too fun :) Just Kidding but Actually we do play together everday!

I better run but about Gail's shirt...I ordered mine on Etsy but I think if you emailed her @ I bet she would be happy to have you send a check! She is pretty sweet too!

Thanks again for putting up my baby! She LOVED IT & YOU KNOW HOW MUCH A mAMAS HEART IS TOUCHED WHEN SOMEONE ELSE LOVES their baby :) Praying for yours!!!!

Karyn Bernard (French Charming) said...

Holy Smokes Maggie...that is some major goodness and luck going your way! Honey, you deserve all of it and more! First of all I adore each of the women you featured minus myself of! Really, they are all great ladies and that Annie just melts my heart! Have you ever seen a cuter, more clever little girl?...I think not!

I love what you had Lisa do for you and the meaning behind it so special. Just wanted you to know that I just made a donation in Kaci's name to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Your sweet Kaci is in my thoughts and prayers.

Maggie, I haven't a clue why blogger hates me? I have added your blog twice already to my blog roll and it disappears???? I'm adding it again and hopefully the third time is a charm.

I just adore you and your sweet and vibrant personality. Have a fabulous weekend sweet friend and enjoy all of your lovely new treasures!

Love and hugs,

Free Pretty Things For You said...

thank you for finding me!
i think ill sit and stay awhile! :)
hope to hear from you soon

janet said...

Well hello there Maggie! Thanks so much for visiting my little blog and of course my prayers are being said for your sweet Christi. I look forward to being a steady visiter ;-)

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Hi Grandma Yellow Hair....

I've been here catching up a've won some delish giveaways! Good for you..

Praying for Christi.....


Pat said...

I just read this and I'm praying for Christi ~ and for you! I know she will be fine. Just an daughter's name is Kristi. :-)

Sending peace, strength and love ~

Pom Pom said...

Hi Maggie! I haven't forgotten about you! I hope your weekend off was nice and restful! It's SO cold here - snowing STILL!

Sharon's Cottage Quilts said...

Dearest Maggie, I will be praying for your beautiful daughter every day. Sending love and warm thoughts to you and your family.
Hugs! Sharon