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Monday, February 22, 2010


Most of you are familar with our lovely Rebecca and her awesome site A Gathering of Thoughts. She is always creating new and beautiful pieces for us to drool over. Rebecca has two shops where you can purchase her creations. Be sure and click on her name below and enjoy visiting her blog and while your there go to her Etsy shop and also where she sells on Ebay.

Rebecca at A Gathering of Thoughts

I’m a happily married woman of many years to the most amazing man. Mother of two grown children and Nana to one PERFECT little girl! I love decorative arts of all kinds~ especially those that implement vintage textiles. It is easy for me to get lost in my work when using the fabulous old finds made long ago with loving hands. Mastering the art of painting roses is my passion. I love to transform aging treasures and refashion and re-purpose them for use in shabby cottage chic homes of today. I am a seamstress and a sewer of fine things. Always on a never ending quest to hunt down snippets of old lace and ribbon. I rarely miss a day of working with thread and needle, paint brush and pallet. I love to read about successful women and those who lovingly manage both a career and family. Learning more about Jesus and His unwavering love for me is a daily focus. I enjoy Bible Study and all things Christ-centered. It has been my faith in a loving God, the Most High, who has sustained me throughout my life. 

 Sweet Vicki  has an ongoing Blog party at her site Change in a Bottle. These Cierra Ashley frangrace fans are the most popular way to make your home smell fresh and below Vicki explains how you can be the proud owner of one these beautiful bottles.
I want to give everyone the chance to own one. They're made of beautiful Ceramic and fit into any decor. Always cool to the touch, whisper quiet and so economical.
This month my Giveaway is a FREE Ceramic Fan Cover with the purchase of a complete unit. This gives you an additional *look* for your Fan. You'll also get 2 FREE cans of Scent with your 'Combo' order this month.
In order to be included in the February Giveaway, you must be a Follower of  A Change in a Bottle Blog and order a Complete Unit, which is the Fragrance Fan Stand and the Decorative Fan Cover...

You'll need to visit the CIERRA ASHLEY site, located on my side bar, to see the choices. Then either email me or come back here and let me know what cover you want, your TWO fragrance choices, and a way to contact you. This is your 1st entry.
If you want more chances to win, come back with another comment and tell me what your choice for another Fan Cover will be.

And then a third comment of your favorite scent.

Doing these will give you THREE chances to win.
So, if you're ready to place an order, email me with the information and I'll tell you what else you need to do...shipping and payment info.

This Giveaway will end at Midnight, February 28th...

March will bring more fun!
Thanks for your support and GOOD LUCK with a win!
And keep smilin.

Ladies just wanted to thank you again for all your prayers for Christi! She called me this afternoon and Wednesday morning they have her scheduled for a sona gram...not sure how to spell this and I am not anywhere near a dictionary. They told her she should know the results right away so my plans are to be with her Wednesday

Hope everyone is ready for another chocolate giveaway because one day this week I will post the giveaway.
Also I have a couple of new things coming up this week that I wanted to share with all of you so please keep in touch.

Its been one of those days and I am not myself tonight so until another day

Love to all


All My Yesterdays said...

First thing...I'm so sorry you didn't have such a good prayers will be with you and Christi. And then to say thanks for your support with my blog. You are the greatest!

Please know my thoughts are with you and keep me/us informed...

hugs and love..


stefanie said...

I have you in my thoughts!!!
I love Rebecca's blog and now I am off to visit

Julie Harward said...

These look like real good sites..thanks! Hey, I am having a ...GIVE A WAY...:D

Me....bunny said...

Thinking about the two of yous...


Andrea said...

Hope you are having an awesome week.
Blessings, andrea

Rebecca said...

Maggie! OMGOSH...I didn't understand what you were doing so IMAGINE my SHOCK when my face popped up on your bloggie! Whoot Whoot Girly. have sooooooooooooooooo blessed me. What a JOY you are to me this very day! I'm gonna have to think of something sweet (and PINK) to bless you back with.

Thank you for the exposure and the support of my humble little bloggie!

Love to you~Rebecca

Rebecca said...

PS: How RUDE of me not to say I'm sorry you didn't have a very good day. :( Every so often I have days like that too and they sure put you in the pits, huh? Prayers going up for tomorrow to be wonderful. It will be! I know it! xoReb

The Garden of Egan said...

Hugs to you and Christi. You are both in my thoughts and prayers! Seriously.

I love your guest, what beautiful creations.

Meghan said...

I hope you have a much better day, Maggie! Thanks for posting all of these lovely finds! And I am SO excited about the chocolate giveaway!

Nezzy said...

Sweetie, tomorrow is a new day and I pray it will be an excellent day for ya!

Christi is still in my prayers!

Thanks for all the great finds, some real treasures here and a big old woohoo.....did ya'll mention chocolate and giveaway in the same sentence. I'm so dang excited I may have to change my bloomers! Heeeehehe!

God bless and may tomorrow be great! :o)

Karyn Bernard (French Charming) said...

I have been an admirer of Rebecca's work, her art is simply gorgeous and I will have to check out Vicki's blog.

Sending you and Christi my thoughts and prayers Sweet Friend. Take care of yourself dearest Maggie...I don't like to hear that you don't feel yourself...sending you much love and huge (((HUGS)))!

Thank you for your lovely card Maggie...really made my day! :)


jojo said...

If you are not yourself does that mean Ms. Pearl is in charge???
I will hold Christi close to my heart and keep praying for her. Thinking of you both...take care sweetpea..;p

~ RM said...

Mags, Im sorry for you and Christi- I wish there was someway I could lessen your burdens... :(

I will check back in again as soon as I can. Please let us know how Christi made out with the sonogram, I'm hoping and praying it comes back negative.

Check out my giveaway~ I hope you find some way to get through everything ok, Take care, friend!

Kissed by an Angel said...

Sending you warmest love and blessings!! I hope you feel more yourself soon!!! Blessings to Christi too!!!
Rebecca's blog is so beautiful - thank you for sharing it with us all!!!
Kindest wishes and love!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

OH you girlfriends are the best. I slipped out of the jail for a minute to catch my breath and check my computer and guess who I had to check on first. lol
I can not even begin to tell you all how your comments have lifted me. Now I know I can get through this day and week.
Love and hugs to all of you


Excellent your blog, congratulations!

Thank you for being together. You are worth gold, and this special moment, has a gift for you on our blog. I hope you enjoy.



Bunny Jeans Decor... and More! said...

I always enjoy your blog and the sweet comments you leave for me.

Also... I'm just letting all my followers (and you are one) know about my giveaway... nothing to do to enter.

You are already entered!

Just my way to say thanks!

Talk to you soon ;)
Bunny Jean