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Friday, October 11, 2013

Was It the Calms Forte?

My blogging friends are the best in this world of blogging and are always writing interesting and informative post. Many times after reading one of your post I run into the other room to find a pen and piece of paper to write down what your telling me.

A few weeks back while visiting my friend the Rocky Mountain Woman I read about a pill she had taken that gave her the giggles while attending a very stressful meeting. Giggles are good! Maybe not in a meeting but how many meetings does this ole grandma attend these days?

So I had to find what our Rocky Mountain Woman was taking to release some stress in her life. It was Calms Forte which of course I had no clue what this was but determined to find it.

 I checked at our local Wal Mart and with no luck. I went to our very small health food store and they had one box of this but it was Calms Forte for Kids. Being desperate to lighten up I bought the kids dosage thinking I would just triple the dosage amount on the box.

I was also delighted to see that it was a sleep aid which besides not laughing these days not sleeping is right up there on my list of aggravations. Many nights I toss and turn so much that when I get up the next morning my mattress is almost on the floor on one side. Maybe it's time to invest in a new mattress. haha

That night I could not wait to see if it worked for me. I followed the directions on the bottle and doubled the dosage. Like most nights I grabbed my Nook and settled in for the night. This night I had downloaded Still Foolin' 'Em by Billy Crystal.

Comedian Billy Crystal wrote this book about turning 65. I thought since I have so many darn issues since my big 65th Birthday I thought why not. He might help me with some of my difficult issues of growing older.

Well two hours into this book I am in the middle of my bed laughing hysterically. Seriously I mean it's the kind of  laughter that I am sure if  the cowboy had not moved out last month he would of called me to see what the heck was I doing waking up everyone on North Forty.

I was so loud that Tinkerbell and her new sister Billy Sue ran out of the room in search of a hiding place. The louder I laughed the harder I laughed. It was like I could not control myself. Hysterical in the middle of the night in the middle of my bed laughing out of control.

Finally I settled down and read a little while longer and then slept all night long. First time in months that I had actually slept and honestly I can't remember when I had laughed this hard.

The next morning I ask myself was it Billy Crystal's writing or was it the Calms Forte. The next night I continued the book but much to my disappointment I did not laugh out loud but I did enjoy reading the book.
I have been sleeping better though since discovering these pills.

Since my last post when I am not taking these pills and reading I have been running around with my head off cut off trying to keep up with all the work out here. I have mowed every day and thought I was caught up then it rained again. haha  Monday I started all over again and now have about ten acres left to be caught up,

We have 40 percent chance of rain for the next four or five days which means of course more mowing. I should not complain because God has Blessed us with rain and this last week the weather was gorgeous. Cool in the mornings and sometimes while I was on the tractor I pretended I was mowing property in the state of Maine instead of Texas. Boy can I dream. I still think of my trip to Maine a year ago in September and I find myself wishing I were there enjoying their leaf peeping.

Speaking of leaf peeping last Sunday I was out in the country with two of my Sister-in-laws enjoying the weather when I pointed to some trees and I said, "Oh look there are some trees turning color!"  My sister-in-law laughed and said,"Those trees are dead not changing colors!"  I guess I need to have my eyes checked too.

Linda and I had worked so hard for our sale of the pillows. It rained the big day of the show so we had to change it to the next weekend. It was soooo hot and muggy and we were miserable. Also very disappointed in the turn out and our sales but we had fun making them and plan on selling maybe on line or other places.

I hope you are well and enjoying some fall weather. It is still in the eighties here so when I read about snow some of you are already getting I can't believe it. haha

Stay tuned for one of my Candy giveaways coming soon. I have not had one in a very long time and so I hope this week to do that for you.

Have a wonderful weekend and Laugh!

Love to all

If you have not been to Rocky Mountain woman's site be sure and check it out. Awesome lady to get to know you can find her site Here.


Debby said...

Hello there Sweetie. I will have to try that pill. I can't believe it makes you laugh. I need it for sleeping. How is your Daughter. How is your son that had the accident.
I just got off my Disney Cruise. Still in Florida at my friends house. I leave for home in the morning. Have a good week end. Xo

gpc said...

I have a friend who has the best laugh in the world, and there is nothing better than getting caught up in silliness. I hope you get lots more laughs for no good reason. :)

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

:0) More Happy, Happy to you m/f.


acorn hollow said...

Well I wonder what is in that happy pills?
why doesn't your landlady have most of those field hayed? I know here that is what happens with large open land.
we have had beautiful weather but are headed to rain tomorrow.Maybe I will clean house.

Gorges Smythe said...

Sorry about your sale. Our yard sale was a bust, too. Oh well, at least you're laughing! ;-)

Olga said...

I, too, was wondering what was in those pills. laughter is a good thing, though.

Julia said...

Hi Maggie, I've missed you too... sure could use some of those pills, lol. I don't get much good sleep lately and I'm up early, and feel draggy.

I could use a good laugh too.. Sometimes I have to go to Phillis Diller's old Youtube videos to get a good belly laugh.

I just got some dental work done and because I'm over 65 and no longer eligible for our group insurance, and my new senior insurance doesn't cover dental work except medicine or if I accidentally get injured in the mouth, lol... I had to fork out almost $1000. Three fillings, x-rays and a root canal. Ouch.

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. It always make my day. I think that I was starving for your comment. lol...

I've been very busy cleaning up around the old neglected farm and having calves being born so often. I'm just worn out, half dead but in good shape, lol. I think that you and I would make a good pair. I've been weed wacking, bush wacking and mowing for a couple of weeks. I'm so glad it raining tomorrow.

Thanksgiving is on Monday 14th. I'll be eatinhg turkey.
Bigs hugs,

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

Those pills sound pretty cool. Then again, if I laughed any more than I already do, the men in white might come to take me away.

Happy weekend!

magscorner said...

Good morning sweet Maggie. Whatever you need to do to laugh is good because a good laugh is just what you needed/need. You have a lot going on most of the time it seems and laughing is such a great reliever and healer. I sure hope the weather cools and stays cool for you while you do all that mowing. Sorry you did not have the best of luck with your sale. Still keeping you and your sweet family in prayers. Sure hope everyone is better and getting all well. Sounds like Tinkerbell and Billy Sue are getting along okay now. I could just see them both scattering out of the room when you were laughing. Take care dear friend and thank you for stopping by my blog. It is always wonderful to see you there and to find a post from you. Love and hugs! Nose kisses for the kitties

Arkansas Patti said...

I all ready visit RMW. She sure can cook can't she? Didn't know it was Calms Forte that gave her the giggles. I could use a good laugh.
So glad you got great rest and a case of the giggles. Both great for our health.

yaya said...

Glad you have found a way to a restful night's sleep! I think you should sell your pillows closer to Christmas..they were really cute! Keep on laughing and ZZZZZ's!

Sissy said...

I couldn't resist your review of Billy Crystal's book. Have a request on file from the library now. I sure need some laughter, knowing it will make me better.

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

How the heck did I miss this post? You are so sweet to mention me and my trials and tribulations!

I've never tried Calms Forte to sleep but I will tonight. I think all of us "vintage" ladies have problems sleeping.

I want to read Billy's book. I saw it on Amazon and thought that it would be a fun read....

stay cool, sweetie - sending good mojo to you and yours....



gpc said...

(Hi again -- I hope by now you've gotten one of my emails! Sorry we are having trouble connecting. :) gail )