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Friday, September 20, 2013

Always Something!

Lot's of things have been happening since my last post.
 Linda and I are still busy with our projects for our sale and hope you don't mind but I am sharing more of our pillows with you tonight. First I wanted to show you some branches I gathered around the North Forty and painted in bright colors. I am sorry the picture is blurry. 

 I got this fabulous idea from our sweet blogging friend Jennifer at Ripplespeak. She posted hers in April and for months I kept thinking I have to do this because I loved how they looked.  I want to paint some orange and black ones for Halloween but with my pillow projects these will probably have to wait.

If you haven't met Jennifer be sure and click on her site above and meet a very gifted creative artist. Her words will warm your soul and her gorgeous art will make you smile.

A lot of you have been praying for my son Clint since his bicycle accident four weeks ago. He is having a lot of problems healing and had a surgery Tuesday on his chin. Hopefully that will heal and no more problems with it. He hasn't been able to start his dental work yet but hopefully in the near future. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your prayers.

Well on Friday the 13th, his daughter Kaci, wanted to take a short spin on her bicycle in front of their house  and she hit the edge of the curb and fell over. She broke her ankle in two places and scratches on her face. Now she has a bright pink cast all the way up her leg. 
Needless to say I was devastated when I received the phone call from her mom. Kaci like her Dad was in a lot of pain for the first three days until they could put it in a cast. So Dad and Daughter are recovering together from two separate bike accidents. Of course I told them they need to bring those bikes here and sell them at our sale next weekend. haha

Tuesday while Clint was at the hospital having his procedure done I stayed with my Grand kids which doesn't happen for me so it was great being with them. We played board games since Kaci is in a cast. I hated to leave that night for home but I had several early morning appointments I had to keep out here.

My work on the North Forty never ends. Yesterday I finally got caught up with all my mowing. Then today it is raining cats and dogs so as I look out the windows I can see the grass growing at a very fast rate. 

How can I complain about much needed rain? It is a Blessing so over look my feeling sorry for myself. haha
Last Saturday I enjoyed spending the day at Billy and Linda's where I took this picture of some of the pillows that Linda and I have made for our sale. 

This pillow is one Linda came up with from some of our scraps. She is so creative and loving our sewing projects. 

What do you think of this pillow. It is from a piece of vintage fabric I bought several years ago from a vendor out at the Round Top/Warrenton Antique Show. I thought it turned out cute.
This pillow has found a place in my antique wicker rocker. If it doesn't sell it has a home. 

I told Linda I wanted to see if I could sew tote bags out of some of our pretty pieces so of course I have to share them with you. I should of hung these up instead of laying flat but you can get a peek of how they turned out.

 They turned out pretty good. Not master pieces but Linda is the seamstress I just like playing with fabric.
This one as you can see still has pins in it. I will finish it tomorrow and since I think this is the 11th bag I will quit and not go overboard like we have done on the pillows.

Linda and I kept telling each other we needed to do something creative in our lives so we started doing a few pillows. haha We went overboard and have made over eighty. Mostly from fabrics I had from Warrenton and we have had fun at a local Seniors Resale shop searching for cute material. Cheap prices too were a big plus.

Have any of you been watching Big Brother these past three months? I started watching it a few summers ago because my kids watched it and I wanted to watch something they were keeping up with. Well the whole summer I fussed at myself for watching it because the contestants on there were not only obnoxious but horribly mean to each other. Three of them were from Texas and I have to say they did not represent our state in nice way. I was ashamed of the young lady Arhen who made several racist remarks that should of got her kicked off the show a lot sooner than she did leave. She made national headlines about her remarks and lost her job because of her mouth.  Thank goodness she did not win the game and walk out the door with the $500,000.00. I hope the producers of this show pick a better group of young people next summer to play their game. It would be a shame to repeat the looser types that played the game this summer. 

Sorry I hate prejudices of any kind so her behavior along with some of the others on the show really got this old Grandma Yellow Hair hot. haha

Hope you had a great week and sending you wishes for a awesome weekend. As always I love it when you stop by and encourage me to keep going. If it weren't for all of you my life would really be dull. I love you and hope to visit you soon.

Sweet Dreams and Love to All


Gorges Smythe said...

I'll pray some more for your son and now your granddaughter. Glad to see your busy; THAT should keep you off the streets! :-)

Pat said...

My Dear Maggie...You and your sewing machine really have been busy. The pillows are lovely. Wow, can't believe Father and Daughter have both had serious biking accidents. Prayers for healing being sent their way. Right now on my side porch, I have a small bike with training wheels for my grandson. May have to rethink that. Have a wonderful weekend!

Welcome to the Garden of Egan said...

The pillows are beautiful. Such a lovely talent. The tote bags are so awesome. I hope the sale goes well.

So hoping for your son and granddaughter for a rapid and uncomplicated recovery.

Paula said...

Sending prayers to both your son and granddaughter. The pillows are so pretty. Don't know how you get all into a day that you do.

Dewena Callis said...

That third pillow down is from fabric like 2 pillowcases I have and love, both bought at different times, one more faded than the other but they're on my bed year round just for looks as I love it so much. I have had a watch on more on eBay for ages but it must be rare.

I wish I could make these gorgeous pillows that you make. They just make a room.

Shirley said...

Hi Maggie, I thought I would stop by before I call it a day. I went to my youngest grandsons ballgame tonight they won. It was the game of the season. I am sending hugs and prayers for your family. It sounds as though the bikes should disappear for a while. Has mom had those thoughts. I hope you have a wonderful sale. We had rain last evening with lighting and wind. It sure turned cool. It is already down to 55 degrees. Take care my friend. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend.

Terra said...

Maggie, I am praying again for full healing for your son Clint, and now for your granddaughter too. I hope the dental work will be easily done.
O la la, those purty pillows, especially the floral ones. And the tote bags too.

Debby said...

Hi Dear Maggie. I am up way too late so I hope this makes sense. I am so sorry about your sweet granddaughter. Ouch. I will add her to my prayers and keep saying them for your son. Hide those bikes. When it rains it pours.
You could open an Etsy shop when your sale is over. Pillows are always a good sale.
Take care of your self as I know you worry so much over your flock......xo

yaya said...

Poor Kaci! What a rotten pun intended! I'll continue to keep her and her Dad in my prayers and hope they both heal quickly. I love your pillows...pillows are the rage right now and your bags are awesome too. I'm sure you can sell those! Maybe you have a new career! I hope your temps are cooling and fall comes your way. I enjoy your adventures and I'm always proud to say I have a good friend in Texas who represents that state wonderfully! You should win the money! Ha!

wendy said...

So sorry to hear about your granddaughter, will keep her and your son in my prayers. Your pillows are very pretty, love the fabrics!! Your tote bags are pretty too! Hope you have a great sale! Have a wonderful weekend.

Olga said...

Oh, my...two bicycle accidents in one family. I think you are right about selling those dangerous machines. And I probably know how far you got with that suggestion! The pillows and bags are just wonderful. I think they should sell very well. It sounds as though you are working so hard. Take good care of yourself.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Your pillows look great, Maggie, and I love your tote bags! I'm so sorry to hear that Kaci had a bicycle accident now. I hope Clint and Kaci both heal fast.

Julia said...

Sweet Maggie,
I'm so sorry that your granddaughter broke her ankle biking. What a bummer. I'll keep bot her and clint in my prayers.

I just love those vintage floral pillows and hand bags. Just so beautiful.

The grass has been growing senseless here too and the push lawn mower stalled five times on me yesterday.

I'm so worn out with caring for all the calves plus my other work. You and I should retire.

Happy weekend,

Lesley UK said...

Hi Maggie. I look at your blog every day. I'm sorry I don't comment very often. I have the stupid idea that if I read your blog, you will know I have. lol. Believe me though I think each day of you and your precious family, and I send healing and happy thoughts your way. Blessings. Lesley UK
PS How's the cowboy?

Kathleen McCoy said...

Hi, Maggie: So sorry to hear about Clint and Kaci having bike accidents! I hope both heal completely and soon though it sounds like Clint has quite long road ahead with surgery and dental work.

I love your pillows! Absolutely beautiful!

I'm quite behind on blog reading and also posting due to work on a book, but was very glad to catch up with you today. I'll keep you, Clint and Kaci in my prayers!

shawkl said...


All of your pillows and totes are wonderful! I'm sure you'll have no trouble with the sale! The last tote with what looks a little like you might be using burlap which is really cool!


Arkansas Patti said...

I'm thinking a bike sale should definitely be in the future. Mercy, both of them? Clint has really had a rough time of it and poor Kaci. Will put them both in my prayers.
Wow, have you been cranking out pillows. Great job. I also really like those painted twigs. Who knew they would look so neat.

Sue said...

So, so sorry about the double bike accidents, and I hope both of them will be in the pink soon. Kinda crazy that lightning should strike twice.


PS. The pillows are gorgeous!

Forty Pound Sack said...

Your projects are awesome ~ I think you're both very talented. Sending hugs to you, Clint, Kaci, oh, heck, sounds like the whole family can use some hugs ~

Debby@Just Breathe said...

So sorry to hear about those accidents on the bikes. ((HUGS))
Love the branches and I'm impressed with all the other items you have made. I am a HUGE BB fan and have watched since season one. I also watch After Dark. I was happy to see Andy win.

magscorner said...

Sweet Maggie I really like the way you have displayed the branches, what a great idea. The pillows are so pretty and I love your tote bags. Good job you two are doing on them.

Still praying for Clint and now for Kaci. Hoping to hear good reports on them both very soon.

Glad to hear you got your mowing done and got some much needed rain. We finally got some much needed rain too. Still need more as I know you do too.

Keeping you in my prayers as always too sweet Maggie. Hope your sale is a total success.

Love and hugs, Maggie

Jennifer Richardson said...

Thanks for the love in this post, glad you're tickled with your painted sticks.
I love them and all the wonders
you've been creating. I like how you give your heart room and space
to express itself in your everydayness and how much and how hard you love the people in your life. Such a beautiful woman you are, friend.
Much grace and peace to you all,

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

Yikes! Maybe those bikes need to go away somewhere!

The pillows are lovely sweetie!



sjmcdowell said...

Hello dear Maggie..

I have missed you and thought I would say "Hi"!!
I did a little blogging today myself. I have not blogged in sooo long, as you know.

I love all of your pillows..They are wonderful!! you have surely worked hard on
Them. Keeping you and your friend in my prayers for a great sale!!

I am sorry to hear both your son and grand daughter are hurt. Praying for their complete and swift healing.

I think of you daily my dear friend.

Love you with lots of Hugs..

Art of Mine <3

Cameron Von St James said...

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