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Monday, October 21, 2013

Desperate People Do Desperate Things!

How are you? I hope you had a gorgeous weekend and that the week ahead will also be just as awesome.
The weather yesterday and today was prefect. The temps here have made my chores a lot easier out on the North Forty. A sweet friend on Facebook today ask me when would the weather be cold enough where I won't have to mow. I told her in Texas that is a not question most of us can answer. Our weather changes without notice and pretty often.

Just wanted to do a quick post tonight mainly to remind you that my giveaway ends tomorrow at midnight so if you haven't entered it be sure and leave a comment on the POST before this one for a chance to win some of my famous Chocolate Candy. lol

Tonight I wanted to share with you what I ordered from Bear Wallow Herbs. Most of you know I fret way too much about the cats out here on the ranch. Yep I know I worry too much their just outside cats but their Mom ma drifted up here about five years ago and ever since then I have had kitty problems. Yes I know all about having cats fixed and there would not be the population problem I seem to have about every six months but Mom ma Kitty (name fits her don't you think) has allergies and the vet won't put her to sleep to fix her so once a year I have to deal with kittens except this year she had two litters five months apart. Gee z Marie I can't deal with this.

So I Google contraception for cats and low and behold I find something called Wild Carrot Seed. It is a seed from the flower Queen Anne's Lace. You can buy it from sites that sell herbs or seeds. It's real use is to regulate menstruation and fertility.

Some Women actually use this instead of Birth Control Pills. Amazing at my age that I learn something new every day. Of course, we all know I am way to late to hear about this for my use BUT what about Mom ma Kitty. Yep I read where people use it for cats too.

I know your laughing at me and thinking how silly of me to think this will work but I tell you this ole grandma is Desperate with a capital D so desperate people do desperate things. If she can't be fixed and I can't bring my self to get rid of her I have got to do something. I have tried locking her up in my bathroom once while she was in heat and let me tell you after that horrifying experience I would rather deal with kittens than to do that again.

So in a few months I will let you know if this stuff works. Now to figure out how often and when to give it to her.

I downloaded some pictures of her kittens she had in May. Their I believe all females because male kittens seem to disappear out here a month after their born. I found homes for the litter after these that were born in September. I hated to give them away so young but when I found someone that wanted all of them I told God Thank You and gave them to her.


When I walked up on my porch from mowing at lunch this is the first thing I see is one of them in an empty flower pot. Now who could not smile when you see something this cute.
Being lazy at the other end of the porch is another one that looks just like her mother.

And look at this white one. Isn't she a cutie pie.
Here with the white one is Mom ma Kitty!

My question for you is these kittens will be six months old in November. They all seem to have the same allergy problem their Mom has so if that's the case I may not be able to have them fixed. What I am wanting to know if I gave these kittens away to a lady that is looking for barn cats would they try to find their way back home to here. I could not stand to think of these poor kittens lost and trying to find their way home.
What do you think? I think if I kept them and they can't be fixed I would go broke trying to keep buying this herb Queen Anne's Lace. lol

Moving inside you have heard me talk often about my Tinkerbell. She has been with me now for eight years. A friend of mine found her on her front porch when she was only about six weeks old.

Today I snapped this picture of her looking at me while I was eating lunch. I don't know who eats more this girl or me.
Now for the last few months Tinkerbell has had to share her castle with one of Mom ma Kitty's babies that was born a year ago in April.  Billie Sue was hit by a car one summer night and after expensive surgery to set a broken leg she is now an inside cat. I really did not want two cats inside but had no choice. It's been some nights with no sleep with her and Tinkerbell fighting but once in a blue moon I find them snuggling with each other and then I am a proud Mom myself. lol

If someone had told me ten years ago that I would be living in the country alone except for cats I would of laughed at them. Mainly because I thought I had a solid marriage and I was afraid of cats. Now look at me! You just never know do you?

My next post I will announce my Candy winner so be sure and enter. Good luck to all of you.

Also my next post I will take you inside this little country home so see you in a few days.

Sweet Dreams and Love to All


Gorges Smythe said...

Being a dog person myself, I certainly wish you well with the kitty litter control!

From the Kitchen said...

When we were moving from La Jolla, CA to Texas, we were told that the weather was sublime. That sometimes there would be a "little" snow. Ha! The people were nice though!! We did have to mow--a lot!


Linda said...

We have a mama kitty that has at least 2 litters a year, but we hardly ever see her babies. I don't know what happens to them. She is an outside cat, and we don't let her in because we have a son who is allergic to cat dander. He doesn't live here, and only makes it home once in awhile, but if a cat has been in, he sneezes!

Love the pictures of them!

Julia said...

Hi Maggie, I have the same problem with barn cats and since I'm taking good care of them they seem to come from everywhere to eat. But barn cats don't usually live as long. Last year we lost so many who just disappeared one after the other. We had coyote, foxes and eagles around.

This year I have so many cats and some have respiratory disease that they spread to each other. I'm getting so annoyed at all of this. Antibiotic has not helped and if I had my way I would not bring another cat in the barn unless it was spayed.

I never knew about the tincture of Queen Ann's Lace but how much to give, when and how often?

I'm looking forward to come in for a tour of your country home. I just posted about tearing down the 2nd silo at our farm.

I hope that you will have a nice week.

Arkansas Patti said...

Hopefully those kittens won't have her allergy. They are adorable and are prime for fixing now. Does your area have a spay/neuter clinic? They are very reasonable. I took Minnie to one when she appeared at my door and discovered she had all ready been spayed and in fact still had the stitches in her. Not sure how she ended up here in such deplorable condition.
Good luck.

Jacqueline said...

Good luck with the herb.

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

In MA there is a Cat Coalition that you call and they trap and spay and neuter feral cats for Free and then return them to the area where they lived if you agree to it. :0)
Wish you had something like that, but then...I bet you sure do too.
Your cats are beautiful Maggie.
Hope they all find "Forever Homes."

Olga said...

I hope the herbal tincture works. Cats can get out of control pretty quickly. I know that the feral cat population in parts of Florida is a real problem. I am hoping for just one more mow before I can put the mower into hibernation for the winter here in VT. My son wants to do the mowing for me...such a change from when he was a teenager.
Thanks, Maggie, for your kind words on my blog.

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

sounds like you have a real kitty problem! we had barn cats when I was a kid and they always stuck around. the barn was warm and there was usually a mouse or two around.

hang in there sweetie!


yaya said...

I wonder what kind of allergy prohibits a simple surgery like that? I hope the herb works. As long as the kittens you give away are fed, I doubt they would leave. We're taking care of our Granddaughter's cat and he hasn't left! Our weather has turned cold and snow showers are coming tomorrow...good bye mowing!

Sue said...

Sure hope the herbal stuff works before you are run out of house and home!

Thanks so much for sending my mom the candy. She has loved it so much that she has squirreled it away and is savoring a little at a time to make it last as long as possible.

You are such a dear person to think of her.


La Petite Gallery said...

well thank goodness i am to old for kids or kittens. Queen anne's lace
is everywhere in Maine. Let me know how it works.


Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

Well it just goes t show ya girlfriend, ya can certainly teach an old dog new tricks! Heeehehehehe!

I just had to pop in and see how you're doin' sweetie, besides I smelled chocolate. I've got a mighty good sniffer, ya know?

Cat birth control, you'll have to critique that one girl. I'm from the Show~Me~State!

God bless ya and I pray you had a most wonderful summer friend. :o)

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

PS: I've been missin' in action 'cause the 'Moms' have tons of issues. {{{SIGH]]]

Kim said...

I hope it works for you. But I admit, I laughed out loud at you googling Cat Contraception!!

Kathleen McCoy said...

I hope that potion works, Maggie! Please keep us posted.

Your Tinkerbell could be my Sweet Pea's twin! So amazing, but I think Tinkerbell is a much nicer kitty.
Sweet Pea is a testy little diva, but is improving little by little (or else we're just getting used to her)!