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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Special Day!

  This morning I was thinking back to what I was doing when I turned the big 40! I realized that was a big year for me because I became a Correctional Officer for Texas Department of Criminal Justice. 
If I remember correctly I was the oldest one in my class at the Academy. It was ten weeks of hell trying to keep up with the younger students. Especially when we did our hours of  PTO in a town that was nothing but lot's of high hills that we ran up and down for the first hour of the morning. Then back to the academy for another hour of exercise. I have to tell you it was one of the hardest things I have ever accomplished in my life.

I still can't believe I passed the grueling exercise part of it. Not to mention hours at the firing range and passing it.
What made me think of this time in my life is because my wonderful son Clint turned the big 40 today.

Thank goodness Clint is accomplished business man and is not having to do what I did at forty.

I had a woman just last week ask me how did I ever work in a prison. I told her you do what you gotta do to make a living.

  Hard to believe that forty years have passed in what seems like a flash.

Now Clint has his own beautiful family! His lovely wife Andrea gave him a surprise Birthday party at a local Barb-b-Que place called Salt Lick. As you can see I did not crop this picture and look at all the meat sitting in front of me. Ribs, sausage and brisket.  It was served family style with all you can eat and I am pretty sure no one left hungry.

 It's a tradition in his family for everyone to wear this Birthday hat on their big day. lol....Sitting next to him in this picture is a long time friend from college Tony. It was fun seeing a few of Clint's friends I have not seen in a while.

What's really funny is I got a text from Clint this morning telling me that he was now officially old. I laughed so hard when I read this because I was working on trying to figure out medicare paperwork today. I told him when he is filling out that paper work is when he can text me that he is officially old. lol
It seems like only yesterday that I held him in my arms and cried because of how God had Blessed me with another beautiful, healthy, precious son.

Clint really has accomplished a lot in his forty years and I am so proud of him. Especially proud of  him for the way he takes care of his family. Never have I seen a man devote so much time with his children. There's nothing he wouldn't do for his family and friends.

We all love him very much and wish him another forty years and more of special Birthdays.

Another Birthday we celebrated on Sunday was my darling grandson Bailey. His party was at Chucke Cheese where he and his friends could play games and eat pizza.  Bailey turned 9 and had a great time with family and friends helping him celebrate his big day.
The night before his party he spent the night with me at my oldest son Chad's condo. We had so much fun being silly. He told me the next morning when we were leaving Chad's on the way to his party that Chad was a really nice guy. I told him he sure was a nice guy.

At Clint's party I managed to snap this picture of my daughter Christi with her boyfriend Paul. 
I love this picture and wanted to share it with you. I have not mentioned Paul to you because I did not want to jinx their relationship. lol  What a cute couple they make and Paul is a sweetie!

They dated a little in High School and then several months ago Paul found Christi on Facebook and now their together again. I haven't seen Christi this happy in a long time.

I feel bad I did not get a picture of my oldest son Chad at the party. He was sitting on the other side of Paul.

Christi told me that Paul in his younger days was kind of afraid of me because the first time he came to our house to pick her up for a date that I answered the door in my uniform and told him what I expected from him dating my daughter.

I told Paul I was sorry if I came down to hard on him and he told me that I was not mean. I was just simply being a parent concerned for their daughter. I really like this man. lol

As you know lot's of changes going on in my life right now. My boss is here from Nevada. She and I will be busy the next few months trying to figure out my move. Right now she will be here with me a lot because she is getting ready to build some little houses out here on this property.

Also she is having some much needed work done on this ole farm house and my home will probably be torn up for the whole month of March. Not looking forward to the disruptions of construction work. Tinkerbell will probably be stressed out even more than myself.

Listen at me complaining this is work that has needed to be done since I moved in here. Funny it's getting worked on as I am preparing to move out.

So if you notice I am missing in action then know that I am possibly at my wits end and can't remember how to turn on a computer. haha This house is not big enough for all of us.

Hope all is well with you! I know some of you are going stir crazy from all the snow. I do wish I could send you some warmer weather.

Well this has been a long post but I wanted to share with you some of the pictures I took over the weekend.

Be gentle on you and I love when you come by for a visit.

Sweet Dreams and Love to all


shawkl said...

Luv ya back! Try to find time for a nice cup of tea, with your feet up...while all the work is going on!

Gorges Smythe said...

Good to see you in my list again. Tell your son that I said "Happy Birthday!" I can still remember when I was 40; I just don't remember as well as I used to.

Libbie Doyle said...

40! Yay! Kelly turned 40 this year & is hard to turn 40! :) Glad all that celebrating is going on & Bailey had a fun birthday too!

Whimsey Creations said...

Where are you moving to Maggie? Kids sure grow up fast don't they - my son turned 40 last year. Wow! Your family looks like a happy one. Hugs to you!

Shirley said...

Good Morning Maggie, A belated Happy Birthday to Chad and Bailey. Time is flying by and it will time to move before you know it. I would love to have some warmer weather, but at least I haven't had to shovel any snow. I didn't even have to clean my car off. It was all done for me. Have a wonderful day. Hugs and Prayers from your Missouri Friend.

Olga said...

Your life is a whirlwind--and I am sure that is what keeps you young. You do have a beautiful family. So blessed.

Arkansas Patti said...

Ah to be 40 again. Physically fit and mentally sound. Those will probably be his best years so he might as well enjoy. I know they were mine.
Looks like a great time was had by all. You certainly have a fine looking family.
Cracked up at your giving Paul date rules while you were packing. Intimidating!!!
Be sure to make time for Maggie in all the moving mess.

Julia said...

Hi beautiful lady, thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. Daniel is such a sweet baby and a big joy to the family.

Happy Birthday to your son Clint and his turning the big 40. What a great picture of Christi and Paul. Wishing them a great and lasting relationship.

My son will be 41 in June and it seems like he was born yesterday. Time sure is going fast.

I'll be waiting for more news of how things are going with all that is going on in your life.

I'm sending you hugs & love


yaya said...

Happy birthday to your handsome son! We share a birthday! (I wish my age was 40,not 60!) Looks like you had a great time.Good luck with all the changes coming, it will be fun to hear about your adventures!

Jacqueline said...

You have a beautiful family. And I too am starting to get ins paperwork for going on medicare. Time does sure fly by.

gpc said...

What happy celebrations and LOL, to be 40 again! :) I know what you mean about not wanting to jinx things by not naming boyfriends -- it takes awhile to know for sure where a relationship is going, and nobody wants to look back and read about dashed dreams. I wish them continued happiness!

Garden of Egan said...

It's amazing that those years pass so quickly isn't it???
You aren't getting older though, you're gettin' better.

I'm sure you could still outrun those youngsters in the correctional dept!

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

You sound so happy Maggie. Good for you m/f.
Thanks so much for your comments to me. When the dust settles down, give Our Time a thought. ;0)

Kathleen McCoy said...

Isn't it funny how young forty sounds now?? I loved seeing the pictures of Clint and his family -- and also of Christi and Paul (so glad things are going well for her!). And Bailey is a very handsome young man! How blessed you are with family, Maggie. I'm so happy for you. And it's great to get an update. I've thought of you a lot lately!

Mumsys Kitty Korner said...

Oh, sweet Maggie you have such a beautiful family. Happiness is all over Christi's face. I wish all the very best for her and Paul. You are right they make a cute couple. Will be thinking of you and remembering you in my prayers while all the workers are there. Big hugs to you and some nose kisses for Tinkerbell. Love, Maggie

A Tale of Two Cities said...

Busy days ahead for you!! Hope spring brings you increased energy and enthusiasm for all the changes just around the bend!

Anonymous said...

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Rocky Mountain Woman said...

ok, so Bailey looks like the sweetest nine year old ever! that smile is just awesome...

what a handsome family!

Darlene said...

How fun to be able to have two birthdays to celebrate!! I'm sure a great time was had by all. The food looks so very good at your son's party.

I didn't know you were moving, Maggie, so I had to go back in your blog and find out why and where. You know, I have been saying for some time that your were taking on too much with all that work on the south forty. Honestly, I am glad you made the decision and I think after awhile you will too. It will be great being closer to the kids and grands, plus having a smaller place for just one person is a good thing, I think. I will be happy to hear the outcome of all of this.

I haven't blogged for about three weeks and it looks like that will be about normal for me in the future. It's better than shutting down altogether and I still want to keep in touch with all of you. You know how much I love to read yours Maggie.

Take care now and have fun!!

Jennifer Richardson said...

big love to you and your beautiful family.....all of them real lookers;)
you're on my heart
as you go through the big move,

Nonnie/Scrappy Grams said...

I haven't been here since I lost my dashboard of my blog Scrappy Grams. Today when I was paring down the stacks of paper in my computer/scrapbook/treadmill room, I found the list of the followers of my late blog. So a lot has transpired since I last visited.
questions: Where are you moving? Reason?
Your hiring age on as a correctional officer is similar to my late husband's. He was a mite older (47), but being laid off he found it hard getting a job. Finally, he discovered that the prison in a town close to us was hiring. He got hired, to our relief.
I hope your move goes smoothly.
Please come visit me at either of my current blogs.

Rebecca said...

Happy B-day to your beloved son....

Missing you girlfriend.


Sue said...

Happy birthday to your cute son and grandson. You are a lucky lady! (And so are they!!)


LuLu Kellogg said...

Hi Sweet Girl!

I have been MIA from Blogging for quite a while recovering from a major surgery. Hopefully now I can get back to visiting everyone!

My Blog is now private so if you would like the link, shoot me an email at (new email address!) and I will send it to you!

Missed you ooodles!


Cro Magnon said...

I'm still drooling over those plates of meat at the BBQ restaurant. A belated birthday wish for Clint from a fellow carnivore!