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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Life Is Good!

As most of you know my oldest son Chad has been a Juvenile Diabetic since the month he turned 13.
I cried for a very long time for him. It changed our lives in the way we looked at a lot of things and how we ate. Of course it changed Chad's life completely. It meant giving up so many things he enjoyed having and not to mention five shots a day and too many finger pricks to mention. Yet never in all these years did he ever feel sorry for himself and complain to us or anyone else. How many times in my life have I wished that I could be like my Chad. He is my hero.

 Back in the 80's I had no Internet so it was not easy finding recipes for diabetics like it is now. I was lucky enough though to find a recipe book that I depended on a lot for some delicious meals. The book is Cooking for Love and Life Volume 1.

The weather is cold and rainy here today so it made me want something comforting to eat. I thought of this recipe and wanted to share it with you.


2 tsp low fat oleo
1/2 cup chopped bell pepper
1 cup chopped onions
10 1/2 oz. can chicken w/rice soup
1 egg
1 lb. ground beef
2 slices soft bread
1/4 cup evaporated milk
1 tsp. salt

Melt oleo in skillet. Add bell pepper, onions and saute until tender Stir in both cans of soup
Heat to boiling, then turn down heat and allow sauce to simmer, stirring occasionally
While sauce cooks, make meatballs as follows:
In bowl, slightly beat egg, Add ground beef, bread, milk and salt. Mix well Shape into meatballs
about the size of ping pong balls. Drop meatballs in simmering sauce, and cook slowly about 1 hour.

Total 4 servings Per serving 403 calories
Exchange per serving = 4 meats, 21/2 fats, 1 bread  15g. carbohydrates, 30 g. protein, 24 1/2 g. fat

These meatballs are good with mashed potatoes or rice. Now just dig in because it is yummy!

Let me know if you try it and how you like it.

Hope your having a great week! My plans were to paint fences but the forecast for the week is rain everyday. So I will be stuck inside most of the time.

This past weekend I went to my hometown of La Porte and spent it with my best friends the Oliver's.
We did nothing but laugh! I love these get aways with Ruby, Bonnie
and Oscar. Their sister and my sister-in-law Linda was the only one missing. Linda you were missed and I know you regretted not joining us but next time for sure.

We all have those friends where you can share everything with and laugh for no reason. It was that kind of fun. There was not a subject we did not discuss and laugh over. I can not tell you how much I needed this time with my friends.

When I am with the Oliver's it's like I am six again. No worries just good times. 

Of course shopping is always on our list of things to do. We visited several re-sale shops near the space center NASA.  Beautiful pieces that we all wanted but in fear of becoming hoarders we passed them up. lol

I did find a brand new pair of bright blue pajamas with the price tag still attached from Victoria Secret. They were only $4.00 and so cute with cats all over them.

They were excited about the news of my plans to move closer to my babies. We decided that after I get settled in it would be time to get together again. I have never been able to host one of these weekends because Bonnie is highly allergic to cats. On the property where I will be moving
there are living quarters other than my little cottage that we can stay for the weekend. So I am hoping to finally host one of these get aways. Can't wait!

No pictures of this weekend because they knew I would post them on here. lol

Well I need to close and clean up the kitchen. The meatballs were very tasty and I ate too much Only bad thing about me fixing something like this is I eat on it for days. haha

I need to make a lemon pie Friday because it's my son Clint's Birthday and his son Bailey. They have invited me to come celebrate with them so I am so lucky to be able to have two Happy weekends in a row.

Life is good!

Sweet Dreams


acorn hollow said...

sounds like you had fun and did some fab cooking! I bet you are looking forward to the move.

gpc said...

Yay for weekend celebrations! I'm with you -- life is good! :)

♥ Sonny ♥ said...

looks yummy.. both my neice and nephew have been diabetic since age 5.. so many new meds are coming out and I hope soon for a cure.

recipe looks yummy~!

A Tale of Two Cities said...

Well, glory be! You were right in my neighborhood and didn't even stop by for a cup of tea! I live in the NASA Area and could probably name some of those resale shops. Glad you had a good time!

Gorges Smythe said...

Always a pleasure to hear from you. I'm glad that life is good; it sure beats the alternative!

Pat said...

My Dear Maggie...A get together with old friends is always a joy. Oleo? Haven't heard that for years. You're dating yourself...oops so am I by knowing what it is.
Have a wonderful day!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Your happiness comes through in your post, Maggie. The meatballs look delicious. Happy birthday to your son and grandson.

Dan said...

Hey Maggie!

The meatballs sound great! My aunt is a juvenile diabetic. She was also diagnosed when she was thirteen. She is 66 now (don't tell her I said that...LOL) and she has lived a very full and healthy life. Chad is so blessed to have continued to be healthy and to have a mom who cares as much as you do. I hope you are having a great week!

Love Ya!

Arkansas Patti said...

So glad you have kept your friends in your life. Laughter is so therapeutic. I have a relatively new group (only an 8 year history)like that here. Every time we eat out, some stranger comes up to our table grinning and says "You'll are having just too much fun." It's true though I doubt you can ever have "too much." Keep those friends in your life. They are worth their weight in sparklies.

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

What's the yummy looking stuff on top of the meatballs?

I have to agree with you,"Life Is Good!!!"


Sissy said...

Hurrah for you and having a delightful get together!

I too eat for days on a pot of whatever; it gets better and better, Hmm? Still cooking for the troop, unable to cook for "just me'.

True - Life IS good.

Yum, I do like resale shops.

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

Forgot to say....lemon pie YUM,YUM,YUM and I adore most of your song choices. When A Man Loves A Woman stirs so many emotions!!! Let there always be "MUSIC" in our lives and hearts. (((hugs)))

Olga said...

Sounds absolutely wonderful--the recipe and the weekend.

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

Yum! The meatballs look wonderful!

We have a lot of diabetics in our family (two nieces, a cousin, an aunt, an uncle) so I am always looking for something to make for them...

Have a great weekend sweetie!



Shirley said...

Good Morning Maggie, I bet you thought I got lost, but just have a lot going on in my life at the moment. Your meat balls look yummy. My hubby found out he was diabetic in 1981. They have managed to find new things to make it easier, I am glad you are looking forward to your move closer to your family. You will have so much fun and be able to enjoy the kid's activities. Have a wonderful day. It's snowing, but I am home. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend.

Sue said...

Lots of good things...and even a yummy recipe...happening with you. I'm glad to see it!


PS. Thanks for your sweet comment to my mom. I was really touched by it, Maggie.


GerryART said...

Life IS pretty darn good for the most part


Julia said...

Hi Maggie, I visited your blog earlier but didn't had time to leave a comment and I almost forgot.

That meatball recipe looks awful yummy but I was wondering if you used two cans of chicken with rice soup, as in the list of ingredients it has 10 1/2 can ...

Talking about being afraid of becoming hoarders, I've been decluttering the house and it's amazing how fast stuff accumulate over the years.

Your VS $4.00 PJs sounds like a good buy and it's something you can use for sure.

How so very lucky you are to be invited out again and I hope that it will be a very Happy Birthday to both Clint and Baily.

I hope that your weather clears up. here it still winter with snow and wind and ice. I'm so ready for spring.

I'm leaving for Ottawa on Monday morning and I have to be at the airport for 6:00 in the morning .
I hope that you have a great weekend.

Garden of Egan said...

I'm gonna have to catch up! Moving? Sounds exciting.
Another thing that would be exciting is for you to post a picture of you modeling those Victoria's Secret jammies!

yaya said...

Looks yummy Maggie! Enjoy your time with family and this time take pics! I hate when I'm told no pics please....I hate myself in pics too, but I want my family to have something to remember me by! Glad life is good for you!

Kathleen McCoy said...

Your pot of meatballs looks just perfect for these cold, blustery days, Maggie! I'll look forward to hearing more about your move and new place!

pia said...

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Jennifer Richardson said...

wishing you oodles of comfort
and peace
as you pack
and prepare
to follow your heart
to a new place.
i love brave hearts
like yours:)

wendy said...

I love weekend getaways! We just got back from my brothers cabin, all the sisters were there too! Happy Week!!

Julia said...

Hi Maggie, thanks for your comment on my blog.

My flight went extremely well and I arrived early Monday morning.

This morning my daughter Christine got up for a snack and as she sat down on her chair, her water broke. I was awakened at 5:30 to care for James and my son in law took her to the hospital.

Her labor lasted ONE hour and she delivered the baby before the doctor got to the hospital He was 5 minutes late.

Two push and it was over. She was screaming in extreme pain and the resident doctor was just about to give her an epidural in the back but he never got the chance and I'm glad.

I just posted a short blog post just now with pictures. It has been an extreme busy day for all of us.

I even had to drive their new car in a strange city as my son in law had an appointment to bring the other car in the garage for a check up.
All I had to do was follow him for quite a while and I did very well. I have no sense of direction and I could get lost in a paper bag, hahaah.
I'm tired and off to bed.

Hugs & love,