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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Peyton Place!

Most of you are too young to remember this night time soap Peyton Place. It was an instant hit; especially in the early years, when it had a loyal following from fans around the world  Originally, it was aired twice a week, but because of its success, it was increased to three times a week.
It was the first night time soap opera and aired in 1964 and actually ran into 1969.

I can remember all of my friends gathering at each other houses to watch this show. It was watched by not only my girlfriends but our brothers and their friends. lol

We were of course in love with Rodney Harrington played by Ryan O'Neil.
He had his share of girl troubles! Barbara Parkins who played Betty was the wild girl in Peyton place and then there was Mia Farrow who as Allison was the shy lonely girl. Both out to capture Rodney's heart. Then of course don't forget about the love affair of Constance and Dr. Rossi. Steamy for 1964. haha

In recent years I have thought of this show and learned that on Amazon you can find anything your heart desires so I bought the first season of Peyton Place and I was like a kid again when it arrived through UPS. lol

I was lucky that it was delivered the week that was so cold and rainy because I did not feel guilty curled up all cozy on the sofa watching this like a kid again.

Of course 1964 was a long time ago and I had forgotten what happened from one episode to the next so it was almost as fun watching it the second time around. Not quite but close.

As strict as my Mother was with me I still am surprised that she allowed us to watch it. Funny I can still see us gathered around the little black and white waiting to see what Rodney, Betty and Allison were going to do next.

I read tonight that Mia Farrow who played Allison was married to Frank Sinatra at the time and from the very beginning of this show she tried to break her contract because Frank did not like her being on the show. Strange if I knew this info I had forgotten it. I do remember her marrying Frank but I thought it was when she was a little older. Boy what an age difference with her and Frank Sinatra.

One reason I wanted to buy this CD is I knew that Peyton Place was suppose to have been filmed on the East Coast. You know my love for New England! I just did not realize that even as far back as a teenager I loved the New England Coast.

Last week I did a post about the documentary Grey Gardens. Then yesterday I received a package from UPS and I knew I had not ordered anything but it was addressed to me so I opened it. Well it was the movie Grey Gardens starring Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lang. This movie was based on the documentary I had watched and my son Chad thought I would like this movie so he ordered it for me.

I have to tell you these two actresses looked, talked and acted just like the two women in the documentary. I just told my son Chad that it blew my mind how well they preformed in their parts.

I was not sure at first I wanted to see the movie because the documentary haunted me of how these two women lived. I found it very sad and when I wrote about it on the previous post someone thought I was being ugly toward them. In all honesty I truly felt nothing but pity for these two and I never meant to come off in my writing any other way. 

It does scare me though knowing that you can go from having it all to living like these two ended up living. I do know though after watching the movie and seeing the documentary there were a lot of mental issues that were never dealt with which caused them to end up this way. Please know that I would never ever intentionally write something cruel about some one other than the idiot. (my ex) 

My son Chad told me Sunday that he and his sister Christi are coming to see me Saturday. I tell you when I hear I am going to get to spend any time with my kids I get excited. It seems I live to see my babies. No matter how old your children are their always your Babies. So come on Saturday.

Clint my other son and family are still dealing with sickness. They have been taking turns being sick since Christmas and are really having some rough days. Over the weekend Bailey came down with the Flu and sweeties I can not begin to tell you how worried this ole Grandma Yellow Hair has been all week about her sweet little Bailey. He is doing better today so thank God our prayers are working. God is so Good!

I am though praying that no one else gets the flu. Especially Kaci or Chad since their diabetics. How about you and your sweet families. Are you staying well and I pray not dealing with the Flu bug. Let me know how you are?

It was actually in the 70's today. I woke up with a terrific headache but thank goodness it went away long enough for me to work a little while in the yard. These big old Oak trees out here around the ole farm house are constantly leaving me limbs to pick up and boy are the leaves falling. Most of you are dealing with snow and I am raking leaves. While watering the potted plants that have survived the freezes we have had I was surprised at how hardy they still looked. I did loose quite a few but am happy that some have managed to hang on but of course there still is the month of February to go yet.

The picket fences need painting and I keep wanting to maybe try and paint them but we have had too many rainy days to start them.

OH by the way how in the world did my music start playing on here again. What a surprise when I heard my favorites being blarred out loud and clear. So you may have to adjust your volumn for visiting me. I know it's probably better without the music but I do know it can be a pain too so sorry if it bothers you.

Well sweet friends I need to see about calling it a night. Please let me know how you are and I do hope I can swing by your lovely sites and say Howdy to you.

Stay warm!

Sweet Dreams


Carol Z said...

It was a balmy sixteen degrees here. We've had a mild winter so far, so I really can't complain, but it was a cold walk home from the subway.

I remember "Peyton Place" very well. Growing up in New England it was fascinating, but our lives were nowhere near theirs.

I've been lucky with flu etal. Walking around with a runny nose for the last few weeks, but thankfully it hasn't gotten worse. Everyone in the office has been sick and I beg people not to come in and infect the rest of us. Hope your folks are feeling better soon.

You'll have to come east some time and see our beautiful New England shore! Wouldn't that be fun.

joanne said...

Peyton that brings back some memories. I also remember watching it but I can't believe my mother would have let me. It's getting confusing in my old brain to try and remember things in the correct order! Nice that you have warm weather, we are in our rainy season so blah, blah, blah. Stay well and warm...;j

Forty Pound Sack said...

I'm not quite old enough to remember the show Peyton Place, but I gather it was a steamy, scandalous place, because years ago when I worked at our local mall my boss called it Peyton Place because of all the romance and drama going on all the time. :)

PoetessWug said...

I remember Peyton Place...the movie. I can't tell you how many times I've seen it! I vaguely remember the television series too. But I was kinda young when that aired...I live in New England and I hadn't realized that that was the setting for Peyton Place!...*shaking my head*...As to the flu, we're using hand sanitizer every time we go out anywhere, and washing our hands like crazy! So far, so good! It's bad this year! 20 people, including children, have died!! O_O Being at home...germ good these days! :-]

Gorges Smythe said...

I remember the show, but I never watched it much. I was more the western-watcher. Hope the sickness is over for your family and friends.

Arkansas Patti said...

I do remember that show and loved the locale. The winter scenes especially. However my crush was Christopher Connelly. Sadly, he died way too young.
So far me and mine are flu-less and hope to stay that way. Sure hope your family is totally well soon.

gpc said...

I remember Peyton Place but never saw it -- my dad was in charge of the television and if we wanted to watch, we watched westerns because that's what was going to be on! I should get the episodes from Netflix and check it out. I DO remember my confusion at the idea of Mia Farrow and OLD Blue Eyes! My daughter - who has a fair measure of her own drama -- loved Grey Gardens, and I also enjoyed the documentary a lot. Although it made me wonder about myself, not being able to look away from such dysfunction, lol.

Dan said...

Hey Maggie!

I love the movie Peyton Place!!! Of course your know out little boy Peyton was named after the movie. Our little girl Parker's middle name is McKenzie which is also after the family in Peyton Place. Seems like I may have some kind of obsession problem...LOL! Anyway, believe it or not I have never seen the TV show, but I think I need to order it!

I am so glad that Chad sent you the movie Grey Gardens. It is a wonderful movie.

I hope you are doing well and that you are having a great week!

Love ya!

♥ Sonny ♥ said...

My parents watched Payton Place so I remember a little of it. I agree, pretty spicy show for those days..

I saw Grey Gardens on hbo and they both won awards. I think mental illness is still something folks shy away from acknowledging- personally and if its in their family. That stigma exists and thus keeps many from getting the treatment they need, to save themselves and thier loved ones a liftime of suffering.
Sad, isnt it..

Enjoy every moment of your family visiting.. of course we want photos:)

luv ya bunches

Pat said...

I remember watching the Peyton Place, the tv show, but also have seen the movie. A relative, and I don't remember how she was related...will need to ask my Mother...was in the movie. Mildred Dunnock played Elsie Thornton.

It's been bitter here the past few days and we had a dusting of snow overnight. Enjoy your warm weather and your children's visit this weekend.

Sissy said...

Can honestly say I never saw any episode of Peyton Place. 1964 I was so 'into' The Fugitive- absolutely could not miss it. Although 2 weeks overdue birthing my youngest/son, I had worried about missing the next episode. Luckily, the nurses hauled me down to a waiting room that had a television; pillows, padding and all, only a few hours after Tom's birth. Nurse accepted I was nuts ;) but this made me completely ecstatic. I was so disappointed when the original show ended. That doctor (David Jansen) was my idol, no doubt.

How the years have flown. Movies, tv aren't even a part of my life now. I am curious about this "Grey Gardens", so maybe will go to Blockbuster's, see if they have it.

Would love to see New England; that's a lifetime yen yet there's th Big City and its traffic to contend with to reach there. Loved your pictures from your trip there, Maggie. You lucky lady.

It's blizzardly at my place! I say: "Come Spring, come quickly"

shawkl said...

I just missed the Peyton Place craz...but have my own now. Hope to live long enough to talk about how much I love NCIS! Seriously, I'm that show is such an obsession. I watch the original...and all of the reruns on a different channel. And, I have them on tape! I need some counseling about obsession when it comes to that show!
Love to read your notes...and think of you during the week at times. Don't post much to you...but, I've out here...sending you good wishes and cyber hugs!

GerryART said...

Yikes! During the 60s I was a young mother of two daughters. And watched Peyton Place.

Older daughter (California) phoned to say she be back for another visit in April. This coming after her visit just before Thanksgiving. Hoot! Hoot!
Family !

Don't hear any music, Maggie.

We know you don't have a mean/spiteful bone in your body, sweet lady.


Whimsey Creations said...

I remember that show but we didn't have a TV when I was growing up (we lived in FL and my mom was afraid lightning would strike it LOL). No flu here but just a very bad cold awhile back. Healthy right now. Have fun this weekend. Hugs!

Debby said...

I can remember watching Peyton Place. I think I was surprised that I was allowed to watch it.
I'm glad that Bailey is feeling better, these flu bugs have been bad.
One of our granddaughters broke her leg. One of them had scarlet fever and gave it to another. I am still dealing with headaches. So nothing too bad, I guess.
You stay well and enjoy all those old episodes. xo

Julia said...

Hi Maggie, you know, I never got to watch Peyton Place but I heard about it some. There must have been other programs that competed with it at the time also I was watching some french channels on TV.
I'm glad that you are enjoying the old shows. I'm still watching some old Carol Burnett shows on DVD, lol.

I enjoyed the Grey Gardens and they even have a web page dedicated to everything Grey Garden. There was lots of information like having a house full of cats and how Little Edie influenced some fashion designers, very interesting.

Wow, that poor family have been sick for a long time. I sure hope that they get better soon. This winter has been hard on some people. My poor Christine who is 33 weeks pregnant today has been home sick with a bad head cold that she caught from little James. She missing a whole week of work for him and now it's her turn.

It's so very cold today all my water pipes were frozen in my calf barn. Somehow the door was left unlatched and when I got there this morning I was not prepared for this.
I'm not sure who didn't latched the door properly , me or my son. It doesn't matte whose fault it was, I had to work for 2 extra hours thawing the pipes.

Hope that you have some nice weather. Our trees are totally grey and naked.
Hugs, Love,

acorn hollow said...

I remember my mother watching it faithfully. that is written about a town just a few towns over from me Gilmanton NH. They do not like to discuss it even now all these years later. Poor Grace metalious drank herself to death she became a big out cast in that tiny NH town. It was a fictional book when it was written but I guess a lot of people saw themselves. oh boy that is a very small and I guess they were outed:) and didn't like it.
I should get that cd too I might it enjoy it.

Always Nesting said...

Sometimes I wonder if my life is a Peyton Place. I will very little when that show was on but I understand the name and implications. Are you bragging about your warm weather to your friends that live in cold/rainy Oregon :) Well, sister, you just wait till you're in the sweltering summer heat and it's in the 70's here. Joking. I'm just jealous.

Flu EVERYWHERE. Spent a couple of days in CA with the kids taking care of them. They had 5 sick ones in their home, and one of those pregnant on top of the flu. Be wellllllll......

Darlene said...

Chad and Christi are coming to visit? Horrah! I'll bet you are stoked. I love it when any of my kids come to visit too, so I know how you feel. It's nice that they can both come. Too bad the other one can't be there too.

Good heavens! I had almost forgoten Peyton Place. I used to say that the big company I used to work for was a Peyton Place because of all the crazy love things that were happening there...............

Hope you are feeling well, Maggie, just remember, take it easy if you least once in a ya

Dan said...

Just wanted to let you know that Jeff ordered the first and second season of Peyton Place for me yesterday. I cannot wait to sit and watch it. Thanks for the recommendation!

Love Ya!


Rocky Mountain Woman said...

I have been rediscovering old tv shows a la Amazon also! There is nothing worth watching on tv now, in my opinion...

I'll add this one to my list...

yaya said...

I remember PP but was only 11 at the time and I wasn't that into soaps yet. I'm sure your Mom wanted to see it just as bad as you so that made it OK back then! Enjoy your warm weather..I'm jealous!...enjoy your family today too. Have a fun weekend Maggie!

Garden of Egan said...

My mom wouldn't let me watch it.
But even today when you say the word Peyton Place, you know that it's gonna be a good story!

Hope you are feeling better.

Jennifer Richardson said...

i love coming by to visit you:)
and i've been well other than a sinus infection/bronchitis that i can't quite seem to shake
but it doesn't keep me from functioning, just slows me
down a bit.
Peyton Place.
What a lot of memories.
Joy to you in the wintery gray,

A Tale of Two Cities said...

Wow! I bet that blast from the past was a lot of fun. I didn't watch it, but thinking how much I love the soap opera Downton Abbey, I"m sure it would have been fun. Isn't all this spring weather in Texas delightful?

Anonymous said...
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