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Sunday, January 6, 2013

New Year/New Toys!

How are you tonight? My sweet DL Andrea has been good about keeping me informed on my son and grand babies getting over being so sick. They ended up with also having Strep Throat. I text Kaci the other night and told her how sorry I was that their Christmas Vacation was ruined because of them being miserably sick.

Do you know that sweet girl text me back and said Oh No Grandma Yellow Hair I have had a wonderful Christmas vacation. I have to tell you that text brought tears to my eyes because I know how sick she has
been the whole holiday. What a Blessing she is to me! Look how old I am and how I complain about this and that but this little young lady has had diabetes since she was seven and she never ever sees her cup half empty. It's always full and so once again I am in awe of my Kaci.

I have been sick with my stomach all week and I have to admit a little stir crazy from all the cold damp rainy weather. Should not complain because its not SNOW and its not Sleet. lol See already complaining!

My boss surprised me with a Christmas Bonus so since I received it after Christmas was over I bought me a new toy. My contract was up with Sprint so they were offering a good deal on the IPhone 5 for a upgrade. I checked around and Best Buy had them even cheaper so since the sun was finally out today I swallowed quite a few Imodium for my stomach problem and went to College Station to the nearest Best Buy.

Have to admit it was fun spending money on something fun for a change. I got the off white one but with the pink cover you really can't see how pretty my new toy is. lol

While at Best Buy I remembered a cable I have been wanting to buy that connects my lap top to my new flat screen the kids got me for Christmas. Could not believe that all I had to do was plug in the cable to my computer then the TV and there was my screen from my computer on my TV. Wow I think I am going to enjoy this but the cable I got was 6ft for twenty dollars. The longer cable which I think was 12 ft was sixty dollars so of course I chose the 6ft. Not long enough to sit comfy in my chase and play on the TV unless I rearrange this room which I planned on doing tomorrow when I finish taking down my tree. Yep my tree is still up. Naked but up! That does not sound nice.

Just wanted to share my toys with you and to check in to see how you are doing? Marydon over at Blushing Rose has been under a lot of stress worrying about her hubby but his test turned out good. Prayers do work. God is so Good!

Our sweet friend Libbie at The Middlest Sister Blog had a precious baby Boy on December 12, 2012. He is just too darling. The pictures she posted of him are adorable. Please go by and welcome little Kit to our family here in Blog Land.

Well it's getting late and I need to visit you and then head for bed.

Have a gorgeous week but whatever you do be gentle on yourself.

Sweet Dreams



Rose Hascall said...

So, does it take a special cord? How do I know which to buy? It would be fun to have the computer screen on the TV.

Terra said...

Kaci sounds like a darling upbeat girl, and how good you treated yourself with the bonus from work.

Gorges Smythe said...

Glad you're out and around. I hope everyone is feeling better.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Rose i just told the guys at best buy what kind of tv i had and they knew what cable to sell me. Oh also what year and brand of my laptop.
Hopethat helps

Draffin Bears said...

Happy new year to you Maggie and wishing you all the very best for 2013.
Sorry some of your family were sick over the holidays - my husband and kids had a stomach bug which was not nice.
Enjoy your iPhone 5 I have one also and love it.

Hugs and thanks for visiting me

acorn hollow said...

I don't care what the weather if you don't see the sun for awhile it is a downer. so glad you got yourself a toy.I am still on an old phone with no internet.I am just not sure I would use it.
so glad your grand daughter is up beat it helps.
I have that cord too and never use it because we are watching tv when I am on the computer.
have a great week

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

Yubba,Dubba,DOO! ;0)

Arkansas Patti said...

Way to go spoiling yourself. You deserve it.
So sorry Kaci and her family were so sick. What a bummer but what a great kid to have such a marvelous attitude.

dulcy said...

Oh a new iPhone... lucky girl! I got hubby one for Christmas, and he can't put it down. I told him that we take these phones for granted, but they're really super high tech computers that we couldn't imagine caring around all the time even 10 years ago! Such change.... Sorry everyone has been so sick. Same has been flying around up here. Take care of your yourself sweet Maggie!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Happy New Year, Maggie! So glad you got to buy something fun for yourself.

Julia said...

Hi Dear Maggie.
What a little trouper that Kaci is. She's such a winner and has the right attitude.

I think that cold damp rainy weather is the worst. I yearn for spring already.

I'd love to see a picture of your new toy. Haw nice to get a Christmas bonus from your boss.

Now that you have a cable for your TV and laptop you'll be able to see the bigger picture on TV.

My tree is still up and all decorated and I don't even feel the least bit of motivation to undress it yet.
Maybe it's a female tree. hahaha

I really wish that spring was here as I'm already tired of being cold too

Take good care of that stomach Maggie. I hope that you feel well real soon.

Sending my love & hugs.

Kim said...

Maggie, you are gonna LOVE the iphone. Happy New Year to you and hope your tummy troubles are over.

Sue said...

At least strep throat is easily vanquished once antibiotics are started.

And that Kaci is a great girl!

Sounds like you have a couple of neat new toys to play with...


A Tale of Two Cities said...

Love my iPhone 5--hope you have fun playing with it! It's fun to get toys for Christmas!

Garden of Egan said...

It sounds like you totally scored on after Christmas stuff!
I wanna see a picture of your cute phone!

Hope you are feeling better and your loved ones too.

Jennifer Richardson said...

hope your tummy troubles
are behind you
and that the new year
shines bright
even if it rains:)
i appreciate all the smiles
you bring,

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

Happy New Year sweetie.

Have fun with your new phone!!!



Rocky Mountain Woman said...

Happy New Year sweetie.

Have fun with your new phone!!!



yaya said...

Sounds like a fun after Christmas buy! I also got a new phone only it's not a smart one..I don't want my phone smarter than me...wait, even the dumb phone is smarter than me! Hope you're feeling better and I'm glad Kaci and family have gotten over the crummy flu. It's bad this year! Take care Maggie!

Retired English Teacher said...

Good to hear from you today. I have been so far behind on reading blogs. I intend to turn over a new leaf this year. You may not know we moved, and that set me way behind on everything in life.

Your toys sound like great fun. I have not got the iPhone 5 yet. My husband is after me to upgrade. I am just one of those who hates to buy new when the old one works just fine. Have fun with yours.

Darlene said...

How great that you got the i-phone. Dick also has one and also the other gadget you mentioned. All I ever want to do is answer the i-phone or say hi to the kids, if they happen to call Dick on the cell. Honestly, I have no desire for any of that stuff. I can hardly stand to be on this computer, even though it is a new one.

I have been gone for such a long time, but I truly have been busy. All the baking, getting ready for Christmas, and traveling to be with family for the holidays. I just haven't had time or inclination. I just don't understand these people that blog almost every day. I could never do that. I am back now, but I won't promise to be on every week. I decided that life is too short and I am going to enjoy as much of it as I can. I will certainly not stop the blogging, but if I do stop posting, I will still read all of your blogs. I just don't think my life is that interesting to everyone.

I'm so sorry that you have been so sick. I'm amazed that you were able to leave home long enough to go shopping, but I'm glad that you did.

Anyway, sweet Maggie, I want to wish you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

Now that is going to be a fabulous toy to play around with this year! Woohoo for bonuses!

Anonymous said...

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