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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Funny but True!

Not your ordinary New Year's Day post but for weeks now I have been wanting to share something with you.

You know how I am about my two outside cats worrying about them all the time. I did a post about trying to find a place outside that would protect them against the coyotes and freezing weather. Well I never could figure out a place so against my better judgement I have been letting them use the back hallway and bathroom on nights that are dangerously cold.

I close the door leading into the back bedroom and the other door that opens into the front of the house. Hard to explain this old farm house. But in this hallway there is a back door that leads outside. So it is easy to let them come in and out.

Their really tame cats and would make wonderful inside pets but I have Tinkerbell and I don't let her around them since she slaps anything she does not understand and I have a feeling they might slap back and they have claws and she does not.

Turns out that YEP they are literally using my bathroom.
My routine when they spend the night in the bathroom is to let them out the back door as soon as I can and then I clean their litter box out put it away in the storage room, vacuum and mop the floor. 
Wish you could of seen the look on my face the morning I discovered their little secret.

 I was going to clean the toilet when I saw that it was not empty and needed flushing. This puzzled me because I always flush after using the toilet and it was full of well you know what! I stood there just staring at it trying to figure out what the heck. Then a light bulb came on in my head I realized it was cat poop.
Honey those cats had used the toilet. Blew my freaking mind. I had no idea that cats do this but as you can see from the pictures I borrowed off the internet that they do use the toilet.

Problem is my two don't flush! Seriously I told my kids and they did not believe me. One reason I have not shared this with you because I wasn't sure you would either.

Since the morning I found out their secret they have used it every night but only to pee. hahaha

I am dying to capture them on video. Not sure how to go about that but I have browsed Amazon to see if I could find something cheap to buy and catch them on camera.

Who knows I might could send it in to America's Funnest Video. haha

Rang in the New Year reading Spirit Horses the book Patti from the New Sixty told us about. Been trying to figure out how to find it since I discovered I could not get it on my Nook. Then Patti reminded me I could download it from Amazon to my PC so that's what I did.  It is a good book and looking forward to reading it again tonight.

My grand babies and now their dad are still sick from when I was there Christmas. They found out today that Kaci also now has Strep Throat. Her and Bailey have been sick their whole Christmas vacation and now Clint caught it so Andrea is trying to take care of all of them. Poor babies they are so miserable. Wish I could help.

Just now got a phone call from my oldest brother Billy. He ask if I wanted them to fix me a plate of ham, peas and cabbage and bring it out to me. Heck Yeah! I never turn down his and Linda's cooking. Yummy so I have to go and at least comb my hair before they arrive.

Another year has come and gone! Boy do those 365 days pass fast. Already down the first day and can't say I accomplished much except telling you another crazy story about what goes on out here on the North Forty.

It's just cold and wet so I am staying mostly inside. My kids gave me a new toy for Christmas a flat screen TV so I have to admit I have watched a few movies this week. It sure is nice to have it.

My decorations are still up but will try and take them down tomorrow.

Thank you for being such a dear friend to me another year. You have no idea how much your friendship means to this ole grandmayellowhair. How you put up with me is beyond me but You are the best.

Sending you Blessings for the Best of Everything in this New Year. May God Bless You and Your Families and keep you safe in his loving arms.

Knowing you has made my life all the better. So as always I am sending Love to All


Gorges Smythe said...

I always heard that you could train cats to use a toilet, even to flush, but I never thought about them picking it up on their own. Hope you have a great 2013!

Kathleen McCoy said...

Blessings to you, too, Maggie! I hope 2013 will be a wonderful year for you and that your whole family will be back to the best of health very soon! That's intriguing about the cats! They must have been someone's pets at one time because they've been trained to do that. They would make lovely pets for someone. (Don't tempt me, Maggie! I've got four already.) I am taking down our Christmas tree much earlier than I would like because Hammie keeps stealing the tree skirt and Gus keeps eating the needles (and then throwing up). I don't have the energy to keep a step ahead of them this year, so those decorations are coming down right now! I wish you the best of everything this New Year, Maggie! Thanks for being such a lovely online friend!

♥ Sonny ♥ said...

Blessings and lots of love back to ya Sweetums as well as huge wishes for you to have a wonderful healthy and happy 2013...

I had a friend who's cat was potty trained. It was wonderful ~!

Looking forward to another with ya.

Forty Pound Sack said...

LOL, Maggie! I know you can toilet train cats but I never met one. Sad thing is how these poor babies went from a home where someone cared enough to toilet train them to now having to fend for themselves. I'm glad they have you.

Happy New Year, love! Hope your family feels better fast ~

Garden of Egan said...

That is awesome. Cats are totally brilliant.

Sorry you have sick family. That is no fun!

Hope you enjoyed yummy dinner you didn't have you fix.

Happy and blessed New Year to you as well.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

The youngest cat is the daughter of the other. Momma Kitty showed up here several years ago and she was just a kitty so neither one of them have been trained.
How they know what a toilet is for is beyond me.

Terra said...

Your outdoor cats are genius level; they are using the toilet, amazing.
Have a joyful 2013 dear blog friend.

Debby said...

I always wondered how they knew how to the litter box but now how did they know how to tinkle on the pot. Amazing and pretty funny.
Glad you got to be with all your kids and grand kids for Christmas but sorry they are sick. Hopefully they bounce back soon. Our school start tomorrow. Ours stayed healthy for the holidays which is amazing but there was an ER trip. Had a wonderful Christmas even with headaches. You rest and take your C so you don't get sick. (((((HUGS))))

Julia said...

Wow, I heard of it too about cats using the toilet but these cats weren't trained, how lucky for you that they picked that up on their own.

Sorry about your sick family. I hope that they will soon be better.
Oh boy, I wish someone would cook me a ham dinner.It sounds so good.
My tree is still up and but I've started taking down the rest of my decorations. I have so much stuff to put away.

Happy new year maggie. All the best for 2013

gpc said...

Incredible! Makes me wonder if those kitties started out life in somebody's home. Happy new year!

yaya said...

My cat has used the toilet to drink out of but not to do the other stuff! That just made me laugh! Have a happy and healthy new year..sorry your family is so ill. My son Jordan had the last week off and has been sick the whole time too. I'm glad I've found your blog and have enjoyed reading about your adventures and I'm looking forward to many more in 2013!

A Tale of Two Cities said...

So who would have thought?? Those cats must be quite entertaining. Thanks for starting off my year with a good laugh. Hope 2013 will be full of delight for you!

Kim said...

It's nice to start the new year with a laugh from you! Maggie, you need to teach then to flush! OMG that is funny.

Carol Z said...

You gave me a good laugh. Maggie, your friendship means a lot me, too, and I am grateful that we have found each other's company in BlogLand. Wishes for health, happiness and good times in the year ahead.

Sares said...

I believe you! I think it's cool and you are quite lucky they just didn't go on the floor!

Happy New Year and God Bless!

Arkansas Patti said...

I am so envious. I spent a month trying to teach my two cats to use the toilet in the extra bathroom via a special kit to no avail and here you have self taught strays. Not fair but boy are you lucky. Just enjoy and don't teach them to flush. They will do it over and over for amusement and run up your water bill.
Glad you finally got Spirit Horses. Let me know how you like the ending.

The Dutchess said...

Haha..wonderful story..loved cats!!!

Happy New Year!
Stay warm and stay happy..
T.D and Company

Whimsey Creations said...

OMG that is too funny about the cats! They know a good thing when they see it LOLOLOL Blessings to you in 2013 Maggie!

Jennifer Richardson said...

you're right....I'd have never believed it if I didn't see the pics!!!
amazing animals...always make me smile:)
hope this is a beautiful beginning to the most wonderful, grace-saturated, dreams-come-true year of your life
...the best time of your life
so far:)

Sue said...

That is so crazy! I've seriously never heard of such a thing. Pretty clever cats!!

Happy New Year, Maggie. I hope all in your family are well very soon.


Marla and Steve said...

Maggie, happy new year to you and your poopy cats :) I've heard this tall tale and now know it really is true because we know that everything in Texas is big, but not this story. xoxo

Donna said...

We have so much in daughter just texted me a picture of her three year old on the potty with a magazine! So cute,...and she too, is trying to help a rescue cat stay out of the cold. Your story is too funny! My son with daughter Bailey and his family have been ill too with ear infections and pneumonia over Christmas.
Your are right....the year goes so fast! Even with all I went through this year, it still flew by! You forgot to mention in your recap that you are philanthropic! I just finished your candy....and enjoyed every morsal!! Thank you SO much!

Sissy said...

Over the years, I've met several cats with this "virtuous ability" and one actually tried to flush. Actually never had nor met a cat that was trainable, as such. Cats, I've found are independent creatures and a few are hardheaded. My Gypsy always went outside to take care of his business; rattled the doorknob to get attention to be let out since he never quite got the hang of turning the doorknob-he considered his paws able to follow his wishes and a handicap when they wouldn't. He tried though; he really always tried. His rattling worked perfectly. I miss that boy!

Sissy said...

The cats I knew learned this behavior all on their own. Cats are very smart but non-cat-lovers would have no idea of this. All non-human creatures are very intelligent; the tiniest insect has inate intelligence; humans don't think so though.

Maggie M said...

Wow, sweet Maggie that is so cool about the cats. I knew some cats will do that...wish mine would. So sorry to hear that your sweeties are still sick. Praying they get well very soon. Bet you enjoyed that good food. To me food is always better when someone else cooks it. Do you tire of your cooking like I do mine? Hope you have a wonderful weekend and everyone gets well. Hugs and give Tinkerbell some nose kisses for us.

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

One of my neighbors has a few outside cats, she has put an electric blanket in her barn and every morning they are all piled up on it!

I believe you about the cats using the bathroom, animals are a lot smarter than people give them credit for.

Hoping you have a Great New Year sweetie!



Sybil said...

I am so sorry that i am yet again late with my comments...Better late than never !! I know all about cats usinng toilets my Sister had a cat that Always used the loo !!! she too at first thought it a funny thing but it always went over the many years she had it...none of the ther cats have ever done so though !!
I have as always had you in my prayers and have been wishing you every blessing for 2013 good health and happiness in all you do. Thank you so much for your friendship. You are like a bright light shining in my life. I am only sorry that I havn't written my blog for such a long time now doubt if I will start again, I live on teh whole such an uninteresting life....other when I am lucky enough to go on holiday...
Anyway dear friend have a wonderful year and much love always xx

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