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Thursday, November 1, 2012

How Can We Help So Many Left Homeless by Sandy!

Just had to share with you the big Halloween Bash that Pea had at her place last night. Just click on Peas Corner and join in on a fun party. Look what I showed up in.
When it comes to celebrating she knows how to throw a party. I bet you will find yourself in costume too.
Pea is one of the reasons I love blogging. When your feeling down you can visit her and leave smiling.

I have not forgotten about the pictures I promised of last Sunday at Kaci's Juvenile Diabetes walk. Andrea was kind enough to email some to me so hopefully over the weekend I can share them with you.

Been really busy this week with the landlord out here. She and her sister drove down from Nevada and we went over a lot of things that are need of some repairs. Yesterday the tree guy removed ten more of her lovely old oaks and cedar trees. She is just beside herself that so many are dying.
Today an exterminator came out and we walk around the property with him discussing how he might could save some of these trees. Most have died from the drought last summer and she finally realized today that was what has been killing them.

Like you I have been watching the sad pictures being aired about our neighbors on the East Coast. I have to say it has just broke my heart watching this and not knowing what to do to help them.

I have lived through some horrible storms here on the coast when I was a teenager but this storm is something none of us ever want to see again. Incredible what our friends are going through.

All night I tossed and turned trying to figure out a way to do something that would help some of these suffering. I pictured myself asking for help on my blog and then loading big trucks full of  all kinds of things they are in need of to just survive.

Right now it breaks my heart that I have a generator sitting out in the barn not being used by a family that so desperately needs one. At four o'clock this morning I was still awake trying to think of how I could at least load up a few big trucks and me drive one of them there.

Then I thought of a friend of mine who admits being a hoarder and her sister too and I thought we could solve their problem of what to do with all their stuff by backing up trucks to their houses and storage buildings and taking loads of  unused items and furniture to all the families who have lost everything. I would even give up some of my things if I thought I could get it to them.

So what do you think? Can all of us bloggers unite and figure how to make life better for our neighbors who have lost everything.

What about you! Are you a hoarder? Do you have rooms stacked to the ceiling full of clothes, furniture, cookware, dishes, sheets and God knows what. Would you be willing to give it to those in need? It might be just what you need to do with this stuff.

I know your thinking well Maggie it's not your stuff so sure it's easy for you to give it away but the same friend who admits to being a hoarder just told her brother-in-law that she has never seen a hearse pulling a U-Haul to Heaven so with that in mind. You might could end up helping a lot of homeless people on the East Coast.

I know me I will lay in bed tonight again and try to figure out how to get people to donate generators, beds, food and medicine to name of few of the necessities.
My problem is being so far away but that should not stop us from helping.

Once again Any Ideas?
Love to all


Tam said...

Knowing you the way I do over the past few years I know you have been loosing sleep over Sandy.
I am not a hoarder but I have watched the TV show and you might have stumbled on to a big solution for those who do have homes full of everything known to man. If they were willing to donate their stuff to others like Sandy victims then they would not only get their homes back where they can live a better life but they would be helping so many others too.
Now how do we get the word out there to get this going.
My husband use to drive a 18 wheeler years ago I bet the two of you could rent a big rig and do what you are wanting to do.
Call me and lets talk.
Oh I have to go check out your friends Pea's Halloween Bash. Your costume is too funny.

Anonymous said...

I have read your blog for a long time and keep coming back because I find your big heart refreshing.
If you have a friend who is a hoarder then you must know that it is a sickness and for most of them it would take more than a natural disaster for them to part with their pieces. True most hoarders can't walk in their own homes. Some have just paths to the rest rooms but you find that their greedy too and they would rather sit on or walk on their stuff than to put it to good use.
I think your dreaming to think someone that hoards would help our neighbors.
If you do find a way to take a big load of stuff let me know I live in Houston and can bring you lots of good items.

myletterstoemily said...


you are such a sweetheart! i'm sorry you
lost a night's sleep, but it seems you came
up with a great idea!

it's important that we all do our part!

Anonymous said...

I would give cash to the Salvation Army. They use it very wisely. Plus, they stay on after everyone else leaves. They feed people & house people. You could have a giant flea market & sell all the stuff.

Dr. Kathy McCoy said...

Oh, Maggie,bless you for staying up wondering how to help! I agree that raising cash with garage sales or giving small donations to the Salvation Army or Red Cross might be most helpful.

Targeting hoarders to part with possessions is sure tempting because of so many things going unused. But as Anonymous noted hoarding is a disorder and most truly can't part with their stuff -- as much as this might be helpful not only to victims of Sandy but also to the hoarders themselves.

If any agencies are asking for donations of clothes or food, we could all donate in our own locations. And, as bloggers, we can work to inspire each other and our readers with new ideas or known needs as these come up.

Buttercup said...

Thanks, Sweet Maggie. Right now the roads in are just not there. The area around Breezy Point is controlled by the National Guard and the distribution would be very difficult, at best. There are many local groups doing hurricane recovery work. I recommend checking the Staten Island Advance, the local paper of Staten Island and there will be information on donations. This is one area that has been very hard hit -- have a friend there that has lost his home -- and can use assistance. New Yorkers are so appreciative of prayers and good wishes from others throughout the country.

Arkansas Patti said...

Aw Maggie, you are such a sweet caring person. I do like Susan and Kathy's comments. Selling the unused "stuff" and donating proceeds to organizations that have experience might be the best bet. Distribution is difficult in a disaster area and from what one blogger said, they can't even get to their home due to damaged infrastructure. This will be a long haul. The Red Cross has the organization. The Salvation Army has the heart and best dollar to help ratio. I plan to give to both. Thank you for caring.

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

IF any one of your readers has cash to spare....the Salvation Army has MY VOTE.
Mamy years ago I moved to the East Coast and needed winter coats and the like for my seven young children. ONLY the Salvation Army answered my plea for HELP! My church ( the Catholic church )DID NOT, nor did the Community Chest and a few others. When ever I see the Salvation Army kettle I make my way to it and donate so that others can be helped. This I WILL DO until my dying day.
Long live the Salvation Army.


Julia said...

BLESS YOUR BIG COMPASSIONATE HEART Maggie, you are a Pearl. (pardon the pun).

I'm with giving to the Salvation Army. They are the best at helping the needy. They take money, household items, clothing.
The Red Cross too are a big help with finding lodging for the homeless. Give them a call to find out how you and others can help in the relief effort.
Good luck with this.

By the way, Maggie, you are a cute little peacock.


Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Hi Maggie, sounds like you are keeping busy over there. Hard to know what to do when one is so far away from the actual stricken areas. Coordinating donations would be tricky, but selling and donating the proceeds would certainly be a good way to give back. How ironic that you saw your 3rd grade teacher and remembered her. I have very few clear memories of my childhood. Stay well and have a good weekend. Tammy

Sharon said...

What a big heart and sorry to hear about the loss of sleep. This truly is a sad thing. I also think that the Salvation Army is your best option.
Hugs sweety

Debby said...

It is so sad. It has been making me so sad all week. I am donating to the Red Cross. Wish I could just get in the car and help them. Glad they cancelled the marathon. Those poor people need all the help they can get.
So sweet of you to try to come up with a plan.

Rebecca said...

Oh have the biggest heart EVER my friend. I'm so blessed just to read your compassionate words of love and hope.

True hoarders (not junkers like me) have a hard time letting their things go. But if they can this would be a great way to solve lots of problems.

Love you bless me~


Marydon said...

You are a gem. Sandy was a real live experience to live thru but not our first hurricane. Now for the nor'easter that is enroute. Those winds blew & howled like I do not want to hear gor awhile again. Our rental property took hits but we are fine. So sorry I was down when you called sweet sister ... this is one really rough 6 weeks ... wait until you see the blog I'm going to share of what happened 2 days ago. Unreal!
Peanuts can have his little black cloud back.

How sweet you are to want to help the victims of Sandy.

Love you, will call soon.
TY for your sweet call ~ it means a lot to me.
Hugs of love forever,

Chatty Crone said...

Oh my gosh you almost looked better then I did! lol That was really cute. sandie

Sue said...

I just donated to my church's humanitarian fund because they already have trucks out there with basic goods and services.

It's an awful tragedy for so many. Truly devastating.


Rocky Mountain Woman said...

I have a friend who used to live in the area that was hardest hit, she's suggesting donations to Red Cross and I'm going to follow her suggestions...

I know a lot of those people there, they are tough and resourceful and probably won't ask for the help they really need...

Crack You Whip said...

You are freaking amazing! I have donated cash but now I feel bad that I haven't lost any sleep over how I should help, especially having been in the same situation.

Stay beautiful!

♥ Sonny ♥ said...

Maggie Mae,

you are by far the sweetest~!

I love reading your blog. I know every word comes straight from your kind heart.

I'm not a hoarder.. I keep a quarterly date with myself called, the Clean it OUT~! party lol

me and my kid GAVE to the sandy victims a different way. we added up how much we would have been spending on each other for Christmas- added it together- and gave that.. Plus both she and I are AB negative, which is pretty rare, so blood was given and will continue quarterly through 2013.

love ya bunches and think of you often.

PEA said...

Dearest Maggie,

I'm so glad you liked the costume I dressed you up in for my Halloween Bash! hehe

Bless your caring and giving heart, my friend, I just wish more people were like you, how wonderful this world would be!! Like you, my heart goes out to all those affected by Sandy. How I usually help in times like these, is that I donate money to the Red Cross or whatever group chosen to raise money. You have an excellent idea too, though, and hopefully many will follow it through!! xoxo

Darlene said...

What a cute picture of you in your "costume". I am really late in reading posts this month. I haven't been feeling much like doing anything. I have taken Sue's suggestion that I only blog when I feel like it. It helps to know that I can do it that way. I won't stop completely, it's just that I won't be visiting your blog quite as often. I try to do it whenever I blog. That keeps me on the computer about as much as I want to.

I too have been upset by what Sandy did to the East Coast. I just read in the paper today about some guy who lost his building and everything in it. It was a grocery store. So he phoned all of his suppliers and asked them to donate as much food as they could and to sent it to his store. He put it all on the sidewalk outside what was left of his store, and proceeded to hand out food to everyone that came by. That made me feel so good, because I know that a lot of the people are hungry. I think your plan of getting rid of all of youe excess stuff and finding a way to reach them so that it can be delivered. I wouldn't even begin to try to suggest how you could do that. There must be some place that they receive things that people want to take to them. I wouldn't even know where to take it or how to distribute it. There must be centers where they will take care of that for you. You will cetainly need to find out where these centers are and perhaps the Red Cross can advise you. Good luck in your endeavors.

Cro Magnon said...

What a kind person you are to always think of others. We (over in Europe) have been horrified by the pictures of 'Sandy' (why didn't they chose a nastier name?). But disasters of this sort have a way of healing themselves quite quickly. No doubt some will be left devastated, but the majority will bounce back... WITH THE HELP OF GRANDMA YELLOW HAIR, and others like you. Well done!

yaya said...

The pic of you is adorable but I'm getting more of a smile picturing you driving an 18 wheeler through NY city to help others. You have such a compassionate soul. I think the best bet would be to give to the Salvation Army. Those that lost homes wouldn't have any place to put things that are donated until they rebuild. My thoughts and prayers sure do go out to those touched by this horrible storm. Even here in Ohio we felt some of it's fury. I'm sure as time goes on we'll hear of ways that we can donate items or cash to help. Thanks for always making me smile when I read your blog..sorry I was so late commenting this time!