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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Good News!

Gosh these weeks are flying by! I keep hoping things will slow down and I will have time for writing on here and visiting with you.

Lot's has happened since we last chatted. The election was held and it only sent me into deeper depression even though I figured it would turn out the way it did.

Most people in Texas would have preferred the end of Obama years but not to be.

Now enough of depressing news that I can not change. I have good news tonight to share with you. Just hope I don't jinx myself for putting it out in the universe but I have a buyer for my home. A young man with four young children has made me an offer and I accepted. 

Just before he made me the offer I knew in my heart that he was fixing to and a flood of memories took over and the tears began to fall. This was totally unexpected and truthfully embarrassing.
He had brought three men with him from a Realtor Company, his mother and a friend so tears flowing in front of all these strangers was very uncomfortable and quite surprising.

The day before I showed the home to him, his children and mother. The kids ran through the house telling him how much they liked it and were picking out their rooms. Turns out they had been looking at several homes but my house was the first one that they all agreed upon.

They have been through a lot this past year I found out from his mother that his wife died in July. Sad to think of him raising those children by himself.

He ask to meet me the next day and when I arrived  I was disappointed when I saw the group of people with him because I figured they would talk him out of the house but on the contrary they told him he was getting a steal. I knew then that he was probably going to make me an offer and that's when I pictured me and my kids running around in the backyard playing.

Then when the young man gave me an offer and I accepted he started crying. Oh man what an experience. Never thought selling my home would be like this.

I know it's silly of me to cry most of the weekend thinking of selling my home especially after praying for a buyer. Makes me wonder if I really have lost it. lol

Like my son told me my memories are in my heart and I will always have them.
It does help knowing that someone as nice as this family will be buying it and making their own memories.

In the picture above taken many years ago are myself and my three kids Chad, Clint and Christi.
I think we were visiting my brothers home in Deer Park when this was taken but not sure what year.

Look at how skinny I was here and how dark my hair was many moons ago. lol

Don't the years fly by fast?

Thank you for all the great comments you left me about wanting to help our neighbors on the East Coast. My heart still breaks every time I think of them. Just tonight I was watching 60 minutes and the tears flowed. I don't know what is up with me and all these tears.

You were right about donating now to the Salvation Army and the Red Cross. I don't know what I was thinking that I could just load trucks of stuff and take it to them because like some of you mentioned a lot of them have to rebuild first. I have not given up though on raising money. Every little bit does help so we just have to send what we can.

Tomorrow I am taking the morning off and volunteering at my favorite place near here Festival Hill. Every year the foundation mails out thousands of Christmas cards and I usually try to save a day or two to help them with the stuffing of envelopes.

Sending you much love and good wishes for a wonderful week. I do love and miss you.
Sweet Dreams


From the Kitchen said...
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Brynwood Needleworks said...

Hi Maggie!
It's great to read that you've sold your house. I know just how bittersweet it is for you, but I know you'll be happy about it soon enough. You won't have to worry about it any more, and the house will be happier with a new family growing up inside its walls.

I know what you mean about the election, girlfriend. I cried for two days. The more I think about it, the more I consider moving to TX...home of President Bush. It's gonna be a looonnggg four years.

Be well, girlfriend.

Gorges Smythe said...

I'm glad you were able to sell your home to someone who apparently will care about it as much as you do. Bless you, Maggie.

♥ Sonny ♥ said...

so glad to hear you got an offer on your home, though, of course its an emotional time.

your memories will live on. I agree, the house will also be happier with a family in it.

luv ya

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

You have a BIG COMPASSIONATE HEART my friend! :0)

Tam said...

Wow Maggie I could not wait to read this post since your title was Good News.
WTG so happy for you about the offer. I especially love that your selling to a family that obiviously needs it.
I know this is an emotional time for you but just keep remembering no more BAD renters, worrying about those house payments, taxes and insurance.
It will be such a load off of your already loaded shoulders.
Hubby wants to know if we can stop by soon on our way to La. I will shoot you an email. Heck you should just go with us.

Debby said...

That is good news. I can see why it brought tears. Maybe that's why you haven't thought about selling it sooner. Lots of ties to that little house. How nice will it be full of children and laughter.
I am having a fun swap, why don't you hop on over and join the fun.

Olga said...

Most changes are bittersweet, but congratulations on the sale. I recognized you right way in that first picture--even with the dark hair.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Congratulations, Maggie! That is good news! I know how the house has given you troubled thoughts in the past with the renters. It sounds like they need a place they can call "home" again.

acorn hollow said...

We have sold two houses and I cried every time. And if and when we sell this house there will be lots of tears as we built this one from taking the trees down to putting the door knobs on. It is good to move on and I am very happy for you. Your son is right the memories are in your heart the walls don't keep memories.

Julia said...

Maggie, what a cutie you were back then and though you're older and wiser now you still a cutie.

I'm glad that you sold your house to this young family but I understand the bitter sweetness of it. I felt the same way when we moved from the farm house to our new home. The past memories were kind of tugging at my heart and for the longest time when I was coming home from somewhere, I somehow would accidentally turn in to the farm house's drive way. It felt weird...

You were lucky that you had at least a house to sell and get some money for it. I hope that you wipe those wet tears and shake yourself up because you have the prettiest smile, girl and the kids are right, you still have your family and the memories.

I haven't blogged much myself either but always love reading your post.
Take care.


Sissy said...
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Sissy said...

Sometimes it is so hard to go forward, isn't it. I am happy for you having the worries of the home behind you now and you will always miss it. I do-all of them.

Hey, I love the hair style, it being mine for years; it was called a 'Long Mushroom' vs the 'Mushroom'. The hair color is the same too!

Time has been good to you, lady. You are still beautiful.

GerryART said...

No matter the distance, beloved memories are as close as your Heart.

You're a good woman, Maggie.


Lisalulu said...

LOVE your good fortune! and what a great picture/memory.. You'll always have your memories!

Sue said...

Congratulations on selling your house...and to such nice people, too.

And of course you cried. It's emotional!


Jennifer Richardson said...

sending love and tender hugs
and balm into your disappointment
and prayers for the best still to come
regardless of who sits in the big
(our hope is real and it isn't in him:)) and your littles gathered
around was just a moment ago,
doesn't it seem!
prayers for peace in the transition,

yaya said...

Congrats on the sale of your home. I felt the same way when we sold our home in town. It was our first home and we raised the boys there. But it will all be good and I bet that sweet family will love it for a long time! Love the pic of you! Your hair was my color and I'm sure my color (under Miss Clairol) is what your color is now...did that make any sense?

Paula said...

Nice touching story about selling your house. Maybe you've made new fiends for the rest of your life.

Garden of Egan said...

I'm glad you sold your house, but I can't even imagine the memories.
The Lord is blessing you.

Ya, I've had a hard time with the election thing. I feel like the country has just kicked all morals out the window. doesn't matter what goes on in the Whitehouse. It matters what goes on in your house.

Love and hugs my friend.

sjmcdowell said...

Dearest Maggie,

I was so excited to read your wonderful news!! I am glad you have sold your house. The Lord always knows the right timing for things to happen for us. I know you feel sad at the same time...but, your son is right. You will always have your memories in your heart!!

I was worried so much about my family in New Jersey. They were fine...a bit cold with no power for a few days. Thank you God once again for watching out for them.

Praying for the rest of the folks. They have a long road of rebuilding ahead of them.

God Bless and Love you Maggie..


Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

Woohoo!!! Congratulation on sellin' the house. 'Sounds like this deservin' family will be fillin' it up with their on memories.

I so understand your's like sellin' a piece yourself, for sure.

I'll be comin' through your great state in the not so distant future to see my Mama in Brownsville. I'll shout 'howdy' to ya my friend.

Hey, let me know if ya'll secede from the union! Heeehehehe!

God bless ya precious friend on mine and have yourself one splendid week!!! :o)

Dr. Kathy McCoy said...

I'm so happy for you that you've sold your house, Maggie, but I truly understand the bittersweet nature of letting go of something that has been such a big part of your life. When Bob and I sold our house of 29 years nearly three years ago, I cried a bit,too, and a year later, when our next door neighbors here in AZ were in L.A., they drove by our old house and took a picture and sent it to me -- and I cried again! Even though I really like our new house so much better. So many of these transitions are bittersweet, but soon the relief at having it sold, not having to worry about it and having an infusion of cash will offset the sadness.

Chatty Crone said...

Another big change for you. I am so glad you both were kind of there for each other. Both having to change your life and move on and make new memories.

Where are you going to move?

And the time goes by so fast - my neck hurts watching it.

Good luck.

PEA said...

The reason for your tears...because you are a warm and compassionate person! How wonderful that you were able to sell your house to that man and his children, such a sad story that they've lost their wife/mother at such a young age. I always say there's a reason when someone comes into your life and I'm thinking you and that family will become very close. I love that picture of you and your kids from just a "few" years back! hehe xoxo

Marla and Steve said...

Oh Maggie! I know how you feel. I cried almost every day for a year when we left southern California. My home was so full of memories.It's like your heart is wide open, full of memories in your home and you can hear the kids little voices, remember the hugs, the holidays. Tears are good, they are healing. Your son had great advice.

Kim said...

Maggie, I'm so happy you have finally sold that house. Once you get over the emotional loss, it will be great to get out from under that burden. That house was burying you in stress and trouble.
This is a piece of freedom for you!

Sharon said...

I am so happy for you but I do know how you feel. I felt the same way when we sold our first home. Your son is right however, Memories can never be taken away.
I enjoy looking back at those when we go back and see the house.
Have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving.

A Tale of Two Cities said...

An answer to prayer--congratulations! Sounds like a happy buyer and a happy seller.

Libbie said...

Hey Maggie! It has been way too long! It has something to do with the time flying that you mentioned :) I usually think this time of year until February flies by in a blur...& then if you live in Minnesota February seems to stand still because we are all ready to see the sun & get outdoors but it is not to be :)

I have to warn you...whenever I cry like crazy over everything it only means one thing Maggie....You're not pregnant are ya? :) I always am :) This baby is due in a month so then hopefull it will be the last & I can stop crying all the time :)

I would be a wreck to selling my home...Kelly wants to so badly but I am a is our home!! So I totally get it Mags! Take LOTS of pictures!

I am so with you on the election...I don't know why people don't get it...I am hearing of so many many people losing their jobs now after companies were holding out hope and now that they know the results they have to let people go...soooooo sad!

I love your heart for the hurricane victims! I can't even begin to imagine what they are going through! Heartache all over these days!

But I miss ya & need to stop by much more often! Although right now I had better run & rescue Roo...the boys are torturing him somehow...he has been crying the entire time I have been typing so I have been typing fast & please pardon the errors :)

Sending love & cold hugs from MN!

Donna said...

I know that conflicted feeling Maggie, when you need something but when it comes to reality, it is all just so sad. It's great that your children understand and sympathize! Good luck with the packing.

I laughed when I read the color of hair comment....right now mine is all growing in...not grey...but totally WHITE! Yikes!! I haven't decided if that's the way I will leave it yet. More surgery coming up next week again....hopefully the last.

This growing older are right...lots of tears!! May your day be full of laughter!!!

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

Congratulations on selling your home. I'm sure you will be busy packing and weeding out things that have been around for years. I would need a year to clean myself out of my house.

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

I love that a young family will be living in your home. What a blessing! I know it can be hard sometimes, but just think about those kids who have lost a mom getting some comfort from your house!!!