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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ms Pearl Is Back!

In all fairness to my new friends on here let me explain who this Ms Pearl is that we often talk about on my site.

My career in law enforcement gave me the wonderful opportunity to placed me in a bad environment full of every kind of scum bag there is that does not understand the laws of the state of Texas or any other state that they have lived.

In working long days and nights surrounded by low life I eventually picked up some of their bad habits. It seems when I get really upset and angry another person comes out of me that not even myself recognizes and my fellow officers and inmates named her Ms Pearl. Little did I know they had been calling me that for quite some time before I found this out.

In all honesty I try in earnest to keep her buried deep inside where no one knows that she even exists.

With that said let me tell you she does exist and she came out from months of hibernation in a vengeance.

Let’s roll back the clock to this time yesterday. My sweet daughter Christi came to see me over the weekend to help me clean my home in town that I have to rent out.  While I was painting the front door of the home Christi took my money and application to the utility office to turn on the utilities at this location.

Since I had paint clothes on and covered with paint it was good of her to do this for me. While at the utility office the clerk sees Christi’s last name and turns on the old town nosy charm of asking endless questions about who your kin too.

Christi tells her who her Aunt and Uncle are who are well known in our small town and the Ms. Have to get in your business Woman this is not enough blood for her to suck on. She has to have more.

She then asks Christi who is your father? Christi politely and uncomfortably said, “I have not seen him since I was three!” Thinking with that said this would surely end the conversation. Anyone with any kind of manners or just plain common sense would of ended it right there but would you believe she just kept digging until finally Christi gives her his name.

Then the stupid clerk had the nerve to say, “You don’t keep up with your Dad?”

By the time Christi arrived back to the house I could tell that something was terribly wrong.  Needless to say when she repeated this story to me I lost it completely.

I waited until Christi went after us some lunch and I called the utility office. I ask to speak to the manager of the office. They switched me to Wanda and I told her what had just happened.

The more I spoke to the lady the louder my voice got and before I knew it there was Ms Pearl in all her glory. Ms Pearl has an ugly way of not holding back any feelings.

She asks the lady what the hell does it matter who is your Daddy is when turning on the utilities. I mean the more the lady talked the madder Ms Pearl seemed to get. It was not a pretty conversation to say the least.

It ended with Wanda saying she was sorry this happened and she would check into it. This was not enough for Ms. Pearl. She told Wanda that her clerks were more concerned with gossip than doing their job. Ms Pearl then promised Wanda that when she calmed down she would call the City Manager and let him know what had taken place within his city offices.

I never calmed down enough to talk to the City Manager but I feel like after writing this today he might be getting a call this afternoon.

What angered me so is I am pretty sure I know who the clerk was and I know for a fact she knows everyone in this town and knew dang well who Christi’s legal dad was she just wanted Christi to say something bad about the family so she could repeat it to them.

Now I am getting mad all over again. Lol

Can you imagine that in this century that there are still small town nosy people like this woman that still exist. I thought as big as our town has grown that the people had grown up with it. Boy was I wrong.

Maybe Ms Pearl should just visit the utility office herself today. What do you think?

Love to all


Garden of Egan said...

Go you Ms Pearl!
You rock.

Sometimes people just don't know what manners are.

I think you did the right thing my friend.

You oughta go as Ms Pearl too, not GYH.

Sue said...

This anecdote (and the nosy lady you describe) sounds like something out of an old movie.

Sorry that Christi had such a bad experience with her.


Anonymous said...

Well.... let's see now..... the story you related could have easily happened in "my town". Some gossipy people just should not have some jobs that give information. I can remember a lady who worked at the local clinic for years & suddenly she was gone.... why??? 'cause she gossiped about who, what & where...tisk..tisk!!
Now as for Ms. Pearl.... My Hubby has driven truck for the lions portion of 40 years & believe me between the idiots on the road & the maggots at the warehouses & DOT stops & the careers being made of patching roads... He is definitely "MR ATTITUDE" sometimes.
Love the post!!
p.s. Oh, now I am all fired up!! LOL!!

LuLu Kellogg said...

YAY for the return of Ms Pearl!!

You know what Maggie...I am glad you called and complained because hopefully said employee will get called on the carpet about it.

People never cease to amaze me with the unprofessionalism displayed in public offices. We are paying for that clerk's salary with our tax dollars. That's the sad part.

I think a wee visit is in order.

Love ya Girlie!

Linda said...

Oh, I'm so glad Ms Pearl is back! That woman has no business having a job there!

Let us know what happens!

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Well, How Do', Miss Pearl? 'bout time you showed up 'round these parts again. I was starting to think you'd gone on an extended leave like Grandma Yellowhair!

If I were you, I'd sashay my ample fanny down to the Utility office and give them a piece of my mind - in person. Even better would be face to face with Miss BusyBody!

Be sure to let us know how it all unfolds. We love to live vicariously through y'all!

sissie said...

Good for Ms. Pearl. I'm glad that she came out on this one. Those busy bodies need a good talkin too.


shawkl said...

The utility lady was rude for sure. I'm so sorry your niece was upset by her. Ms. Pearl should call the City Manager and file a formal complaint...ask that the lady be given a letter of reprimand. That might help to keep her from embarrassing another customer. I strongly believe that people should be held accountable for their actions. You niece is due an apology too.

♥ Sonny ♥ said...

aww Ms Pearl, I have missed ya.
not to take away from the rightful anger you felt- BUT, does the Pearl blood not run in the viens of the family:) by the time I was old enough to drive to a utility company and turn on utilities I was old enough myself to ASK that busybody if "I was in the right office or had I confused it with the geneology department and if I hadnt then we needed to conclude the businness at hand with no further idle chatter much less play 20 questions as my time was valuable".
perhaps Ms Pearl classes are in order - post haste:) You wont always be there to do the fussin , so no better time than the present for Christie to start taking up for herself.. I mean after all hasnt she had the perfect example to learn from> yes indeed she has, Ms Pearl herself..
give her a hug and then tell HER to call the city manager and complain..


GerryART said...

If you go to the utility office
maybe just a tiny step behind ya.
. . . with my hand on the door handle.

Jennibellie said...

What the hell?? Who is this woman? And why is she allowed to even talk to people?

That's insane. I think you were right though about as the town has grown so have the people, don't allow this woman to alter that.

Recently I was shocked to find a busy body online! A woman never even spoken to emailing me telling me I had broken some rules or other, turns out I hadn't at all, I was so shocked - who would even care even about another persons business to email them rudely? But unfortunately it seems there are always going to be busy bodies.

But I still agree Miss Pearl should go put this woman in her place lol

Sharon said...

I am sorry that your daughter had to go through the 20 questions from a noisy lady.
I know what it is like in a small town.I one day had put some boxes in my car and when I got home my neighbor wanted to know if we were moving.
I think that lady needs to have a good talking to from her boss.
Thanks for sharing Ms Pearl.

myletterstoemily said...

how very small of that small town
utility employee. i'm sorry she
treated your daughter that way.
she deserves so much better than

Nezzy said...

Heck, our Tiny Town made it on the Today Show a little over a week ago noted at the gossip capital of the world!!!

What is it with people who won't let sleepin' dogs lie???

Go get 'em Ms. Pearl!!! Heeehehehe!

God bless ya and have an incredible day!!!

Carol said...

Oh Ms. P, we got 'em in our town too. If they can't get the lowdown on everyone it drives them nuts. With my agoraphobia, I haven't been outside for years so they(the town snoops) told everyone that my hubby and I had gotten a divorce. How about that. We just laugh at them, but it's a good thing I don't go out around them or I would develop an altar ego and probably end up in jail with those scumbags who helped bring out Ms. Pearl. LOL!

Tina Eudora said...

OMG that sounds so much like the way I get on "certain" occasions (whenever I run into anyone ignorant)! Ok so it's most of the darned time!
Oh how I wish I could be there to go along with you and watch you polish this woman's nose! Way to go Ms Pearl!
Tina xo

Sissy said...

I love the title! Haven't read a word yet - just had to say this and now I'll proceed to read what Ms Pearl has been up to today - I love her spunk!

Arkansas Patti said...

That just shouldn't have happened to Christi.
Pearl in protective mode is a fierce foe. You go girl.
Hopefully that ladies boss will rip her a new one and no one else has to face the inquisition.

NitWit1 said...

I seem to think a face to face confrontation is coming. Personally, asking a person any of those questions is impolite, and a none of your business situation.

So whp her up enough maybe she'll lose her job and a more deserving person will get a job.

We have several old time biddies in my town like that and this time is not very old-founded in 1956. One died a few days ago, but one seems to have inherited longevity genes. The two were a couple in gossiping and spreading often inaccurate rumors about anyone and everyone.

NitWit1 said...

I seem to think a face to face confrontation is coming. Personally, asking a person any of those questions is impolite, and a none of your business situation.

So whp her up enough maybe she'll lose her job and a more deserving person will get a job.

We have several old time biddies in my town like that and this time is not very old-founded in 1956. One died a few days ago, but one seems to have inherited longevity genes. The two were a couple in gossiping and spreading often inaccurate rumors about anyone and everyone.

Sissy said...

I think you should make more of the issue than it seems you did! I'd go to the next city commissioners' meeting and blast out about this. This woman is definitely in the wrong position. I say this because of this little gossip town I live in. The worst in the nation. Google 'Topix Elizabethton,Tn' and read some of the BS for yourself.

I have had many conflicts with the utility people here; you wouldn't believe it if I told you. Such a crooked run town it is.

I LOVE Ms Pearl and think more women ought to be just like her and speak out about wrongs.

yaya said...

Yep, a visit is in order. You probably would put the fear of God in her and I bet that would help stop this behavior. I'm sorry Christi had to go through that. We live in a small town and many times I feel like everyone is in your business..but I've gotten used to it and just try not to do it myself. Sometimes a big city does have it's good points!

Marla and Steve @ Always Nesting said...

Maggie, may I please call you when I need Mrs. Pearl? You rock!

acorn hollow said...

I live in a very small town and yes that could happen here. I think you did the right thing and should write a letter to the town manager don't go off any more then they will turn it around to you.
hope your baby is feeling better.

Julia said...

Well now Miss Pearl, I'm so glad that you came out of hiding. There are so many ways to skin this cat.

Write a letter to the editor of the local news paper, send an email to your local radio station. Write a letter of complaint to her boss. Write on Facebook, go Youtube...make a big stink but plan your move well... Do I sound like a nice farm girl? he he he

Since when is making all these inquiries necessary to have a utility hooked up? This is absolutely outrageous. Obviously this lady has no manners and had no right to be inquisitive to the point of making your daughter uncomfortable.

Everyone has a right to their privacy and it should be defended. GO Pearl GO... JB

Debby said...

Seems like we all want you to pay a visit to the utilities office. I would love it for you to face her one on one. But, I am afraid it wouldn't stop her from doing this. I would go to someone even higher up and tell them the story. She needs a time out for sure. It reminds me of something that happened to me that I will have to share privately.
I haven't forgotten about what I promised. I have been in a bad mood and wanted to wait til that passed.

Gorges Smythe said...

I've got an aunt so much like that woman that her own relatives avoid her (including me).

Janie said...

Well Grandma Yellow Hair/Ms Pearl, it seems to me that when your daughter (or any child) comes in after "talking" with someone in a state that lets you know she was very uncomfortable, any of us would let Ms Pearl out. You need to sit your daughter down and come up with some good comebacks whenever that "feeling" starts to come up that tells you someone is crossing the line.
I did the same when my, then 6 year old, answered the phone for me, only to have a "breather" on the other end. After he hung up with that "look" on his face "that said that was weird", and I asked him who it was and what he said, I hit redial and got the guy back on the phone and let him have it. That's what we do. It is sad that our children, and even ourselves, have to learn how to defend ourselves, against people who should be there to help us (all of us)but thats the way it is..
Good for you Ms Pearl..

janjan said...

Things happen like that here, one of the downsides of living in a small town where everyone knows you. Though since I've been on my own and tend to stay out of the pub I never get to hear any goss nor do I do anything to give them cause to goss - my life can be so boring sometimes. Best thing was when someone saw me who hadn't seen me for a long time and said, 'Someone told me you were dead'. And there is always someone who will tell me what one of my boys is up to.You tell that Ms Pearl to give that lady what for.

I wanna come live at your house, is the cowboy single.


Connie said...

I hope Ms Pearl sets that nosy clerk straight or at least scares her straight!!

Anonymous said...

Ms. Pearl needed to come out...the nerve of that woman doing that to Christi. That should never take place in a public business like that. Hope you got it all taken care of sweet Maggie. Hugs

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

I changed my settings for the pop up box for xomments and it seems like no one is having trouble any more leaving me comments. I wish I would have figured this out a long time ago.
I would definitely go as Miss Pearl and lay her out in lavender.
I too have a Miss Pearl ( no name for her though) inside of me and it usually comes out at work because I do work with a bunch of jerks. LOL!!

I work with the 4 S'.
Sleepy Steve
Spastic Sandy
Slacker Sara
Stupid Sue

I am usually ranting like a maniac when I get home in the morning!!

How are you feeling???


Rocky Mountain Woman said...

I would vote for a personal visit myself. My motto is "if you mess with my kids, you mess with me!"



Whimsey Creations said...

Well Ms Pearl I'd be right there with you! You always make me laugh no matter what. I can't stand nosy busybodies and that sure sounds like what that woman is!

Anonymous said...

I saw Ms. Pearl should give her a visit. I live in a town close to Dallas an Wichita Falls and we have old bitties like this too. Sorry that happened to her.

Gypsy Heart said...

You go, girl! I tell you, if I were there, we'd both go into City Hall and kick some a55 and take names. How dare that woman pry into someone's life like that! Hasn't a ding dang thing to do with turning on the utilities. Don't hold back ~ she needs her clock cleaned!

Now I have a Ms Someone inside me too and she's riled up for sure! :-)

Seriously, I came by to thank you for visiting me today. Couldn't find an email addy but I'm glad I read this.

Let me know if you need any help, ok?


Rocky Mountain Woman said...

Dear Ms. Pearl:

The waiting is killing me? Did you happen to go by the utility office? If so, what happened?



Dr. Kathy McCoy said...

Glad Ms. Pearl is back and in action! What a shame that Christi had to deal with such an annoying busybody! Some people are just so small-minded. That can happen anywhere -- a big city or a small town. But I'm getting somewhat familiar with the small town version since moving to this rural community from L.A. I could so see that happening here! Maybe you could contract out the services of Ms. Pearl to do battle nationwide with small town gossips and bullies!

Faye ~ Wild Rose Vintage said...

I am so glad you stopped by my blog and left a message so that I can meet you too. Good for Ms Pearl! I hate those kind of nosy people and I'm sorry your daughter had to deal with her first. I read your post and I think you are so interesting and a lot if fun! I know I'll be back to read more...if someone can get my interest on one post...she's gotta be good!

Faye ~ Wild Rose Vintage said...

Forgot to say, love the old B&W pics of your family, I've been meaning to add a few to mine eventually. Thanks for following and I'm following too.

PEA said...

Make sure you come over to my blog today to enter my birthday giveaway and to see your princess costume! hehe I will be back later to catch up on your posts. xoxo

Simply Debbie said...

wow...what a story
I can really relate to it when the utility person you dealt with ACTED JUST LIKE a relative of mine and they spewed lies out across blogland through numerous e mails and has bloggers, who visit my blog just to see what I may have to say about this person....I have found there are always 2 sides to every one ever stops and wonders about the poor soul who is being outcasted......I TOTALLY AGREE THE LADY THAT CONFRONTED YOUR DAUGHTER IS EVIL AND I WOULD LOVE TO JUST HUG YOUR DAUGHTER AND YOU FOR RAISING HER TO BE THE WONDERFUL PERSON SHE IS........BUT BLOGLAND IS FULL OF PEOPLE JUST LIKE HER AND IT IS VERY DISHEARTING. WE ALL KNOW WHO THEY ARE AND RATHER THAN HAVING A LITTLE BLOG LIKE MINE...THEY DANCE WITH THE DEVIL TO GET FOLLOWERS.
I think Ms. Pearl coming out was in defense of your daughter and your hurt and I think just as you had the right to show do I AND ANYONE ELSE IN BLOGLAND WITHOUT BEING MADE AN OUTCAST.
I still have not talked about the names of the people involved including their secrets but what took place in was said I put something all over blogland which I can prove is a lie.........I HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE NOW.....IT IS ALL COMING OUT....STAY TUNED...SURE TO CURL ANY ONE'S HAIR...EVERYTHING YOU EVER WANTED TO KNOW AND MORE

Dragonfly Treasure said...

Ms Pearl! Glad to see you back girlie!
Poor Christi, just trying to help out and then a stupidly rude lady has to tarnish her good deed.
The City Manager needs to know, no one should have to put up with being interrogated just to do business.
Big hugs to you and Christi ♥♥

Sares said...

Howdy do to Ms. Pearl! She just has to come out sometime or it's possible you would explode with all the junk you get tossed your way! I think there will always be people in the world who delight in making others uncomfortable and downright miserable, poor Christi was unlucky enough to be on the receiving end of it, bless her heart.

Nancy's Notes said...

Well, I'm so glad Ms Pearl was at her best in using her natural instincts! You go!!


Jacque said...

OMG..Ms. Pearl is Baaaaaack!! Love it...

cindy said...

You are such a treat! I love to read about your capers!!

take care-