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Sunday, October 2, 2011


Sorry to have such a disgusting post tonight but I just spent four hours washing down these cabinets in my home in town. Then I was able to give them one coat of paint before my back gave out. It is a huge kitchen with lots and lots of cabinets and everyone of them looked as bad or worse than these two pictures.

Can you imagine living in this kind of filth and then move out and leave it for your Aunt to clean up.
Yep I said Aunt.

This picture below is a small shot of the floors in my once beautiful sunroom.

Here is the brick floor in the den and kitchen. Actually this is not the worse section here.

 Look at the ceramic tile in the shower. You really would die if I showed you the bathtub.

This is just one pile of leaves that I guess are from last fall. You really can not tell from this picture how high the pile is but believe me when I say it's high.

What really angers me is Christi phoned my nephew and ask him what his intentions were for cleaning the house and yard. He got really smart with her and told her that not to even go there because they left it clean. Went as far to say that it looks just the way it did when he moved in. 

Believe me this house was spotless when he moved in and the nerve of him to say that to Christi. His wife just tried to phone me and I did not answer it because I knew as tired and mad as I am that Ms Pearl would unload on her so bad that you would hear me all the way to Canada.

Since it is my brothers only son I am trying my best to control my true feelings. The sad thing is this nephew was not raised like this and he comes from a good Christian home. Him and his wife are in church every Sunday with his mom and dad.  For some reason that makes me even madder. Am I wrong for thinking a good Christian would live better and not leave a rented home like this or any home.

Instead of spending a beautiful day at Warrenton walking around in 80 degree weather which is a first for us in a very long time I was cooped up in a house without the utilities on trying to not find a place in it to hang myself. hahaha

Between this house and all the chores they have given me to do out here on the North Forty I don't know when I can come up for air.

Sweet Dreams

PS: It is not my brother Billys son the one in the post before this because if it were I am afraid that Billy would skin him alive leaving me a house like this to deal with.


bunny said...

Some people are just accustomed to filth and it's normal to them. Renting to family is hard...kinda glad they're gone...right? I gotta clean my daughter's bedroom walls with TSP to get it ready for painting...not looking forward to that. Take care of that back of your Maggie Mae..


♥ Sonny ♥ said...

I agree with what Bunny posted. Doing any business with family is always way more difficult than with a stranger. So now its done and probably best to chalk it up to a good lesson and just clean it up and go on..
look after YOU while all this is goin on..


Gorges Smythe said...

I'm tempted to say that some people are just pigs; but why insult pigs like that? Just remember, we can't choose our relatives.

Vicki/Jake said...

Ha, you NEED to let Miss Pearl out!!! And sorry Maggie, but going to church doesn't always make good people...

Sometimes helping the family doesn't help at all, they take advantage. Kinda like loaning them money expecting to get paid back. Ya, this is experience talking..

Don't work too hard and put yourself down in bed again.

stefanie said...

wow...wasnt very nice of them!

shawkl said...

It doesn't look good..but believe me when I say, it could me worse. Much, much worse! Remember that family is worth everything...and hard work is good for the soul. It is horrible on the back and knees however!

Brynwood Needleworks said...

I guess he's one of those Christians that doesn't believe in living a clean life! Man, why is it that we try to help relatives and those are the ones that crap on us the worst? I guess it's because we care the most about them that they're able to heap the most hurt on us. Just not right!
Sorry you couldn't play at Warrenton. That sounds like so much more fun.

Forty Pound Sack said...

So sorry! Some people just have no class ~

Shirley said...

Hi, I have tried to leave you several messages over the past few days, but nothing work. I am going to try before I go to bed. People including family members don't have the respect for other people's property. They think it is owed to them to get to do whatever they want. Just because you attend church doesn't mean that they are good Christians. It can be used as an excuse for alot of things. They think that going to Church makes them above everything else. Honey don't put yourself back in bed. It may take a little time, but you don't need to do it overnight. Family or no family you are entitled to let them know that they were in the wrong. Have a great day and be careful. Hugs from your Missouri friend.

Sue said...

Unreal. I feel so bad for you, Maggie. The last thing you need to be doing is scrubbing out a filthy house.


Marilyn said...

So sorry for this mess.... Maybe someday something will jog the ambition of the messers!!

acorn hollow said...

I am so sorry and know that this is not what you wanted to be doing for sure.

Olga said...

People really do have different standards of cleanliness...and the godliness that is next to it. Take it slow and don't hurt yourself physically over this. (Ha!)
We actually arrived at a Florida rental house last winter that was in the same condition. The previous tenants told the property manager that they would leave it in "spotless" condition. Pooh on that property manager because he never checked (he did end up losing his job, though). It was the impetus we needed to buy a place of our own.

Arkansas Patti said...

Yikes, I did not know your tenants were family. That is rough. You might expect it out of strangers.
Maybe you ought to have Billy and Pearl go rip the boy a new one.
However, I tend to think it is the wife. Maybe he is just as embarassed as you are appalled.
Please don't over do.

Nezzy said...

Ya might expect such a mess from 'regular' renters but when ya rent to family you'd think you'd get more respect.

I'm so sorry sweetie that you were hung cleanin' up the mess.

'Just goes to show ya...ya' can't always count of family doin' ya right.

God bless and have a better day. "K"???

Julia said...

Wow Maggie, you sure got a mess to clean up. Next time you rent maybe take before and after pictures and you'll have the proof. I've sen much worst though...

Renting or hiring relatives is just about the same. We get the good and the bad. They all have different standard.

I sure hope that you don't over do it and hurt you back really bad. I wish I was closer, I'd go help you scrub with my cowgirl muscles.

I just want to thank you again for posting my story.
I got record comments on my own blog and lots of new followers. Now I haven't time to post. lol.
Hugs. JB

Taos Sunflower said...

Maggie: I won't go too far into this except to say I know a couple of people who live like this and don't seem to even see it (needless to say, I stay clear). I cleaned up a huge home once that had been lived in for years by an animal hoarder. It took five months, working almost every day of the week. I could write volumes on what I saw and had to contend with. It just revolts me to think someone could live like that (and this person had a child there as well).
Anyway...I recently found something magical for that nasty stuff in the tile grout. It's by Soft Scrub and it's a spray gel with bleach in it, so it sticks to vertical surfaces. I cleaned a nasty shower after a tenant last year and just sprayed it on and it cleaned it white without all the scrubbing.
Good luck with all this...I hope there was no structural damage to your home.

Marydon said...

Walked in those shoes with our rentals, BUT they weren't relativs. Now I have one sister whose homes you would NOT want to visit. Absolutely filthy ... & guess who is in the house cleaning business? Yup!

When my tenants move in I have literally tooth brushed the entire house from ceiling to floor, even personally painted every wall. Really ticks me off when people have the nerve to say 'it is as clean as when we moved in' ... oops! Did you come up with my Ms. Pearl name yet ... I feel her surfacing on this subject. Chuckle!

Well, you must have been waking up thinking about us about the time the Dr. called with not so good news. I'll call you later this week, see him on Weds. I just had a feeling it was coming from his reaction last week when I was in. Ugh!

Sis came home & found the 'puter ... did you hear her squealing? What a delight to listen to her.

Today we are electrifying our bird feeders. Those durn squirrels literally sit about 1 ft. from us, just laughing at us. You can reach out & touch the little boogers! I have the most beautiful Downy woodpecker that just loves visiting. Usually we have about 3 or 4 but this year there must be over 18 out here. Trapped some & took them to town to enjoy the park ... chuckle!

I know you are going to miss Gretchen & Kristi so much ... there's an extra bedroom here for you, sistah!

Gotta scoot.
Have a beautiful week ~
Hugs & lots of southern love,

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

I agree that they should be ashamed. If my son did that to one of my sisters, I'd have his hide on my wall!

NitWit1 said...

Oh my. That is a tad on the bad side of filthy. That is a BIG leaf pile and I know about leaves piled to burn before we lost all our trees in a ice storm.

If the couple have finances I would insist they clean it , or hire someone to do it right. Maybe you should hire someone to do it right and insist they pay the bill

yaya said...

Renter's mentality says: "hey, I don't own it.." I'm sorry you had to deal with such a mess. I'd never want to be a landlord for that very reason. Plus when dealing with family it really gets messy..sorry for the pun! Hope the rest of your week goes better Maggie!

Debby said...

I don't blame you from being so mad. I remember how hard it was for you to cleanit up before he moved in. There is no excuse for that. I hope he had a deposit. We just moved our youngest from one apt. to another this week-end and we left his apt. clean.

Darlene said...

Maggie, I feel so sorry for you. I think it was perfectly awful for your nepheu to leave your home in such a mess. I hate to think of you having to clean all of the house whithout any utilities. Did you not even have hot water? You still haven't mentioned what is to become of the house after you get it all cleaned up? I would have imagined that you thought a memeber of your own family would take very good care of your place. It is usually people that you don't know who make the messes. Having been a landlord once before, I can tell you that we were really happy when our cabin more renters!!!

I suppose the reason you haven't answered the question of what's to become of the house is that you haven't decided yet. I don't suppose it is the greatest time to sell if that area is like most places in the whole country. I just hope it all works out for you and that you haven't ruined your back.

Dr. Kathy McCoy said...

Oh, Maggie, I'm so sorry! That's really so inconsiderate of them to leave your house in that condition and to leave the cleaning to you -- with your back problems yet! Some people really don't have the same standards of cleanliness, but please! That is filthy-- and then to cop an attitude with Christi! It's tough with family. I've never been a landlord. But about five years ago, the last time Bob and I went to Hawaii, we offered our home to my sister who lives in Seattle but loves to visit L.A. She and her daughter spent two weeks in our home, returning to Seattle the day before we got home. We were horrified. It was a mess! They had left rotting food in the microwave, dirty pots and pans on the stove and the wood floors were sticky and filthy. The mess wasn't malicious, just thoughtless. But I sure had some angry thoughts while cleaning! I can really identify with your day!

Sybil said...

It really is disgusting how some people leave the homes that have been entrusted to them. My friends have two houses in Bristol that they let out to students and every year without fail they have absolute tips to clean and scub...even though they have in their contract that they have to be left clean....One even said his Mum had come down so must be clean !!
You take care I lnow how much you will be missing your pal...Just wish I were there to take her place...what fun we would have !!!!
love Sybil xx

My Grama's Soul said...

Hi dear Maggie......after reading and looking at these know....sometimes FAMILY are really our worst enemies!!! LOL



Simply Soothing Studio said...

Oh my! You just brought back some memories. We had a family member living in a home we couldn't sell right away and it became so filthy. Yuck! To top it off, when we were getting ready to sell we sent a carpet company over to replace the carpet and our family member (who was given quite a few days notice) didn't even have the courtesy to pick up the stuff thrown on the floors where the carpet was going down. Our carpet layer had to pick up dirty underwear (big and little girl) off the floor to get it out of the way. He went way beyond the call of duty. As a result, we decided never to rent or do business with family any more.

Take care.