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Friday, October 21, 2011

Is The Cowboy a Good Kisser?

How are you this evening! Another week has flown by and I still have not been able to get on here and do a post about my fun weekend with the Oliver's. But I will do it soon. Been painting and painting and painting at my home in town.

It was fun this week seeing beautiful Debby's smile on my page when I managed to come on site and read your wonderful comments. As always I love hearing from you. Thanks Debby for doing such a lovely story for us.

I knew that this post would be of more interest to you than the Oliver"s  so let me tell you my story. First before I start don't you just  love a good kisser. I have to say I do miss kissing! My hubby may have been an idiot but he could kiss. lol

My friend Barbara and I were sitting on a bench downtown listening to a band play. It was a cool evening and prefect for a street dance. She kept  me entertained by telling me of her long day she had gone through of driving a inmate to the Austin State Hospital,  We were both laughing pretty hard when I realized someone was sliding close to me on the bench.

I looked to my side thinking it was probably some couple looking for a place to sit. I don't have to tell you the look of surprise I had when I saw my neighbor the cute cowboy sliding near me. His grin was one you see on a romance book cover.

Barbara of course was exploring him like someone who had never seen a cute cowboy. I introduced them and explained to her that we were neighbors out on the North Forty.

He then ask me if I wanted to dance. I don't know what got in me but I jumped up from the bench and was leading him out in the street. We danced like we had been dance partners on dancing with the stars and I could not stop smiling.

The evening was over sooner than I wanted it to be and then he ask if I had rode with Barbara to the dance. I told him that I did and he then told Barbara he would take me home since we lived on the same property.

I was somewhat nervous on the drive home but I do remember my million dollar smile. It was plastered to my face.

He drives up to my house and I am busy thanking him for bringing me home and for keeping me from being a wall flower. He turns his engine off (to the truck that is) and walks me to the door. I remember him saying something about the last time he was on the porch that it was very entertaining.

I finally find my key to the front door and he opens the door. Next thing I knew I was looking really close into his sexy blue eyes because he had taken me into his arms and was going to kiss me.

Then I feel a very familar furry paw slapping me in the face. It was Tinkerbell waking me up for her breakfast. I have never hit a pet but I was really tempted that morning. You would think that she could of gave me five minutes at the door with the cowboy before slapping me awake.

Several times this week I have brought this up to her about her lousy timing. Now I don't know Is The Cowboy a Good Kisser?

Sweet dreams


C.J. said...

Yes, yes he is. I can see I am not the only woman that needs a mans company; in a lot of ways. So here is my advice... go back to bed.

Sweet Tea said...

I hope you finish the dream tonight.
Go to bed early and lock the cat in the bathroom.

♥ Sonny ♥ said...

you are such a tease lol.. of course he's a great kisser and I think ya outta take YOUR BUNS and some cinnamon buns over to his porch and knock on the dang door.. I mean seriously, how can he resist a 2 bunned blonde with a dazzin smile.
He cant~!

Kim said... could you tease me like that?? Dang girl!! Go back to bed and finish that dream. Lol you crack me up.

LuLu Kellogg said...

ROFL Maggie....I was reading this with my heart in my throat thinking "OH BOY!!! MAGGIE IS GOING TO GET kISSED!!!!"

I say go back to bed and put the cat outside for the night! Tee hee!


Tam said...

No you did not do this to me! Girl I was calling for my hubby to come in the room to hear your story and we were both thinking YEA for Maggie. Then to find out it was a dream. Your really so bad....but as the hubby said What a funny woman. heehee
Sweet dreams to you too

sjmcdowell said...

Oh my Goodness Maggie!!

I thought this was a real story!! Oh bother..only a dream!!
Hey dreams "Can" come true!!!
Go on over there...bring some cinnamon buns or something!!
Gee you need to write a book of two..I was really getting into this story!!

Love ya....Go back to bed and please kick Miss Tinkerbelle out!!


Marydon said...

Oh, my GOSH! You are hysterical! May I borrow your dream tonight? Shoot! ... the stupid cat had its nerve ruining the 'moment'. Include me in the next dream .. chuckle!

Have a beautiful weekend.
Love you sweetie!

Marydon said...

You get over here rifght now, Maggie ... & get Harold UP OFF THIS FLOOR!!! He is in hysterics reading this. Belly laugh, mind you!!!

Chuckle! It's true about Harold ...

Shirley said...

Hi Maggie, Thanks for the chuckle. I really needed it after the day I had. You really need to finish your dream or go pay him a visit. I know I laugh when I read your other post. I always enjoy your blog and have to see what you have been up to lately. How is the back doing with all of the painting??? I hope you aren't over doing. Have a great weekend. Hugs Your Missouri Friend.

A Tale of Two Cities said...

Hoping this is one of those dreams that just might come true for you one day! Never say never!

Loved the story!

Dr. Kathy McCoy said...

Maggie, you really hooked me into that dream! I so wanted it to be real life!! My bet is he is a great kisser -- and maybe you'll find out tonight! And I hope it's less a dream and more a premonition of wonderful things to come!

bunny said...

really? You were dreaming? Drats!!!
Make it a reality...go bake some cookies or something and march right over there and deliver...the


jojo said...

oh gah! I was just getting all warmed up...crap, yes...go for it.

Debbie said...

Oh Maggie, you should have brought out Ms. Pearl, and slapped that cat...LOL.. (No harm to Tinkerbell)..I too, was taken in and thinking, "Way To Go Maggie!!!" Now go for a walk in the beautiful fall air and deliver yourself, (ummm, some cookies, muffins, buns,) something to that cute cowboy!!! I just love your blog. I agree you should write romance novels!!!

God Bless~

Garden of Egan said...

Most certainly a good kisser.
Dang that cat!

Put the feline out and dream it again will ya?

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

LOL, Maggie! You had me going; I thought you snagged that cute cowboy! I laughed out loud when I got to the furry paw slap! Since everything was going so nicely in your dream, let's assume he's a good kisser. ; )

acorn hollow said...

Oh Maggie go back to sleep right now! You are a devil for sure you had me going.
Thanks for the grin this morning

Linda said...

Oh, Maggie! I just love you! I hope you get to finish your dream soon.

Since I've had my surgery, my hubby has gone back to really kissing me. I love it, and so does he!

Marla and Steve said...

Maggie, don't you know that if it's a dream then it can be however you want it! Of course he is a good kisser. If I was one to interpret dreams (which I can't) I would say that you need a romantic date with a handsome cowboy. What a fabulous dream. Damn that cat!

Olga said...

What a hoot! You had me suckered right into that one. Bad kitty!

NitWit1 said...

If you could only train a cat like you can train a dog!! I have had dreams repeat themselves so mayabe....just maybe.... it will happen to you, but ban the cat from the house.

Dragonlady said...

MAN.....LOL....I was all into your story and waiting to find out about the kiss...Darn Cat...LOL

I love reading your blog about you and Ms Pearl!
I do hope you get to finish your dream...

Sue said...

Sweet dreams, indeed!


Julia said...

Maggie, you are too funny and up to your old tricks. I fell for it, but I should have known... I was going to say that you should be very thankful to the cat that jumped on your behind and now I'm kind of disappointed. I would bar that Tinkerbelle out of the bedroom in a jiffy... The nerve of waking you up just whan it gets interesting. She's reading your mind or imagination and is up to no good.

Of course the cowboy is a good kisser. Maybe you could rope him into helping you paint your house in town. I hope that you are near the end of that job.

Sweet dreams Maggie. JB

Debby said...

Oh man, you had me going. Great story for your book......wish it was true for you.
Thanks for hosting my sotry. Thanks to all of you for your sweet comments and for stopping by Cozy Blanket.

mumsysramblings said...

Oh, no!! Sweet Maggie I was getting all excited...just knew you had finally hooked up with that handsome cowboy. Maybe the dream is letting you know what your future holds. As for cowboys being good kissers I don't know...never been kissed by one but if you get the chance to find jump at it!!! Hugs

Sybil said...

There we go again...youwoudl think I woudl know better by now to visit the loo before I start reading your latest news LOL
Blasted cats !!!
Hope you have recovered !!
Love always sybil x

June said...

I know mine is!
You had me going there Maggie! I was thinking, boy this guy is bold (but then most cowboys are)
You funny girl!!!
My husband and I went to a barn dance last Saturday night and had the time of ours lives. I love to dance and not only is he a great kisser but he dances good too :-)
I loved the Debby's post. She is such an awesome girl, so it was fun to read more about her and get to know her better.
hugs from funny friend!

GerryART said...

Well, you've done it again, Maggie.
Dragged me completely into your story with both feet.
Then, you woke me before you two were riding off into the sunset.
You are a HOOT!!!

Gypsy Heart said...

Don't you just hate when that happens? :-) Great story ~


Vicki Lane said...

Nice to meet you, Grandma Yellowhair! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I gotta say, you dream some good dreams!

Vicki/Jake said...

Mwahahahaaa! Well, at least you still have them kinda dreams.....

Libbie said...

Oooo Tink! Just on the god part! YES! I think all cowboys have to be! i DO love your storytelling Mags! Keeping us on the edge of our seats! If I were you I would have gone back to bed :)

That's one thing I liked about Kelly...he is a cowboy...grew up on a dariy farm & we actually bought the farm from his parents & might live out there someday...

I an't believe you got the fortys already! Today was pretty nice but it has been down right cold, bundling the babes up everytime we head out! Lil Rocco refuses to wear a coat though! Turkey :) Put on some warm Pjs & crawl in bed & dream of that cowboy! I might too ;)

Draffin Bears said...

Dear Maggie,

What a lovely story don't you hate it when you are woken before the end.
Yes, I hope that the cat will stay asleep so you can finish the wonderful dream tonight.
Please write a novel, I love reading your work.
Yes, you did hear right in my post, but I do think that this was for a ticket in a corporate box with food and drinks.
We however will be watching the game on the telly, sitting on the sofa, at home with family.

Happy weekend

Delena said...

omg that was funny. You had me right up to the end!

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

I think you may have a career as a Romance novelist in your future.
I was reading so intently and then came the part about the cat and I let out such a laugh!!
You are a tease!!

Thanks for your visit and kind comment!! Your visits always bring a smile to me face!!


NanaDiana said...

Maggie- Well, I am SOOO glad you found me because NOW I found you, too! Loved the story- I was thinking-okay-I must have misunderstood her age cuz this sounds like a young schoolgirl! lol

I am signing up as your newest follower. You are a riot...and I can see that you know Debby so you are okay by me.

PS..Maybe it's a good thing the cat woke you coulda ended up with a mouthful of feathers (from the pillow)...just sayiin....

ps..My daughter-in-law (I ADORE) is a federal parole agent...I GET your life! Hugs- Diana

Lisalulu said...

oh NOOOOOOOOO I was grinning, and clapping and shouting hip hip horray!!!! and (other things like GO FOR IT>> you know) and then WHAM! what????? I kept thinking that this is THE way a love story starts... so ... maybe .. keep writing, and thinking those pleasant thoughts and it WILL come true! (fingers crossed) I'll tell ya finding love later in life is THE best!!

Deborah/LavenderRoseRamblings said...

Oh, Maggie, this is too funny! You've been reading way too many romance novels!! LOL I only wish you'd been able to finish that dream so we'd really know what you had to tell us. Was there a cowboy in your past you're willing to talk about?
Thank you for being so kind as to visit my blog and leave comments. You have no idea how much that means to me. Hugs, and "Happy Trails to You!"


yaya said...

Hmmmm, I knew I was a dog person for a reason!!

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

DAYUM....I wanna know how it ended!!

plus....I was completely enthralled and had no idea it was a dream!!!

Donna said...

haaaa! Just like everyone GOT ME!!! It was a hoot for sure and you win the prize for best amusing writer of the year!!!

Nezzy said...

Girl ya had me at the picture and then pulled me in with your words. Ya truly had me goin' girl! Would ya toss back a couple sleepin' pills and finish this one for us. Ya left us danglin' here girlfriend!!!

I just returned from that long trip to Brownsville to see my Mama. I'm callin' it a workcation and stickin' to it.

I sure thought about ya an wondered if I came anywhere close to you and my other Texas blogsisters as I traveled. As ya'll know, there are miles and miles of Texas!

Have a extraordinary day sweetie and get over there and plant one on that handsome cowpoke!!!!

Nezzy said...

BTW: I have an update on Angel Dawn up at my place. :o)

Simply Soothing Studio said...

I just loved it!!!! Darn Cat!!!

Take care.


C.J. said...

Maggie May, thanks so much for being my very first follower. It means the world to me that it was you!

Grandma Honey said...

You are quite the writer Maggie.

janet said... had me right up until the very are bad!

In a good way of course ;->

Janet xox