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Friday, July 15, 2011

Where I Have Been All Week!

Elephant's Toilet - 11 Pictures, Images and Photos

I ask Christi not to take pictures of me while I am sick but I guess she could not resist.

Yep this is me all week long! I am starting to think that I never should have broke that dumb mirror!

Tried to get into see my doctor but he has been too busy this week. I may have to resort to the Emergency Room. He is going to call me in some medicine for this mess and I do mean mess.

Can not believe I have missed the last three days of work. Don't you know they just love me. Oh well I am doing them a favor by not giving it to them.

So how has your week been? Any plans for the weekend? Maybe since I am definetly not moving around too much except to the out house I can catch up with you.

Try to stay cool and do something fun!

Love to all


A Tale of Two Cities said...

Where on earth did you find that photo???? Hope you're feeling better soon!

Tam said...

Well Maggie I knew you lived in the Back Forty but I did not realize how far back.
Christi should be spanked slipping around with a camera while your not feeling so good.
Been over here almost everyday but could not leave you a comment. So lets see if this one works.
Hope your weekend is not to crappy...sorry could not resist

Sue said...

Aw shoot, Maggie!

Get well soon, okay?


Debby said...

Sorry you are feeling so yucky. You be careful and get in to see someone if it doesn't let up. Seriously Christi should be put in time out for snapping that shot.

Sharon said...

So sorry to hear about you not feeling well. Do take care of yourself.
What are we going to do with that child?? taking photos while you are not up to par.
Hugs sweetie

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

Hope you feel better soon sweetie. I had my little grandson all week, so I will be cleaning and playing catchup all weekend!

Bunny Jean said...

Sorry to hear that you are not feeling well. I hope you get to feeling better soon.

xoxo Bunny Jean

( I can only seem to leave comments in the "pop up" comment box nowdays. Do you have any clue why? Can anyone help?

Bunny Jean said...

Hey it WORKED!

I guess it is just the coment box that show up at the bottom of the post. I think there are three types.

Lisalulu said...

this sounds downright awful! so sorry, wish you could get the rest you deserved~~~ I'm always stopping by.. but my computer at home won't let me comment. wish I were better with computers! I'm always thinking about you and how you are doing! NOW I KNOW..... What a picture~

Pat said...

So sorry to hear you are under the weather...hope you'll be feeling un-crappy really soon.

Grandma Honey said...

How crummy that you have been so sick. Hopefully YOU will be able to have fun this weekend.

GerryART said...

Shakin' my head, Maggie.
You have a sense of humor at the oddest times. :)

Arkansas Patti said...

That picture is a hoot but what you have isn't. Sure glad Christi is there to give bring you soup or cheese, which ever works.
Take care lady and feel better soon.

she dreams big! said...

Are you better yet? Hope you are better! You NEED to get better!

Thanks for the dress encouragement! I think I'm just going to wear my sweatpants and stand in the back. I take terrible pictures anyway and am dreading them!

Take care lady and get over the ickies!

sjmcdowell said...

Maggie....ok..cut the CRAP!!!!

HA ha ha ..I know I know that was not funny...or maybe it was!
All joking aside I am worried about you and I hope you are keeping hydrated during this delicate episode you are going through!

Prayers and Love and happy Elephants!!


My Grama's Soul said...

That photo is a winner for sure!!!! Dear lady....I'm gonna' send you some vitamins. You hurry up and get well...back to being your old self.



Julia said...

Oh Maggie, you naughty girl, you are even funny when sick. Laughter is good for the soul and I hope that it's good to make you feel better too.

Get well wishes coming your way. JB

yaya said...

No one should get sick in just aint right! Hope you feel better soon. Just take lots of fluids and don't travel to far from that potty chair! I'd suggest some adult diapers, but I'm not sure they have your size...just kidding!

Anonymous said...

I am SO glad you have Christi with you. You even sound better since she has been there.

Dr. Kathy McCoy said...

So sorry you're under the weather, Maggie! Hope you get a good rest, enjoy Christi's company and feel better very soon!

Anonymous said...

Oh, sweet Maggie this sickness has surely messed up your are much...very much prettier and you are a whole lost smaller than that what is in that picture. You must have dreamed Christi took your picture.

So sorry to hear that you are sick and I sure hope you get some help and get well soon. Enough is enough and sweet Maggie you are way over the limit of enough! Hugs I am praying for you.

Firecracker Kid said...

Aww honey, not fun being sick and stuck on the porcelain throne, but at least you didn't have to go to work;o) How much longer are they gonna put you through this torture?? Pretty soon you're gonna have to bring Pearl out on 'em.

Sybil said...

Hope by now you are feeling real cleaned out !! Loved that photo !!
Sorry missed last couple of entries but trying to catch up tonight...
much Love and prayers winging there way to you dear friend,
Sybil xx

Donna said...

So sorry Maggie...1. that I have not been on the computer much this summer and have missed all my favorite posts of yours and 2. that you are not feeling well! I have to come and "special" you with some TLC!! Hugs, Donna

Shirley said...

Hi Maggie, I do hope you are feeling better. You want rain and I would love to send you some water so our river would go down. It is so hot and of all days had AC problems. They got solved.We have a great AC man who also takes care of our furnace. He came this afternoon. It is about down in the comfort range. I wonder what we did when we didn't have it. I remember as a child sleeping on the floor because it was cooler. Take care my friend and stay cool. Your Missouri Friend.

Libbie said...

Hey Maggie!

I LOVE that you drove Cristie to Houston to see the New Kids! We were CRAZY fans...we literally stayed in the same hotels they styed in & tried to sneak by their rooms. We followed one of their parents & got autographs :) We were pretty funny :) I wasn't really too excited to go this time but seriously I had the best time once I got there!

You better go & get better soon Mags! I always hate hearing that you aren't doing cartwheels yet! Soon. :)


Rebecca said...

Miss Maggie...I was sooooo sick in January I thought I would die. None of the meds my doctor gave me worked. It took me 3 weeks to feel just OK and six weeks to get well. I couldn't believe it!

I hope you are feeling better tonight. Thanks for visiting me~


Marydon said...

OMGosh! Stuffed peppers ... I'm on my way over, sweetie.

So sorry you are having such a rough time with this 'bug'. Hope it passes one way or another, soon.

We leave for home today. Had an exquisite tour of the entire state of AZ. No one should ever start first with Phoenix as the rest of this state is awesome. We had a fabulous time &then stopped at Sherry-sis's for the grand finale. Who knows, tomorrow may never come so we just keep on moving along.

Sure miss you, you know I do. Talk soon ...

Have a beautiful week.

Melissa Blake said...

awww, so sorry you were sick. hope you're feeling better. thanks so much for visiting my blog! xoxo

From the Kitchen said...

That photo gave me a good laugh! I do hope you are feeling better or at least good enough to enjoy being sick! I once had a boss who took a day of sick leave every quarter--a day when he wasn't sick but used it to lounge around in bed all day. I think he coined the phrase "mental health day".

Take care.



Thanks for stopping by my dear friend. Sorry you have not been feeling well. Staying home is better than spreading it around the office. I am having trouble with my alergies right now and you would think with the rain my alergies would not be acting up......wrong the rain makes things grow..........have a great week and hope you get on the mend soon. Hugs Mary

Anonymous said...

Please get well soon.

Take care.


Sandy said...

That "mess" is strong stuff ! we've had the same thing in Georgia..

Anonymous said...

Hope you get to feeling better. Do you count fixing a wire connection in your well house fun? If so then I've had loads of it today, ha! But at least we have running water back in the house.

Julie Harward said...

Sorry you have been sick like that...the only thing worse is throwing up in the garbage pail while you are doing it on the throne! Get well soon! ;D

Gypsy Heart said...

Not sure what's going on again with Blogger...have not been able to leave a comment. I do hope this one goes through.

Hope you're feeling much better! That seems to be going around in this sorry it found you.
Be sure and drink Gatorade or Coconut Water to replenish the electrolytes.

Thanks for stopping by to see me!

Gypsy Heart said...

Not sure what's going on again with Blogger...have not been able to leave a comment. I do hope this one goes through.

Hope you're feeling much better! That seems to be going around in this sorry it found you.
Be sure and drink Gatorade or Coconut Water to replenish the electrolytes.

Thanks for stopping by to see me!

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Dear Maggie....that so wipes you out...( truly no pun intended) makes me weak as a kitten after just one I can;t imagine you after a number of days..
PLEASE rest and take care not to go back to work too soon again.
Sorry also that you had and have to be humuliated by the scumbags you have to oversee in our prison system. But good for you that you could "lay them out" for it.

Yes, RUDE of Christi to take that candid photo.