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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Toothless Obessed Old Hag!

NOW What! 

I know that's what your thinking....what has happened now at the North Forty. Well if you read the last post you know I admitted to letting my fly problem drive me completely up the wall crazy.  When you post pictures of fly art on your site it does somehow confirm you have totally lost it.

Yep for days now I have tried ever concoction known to man and then some. Went to Lowe's and bought out their section of fly traps. Then went back to their garden center and bought all of their basil since I read that flies hate basil. Moved my Lavender Plants to the fly infected area and still no relief.

First thing this morning before even brushing my teeth I hurry outside to see if a miracle happened overnight. Nope flies and more flies. The guy at the store told me that all we needed was a hard rain and they would be gone so for about the 100th time I washed down my porch and surrounding area. Then I left the sprinkler on hoping I would fool a couple of thousand of them and they would fly over to Gretchen's porch. hahaha

Well after I have everything soaked including myself I decide to go back inside and take my bath. Unknown to me I had locked the door when I came outside. Usually I keep a spare hidden but Christi has it and she is in Austin. Mad at myself for doing this and mad at myself for the obsession of trying to rid the North Forty of flies.

I walk over to Gretchens and ask her if she has a house key of mine and no she did not. She will from now on. lol.....She offered to let me stay with her until Christi came home this evening but I knew I could not do that since it was only 9 in the morning.

So with all my windows nailed shut there wasn't but one way to get in and I sure hated to do it but I grab a tool and a rag from my car and broke one of the panes out of my back door. Did not want to have another problem to take care of but I was hot, thirsty and crazy so I broke the window. I felt just like one of those guys on TV who hit the window reach in and turn the door handle. I made sure my hand was wrapped because I did not need a trip to the emergency room.

Now your wondering what does the title of this post have to do with being a Toothless Obessed Old Hag. Well I now have bigger problems that my flies. The other morning I got up and when I looked in the mirror before brushing my teeth I had one missing. Never have I lost a tooth without having one pulled. This one just broke off without giving me one day of trouble. What really sucks is it is not in the back of my mouth but bottom front towards the side.

To say I was devastated was not the word. I cried and poor Christi thought oh Lord why did I move back home. lol I went to the dentist and she took x-rays and told me my options. Seven hundred dollars later I walk out with the same toothless smile but broker. It seems an oral surgeon will have to pull whats left of the tooth and then she will do a partial bridge for me. I choose to do a permenent one which of course is higher but in the long run I knew it would be better for me. The thing is it takes months to get all of this done.

In the meantime I have to wait on the Oral Surgeon to make me an appointment then she can put a temporary bridge in that she did impressions for.

The dentist is not sure yet but she thinks it is from all the Pain Killers I have taken over a year now. She says certain narcotics can damage your teeth. Now I know why I see so many toothless people in jail.

So your friend this morning has turned into a Obsessed Toothless Old Hag who cries everytime she looks in the mirror or walks outside on the porch. 

You should of seen me at work the last two days trying to not look at anyone or open my mouth. Lord knows that is a real problem for Maggie not to open her mouth. Right now I need to go to town but hate the thought of someone noticing the toothless old hag.

Better days are coming I just know they are.

Have a great weekend and Smile for me!

Love to all


Jo said...

OH, Maggie...! You do make me chuckle. How on earth did you get infested with flies? Is there something there that is attracting them? Some carion of some sort?

I have a suggestion. Go outdoors and smile at the flies, and scare them off. (I'm sorry, I couldn't resist...)

I'll bet you still look cute anyway, even with a tooth missing. :-)

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

HAHAHAHAA tooooo darn funny JO. I live next to a cow ranch who has a feed lot next to our fence. I guess that is the problem who knows. I am afraid though to open my mouth outside

Sue said...

Did you consider getting one of those implants? That's what my daughter has, and she likes it. My mom has implants AND a bridge.

Fun, fun, fun.


Garden of Egan said...

I think there was a song written just for you....something about "if it warn't for bad luck I'd have no luck at all"

You make it sound like so much fun though.
I'm so sorry.

The White Farmhouse said...

Oh you poor poor thing. I bet you are still gorgeous! Atleast your sense of humor has not been removed! I know us Maggies like to jawjack too, so not opening your mouth is a bit of a conquest! That is the one thing that I don't miss about being stationed in Texas. It seems that you get one bug that just pesters the crap out of you and makes your life hell!

Julie Harward said...

LOL Oh Maggie, all I can say's a good thing the bath water wasn't left running! ;D

janet said...

Oh Maggie...I would not bother buying any lottery tickets as this does not seem to be your day.

Janet xox

Mumsy and Company said...

Sweet Maggie what else can possibly happen to you? At least the tooth can be taken care of although very expensive. Looks like that fly problem is getting to be expensive too with no good result. That bad luck cloud hanging over you needs to move on and leave you alone...enough is enough. I am sorry you had to break your door pane to get in the house and for the tooth and flies...wish I could make it all go away. It has to get better and I hope that will happen very soon. Keep your chin up and keep keeping on as best you can. Whatever you do, don't lose your wonderful sense of humor. Love and hugs!

GerryART said...

Holy Christmas, Maggie.
I just went to the dentist Tuesday,
guess I had the good luck that was goin' 'round.
After a cleaning, the dentist came in for a look. Just a small cavity at the gum line and he was able to fill that without any Novocaine or what is used these day.
No, flies, just all those darn cicadas flying around all over the place and making their buzzing or what ever you call it - well, it's enough to drive a gal crazy with the constant noise.
Don't know quite what to say, dear sweet gal,
but I will be thinking Good Though very hard toward better days ahead for you.
hugs to you sweetie,

Debby said...

I missed the fly post so went back to read it. I wouldn't like that at all. Yucky bugs they are. And those things like to pester you as well.

Now the tooth. I would be upset as well. I feel sorry for people that can't fix there teeth. Do you have any dental insurance. Why does everything have to cost so much.
I hope that cloud over your head soon leaves. Stay strong dear friend.

Julia said...

Maggie, all I can say is, Your life isn't boring... Too bad you can't be a witch with a magic wand to fix everything. That what came to mind when I saw the old hag. lol Wishing you better luck this week. JB

Marilyn said...

Hope you get some relief from the flies....BUT.... Your toothless smile!! Now let me tell you this.... We entered this world without teeth & everyone thought we were just as cute as a bug. I for one wear dentures & one tooth isn't the end of the world!! This too will pass!!
Love Ya'!!

Marydon said...

ROFLOL! You are such a blast!, sweetie. I know, I KNOW, I still haven't called but I swear I will. I think you saw we had no well for 4 days & the stove was out for 5 so we pioneered it, UGH!

I love your fly art. BUT, ouch! for the toofies, sweetie. I'll bet you about fainted to see this & because of meds?! You sure have had your share & then some this year. Take a picture for Halloween ... oops! sorry I said that, chuckle! Oh, Maggie, bless your heart ... things will get better.

Love you forever ~

shawkl said...

Oh my! But, thanks for the laugh!
Found this link for you about killing flys
Also found an article that said flys like damp stop watering!

Shirley said...

Hi Maggie, I haven't been able to leave you comments and hopefully the ones that I try to leave tonight as I do some Me time I will be lucky. I remember we used a fly strip on the farm when I was a kid. They were round and when you pulled the string it brought the sicky tape down and the flies stuck to it. I don't think I am doing a very good job of explaining. I have been in ths sun today at a horse show and a t-ball gane,I did chuckle. I can't help you on your tooth problem, but medications do cause damage to teeth and other organs. Things only have to get better. Take care Hugs Your Missouri Friend.

yaya said...

Oh my heck...flies, and teeth, and pain..oh my..My dentist wants me to have an implant to replace one of my back's that or a bridge..but the implant is..gulp...$4,000! So, for now it's going to be put off until I can decide how to go about sympathies though. Here's an idea..just walk around and smile and go about your business as if nothing is wrong..I'm willing to bet no one even notices...that might make you madder! I guess I should be glad I wear a mask all day..hope your weekend gets better!

Cherrie said...

Oh Honey I am so sorry. My heart goes out to you. I sure hope you get some good luck soon because you sure don't need any more bad.

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Never fun to get locked out of your house. Goodness, did you swallow the part of the tooth?!? You are truly due something/someone wonderful coming into your life about now!!!

Happy PS!
Angelic Accents

jojo said...;j

Tina Eudora said...

Oh Maggie that was too funny (not the tooth part though)!
I have a similar problem with flies around here usually starting at the end of July. There is a dairy farm down the road and flies just come with the territory. I have never found a way to get rid of them so I just stay indoors and pray for deliverance!
Have a great Sunday and wear a key around your neck..:)
Tina xo

Deb said...

you have a great sense of humor about it all...keep your chin up girl...

Tracy said...

Oh my goodness have certainly had a time of it of late...YES, thingd will get better; THIS TOO SHALL PASS!
Keep your sense of humor since really in the long run, we all will lose our teeth and we've all locked ourselves out; it happens to the best of us. I locked myself out of our house when Nicholas was a baby and I had to climb up and crawl through a screen I had to rip....hubby was not too happy but he survived!
please take good care!
love and hugs to you...

My Grama's Soul said...

Oh dear Maggie.....what do they say "The sun will come out tomorrow...tomorrow....tomorrow....the sun will come out tomorrow".

Stay calm,


Connie said...

Flies, broken window, missing teeth and a trip (or 4) to the dentist! What next? Wait, let's not answer that! I hear what you're saying about not wanting to have people notice. I had something removed from my face, just below my nose. I have 7 stitches and so I put a bandaid over the incision and watch as people stare at it but they don't say a word. Kinda funny.
Take care. I hope you got your window fixed before the flies tell all their friends!

HOOTIN' ANNI said... make light of all this, [but I know it's not funny, nor would I be laughing if it were me!!] but....maybe you can peek out your broken glass window pane and smile your toothless smile at all the flies!!! That just may scare them away to next door. And more flies!!

Thanks for your comments on my Saturday post...

Winter Past is my link to Macro Monday. Do stop by, again, when you get a chance. I'd love your company. Have a great week.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

on my way now to call or professional help both for flies and teeth...hahahah
love you all

The French Bear said...

Oh Maggie, you do crack me up!!! You need to have something sticky to trap all the flies.......set out a big bowl of honey..or is it beer....I can't remember for sure....try the honey and drink the beer!!
Sorry about the tooth, that happened to me but mine was from taking iron supplements, it's bad for your teeth....guess I should have listened to my Mom and just ate spinach!
Margaret B

Marie S said...

Hey Maggie. I am sorry about your fly problem. I have no answers for you though.
I do though love the fly art, made me laugh out loud and lord knows we can all use one of those.
Then I felt bad becuase you are living with tons of them.
I am so sorry about your tooth too. At least it doesn't hurt.
I just wish the dental stuff wasn't so expensive.
Especially after spending all that money on fly catch products.
Maggie I hope that you do have a wonderful week and that some kind of miracle finds its way to you soon!!

A Tale of Two Cities said...

Oh, the headaches in life--flies, being locked out and losing a tooth! I guess they are there so we can appreciate the good times even more. Hope you have good times coming your way soon! Until then, hang in there.

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

I'm thinking that it's time for you to catch a break somewhere!

You poor kid!!!!

Hang in there...

Susan S said...

Maybe you could find entertainment for yourself and others by learning some kind of cool whistle through the gap? Well, it would help pass the time until all the work is done!

Donna said...

Dear Maggie...I have dreamt a tooth fell out but never had it happen! Glad you didn't aspirate it in your sleep! Hope you can find a quick fix!
As for the funny, good luck!

Draffin Bears said...

Dear Maggie,

Best of luck dear friend with the tooth and the pesky old flies.
So sorry all this is happening and wishing you brighter and happier days ahead for you!