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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Dead Fly Art!

Yep I have finally lost it! I am doing a post about Dead Fly Art. Have you ever seen anything as gross as this.

Or this?

Not sick yet! How about this picture!

NO I did not do these pictures for this post but believe me I could have very easily since there is no shortage of flies at the North Forty here lately.

Just when I think I have seen everything there is to see in life someone sends me these pictures. Actually I am showing the good ones there are a lot worse than these. Why would someone send me these you wonder? Well it could be for almost a week now I have been totally over whelmed with the thousands of flies that are trying to take over the North Forty.

Never thought that I would hate living out here but if I had the strength to move right now I think this would be the time I would do it.

I can handle a half dozen flies bothering me but when you walk out on your porch and at the garden gate there are so many flies swarming that you get nauseated then it is time for drastic measures.

I have tried everything you can imagine to get my yard back. Christi left today for a few days in Austin with friends. I honestly think she could not stand them any more or listening to her mom complain.

Lowe's and Home Depot are running low on every thing that pertains to killing flies because I have bought them out. Believe me when I say not much has helped. I hung up five of those disgusting fly catchers that you fill half way up with water and they put out a disgusting order and the flys go inside and can't get out. Now I have five bags full enough to make one gag and yet they have not put a dent into my problem.

There is a Cherry Laurel tree near the side entry that drops hundreds of black berries and I guess this is one of my problems. Another problem is I live next to a ranch that they feed their cattle near the fence next to our place. Nice huh?  Of course their nice house is the other direction of this feed lot.

I have sprayed and sprayed Eco friendly spray because my out door momma cat had kittens so I am trying not to kill them. Any body out there have a suggestion for me besides moving.

I have been washing my porch down with Dawn liquid and still no help. I guess Christi is right I am obsessed with these horrible creatures. I believe I dream about them too. lol

Anyway when I start doing post about Dead Fly Art you know I need help! So come quickly to my rescue. I am even willing to let you take me to the State Mental Hospital in Austin that is if there are no flies.

Open for suggestions. Just leave me a comment.

Sorry if I have made you sick!

Sweet Dreams


Gorges Smythe said...

Well, it's no worse than flea circuses!

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

Oh that is hilarious. Now listen, I have you beat. I grew up between a chicken and a cow farm. Flies were everywhere, always. In my bedroom I had plain muslin curtains and i always thought muslin was covered with little black specs. Until I moved away and discovered it was plain. Those were 'fly specks' ugh.
Mom used Fly strips, have you tried those?
and they don't like smoke, you could burn lots of candles. Outside there are those insect candles too. If I think of anything else I'll quick write.

yaya said...

Oh my gosh...I laughed my head off at the fly pics, but then after reading the post I'm really so sorry for you. I hate the bugs in the country. This year with all the wet our problem is mosquitoes..I'm sure I'll get malaria. First the wasps were going crazy when it finally got nice. Now they're much better and I'm a little freaked out about finding hornet nests in the bushes like I did last year...and got stung! It never ends. I mentioned to a coworker that I was getting some projects done in the yard this weekend. She said: "Don't you just love projects?"..I just blurted out: "NO! I HATE PROJECTS! I WANT TO LIVE IN A CONDO WITH A POOL, AN EXERCISE ROOM, AND GO TO A MOVIE, OUT TO DINNER, OR MAYBE A VACATION INSTEAD OF "PROJECTS"!!!!..ARE YOU CRAZY!"..I think I over reacted..when I told Jack about it he laughed and said, but don't we get great satisfaction from the results?...ahhh...NO! I think, like you, it's time to move! Thanks for listening. I wish I could give you some great fly ideas..but I only can vent my frustrations...I'm a loser as a blog friend! But I love ya and hope it's better soon. P.S...Is this a novel or what???

A Tale of Two Cities said...

That's really bizarre, and what a nuisance. Believe it or not, we are starting to have mosquitos here in Houston, even thought we are in a drought. Explain that to me please....

Hang in there...

Laura said...

Maggie, Maggie, Maggie!
I am still laughing,
and I needed to.

White Spray Paint

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Hi Maggie Sweetie...
Try a Shoofly plant. It's an annual plant that blooms for two to three months in the summer. The plant grows to be 2 to 5 feet tall, occasionally branching out, but for the most part, growing upward. The leaves on the plant are an oval shape and measure about 8 inches long and 4 inches wide. When in bloom, the flowers often point downward. The 5-lobed flowers are light blue or lavender with a white center. When fully open, the flowers measure about an inch across. The shoofly plant repels flies with it's smell and has the ability to thrive in most environments. When the plant is not in bloom, grind up the leaves and roots, mix the juice with a little bit of milk and set it out on a dish--flies will eat the mixture and then die.

Flies do not like lavender as well. You could always set out some pots of lavender. I keep a couple of pots around the pool and patio area.

I am sure you could get these plants at the nursery or check on line. I mean we order everything on line.

Girl, I have got to tell you, we too bought a couple of those bags that you fill up with water, and I believe it attracts them, not detracts. We finally threw ours out and it isn't near as bad without them.

Keep me posted sweet gal. Love the pics. Who would have thought. Have a gorgeous Friday sweetie. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

janet said...

Oh Dear Maggie,

As a newlywed, we lived on a dairy about flies!

They would get in to our apartment and gather in the windows. I would vacuum them up and throw out the bag. One time my husband hung those sticky fly strips and I accidentally got too close and got amir hair stuck...GROSS!!!!! All those half dead fly and my hair all stuck together..still freaks me out!

Wish I had some help for you

Janet xox

~ Regan said...

^^ LOL, Shoofly Plant, at first when I read that comment, I thought Sherry said SHOOFLY PIE. Eeeew. Fly pie. ;) (I know, I know, There is an actual Shoofly pie, and it's supposed to be really gooey and yummy....) Just goes to show you how tired I am right now!! ;)

I don't know if this will help you, but check out this post from waaaaay back. I intended to trap/kill wasps, but I know flies are dumb enough to fall for this trap, too. :) Hope it helps.

And, for what it's worth, I think the fly are is hilarious!

Mumsy and Company said...

I am sorry about your fly invasion sweet Maggie and I hope someone has answers for you, wish I did. Can't say I like the fly art much not too fond of bugs in my house so would not want to hang them. Who ever thought of using dead flies to make art anyway??? Hugs and hope to hear soon all those flies are gone.

Sharon said...

I wish that I had some good advice for you dear friend.
Right now we are having a big mosquito problem all of a sudden. I think it is because of all the water setting around.
Have a great weekend.

Tam said...

Maggie I will be there about 3pm to take you to the State Mental Hospital in Austin...I think you Officers refer to it as ASH...hahaha
Been thinking that you might crack under all that has been happening to you so I have been coming by and checking on you but have been unable to leave comments. This one better work.
Anyway girl this post made me think of the ole Maggie the one that is crazy....but I love her.
Fly solution besides moving is a hard one...have you tried putting basil and I think it is Marigolds on your porch they hate those two smells.
You could go shoot those cows but then you would be blogging from inside the jail instead of outside.
Stay calm and keep your mouth closed when outside
Your friend forever

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

I wish I had some good advice for you. You would think that a horsewoman would know all about flies!

They persecute my horses terribly, but haven't shown up yet because it's still pretty cold here.

You may try looking at horse supply places online. Horse farmers battle flies all the time!

good luck!



Susan said...

Try a feed store instead of Lowe's.

Home and Heart said...

Hi Jo! You were the winner of my necklace last month, and I haven't heard from you! Can you please pop in for a visit and give me your e-mail? Thanks!!

Susie Swanson said...

I'm so sorry for the fly invasion, wish I had some tips, but I can't think of any now. I couldn't help but laugh at the pictures, sorry! Thanks, Susie

Sue said...

Those are both gross and immensely funny.


PS. Hope the flies lose your address.

Sybil said...

Oh dear i really do have to check into the loo before I read your blog Grandmayellowhair !! I thought this time I had madw it wthout as much as a smile...more of a yuck...when I gotto the end and saw your request to take you to the Mental hospital...Iam away again giggle giggle giggle...Thank goodness we have not been invaded over for a cure I'm afraid I'm not the one to help other than the rolled up newpaper to swipe them as they pass by..
Love sybil xxxx

Julia said...

Dear Maggie. Put the cat and her kitten in the bathroom and use RAID to kill the flies in your porch... There comes a time when you have to take drastic measures. Just cover your nose and mouth with a wet cloth and spray the darn pestulance. Then you can make your own fly art. Flies in jail, flies on death row, lol... flies facing the firing squad, flies in coffins, flies being beheaded by guiotine, flies in the cemitary, lol... flies in hell.
Oh no, as I'm typing this I see a big fly on my window. It's off with her head. I gotta go.. JB

Olga said...

I can relate. Flies have made me crazy in the past. Horse flies, stupid cluster flies, any kind of fly. Yuck.

Kim said...

Maggie, I'm sorry but I am laughing. My first thought as I started reading this was "Gee Maggie...cut back on the pain killers!" lol.
Get a few lavender plants for the porch.
Good luck!

blueviolet said...

No art with insects is art worth having as far as I'm concerned! ;)

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Now Maggie, the flying Zambini's are kinda funny, but this is a really gross post!!! Only a friend could tell you that, right??!!! :0)

Seriously, I'm so sorry about your pest problem. Hope it gets better soon!

Angelic Accents

artangel said...

Ewww! I struggled to look at those pics - I don't do creatuires with more than 4 legs!

Citrus or mint are supposed to be repellant to flies I've heard? It sounds like you may need something more aggressive than natural remedies but maybe worth a try (if nothing else your house will smell nice ...?!) x

artangel said...

PS thank you for your kind comments on my blog - I'd be delighted to do a Blogazine post for you if you'd have me, just say the word (I promise no dead flies!)! x

Brynwood Needleworks said...

We used to put out those fly catchers when we had the kennels up north. We became convinced that we were actually attracting them! So,if you're going to use them, take them to an area away from your door...toward the cow lot and see if that helps. The fly art is hilarious, but I know the flies aren't. Hope it gets better soon, Mags.