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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Memory Lane Monday's On Thursday!

Nothing like linking three days late for Memory Lane Mondays over at Donna's. She has the site Brynwood Needle Works and host Memory Lane Mondays the last Monday of each month. Sorry Donna for taking so long to join this month.

Thank goodness it is Thursday and not Monday because as crazy as this week started I could not relive it. lol

For my walk down memory lane I chose one of my memories of the San Jacinto Monument near La Porte, Texas where I grew up.  On April 21, 1836, Mexican rule over Texas came to a dramatic close where this monument now stands. It was here the famous saying Remember the Alamo was the battle cry for all the men lead my General Sam Houston to win our Independence from Mexico.

The climax of the Texas Revolution, the Battle of San Jacinto eventually moved America’s western border to the Pacific Ocean.

The San Jacinto monument stands 15 feet taller than the Washington Monument. Since it is so tall you can see it for miles along the Texas Coast line. Growing up I could step out on my front porch and see the very top which is a Star.

One Sunday morning I was reading the Houston Chronicle and it had a big picture showing that the monument had fallen. I was stunned because I could not imagine something like this falling.

Also on the monument there are all the mens names inscribed on the walls outside of who fought for Texas Independance. One name is John Duncan who is a great great Grandfather of mine. He was my Mom's great granddad and to this day I love reading Texas History.

I laid down the paper and went out to our front porch and there thank goodness was still standing proudly the Memorial to all of  the brave men who fought for our Independence.

Not sure how old I was when this happened but I went back into the house picked up the paper again and read the article all the way through. The last sentence was April Fool! Yep it was April Fools Day and they got me good. lol

So I know it is not April Fools Day but what memory do you have of someone playing a Aprils Fools joke on you..would love to hear your stories.

I hope you are having a good week. Next month be sure and join Donna for Memory Lane Monday's.

I need to do a post about my Monday of this week. Talk about a Monday OMG. Maybe I will make that my next post.

Also thank you so much for supporting Kaci on her Race for the Cure Contest for Juvenile Diabetes. The contest ended at 5pm today and the last time I checked she had dropped out of the top five so her entry will not be considered for the final judges but my little sweetie raised over two thousand dollars for fighting this disease and because of you she is still a very happy contestant. In the two years Kaci has had Juvenile Diabetes she spends hours trying to help the Juvenile Diabetes raise money for a cure. Along with Kaci and her family I Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping her raise this money. You are such a blessing to me and I love you all.


Marydon said...

Oh, mercy! Maggie. My VERY best April Fool's joke was to all the bloggers ~

It was hysterical & I got everyone. Go take a peek.

How did you fair with those Drs., sweetie. Fingers crossed & prayers for you.

Have a fabulous holiday weekend.
Hugs & love ~

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

Incredible....I know a TEXAS star...right here in our blog midst!! You have a relative's name on the monument!! Well done is your post.....I've been up there, in that rickety elevator. LOL...the most impressive room for me was the one with the huge portrait of Houston.

Quandom Popularity is my Friday's Post Link.

Have a great holiday weekend!!

Arkansas Patti said...

Got s bit tickles at "my General Sam Houston". No state takes their history to heart like the Texans do. Way to go. That was some April fools joke.
Congrats to Kaci. She should be proud.

Garden of Egan said...

Hope you have a great 4th of July weekend! Should be good times with you involved!

Good luck with the doctors. It has got to be so frustrating!

Love ya my friend.

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

Hi Sweetie,

Just stopped by to say "Happy Fourth".

love love love the new hairdo!

You are one pretty grandmayellowhair....


another grandmayellowhair...

Debby said...

Our little town did something like your
April Fool. It was about putting a monorail through town. We couldn't believe it......and then found out it was a joke.
Can't wait to here about your Monday.
Kaci still did a good job. Bless her heart.
Happy Fourth.

Lisalulu said...

love checking in with you.. love your memories too.. hope you are doing ok with all the dr visits... AND working. out prison here has a killing.. felt bad for the guards! I thought of you, and WISH you all the best.

Tam said...

Maggie hope you are doing well tonight. I have missed you and had to come by and check on whats going on in your life.
I understand doing a Monday post on Thursday since I have been living like that the last month or so.
We love the San Jacinto Monument. Not sure if you know it but I am sure you do that anyone that had family that fought for Tx independence can be a member of the Daughters of the Republic. If your not a member you should be.
Having you in their group would really be fun. lol
I will send you a email some time this week

Susie Swanson said...

I love your post it always gives me a lift. Thank you for visiting mine. Been wondering how you're doing. Hope the drs. are doing more for you. Hope you have a great 4th also..Susie

yaya said...

Congrats to Kaci for raising so much money! I hope your Dr. visit went OK, but I'm assuming the next post will cover that. Fun post today. I think the best April fool's joke was played on me by my youngest son. I was pregnant with him and sure enough I went into labor on April 1st...only Jack said he wasn't having a child born on that day so I played the joke back and had Jordan the next day...

Marydon said...

Just checking in on you, sweet friend.

May her flag fly high & proud forever over this great land ... may God see the changes we need & grant us that blessing.

Happy 4th, sweetie.


Debbie@Debbie-Dabble said...

thanks so much for your visit!! LOVE your new haircut!!

You asked about the lavender? I don't think it is actually lavendar but i truthfully have no idea what it is. It looked pretty to me....


Draffin Bears said...

Hi Maggie,

It was great to catch up with you and love the new hairdo, you look beautiful.
It was also great to read your stories of memory lane.
Hope that all is well with you and have a happy 4th of July.

Hugs from NZ