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Friday, January 8, 2010


Jeez..................ladies I have missed all of you! This has been the longest week of my life not communicating with all my online buddies. It was like I was captured by some outerspace aliens and locked in a capsule with no access to anything. Let me tell you it is not a good feeling to go five days like this and according to Verizon Wireless I have 12 more days to be in this closed capsule.

Sit back grab some hot chocolate and let me tell you what happened to me this past Monday. Last January I joined Verizon Broadband because living out here in the middle of no where dial up was like when I was a teenager waiting on a new Elvis movie to come to our small town theatre. It just was too slow coming. So I signed up with Broadband and patted myself on the back for such a smart move. Well ladies for ten months everything was fine and then I find out that I am not the smartest kid on the block and was actually told by a male friend of mine this week after discussing this problem that I reminded him of Forrest Gump. He could not believe that anyone could be so dumb.
It seems that on Broadband you are limited to the amount of Gigs you can use on a monthly basis. Mine is 5 gigs and was told by the Verizon saleman that it was almost impossible to use that many gigs in a months time. I never stayed on my computer that long so I never worried about the possibility of running over. Hold on to your cup of hot chocolate or whatever your drinking because ladies I not only went over 5 gigs but in November I used 10. I now owe Verizon not only my arm but both legs.
By now you have to be thinking what an idiot grandmayellowhair is because I know I have had that thought for a week now. In all honesty and I hate to admit to all of you but I thought my usuage was by how long I was on the internet not by the size of sites I visit and how many bytes are on that site or the amount of pictures you download to your blog site. None of this occured to me at all. It seems that just my site alone was 300,000 bytes. So if I opened my site several times a day to go into it and check your comments and then go to your sites I am using a huge amount of my gig allowance. Is this not stupid!!!!!!!!!!  The Verizon lady was laughing at me almost the whole time we were talking because I was freaking out over the amount I owed them. I guess she doesn't get to talk to alot of Forrest Gump grandmothers. I tried to explain to her that there was no way I was staying with a company that I could not enjoy visiting blogs because they might have a lot of graphics on them and therefore big bytes. It seems she is not a blogger because she actually told me well you will just have to limit your visit to your blog friends to maybe one friend a week. ONE friend a week are you NUTS lady. This is the only enjoyment in my life and I am going to limit it to one follower a week. I said with almost 200 friends on here you want me to visit one a week. Do the math lady! Its 52 weeks in a year that would be almost 4 years before I got back to the first friend I visited over three years ago. It made no impression on her what so ever so I called the next day and got someone that was a little more sympathic but not much help either. She explained my options and for $120.00 I could cancel my contract and go back to dial up.

My gigs role over on the 20th of every month and since I had already used 5 gigs by the 3rd of this month I have had to go through withdrawal of visiting with all of you and catching up on your sites.
The reason I am able to do this post and be on here tonight is I am visiting my daughter in Austin before her big trip to Barcelona, Spain on Sunday. She suggested that I take my laptop and the Verizon wireless thingee tomorrow to their store and have it checked because she feels like maybe this is a mistake or it has malfunction. Who knows all I know is I feel like Verizon can take their bytes and gigs and service and ............................................... oh dear Ms Pearl is coming out.
Anyway have any of you gone thru this? I went to my site tonight and took things off it making it smaller and I put only one post on a page and made my pictures smaller which knocked it down to 80,000 from 300,000. But still this is so ridculous. Next week I will check on Hughes net and see if I can afford them. I have to get with someone that is unlimited because I can not give up visiting with you guys.
So that is why I have not visited your sites or did a post all week. Hopefully this will get straigtened out tomorrow at the Verizon store.
Sweet Dreams


Pom Pom said...

Oh my goodness! What a disaster! You'll get it figured out. You will.

Jenny S said...

Talking to my husband 300,000 bytes is only 3 megs so that should not have run you up very quickly. Since there are 1000 megs in a kilobyte and 1000 kilobytes in a gig....something must be weird!! I think??

Tracy Suzanne said...

Oh' Dear Sweet Maggie, I can certainly understand why you would be perturbed! I'd be having a meltdown. It's so funny, just over 6 months ago I was like, why would anyone want to blog. I didn't understand it, I didn't care but now......Don't take away my friends, no computer access, are you flipping crazy!

I didn't know any of this until you told me. I'm really computer illiterate. This blows me away. I better start counting my blessings.

Good luck honey, maybe something is wrong with your connection. Enjoy your time with your daughter.

Hugs...Tracy :)

Sarah Lulu said...

My Giraffe boy says ...blogs are big and use more bandwidth than average pages. 5 gigs is probably not enough - we have 50 he said. I've got him sitting next to me hahaha ....because I'm clueless too. He said you should explore a plan with 20 gigs of bandwidth per month. In Australia the 50 ...costs us about $50 a month for ADSL.

On another note your blog loads SO SO SO much better for me now you have made it a bit smaller...used to seize up because you had so much going on.

Any more questions ....Giraffe boy said he is happy to help ...he's an IT support person ...but of course we're on the other side of the world! xxxx

The Garden of Egan said...

Oh, mercy! I've never heard of such a thing! How awful. I think I would have to curl up on the floor and suck my thumb!
I couldn't visit one blog friend a month. That Verizon lady is obviously pathetic!
I hope you find another alterative soon, that is ridiculous!

jojo said...

well I must be living under a rock because I haven't the slightest idea of what you are talking about. A Byte, how do you check them or tell how much your blog is using??? I'm lost, completely. I hope you get it straightened out and then tell me, in regular words, what it's about. love ya,

Queen "B" said...

Alooooha Maggie,
so sorry to hear of your Gig trouble and I have yet to find a Company that isn't looking to take you ,Verizon tried to charge us $1,000.00 for our emails from France to the us when we took a trip with an international wireless card!! oh yes they never explained any of the details and we fought them hard, so you go girl!!
all the Best
Aloha Wishes

Cynthia K. said...

Hi Maggie ~ so sorry about these stupid internet problems - I don't understand them at all.

Just dropped by to say I'm saying a little prayer for quick healing of your body and safety and protection for you in your wild job. God bless you Dear Friend.

Have a Beautifully Blessed 2010...

Cynthia K. (Beauty and Blessings)

Sares said...

I have never heard of such a thing either. It sounds like Mr. Giga-byte needs to be taken out and shot. Now you know these companies just assume we are all idiots too and don't know this right, after all how many people born before 1980 speak this lingo unless they work in computers. I hope you solve your delima, it sounds very frustrating indeed. Don't worry about getting back to me, save your bandwidth! Just have a great weekend and try not to kill the computer in the meantime!

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Hey there Maggie, I had the same thing happen to me..apparently blogger has only so much it can hold and I thought by deleting cartoons, old photos on my blog would didn't so I had to buy more bytes or whatever through google,
Google storage - 10 GB shared storage plan for $20.00 and now I am good till hubby had me do this..I can't remember where I found all of the stuff I had photos on..but it was alot..if you go into your "my account" there should be a tab that says Picasa web albums..that is where your photos are stored..see if you can delete from that and see if that helps..Cause I love hearing from you...and I can't believe you had to pay that!!! outrageous!!! take care..:)

Arkansas Patti said...

Holy Crap, another Gumpette here. My DSL is $36 a month from local phone co who is my ISP and have never had any overages???
I do agree with Sarah Lulu though for you really load a bunch faster now.
Hope you find an answer soon, withdrawal can be painful.

Renie Burghardt said...

Maggie, lets just say you have scared me but good now! I have had Verizon Wireless for 2 months now, since I could not get broadband here in the boonies either. I have the 5,000 gigs a month, too. Have to look into this for sure. Good grief, and I thought I was so lucky to finally have high speed. I am sorry you are having this problem, and thanks for the warning!!!

Symphaty Hugs,


Jacque said...

Good Morning Grandma...

Well, I will tell ya!! I sympathize with you. Since we moved to East TN, I have had dial-up internet thru ATT. There is no DSL available here yet. (I am on a small decorating budget and have to choose between saving for a new bathroom or surfing a fast internet). So far, other than throwing the occasional cussing fit for slow downloads and lock-ups, I am doing fine with the service. AND...the best part...on MY plan, the fee is only $22.95 for unlimited access. You might want to consider that option.

Hootin' Anni said...

Is it possible that you can get cable? Like in TV cable? Where you live?

If so...there is wireless cable that goes with a package deal.

and, it's UNLIMITED!!! You can be on 24/7 and visit as many as you want...with no 'extra charge'.

Or even look up a dish network, some have unlimited internet access too.

Diane said...

Gramma, well I don't know what bytes are either or any of those other things like megs and rams, etc. Why don't they just call something in an English word we can understand! Anyway, we have cable, thank goodness! I can't imagine my server telling me to limit my online time like that and then charging more?! You shouldn't be charged for the size of other people's blogs. What next!

Hope you can work this out!

Kim said...

Holy Cow. Unbelievable! I guess I'm lucky with a flat rate unlimited internet at a very reasonable rate. What your company is doing should be illegal.

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

hello there and don't despair
I'm with Anni on the cable. Just installed it here and even thought its pricier, its worth every silver nickel. hope you have accesss at your place.

Sis said...

Not me but my daughter in NC has Verizon and she says "it sucks" and costing her more now. I think verizon has a monoply in many areas. Off the internet she will go! I have Century Link - $20 monthly DSL no limit! Hope you may have this ISP in your area. BTW, yes I have terribly missed your posts this week and wondering if you were sick. as for the Ms.Pearl coming out, I am always a Ms. Pearl. Lost my cool way too long ago. But that's okay by me. There needs to be more Ms. Pearls in this world.

Nezzy said...

Oh my girlfriend. I think it's just a sin when a plan has to limit your friends. It's just very wrong.

Stuck in the middle of nowhere here on the Ponderosa I was stuck with molasses slow dial-up for years. Then Centurylink up in a router within the limited distance and wah-la! I bundled unlimited broadband and unlimited local and long distance for around 75.oo a month. My phone bill alone before was never under a hundred. Woohoo!

Surly you have other options so let's lock Ms. Pearl in the closet and keep your friends. Good luck and I hope to be seein' lots of comments!!!

Have a great weekend!!! :o)

Anne's Original Hooked Rugs said...

Well, Maggie, you got me to thinking now, as well. I live in an area where high speed wasn't available and just two weeks ago I bought one of those turbo sticks to be able to get high speed. For three months I have unlimited but you know, I'm not sure about after that...I mean those gig thingys scare me too. I will have to check on that because maybe I will be in the same predicament as you. Thanks for telling us about your situation and hopefully you will get it all straightened out in no time....

NitWit1 said...

I have never heard of this type of billing. I have a DSL Wireless connection. I am connected to the Internet 24/7 even when I am not using e-mail, reading blogs or otherwise surfing.

I have paid 29.95 for at least 7 years via my independent telephone Company. I had to buy a modem from the company and sign for a 15 mo contract, long since expired. The rate has never varied or gone up.

My brother lives in Brownwood, TX and has DSL Verizon for 14.95/mo may be more now but it is a monthly fee and not by measured usage.

Is it your only option?

SharDon Exclusives said...

Maggie dear, I like my cars to run with little gas, mixers to blend with next to no electric, men to take out the garbage without asking each week, and my computer to work! That is NOT asking too much, is it? We have whole new language now...dpi...pixels, kbs, mgs, gigs, etc etc etc. It takes a genius to even talk the talk let alone know what in the world they are talking about. There is yahoo, google, facebook, ebay, blogs, and numerous other places to visit. What is a girl to do anyways? I can't imagine doing without my blogger buddies (which you are in one of the top slots)what would we do if they said no more? I now have to go back and read what happened to you while I was away.
Blessings to you, sweet friend, tell Ms Pearl to be good...just for a little while.

Couture de Papier said...

I would go mental without my computer esp winter
love your blog banner!
Happy Warm Pink Saturday!

nanny said...

guess I need to be thankful for my centurytel dsl........even if it is 49.95 per month!

Sniffles and Smiles said...

I'm with Verizon FIOS and we just pay a flat that a possibility for you? So, so sorry...What a nightmare!!! Hope you can find something that works better for you!! ~Janine XO

artangel said...

Gigs and bytes and cables and what now??? I empathise - I too am Forrest Gump when it comes to technical stuff! Hope you get it sorted soon :(

Nikia, May and da kids said...

Verizon sucks then!
That's not right. Here are some suggestions for free internet usage: the library and wireless internet at cafes and coffee houses.

Not really a computer person myself but the hubby is. I will see how that all works and see if I can't get some more internet suggestions to you.


Libbie said...

Forrest Gump! Oh that did make me laugh!!! That is terrible :)! No...I don't know many people that would know about that. Seems awfully weird to me!

Your note about the fudge was too sweet! I think you have enough to deal with! Put the fudge making & mailing money toward that gigantic bill & I will be happy! Seriously! I don't want you worry about me or feeling friends know that if it is their birthdays & they live far away to expect their presents about 6 months after their that will make one feel bad :)

But yes let us know when you get that all straightened out! We love ya & we need you to keep writing!!!! Take care Maggie!

Terry said...

Howdy Maggie
Get outta here I never heard of such nonsense .
Of course I don't have verizon and never used verizon so I cannot actually speak with any real knowledge of their company .
Now I certainly don't want to deal with them.
Somebody call the sheriff my girlfriend is being robbed by what I don't know but somewhere somebody knows something !
Oh honey you just hold your ground and get some real answers .
I'll be praying for it all to work out right as rain .
Extra Big Hugs
Happy Trails

Terry said...

I"m back again .
I forget if you live where you can have cable DSL, or satellite or neither .
Just a thought explore your options in these areas .
If you could have one or the other you wouldn't have to worry about how many bytes your using .

Big Hugs
Happy Trails

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Hey ladies I just stepped up front for a minute so I could leave you guys a quick comment.
Thank you all for your sweet and helpful comments. I did get to visit with a Verizon manager at a store in Austin so I will be posting an update about that because I learned a lot about blogging and bytes and all that
Take care

Karyn Bernard (French Charming) said...

Oh Maggie, I'm so sorry this happend! I've missed you and I hope you get it all sorted out soon. Do you want me to start a Grandma Yellow Hair blogger fund raiser? lol

I hope this puts a smile on your face but you won my giveaway honey! You have a $75.00 gift certificate waiting for you at Lisa Leonard's Jewelry! Congratulations my friend...couldn't have happend to a nice lady!

Love and Hugs,

Karyn Bernard (French Charming) said...

Whoopsie...I meant nicer lady!

Kissed by an Angel said...

Sorry for all your problems!!! You must have felt so isolated!!! Welcome back!!!

Tammy said...

TIME WARNER CABLE!!! Unlimited long distance and I don't worry about a thing with my connection... knock wood... it generally is very speedy and clean!

Good Lawd... you must be in an area that is using the trial data no? My son talked of this and I told him, That would be the day i'm off the internet. Period. No way i'm going to pay for every byte. U-uh no way.

Good to see you!

Auntie Cake said...

Hi Maggie,
Okay, I don't even have a clue what you were talking about, and my eyes would have glazed over at the first bytes, had you not been so funny... Sound horrid, all of it, hope you get something worked out. Hopefully you can keep bugging them, and maybe they will reduce your bill a bit. I am convinced you will be victorious in this. Got get 'em girl, my life has been really boring without you!

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

I hate when people try to make you feel as though you are heck with are not!

The French Bear said...

Oh Maggie, I don't know anything about the bytes and megas or whatever, I know it's hard to use dial up...... I hope you get it all sorted!!!! I miss your Ms. Pearl stories!!
Margaret B