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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Congestive Heart Failure!

Spring is here! I know many of you are still having some very cold temperature's but hang in there it won't be long and you can enjoy beautiful Azaleas like these. 

For weeks now I have been trying to sit down at my computer and to let you know what is going on in my life since March 8th but I didn't really know how to tell you. 

Sunday three weeks ago today I went outside to move one of the tractors. It was starting to rain again and I wanted to move it to higher ground. I started wheezing and since I had heard wheezing in my chest area the week before I decided to go to the emergency room. I honestly thought I had pneumonia. I was tired all the time and had lost my appetite.
They ran several test and then the emergency room doctor gave me the bad news. He told me I had Congestive Heart Failure. You could of knocked me over with a feather because I had no idea it was my heart. 

A heart doctor was there before I could blink an eye and put a Nitro glycerin patch on my chest and the rest of the day I was sick as a dog.  

In a very short time my three children were by my side and stayed with me for the three days in the hospital. I have always known they loved me but never have I felt more love than I did during this time.

I am home taking it slower and have not returned back to work yet. I keep thinking this is all a bad dream and it will go away but of course then reality slips in and I know it will never go away.

I seem to be in shock and can't grasp it all just yet. I wanted to share this with you weeks before now but like I mentioned I didn't know how to tell you.

Heart problems has a long history in my family especially my mother's side of the family. When I had radiation twenty years ago they told me the radiation would damage a section of my heart and I am wondering if this is why I have this disease besides family history and of course too many pounds over the last few years I am sure has not helped.

After leaving the hospital I honestly thought I would feel better in a week or so but I am weak and can hear the fluid in my chest at times. I have no energy and I pretty much just feel blah most of the time. I would be lying to you if I told you I am not scared. I go to sleep at night wondering if I will see the sunrise the next morning.

My daughter Christi wedding is April 18th and I keep praying that by then I will be stronger because she deserves the prefect day.

Thursday the 2nd I will see a heart doctor in Austin. He is at the Heart Institute there and maybe he can shed more light on all the questions I have about this disease. Reading about it on the internet has absolutely scared me to death. 

It's strange how one day you think your fairly healthy and the next your taking a dozen pills and feel like your time is short. My sweet grandson Bailey writes me text all the time and right after this happened he wrote me "Please Grandma Yellow Hair get well for Me!" It made me cry but I promised him I would.

His dad is after me to move closer to them in Austin. I am of course thinking maybe I should figure out how to make that happen.

Sorry for going on and on about my latest issue. I knew you would want to know and I love you for always being here for me.

Love to All,


Jacqueline said...

I am hoping for the best for you. Talking to the specialist will help I think.

Tracy Cotton Pickin Cute said...

Oh' Maggie, I'm so sorry to hear about your health. I haven't even looked at my reader for months and just pulled it up and this was the first thing I saw. I'll be praying for you and those that oversee your medical issues. I know how strong you are and what a go getter you are. Take it easy on yourself and let your body rest. Warm loving hugs...Tracy

Tracy Cotton Pickin Cute said...
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joanne said...

make sure you write down all your questions and take it with you to the dr. There is a lot of misinformation on line and it can be very scary, I am one of those people that read up about something and then worry myself to tears. I will keep praying for you, I hope they were able to make you more comfortable and help with the anxiety. Love you lady, my heart is with you.

Lesley UK said...

Maggie, I'm so sorry to hear your news. Please take care of yourself. I've been worried because you haven't posted for a while, and now I understand why. Keep strong and try not to worry too much. It's time you slowed down and looked after yourself, instead of working for others. I'm so glad your family is behind you, it's so good to know you have someone looking out for you. I hope you'll be feeling much better soon. luv and Blessings

Sonny G said...

sending prayers and healing energy your way.. so sorry you have this but major strides have been made in the medical field to help with this disease so dont loose hope.
If you can , it might be best to move closer to family. I know your road in this life hasnt been easy but please know you are loved by many of us here and by your family and friends..
wishing you many happy years ahead and keeping you in my good thoughts.

Marigene said...

Maggie, I am so sorry to be reading this. Do what the doctor tells you and you will be with us for a long, long time. Praying for you...

From the Kitchen said...

Maggie, I'm wishing you all the best in managing your heart problem. You have a loving family and modern medicine on your side.


acorn hollow said...

Oh Maggie I am so sorry health issues are game changers for sure.
I will keep you in my prayers and continue to think positive and do what you can

Julia said...

Oh Maggie, I'm so shocked to hear the bad news. I'm sure if you follow a good diet, take your medication and exercise and stay away form strenuous work and worries, you get better. Healing takes time.

You just got to focus on getting better.

One of my husband's friend was hospitalized for congestive heart failure a few years ago and he's very overweight and has bad asthma and so much food allergies but he's still living. He's not eating proper.

There must be a dietician who could get you back on track. Your body can heal.

I'll be praying for you.


smartcat said...

I'm so very sorry to read of your congestive heart failure. It's a scary thing to learn that the pump of life is failing.
Advice: Stop reading stuff on line. There's too much crap published as fact out there. Ask your doc the best site for information.
Write down your questions and/or have someone you trust with you who takes notes for you.
Trust your doc; if you aren't comfortable talk about it or find another.
Last as a bit of encouragement; my brother had congestive heart failure and surgery and lived a healthy twelve years longer, took up ballroom dancing, went on cruises and made many new friends.
I am keeping you in my heart!

Kim said...

So sorry to hear this Maggie. Seeing a specialist should give you some comfort and new information. Do some research and ask lots of questions.

Olga Hebert said...

Oh, no, Maggie. Thank God you got yourself to the ER and will be seeing a specialist. Prayers and positive energy coming your way.

Julie's Lifestyle said...

Oh I'm so sorry to hear abut your health issue. I do hope that it will all work out and you will get better.

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Oh Maggie, I'm sorry to hear this. Do take care of yourself. My dad's side of the family has major heart disease with all of his brothers and sisters except one having had bypass surgery. He had surgery at the age of 45. I'm 49 now and keep hoping that all my dietary changes over the past 10 years will mean that I've done enough to rid myself of the possibility of also having heart problems. I will keep you in my prayers. Stay strong and positive. Blessings and hugs, Tammy

Shirley said...

Maggie, I cried when I read this, but you were smart when you went to ER. We don't think about these, when my dad had his they thought he had the flu. When you go to the doctor, take one of the kids that will ask questions as well if possible. Don't go by yourself because even with questions wrote down there is always something that we forget to ask or don't understand where they could help with that. I usually take my daughter with me. Don't rush things and being closer to kids help in times of emergencies. That is for sure. Many hugs and prayers from Your Missouri Friend Shirley

Jean said...

Maggie I'm so sorry to hear you have been sick. I have had this happen, my husband not me one minute he was doing well and the next at the ER. He had three blocked arteries. After surgery he has been doing well. Glad to hear you went to see a doctor in time. Praying you will be feeling better soon. Jean

Jean said...

Maggie I'm so sorry to hear you have been sick. I have had this happen, my husband not me one minute he was doing well and the next at the ER. He had three blocked arteries. After surgery he has been doing well. Glad to hear you went to see a doctor in time. Praying you will be feeling better soon. Jean

Paula said...

Wishing you the best. I know that scary feeling, not for the heart but the blood.

Arkansas Patti said...

Oh Maggie, I am so sorry this has entered your life and brought you such anguish.
I feel we are all one breath away from a life changing condition. I am so pleased that you went to the ER right away. Denial and delay is what hurts most people. Getting an early jump on this is to your advantage. Like the others have said, write down all your questions and take someone with you when you go to the specialist. There are so many things you can do to help yourself in this and you are tough enough to do them. I had a friend this happened to and by losing weight, doing prescribed exercises and with thoughtful monitoring, he is still going strong and you would never know to look at him that there is anything wrong. They have come a long way treating this condition. Just do as they tell you and try to remain positive. My love, hugs and prayers are coming your way. Be well and strong soon my friend.

gpc said...

You're right, Maggie, sometimes life just turns on a dime. Try not to be afraid, I know lots of people who have lived for more than a dozen years since they were diagnosed with congestive heart failure – it's a terrible sounding diagnosis, but they are still alive and hopefully you will have a very long and happy life ahead. Moving closer to one of the kids is not a bad idea and I'm sure they will help you figure it all out. Stress is not your friend so keep up your spirits and dwell on all the love that's surrounding you!

Gorges Smythe said...

I'll be praying for you, my friend!

Debby said...

Oh Maggie this makes me so sad. I agree with Shirley, just made me weep. I know several people that have had this. They did have to rest more, take medication and change their lifestyle. I know it is liveable but you can't be doing all that you do. So interesting as when I went to the doctor with congestion but no cold. I had wheezing as well. Anxiety and something else that I can't remember. Maybe that was it my memory, hah. Well the doctor sent me for a chest x-ray, my mammogram and an EKG. I was wondering why the EKG. Now I get the connection for what she was trying to rule out. You know the anxiety and the tiredness you have experienced, this might be the reason.
You seriously need to put yourself first. I know you love it where you are but all that work is too much on you.
Interesting about the chemo as well. So many that have had chemo many years ago are having problems because of it.
Please come back to us and let us know the plan.
I agree about taking someone with you. It helps to have them there so they can hear the information in case you focused on something else and missed it.
You will be there for that wedding and in your glory, but dear, no dancing on the tables just yet.
HUGS and Prayers.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Oh Maggie! Please find out what's going on - being fearful is not helping, I'm sure.

I definitely think you need to give up all that work you do. Move closer to the family.

I agree with the comments about bringing someone with you. Sometimes it helps to have someone else there to listen because you may forget something that is said. Please let us know how you are doing!

Just Me Pooh said...

Dear, sweet Maggie how sorry I am to hear this. I always pray for you but I will be sending up many more prayers for you now. They do a lot of good things for people with heart issues now days. Please take care of yourself. I am so thankful you have your sweet family and they are watching over you. Moving closer to them I think might be a good thing and I hope you can work that out if that is what you want. Praying you gain strength and feel really good for the wedding. Sending you tons of love and hugs dear, sweet Maggie...Feel better soon. Maggie

GerryART said...

Maggie, sweet, Maggie,
Your news saddens me. You are Always in my Thoughts. I am sending Lots 'n Lots of Positive Thoughts and Energies your way.
Remember to take this process toward diagnosis one step at a time. Do the most important first, the rest will fall in line.
You have my love
hugs 'n smiles,

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

You are all such sweet hearts for leaving me all these beautiful comments. I will reread them again before turning in tonight because I can not tell you how much your sweet words have helped me today.
When I see the new doctor Thursday I will do my best to let you know what I find out.
In the mean while I will hang on to your words of kindness and love knowing that I have the best friends ever in this beautiful world of blogging.
I hope to visit your sites too soon and to see how you are doing.
Much love to all

Karen Mortensen said...

So sorry to hear this. Saying a prayer for you. May you be at peace through all of this.

PoetessWug said...

So sorry to hear about your heart, Maggie. But keep your positive attitude, like always. Remember what they say: It's a small percentage of what happens to you, and a much larger percentage of how you look at it! And STOP reading stuff on the internet about it!!!! That would scare anybody!! O_O

Welcome to the Garden of Egan said...

Wow! You could have knocked me over with a feather too! I'm so very sorry.

Try and relax (I know, easier said than done) but there is so much that can be done. Medications and even minor procedures can be helpful.

I love you and you're in my prayers.

Delena said...

Maggie, please and try to make the move. Sending you love and hugs

Dr. Kathy McCoy said...

Oh, Maggie! What a shock! I'm so sad for you. But how wonderful that you are so surrounded by love -- the love of your children and your followers as well. I do hope you will feel better and stronger so that you will be able to enjoy Christi's wedding. I'm sure the day will be absolutely perfect for her -- just having you there, even if you're still feeling under the weather. You're in my thoughts and prayers! Love, Kathy

yaya said...

Dearest Maggie, I'm so sorry that you're having heart troubles..I'll keep you in my prayers. Please take it easy and listen to the Docs and do what they say. I know you're a strong woman and very independent but let your family help up, it's the best to laugher. I know you'll find some good things to smile about because that's how you are...please take care!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

It's terrible to be hit with something that takes you completely unaware. I am so sorry. Do all you can to get back on your feet and back to health. You have lots and lots of support and that's wonderful. Really important not to push yourself to work. Don't let fear run your life. I know that's easy to say and not so easy to do.
Lots of people out here are pulling for you, Maggie! Hang in there dear. Make this time of your life just a bad memory.
Much love and positive thoughts to you.

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

Maggie, just look at how many lives you have touched. :0)
We all are pulling & praying for you.
Praying also that you will feel "fit as a fiddle" for the wedding.

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

I will keep you on my prayer list every night. Rest and let the people who love you so much take the lead for awhile, until you are stronger. Lean on your family, they would do anything for you.oxoxo