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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Purr Therapy Giveaway!

Hello my dear friends! Seems like ages since we have visited and way to long since my last giveaway. If you read my last post or can even remember that long ago then you know I took another job besides working out here on the North Forty. Since starting nights I have no clue sometimes whether I am coming or going. No idea what day of the week it is or should I be eating breakfast, lunch or dinner. Totally and completely crazier than my normal crazy. Your shaking your heads and saying that is not possible. I too thought so but believe me when I say that you can always be a little crazier than you think you are now. I am living proof! 

Enough on my crazy life let's talk about a book I received from my friend and fellow blogging buddy Dr. Kathy McCoy. It's a lovely book about lessons in life, loss and love--feline style. Dr. Kathy writes about what her two precious cats Timmy and Marina who in time became extraordinary rescue cats that were employed by her as therapy pets. 

It's a must read for all my animal loving buddies here in this amazing world of blogging. You know how much I love to find a great book.  Purr Therapy is a memoir that will tug at your heartstrings as it has mine. Warning have a box of tissue close by while reading this story. 

 Dr. Kathy is a psychotherapist and author of more than a dozen books. She has written for Reader's Digest, The New York Times, Redbook, Glamour, Family Circle and a guest writer for my Blogazine on my blog.

Not only in this giveaway will you win a must have book but you will have a book with my name in it. Yep under acknowledgements you will see my name Maggie Mallard. I have to say I thought I had won the academy award seeing my name in one of Dr. Kathy's books.  After grabbing a tissue and drying my eyes I called and wrote everyone I could think of about this honor. It truly touched my heart in a way that is hard to describe. I wrote her a note to tell her how grateful I am but I don't think there are words for how I felt knowing that she did this for me. To be acknowledge in a book is an honor alone but to be mentioned in a book as lovely as this one just is like being loved to the moon and back. 

So I am sharing that love with you dear friends by giving away one of these books to one of my faithful awesome followers that you guys all have been over these years.

You just have to leave a comment on this post only by February 28th 2015 and tell me you would love to have a copy and I will use the Random Generator to pick the winning number. 

Good luck to all of you! I am excited because I love this book and you!

I do want to add that I miss all of you and I have not given up hope to get back into this world of blogging that I have been neglecting for a while now. This night job in all honesty is kicking my old rear end but it's too soon to tell if I can adjust and do both jobs. It has been raining so much here that I know that in less than two weeks I will be mowing like crazy again. Right now I am having all the equipment serviced and getting ready for the work ahead. 

If I find that I can not do both then I will give up the night job. There is a possibility that another employee here is going to quit her day job and might want one or two of my five nights. I don't think that I will have a problem with that at all. haha

I hope to share some of the crazy things that have already happened to me up here with you soon.
I did want to go ahead and do this giveaway. I actually wanted it to be done by Valentine's but didn't of course make it. 

Your all my sweet Valentine's and I love you!



Linda said...

I would love to have a copy of this book!

Welcome back!

acorn hollow said...

So good to see you post. I did the 3rd shift at one time in my life and I hated every minute of it. I can not sleep days.
take care of yourself.

shawkl said...

Oh working nights would really mess my clock up! Love to see you posting again...adore your stories! Congrats on the tribute in the book..well deserved I'm sure! Hugs,

Julie's Lifestyle said...

Hi I'm a new follower of yours and thanks for the book giveaway! I would love to be entered into your giveaway. Sorry to hear that you have been working so much and I do hope things will slow down for you. Take care.
Julie at Julie's Lifestyle

yaya said...

Congrats on the wonderful honor of being acknowledged in the book! Working 2 jobs is hard enough, but doing the graveyard shift is really crazy! Take care yourself because working nights is hard on the body. It was great to hear from you Maggie!

Olga Hebert said...

Wow, Maggie. Have you had time to read past the acknowledgements!?! I would love to have this book with your name in it. Take good care, my friend.

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Hi Maggie, I'm not entering the giveaway, just stopping by to see how you are doing and to say hello. Night work is hard on anyone. Take care of yourself. Best wishes and blessings, Tammy

Julia said...

I'm so glad you posted today Maggie.
WELCOME back Maggie.
You never cease to amaze me. You working at two jobs!!! I sure hope you take time to care for yourself Maggie. I worry about you... Night shifts and not enough sleep shorten lives...

You made Dr Kathy's book sound so interesting that I'll ask to be entered in the give away.

I'm looking forward to hearing all about your adventures.
Stay safe.

gpc said...

I am sorry you have to work yourself into a frenzy, but isn't it good to have an excuse?! It's always so good to hear from you, Maggie. :)

Arkansas Patti said...

Oh, I do hope you can reduce your hours by a few days. That would give you time to think and pee. Do take care my friend and please don't over do.
Do you have to have an acceptance speech for an acknowledgment? Seriously how cool and kudos on making it in print.

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

Hi Maggie,

I'm always up for a good book, especially one that involves fur babies.

Don't work yourself too hard, sweetie...

Paula said...

Take care of your self. Congrats on having your name in print in the nice book.

Welcome to the Garden of Egan said...

So sorry about the night shifts. Those are treacherous!!!!
I have been so out of the loop myself that I haven't kept up on much but am slowly getting back into blogging.

Hope you can find something more normal.

GerryART said...

Maggie, you're amazing.
Seems you have the energy of two.
Keep in mind that it is easy to over-do. Do take time for yourself.
I'm not entering the giveaway this time, I, too, just want to stop by to say, Hey!
hugs 'n smiles,

Delena said...

You are a busy person and I totally understand how hard it is to get into blogging when life is racing by. I follow Dr. Kathy's blog also and love her stories and wisdom. I would love to win a book. Hugs.

Julia said...

Hi Maggie, I think you're working way to hard. lol...
I did came by and left a comment and I asked to be entered in your give away so I'll ask again. Please enter me in your give away.

It's so cold again here this morning but sunny thank goodness. -23 °C or -9.4 °F.

Stay warm if you can.

Just Me Pooh said...

Love you sweet Maggie. Big hugs, Maggie

La Petite Gallery said...

Oh Maggie, you are a celebrities,
that is just wonderful. What an honor.
Congrats to you. Yep!, we got a foot of snow yesterday. I have snow all around the house up to the roof. Not feeling good, can't stand up without awful pain on left side of stomach. ??? Two days now, calling Dr. today. Stay well and get some rest. yvonne

Julie's Lifestyle said...

hi Maggie, I'm going to make some scarves with my new yarn I won! Thanks so much for stopping by and for the chance to win the lovely book. Take care and be well.

Lesley UK said...

Hi Maggie, I just wanted to say how much I've missed your postings. My laptop died in early December, and it took with it all my favourite blogs etc. Luckily I was able to put yours on my new laptop that arrived today, because I could never forget Grandma Yellow Hair. I would love a copy of the book, but as I live in the UK the postal charges might be too much, but I wanted you to know how much you've been missed

Linda said...

Warm greetings from Montreal, Canada. I just found your blog today. I don't participate in giveaways, but if I did, I would wish to participate in this one, as this book looks and sounds like books I enjoy reading.

I wish everyone all the best.

Sybil said...

hI maggie...well much to late for teh give away !! but who cares it is your news I long to read.. I am sorry that it has taken me a few days to find thatyou had updated us again...I do hope that you aar enot doing to much wwith the two jobs...especially as you say when teh mowing starts...but at least you will have had afew eeks extra money comming in !! you will need it for teh upcoming wedding LOL.. Can you please find outif that great sounding book is available over here in teh UK..drop me a wee line please..I woudl just love to read ir.. ( I know what you mean about being mentioend in a book I know my sister dedicated her first book to me and I was so thrilled and honored...
PLEASE try to po in more often andlet us know how you are. I miss your regular updates xxxxxxx