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Saturday, January 10, 2015

My Selfie!

It's been all the rage of 2014 to post your Selfie on every site you think someone might enjoy seeing a picture of you. Never have I mastered the art of holding up my phone and taking one I would care to share until today. I finally captured how I have been looking for most of  this past year.

Honestly you might laugh but this was taken on a good day!

The weather here has me hibernating more that usual. A year ago even while hibernating my hair was always fixed, make-up on and legs shaved but sadly this winter my selfie tells it all. If someone were to knock on the door I would have to hide.

It seems though these lazy days are not to last. Every month I seem to dip into savings 
to make ends meet and I knew for a long time I had to do something different. Even cutting back on everything has not worked so I have been job searching.

I have my application in several places and then Tuesday I went for an interview at a hotel where I had worked as a night auditor before I went to work for the Sheriff's Office. They were glad to have me back and I started the next day. 

I only wanted part time so I could keep my job here but for now they need me full time so I am going to do my best to work both places. I should be okay until all the mowing starts. Even though just three days of training kicked my rear end. I was exhausted every day and so glad to have the weekend off.

I should be able to do it when my body adjust to being up all night. I worked here and twelve hours at the Sheriff's Office so if my health holds out I can do it.

After a few months of nights my next selfie may be a lot worse than this. haha

I wanted to share this picture of my Kaci taken after her dance team performed their Christmas Dance. Wish I could of seen her because she gives a 100 percent to the performances.

Yes! This is the little girl I have shared with you since I started my blog. Where oh where have the years gone.

Hope you are staying warm. It never got above 35 today which is cold for us but not like some of you are having to deal with.

Looking forward to catching up with you and visiting your sites. Thanks for always coming by and checking on me and leaving me such delightful comments. You are the best!

Love to all


Debby said...

Oh Maggie, I have missed you. I'm sorry that you to take another job. I don't think I could do full time anymore. Let alone two jobs. I will say some prayers for you. Hopefully this will help you or lead you the direction you need. Maybe you will find a handsome rich single cowboy.
Your granddaughter remnds me of my dancing girl. They are growing up too fast. Hugs

Gorges Smythe said...

The plan to do away with the middle class seems to be working; doesn't it?

gpc said...

My dear, you look FABulous! :) It will be a tough adjustment, but I hope your new job will bring you untold blessings. We just never know what surprises are still out there waiting, and I'm hoping that all your surprises from now on will be good ones. Hugs.

Paula said...

Your granddaughter is a doll. Good luck with your new job. After all this rain I'm afraid we all will have lots of mowing here in Texas.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Haha, you've got the right idea, Maggie; I can't take a decent selfie either! Your granddaughter looks so grown up in that picture. Good luck with your new job. I hope you don't tire yourself out. I went back to work at a part-time job back in May and in really seems to work well for me. I still get to do things and see my granddaughter in the afternoons.

La Petite Gallery said...

Oh Maggie, that photo of the chicken still has me laughing. Hope the new job works out. I find the people I work with get me through the day. Those days are over , would you believe my girlfriends from work still write and call me 15 years later. Two passed away. Younger than me. Love
This news in France scares me.

acorn hollow said...

So glad to see you post. but so sorry you are working two jobs at the moment.

yaya said...

Your selfie had me are a hoot! You're putting yourself into a tough schedule...take care not to overdue it. Your Granddaughter has grown up! Time does go fast! Have a good weekend. Our temps were brutal last week but today it's suppose to be around 30de..heat wave!

Pat said...

Can not believe how grown up Kaci is. What a beautiful young lady. Wishing you success with your new job but sorry to hear it was a necessity. As for your selfie...I do believe you took that photo of me and are claiming t as your own.
Have a lovely Sunday,

Olga Hebert said...

That selfie is pretty funny except we all have times when we feel like that. I do hope the two jobs are not too much for you, but it has always seemed that you are a hard worker and motivated to do what needs to be done. Hope 2015 turns out to be a better year for you.

Arkansas Patti said...

Let's see, new job, still old job, now posting on Blogger. You really do jump into the deep end Maggie girl. It will get easier, honest and I hope we fit in your new killer schedule.
KC is becoming a young woman. Wow time flies.
So good to see you back. Just remember to enjoy some Maggie time.

PoetessWug said...

Your 'selfie' reminded me of how happy I am to let the whole selfie craze pass me by!! LOL...Don't work too hard now!!

Diana Wise said...

Hi Maggie,
It's been awhile since I've stopped by to say hello. I'm sorry to hear that you are going through some rough times and I do wish you the best at your new job.
Your little granddaughter is so pretty.
Blessings to you sweet friend.


Debbie@Debbie-Dabble and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

Happy New Year!!
Good to hear from you, Maggie!!

Well,as far as working night shift, I am not the one to ask about sleeping because I do not get much sleep. When I first started to work night shift, I had 2 young children so I would sleep for a few hours in the morning until about 1pm then get up and go back to bed in the evening about 6pm and then get up before I went to work.
Here it is 32 years later and I can not break this pattern of sleep so even though I have no reason to now, I still split my sleep. I need to sleep before I go to work at night or I am dying there.
I hope night shift works out for you.... I would not work another shift.....


Susan Flett Swiderski said...

Happy New Year, Maggie! Good luck with the new job. Who knows? It could be a blessing in disguise... right! Right!

Your granddaughter is a real cutie.

Julia said...

Maggie, how did I missed your post???

I guess I didn't recognized you with your new hairdo.
I thought that someone had stolen my selfie. That's how I look everyday when I come home from the farm. That darn touque that keeps my head warm messes up my hair some terrible. hahaha. That's how I look.

Getting out of the house and going to work may just be the best thing for you. Maybe some new doors will open up for you.
You still got plenty of good years left in you yet and you'll be fine. Just take care of yourself and don't over do it.

Just Me Pooh said...

Sweet Maggie I am sorry to hear that you had to take on a second job. I do hope that since you have to work away from home you do enjoy the work and those you work with. I see you still have your wonderful sense of humor...but I know there is no way you look like are too beautiful. My, oh my! Your sweet Kaci is not longer a little girl, she is now a young lady and so very pretty. Wishing you all the best on the job sweet Maggie and that you adjust quickly. Big hugs and lots of love. Some nose kisses for the kitties. Maggie and crew

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

Working two jobs! Hang in there, sweetie...

Libbie Doyle said...

Oh wow! Kacie is sooo grown up! When did that happen? :)

Oh girl you sound soooo bus! I hope you are getting time to relax too & have some fun!

& i REALLy love your selfie! You are a cutie for sure!