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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Scared Out Of My Wits!

So happy to be on here today checking on you. I have missed you but your always in my thoughts and prayers. 

Thank you for coming by and checking on me. I am tickled pink you stopped by for a visit. 

Life on the North Forty has been super busy with one project after another to work on but as always
God has helped me to stay healthy and to complete most of them. I have everything mowed and weeded.
It's so nice to wake up and know that I am not climbing on a tractor today. I had to laugh though when it rained earlier this morning because I thought I could hear the grass growing. 

I wanted to share with you the kitties I have been finding homes for this week. Aren't they just the cutest babies. 

By Thursday I found four sweet families wanting kitties. Their Mom is going to be fixed next Friday so no more kitties at my house. 

These two loved climbing inside my storage binds in the bathroom.

Look at these two! It was hard giving them away but this ole grandma has enough cats.

This cutie was the only solid gray one. Her new family named her Patsy.

You know how they say never say things out loud because those words will come back and haunt you.
The last two weeks several friends of mine mentioned having trouble with mice.
 I opened my big mouth and told them I have lived out here eight years and never have seen a mouse in my house. I figured it was because of the two cats outside and of course my Tinkerbell inside.

 As you can see with Tinkerbell in my home and always on her toes why I felt safe against nasty intruders.

Well a week ago Saturday night I reached over to turn off my lamp to go to sleep and there running  on the baseboard was a tiny creature that sent me screaming loud enough to be heard for miles and jumping out of my bed putting as much distance between the two of us possible.

I ran out the front door grabbed my two outside cats and put them inside my bedroom and shut the door. I stood a good distance away trying to listen for the hunt and kill I just knew would take place.

Thirty minutes of anxiously listening for the cat and mouse chase and surprised that all  I heard was the two cats scratching on my bedroom door so I reluctantly carried the two back outside. Needless to say this old coward slept on the couch that night and several nights later.

Then thinking my mouse problem was over I heard my cat Billie Sue who now lives upstairs because for some unknown reason she is avoiding Tinkerbell and myself. Sad but I keep hoping that will change soon. Anyway sorry I tend to drift off the subject. Well she was running the length of the room and knocking things over. I was downstairs freaking out because I was pretty sure what was happening with her upstairs.

A few minutes later she comes prancing down the stairs and something dark is hanging out of her mouth. I screamed to high heaven and she politely drops it right in front of me and the dark thing runs right toward me. To say I lost it is an understatement.

I then run back to the bedroom I had been avoiding for days and let Billie Sue capture the darn thing again.
My guardian angels were watching over me because my brother Gary shows up during all this and he takes care of the mouse that Billie Sue had caught again.

Of course I google everything I can about ridding my house of mice. I think this happened because hay was cut and baled about 30 yards from my house and the next night is when I saw the first mouse.

I went to Home Depot and bought those electrical things you plug in that are suppose to make a noise that will deter mice or bugs. I had those years ago so I thought I would give them a try. Seriously I have one in almost every plug in this old house. I sat out traps that you can't see the mouse if you trap it but so far after a week I haven't trapped any.

Of course I am being told by a few friends they don't think these electrical things work but I feel better knowing I am doing something. Everyone says throw out moth balls but not sure that would work either.

Do you have any suggestions for me besides firing Tinkerbell? haha  I pray I see no more nasty rodents any where near me for the rest of my life. This experience has almost caused me to have a stroke.

My friends have reminded me that I have stood up to hundreds of harden criminals and yet when it comes to a mouse I run and scream. I realize that is true and how foolish that is but who can explain the terror one has for something so small. hahaha

Enjoy your week! I need to paint my porch floor since it was replaced a few weeks ago but not sure now because it is raining again.

If I listen closely I hear the grass growing and the tractor calling me. At least it's not a squeak I am hearing.

Sweet Dreams and Love to all


Paula said...

I have a fear (to put it mildly)too of mice so I use sticky traps. I know some say they are inhumane but so is it inhumane for a mouse to scare me so bad I have a heart attack. The sticky traps pick up so many bugs and things. I caught the biggest scarpion (sp) on one.

From the Kitchen said...

Goodness gracious, I'd rather have an elephant in my house than a mouse!! Nice to find your post, I've missed you.


Gorges Smythe said...

My little woman kills snakes and traps mice. Makes me feel sorta useless! lol

♥ Sonny ♥ said...

so good to hear from you sweetie..
so sorry you had a mouse. those things scare me too.

I haven't posted in awhile myself,, just enjoying the warm weather and the new home.

love and hugs

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

LOL, Maggie, I scream, too. The funny thing is we have/had dogs that also took care of mice. Usually outside before they made it into the house. Our old house was part of a development that had been built on old farm land. That was the theory for the mice there. Love when they drop it at your feet like a gift.

acorn hollow said...

Oh I have had mouse issues before too. I hope your mouse problem is in the past. I have no idea if the plug in things work or not.

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

I see mice in the winter when they come into my garage to flee the cold outdoors. One night we came home and upon opening the garage door, I saw a mouse struggling on one of the sticky pads that hubby had put down. It was so pathetic to see and I tried to save it by using my foot to try to knock it off.. However, I got stuck on the sticky tape and in my panic, I threw off my shoe and ran inside. Hubby saved my shoe but the mouse was not so lucky.

gpc said...

I've had great luck with those traps that you can't see inside -- had a few mice when I moved in here and they were all trapped pretty quickly using peanut butter as bait. I'd say Tinkerbell needs a refresher course on catting. :) So glad to hear from you!

Jill Cooper said...

You are so funny as usual Maggie! I can just see it now. LOL

Olga Hebert said...

That story conjures quite the picture. I think it is time for those cats to earn their room and board and get rid of those mice. Maybe your screaming has scared them away now.

Julia said...

To catch a mouse, you have to think like a mouse, hehehe. I can picture you screaming and it's no wonder the cat dropped the mouse. I confess that I scream too, and I never could bring myself to take them out of the trap. O throw the whole thing away. I haven't had a mouse in the house in ages and I hope it stays that way. I've had some in the garage though...

The best way to catch a mouse is to set several traps along side the walls. They usually run along the walls for some reason. I place a little something to eat in the little bait holder and set the spring carefully and set the trap along the wall so the mouse will run into it.

I'd keep Tinkerbell away though as she might spring the trap on herself.

I'm anxious to see how you make out. I can hear the grass growing here too, lol.
I've been busy whitewashing the long calf pen in the calf barn. I've been at it all day and got 2/3 of the whitewashing done.

Maggie M said...

Oh, no! I am sorry sweet Maggie that you had a mouse. I hope it is gone now and you will not see any more. We have not had a mouse problem I guess the cats keep them away. Chancy will chase down anything that moves outside so he is a help to keep them away too.

I will tell you this...if you put out mothballs please be careful with them, they are toxic to both cats and dogs. I don't even know if they would keep mice away anyway.

It is normal for cats to bring what they catch to you. They want to be praised for a good hunt and catch. Billie Sue sounds like she is a good mouser. If she keeps chasing and catching them maybe they will soon stop coming around.

It sure is good to hear from you. All the best on the tractor taking care of all that grass.

Glad you were able to find good homes for the kittens. They sure are cuties. I know how hard it is to give them up when they are so tiny, cute and loveable

Love and hugs!! Give Tinkerbell and Billie Sue nose kisses for us.

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

We have something in common. Ed and I rescued 4 female Chihuahua pups last week and I was busy finding them "Forever Homes."
Cheated...kept one! ;0)
She's 2 lbs 2 oz. and I named her Mia.
Had to put down my 14 year old pom in March and my 12 year old chi in April and Mia tugged at my heartstrings.
Hope you get some rest between the mowing. Ed does his lawn twice a week now and one can only imagine the acreage you do.
P.S. Like meese, but not out of a cage. ;0)

yaya said...

I hate mice and snakes and anything that crawls that should be outdoors! Squeak (my cat) is pretty lazy these days. When my Granddaughter's cat was here last summer he caught tons of little mice he found outdoors and left them on the driveway! I know your kitties will keep the mice at bay so don't worry! Keep safe on the mower and don't work too hard! It was good to hear from you!

Welcome to the Garden of Egan said...

You need to give those felines a good talking to. Tell them no free rides.
I hope you find a good solution cuz rodents are YUCKY!

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

I'd rather go into an arena with a thousand pound, snorting stallion than have a mouse in the house!

I've had a few this spring and they scare the living beeejeeesus out of me!!!

La Petite Gallery said...

Maggie, just keep busy chasing the cats and mice, grass never grows under busy feet. I can hear it
growing in Maine,just cut it two days ago and it is back after two days of rain. I am having a problem with crazy squirrels.

Jennifer Richardson said...

It was SO good to come by and
touch base with you again....I really enjoy your stories:)
Thanks for the grins and giggles:)
You are such a joy,

La Petite Gallery said...

Good story, Maggie. Thanks for comment. Well as you said, Maine is cooling down this week. My Daughter sailed to VinyalHaven (Island)
Yesterday. They stayed over and will sail back this afternoon. I told
her to call me, the cell cut off.
I am getting nervous. Hope you do get to Maine this year, or even better every year. yvonne