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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

This and That! Warning some issues are graphic!

If I thought screaming would help me right now I would be lifting the roof of this ole farm house right off it's rafters.

Trying to do a post on here is like me trying to keep my Ms Pearl from not going off which I hate to admit to you my friend she is well and very active these past weeks.  For you new friends on here Ms Pearl is the other me I try to keep locked  away and hidden from good friends like you. She is a Texas Tornado when released and a side of me I am not proud to admit exist.

I mentioned I am trying my best to get back into using some creative juices that have been hiding a long while now but if I am to be true to myself I know I had to start doing something with my life besides mowing the North Forty twenty four seven.

Blogger is not letting me post so it's very hard even now to type this but I am hoping to be able to share a little of what I have been doing..
The top picture is one of many pillows that my Sister-in-law Linda and I have been making the last few weeks. We both decided to do some projects together and it has been a fun release for both of us. She gets away from my brother Billy for a few hours and I get to enjoy her sweet company.

This pillow is made out of burlap material I found while visiting my kids in Austin. I knew I wanted it when I caught a glimpse of it on the shelves of Hobby Lobby. We have made several different sizes and hope to sell them in the fall when we plan on having a big yard sale here on the North Forty.

The big purple pillow is to die for in beautiful linen. I captured this picture alone with dozens other visiting a local shop here in Brenham. There were customers taking pictures so I thought hey I want Linda to see our next project so I had to grab my phone and take some myself. Wanted to share others with you but like I said Blogger is not letting me type or add pictures very well.

In my last post I mentioned that I have been taking better care of myself and eating healthy. It has paid off because I finally lost ten pounds. Of course I am stuck on these ten for a while now but I am keeping faith that maybe one day I can say Hey I lost another pound.

What I have been doing is for breakfast I would fix me a fruit yogurt smoothie, lunch I would usually have a lean cuisine dinner and for supper grilled chicken on a salad or maybe fix fish baked in the oven. Sometimes I chose to reverse lunch and dinner eating lighter at night time. I also gave up my cookies and other sweets that I was enjoying every day.

Only thing is after about six weeks of doing this my face broke out like I was a teenager.  I am pretty sure I have the horrible condition called Rosacea which when it flares up you want to stick your head in a hole for weeks until it calms down.

When something goes on with me that I can not figure out I look it up on the Internet and I found that two of the foods to avoid if you suffer with this is bananas and yogurt. Go figure that these two would be on the list to avoid. I have been eating this for breakfast every morning. I love my smoothies but gave them up. Now I have to figure out what to eat healthy for breakfast.

Also I like to eat cereal at night sometimes instead of cooking a meal and of course milk products are on the darn list too. Along with avocado’s which I love in my salads.

My face was so bad that I was thinking of everything I have been doing different besides just what I was eating. I then remembered that my doctor had put me on a cholesterol pill so I looked it up and side effects were skin problems. Geezzz Marie can’t win for loosing. Since it also was making me have severe leg cramps at night I stopped taking it. I now have to call my doctor and see what I can do because I know your thinking how stupid of her to stop with the cholesterol med but this out break on my face was very painful and could lead to other serious issues. I am hoping if I continue to eat right it will be enough to lower my cholesterol without medications.

This past month I was told that my name was on the list to testify in the murder trial of one of the idiot’s I use to guard at the Sheriff’s Office. Since he confessed to me during booking I was afraid of having to go to court.

I did a post about him a few years ago and told you that looking into his eyes were like looking into the eyes of the devil. I have been around lots of killers in my life but never have I shuddered and looked away while looking into their eyes.

This young man was no doubt satin himself and it was horrible each encounter I had with him every day after his horrendous murders. He killed five of his family members and the youngest a 18 month old niece who he decapitated and kicked her head around the house where her family were lying in their own blood.

Thank God the trial ended early and I did not have to testify. It was a horrible month for me thinking I was going to be called.

In all honesty I never wanted to look into this mans eyes again. He was given a life sentence for this horrific crime but I am sorry to say I would have given him death because never once did this young man ever show any remorse for killing his mother, father, sister, brother and niece.

Being around him day in and day out was depressing and not good for me. Actually when I fell and broke my back at the Sheriff’s Office I was dealing with five inmates who had murdered someone. So I think God has a way of getting us out of situations that we never would leave ourselves. He took me away from a very bad working environment.

Sorry for being so graphic about what this young man did. I just sometimes can’t get it out of my head. I made the mistake and looked him up on the Internet and was shocked when I saw some of the pictures displayed on the web.

So now I have told you a little of what I am doing these days be sure and leave me a comment and tell me how you are spending your summer. I hope your weather is a lot cooler than Texas.

We did get a few inches of rain this past week which has turned everything green again for maybe a week but we need at least 12 inches more to get us out of the drought we are in.

I hope I can visit you soon and say hello.

Love to all


My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

You need (((hugs))))))))))))))))
Thanks for sharing by letting us know your life experiences.
Do whatever you can to uplift your heart.
Awesome handwork.

Debby said...

Oh what a horrible person. I am so glad that you aren't working there anymore. Then to have this thought of returning to court had to be a nightmare.
I think I asked you staying on the ranch.
Wish we were closer we could do some damage......we wouldn't be bored.
Love the pillow.
All is well here.......heat and lots of rain.
You take care my friend.

Gorges Smythe said...

Have you tried 400 IU a day of vitamin E for the cholesterol? It lowered mine 100 points in a month, but it doesn't work for everybody.

Julia said...

Hi Maggie, just to think that you may have to go on jury duty could have brought you this skin problem from all that stress. I'm so glad that you didn't had to go to trial and also that you lost 10 pounds.

Maybe you should consult a dietician to help with a good diet specifically for you.

I eat a lot of garlic for blood pressure and cholesterol and so far it's seems to work great.

I'm glad that you teamed up with your sister in law to make pillows. Good luck with your yard sale.


Shirley said...

Hi Mags, Not everybody can take the medicine that is prescribed for them. Some doctors seem to think that everybody can take the same, but not. I am like Julia, I think all of the stress could have had a lot to do with it. I like the pillows that you have made. As for my summer, I have spent quite a bit of time with my grandchildren. My oldest has been helping to clean out an office of over 22 years of accumulation. His payment is lunch. This weekend will be quiet, but the following weekend will have a horse show on Saturday and family reunion on Sunday. Hubby still in the nursing home so I go there most days maybe only for a couple of hours. Working on a custom order of tea towels about done. I like them. Hobbies help to lower things in my respect. Many Hugs and Prayers coming your way from Your Missouri Friend.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Always glad to see a post from you, Maggie! Glad you and Miss Pearl are doing well. : ) I love that you've been making pillows. I'm glad you didn't have to testify. I'm sure just the thought of that guy gave you nightmares again. Congratulations on losing 10 pounds! I know these days it doesn't seem like much, but I have also dropped 10 pounds and it is great for me.

Olga said...

I am glad you can sneak a blog in on blogger every now and then. The pillows are wonderful. And good job with the healthy diet!

Paula said...

Hope that guy stays put away forever and I'm with you on what he deserves. Glad you didn't have to testify. My good colesterol is low so I take Niacin. Pillow are pretty too.

yaya said...

The pillows are adorable and I bet you'll do great at your sale. Sounds like you're having a stressful summer. My hubby has rosacea and heat makes it worse too. He used to eat yogurt daily but gave it up. He uses a product called prosacea that you can get over the counter at Walmart in the pharmacy section. It really works good. Congrats on the weight loss! I gave up on cholesterol pills too because of joint pain. My Doc wasn't thrilled, but too bad. I'm trying hard to get mine down with diet too. Good luck!

Kathleen McCoy said...

It's so good to see you back, Maggie, and congratulations on the 10 pounds lost! It's also good news that you didn't have to testify in that trial. I can see why you'd experience that young man as Satan himself. How could someone DO such a thing -- especially to his baby niece? I can really understand why you needed to get out of that work environment!

Jill Cooper said...

I bet your cholesterol will come down with the healthy eating. And if you don't have yogurt anymore at least take a pro-biotic. But you know that face break out may just be all those toxins coming out of your body - sometimes it takes awhile for that to happen after you start living a healthier life - unfortunately! I have rosacea too and although mine isn't bad - makeup will just not cover it and stay on all day. So I just named myself Rudolpha LOL I do find some foods make it worse but not milk products or bananas thank heavens. Congratulations on the 10 pounds - good going!!! Hugs!

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

You need to go to a skin doctor. Stop diagnosing yourself via the Internet. If it is Rosecea, there is something they can give you to clear it up quickly. Been there, done that.
I also take a statin for my cholesterol and had very painful leg cramps. My doctor told me to take Co-Q10, an over the counter supplement. He said he did not know why it worked, but all the doctors that he knew took it and recommended it. I bought it and it worked like a miracle. It is not cheap, but worth it.

Take care and see a flesh and blood doctor.

Terra said...

Maggie what a horrible man and I think you are right that God moved you out of that job. I hope your skin problem clears up soon, and the leg cramps stop and your doctor figures out the causes.

smartcat said...

WOW! That whole period sounds like Worst Job Ever! and then some. A broken back in retrospect must feel like a small price to pay to be well away from such an environment.

The pillows sound like a fun project, nice that you can do them together.

There are milk substitutes....I know there is soy yogurt. I haven't had it, but the soy ice cream I had was to die for.

My personal favorite is almond milk. I buy the original unsweetened, unflavored type. I ran out of milk last week and used almond milk in my tea....I could barely tell the difference. I use it mainly for making frozen chai lattes all summer....another benefit: Only 30 calories per 8oz.!

Sue said...

What an awful story. So glad you have put that behind you now, once and for all.

As for smoothies, almond milk does a lot for them that bananas do...kind of makes them creamier, etc. I make one with almond milk, berries, and ice that is delicious. Adding an apple to the berries, etc. is good, too.


Marydon Ford said...

G'morn sweet friend ~ Have missed you terribly.

Going to skip across that vile human you described.

The pillows are beautiful. Have you gals opened a shop or got a space somewhere to sell your creations?

Wow! I would not have thought Rosacea was caused by those two items ... do take care of yourself. Congrats on the weight loss. You are gorgeous PERIOD!

Wish we were there to spend time with you ... we'll see what we can do one day soon. We jabber about you & our time together, all the time ... you are a gem.

Big loving hugs,

Donna said...

wow...I am also glad you don't work there any more...I hope you can stop by my blog today, it is kind of special to me.

Arkansas Patti said...

Good grief Maggie, thinking of having to face such a monster had to put your whole mind and body out of whack.
Julia has a good idea. A dietitian could keep you from making mistakes.
Those pounds you lost will go a long way to improving your health. A little exercise like chasing that blue eyed fellow down the road around the pasture wouldn't hurt.
Keep up the great work Maggie and stay in touch.

Sybil said...

Hi Dearest Maggie, It is sometimes good to write down what is worrying your mind...I do remember you mentioning that chap before. It is horrid that you can't forget his eyes day you will that is my prayer xx
Glad you had some rain. No we don't have it as hot as you thank goodness or I might be dead by now LOL But we have had some wonderful summer weather these past three week with temps in the high 80s which for us is a miracle..Think it was Sat.the highest temp for 8 years !! I love it so long as I have not got to walk about in it LOL..I sit with the fan blowing between Mary and me...Mary has gone away today to Edinburgh for her 2 week holiday. I have a hosp. appointment tomorrow so hope that they may be able to do something to releave the back pain...we will see..Take care much love to you xxx

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

Happy to see that Ms. Pearl is ok, it would be a shame if something ever really bad happened to her! hah!

love you Sweet Maggie...


the other yellow haired grandma...

GerryART said...

Sweet Maggie, just know we're here for ya
Sending you many, many warm hugs

Life sometimes hands us an awful lot to deal with
I guess the best we can do for ourselves is to look on the bright side of life and hold on - - - - TIGHTLY

i'm so happy you're doing creative projects
With some one close to you, Maggie

I must get caught up with your recent posts

Love & hugs upon hugs

GerryART said...

P S.
Just a note to let you know
I think I found your ten pounds
And am wearing them real


La Petite Gallery said...

They are just beautiful. The big thing in Maine are hand Painted pillows. It must be hot in Texas, I spent my life there till I was 25.
I know where you are coming from, my yard has taken all my time, guess I'll paint again in the fall.

Cherrie said...

I thank God you don't work there no more. God works in mysterious ways!