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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

My Weekend!

Gosh it's so nice to be back again! I am still having a lot of difficulty doing my post on Blogger but I am not giving up on things getting back to normal on here. I did take Patti's advice from one of my favorite blogs Arkansas Patti to download Google Chrome and it is working a tad better after taking her advice.
Thanks Patti for being sweet enough to take the time to help me with my computer issues.

Another reason why I love blogging is where else do you meet such sweet and caring people who care enough to be there for you whenever you need help. Blogging is an amazing experience that I hope I don't ever have to give up permanently.

I received several emails today from some of you asking me why I deleted my blog. That of course, scared me and actually the first time I tried getting on here it did say my blog was deleted. Thankfully the second try I found it. Scary to say the least. I do hope that does not happen because this ole grandma would have no clue trying to bring it back.

I hope you are well and enjoying the hot days of summer. It is so hot here I am counting the days to fall.
These triple digits are keeping me inside more than I care to be but by noon the heat will take your breath away.

As most of you know I have four brothers and no sisters. Yet God Blessed me 60 years ago with the Oliver sisters as my friends but really I think of them as my Sisters. Actually Linda is my Sister-In-Law of almost fifty years. We spent this past weekend together at Linda's house here in Brenham.

It was great being with them but my brother Billy had a stomach virus which put a damper on our weekend but as usual lot's of laughs and catching up. Bonnie is highly allergic to cats so we could not have it out here at the North Forty.

We did manage to get out for a short drive Saturday evening and visited my favorite place in this area Festival Hill.

Festival Hill has several different gardens. This one is the herb garden.

Isn't it cool how they used an old piece of equipment to plant herbs in it.

Most of the plants are labeled but we could not find it on this plant. Any ideas what this could be. It actually looked like some kind of tomato plant but I don't think so.

All of their Bougainvilleas are huge and so pretty.  

Someone is doing an amazing job of keeping this herb garden watered in these high temps.  I have a few herbs but nothing like these beauties.

On Sunday afternoon we were delighted that my younger brother Tommy and wife Susan came from on the other side of Houston to spend the afternoon with us. Tommy's daughter Erin met them here from the Hill Country and it was great seeing them. Tommy is the only brother that does not live close so when I get to see him it is a real treat. I love him very much and he actually reads my blog now and then. haha 

Stomach virus and all it was a fun weekend!

Since starting this post a few days ago I have caught the stomach virus from my brother. Yep I was afraid that would happen but I was around him a lot last week before the weekend so I was already exposed to it.
I went to the doctor today because my blood pressure was really high all day yesterday and has been on and off for a month now. Now I am on another pill so I am beginning to think that this growing old is not so much fun. 

I think I will stop now so I can visit some of your lovely blogs before going to bed. 
You are sweethearts for visiting with me like you do. I know my post have been boring these past six months and I wish I could promise you better but my creative juices seem to be a lot like blogger not working when I need them the most.

Oh before I leave I have been wanting to ask you a question. I notice that a lot of you reply to your comments on your comment page. I think this is great and was wondering if this is something I should be doing. The question is do you go back and read the replies and are you notified when a reply comment is left. Just curious so let me know what you think.

Thanks again for being my friend. I do love you.
Sweet Dreams,


gpc said...

I write directly back to people who comment on my blog because I can be more candid that way. And I don't generally get any notice that blogs I read have responded to me on their blogs and so if they are doing that, I haven't seen their responses.

acorn hollow said...

beautiful gardens and It is so fun to be with people who make you laugh and have fun.
I never go back to see what has been written. so if they do I don't know it. I get back to the ones that have emails by email

Debby said...

Any time with family is wonderful. Stomach virus....not fun. I don't go back to look for comments. Some blogs have something you can check so follow ups will be sent to you. I'm not that clever. Hope it cools down soon for you. We have had several holidays lately. Love it. Hope you feel better and your no gets down.

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

Those herbs look nice and healthy. With as much rain as we've had this summer, ours look pretty good, too... especially the rosemary.

Yeah, I do answer every comment that's left on my blog, and sometimes, a back-and-forth conversation goes on, so that makes it more fun. I enjoy the interaction, but it DOES eat up a lot of time to keep up with it. At some point, I may decide to slack off on it a bit. Otherwise, I'll never get back to doing any "real" writing. Than again... blogging is "real" too, isn't it?

GerryART said...

I always reply to my Commenters via the Comment Section of my blog.

As a commenter, there is a way to receive "gollow-up comments" to your email inbox
Simply check the box usually located just below the comment message box

My blog has a "subscribe to follow up via email" button

By responding via my comments I feel my blog can be a way for us all to engage in more of a conversation

Maggie, sorry to hear that dang tummy bug got ya
Hope you have a speedy recovery so you'll be up to you usual shenanigans :-)

Maggie, you can respond to me right here and I will acknowledge you. More hugs

Julia said...

Hi Maggie, it's so nice to see you posting on your blog.
I'm glad that you got better results with google chrome.

getting together with long time friends is absolutely one of the fun thing that I don't do enough anymore as I seem to always be working.

Sorry about the flu virus but I guess it wasn't that bad. The heat doesn't help any.

What a lovely herb garden. We haven't had to water anything here as we had so much rain and more on the way. I need to built an ark like Moses. lol...

I have three blogs who answers each comments so I go back to read those as it's like a conversation. It's time consuming so I can only read so much, lol. They are faithful followers and they are like friends to me.

Take care,

Gorges Smythe said...

Glad you had a good time, Maggie.

joanne said...

so good to hear from you, I was worried with all the heat that you might be having trouble. about the commenting, I noticed that too and it seems like a great way to keep the conversations going but to be honest after I leave this comment I won't come back here until I see you've posted again. I just don't remember to do those things. yep, getting old will do things like that! take care my lovely.

Forty Pound Sack said...

Hi Maggie! I'm glad to see you. I had my blog deleted once, and I was none too happy with Blogger. I'm glad you didn't give up. And I want to tell you, I LOVE your photos! Now I want to go there, too!!!

Deb Kight said...

I believe that plant with the tiny ''tomatoes'' on it is a Jerusalem Cherry.. and no, theyre NOT to be eaten.

Deb Kight said...

I believe that plant with the tiny ''tomatoes'' on it is a Jerusalem Cherry.. and no, theyre NOT to be eaten.

Create With Joy said...

I'm glad to see that you are still here! Blogger has been deleting blogs left and right... got a scare when yours showed up on the delete list! I had a problem too but thankfully mine resurrected as well!

Hope you are well - miss our chats and your visits! Hope you are having a fabulous summer!

Create With Joy

Sue said...

Glad you got to have some fun with good friends and family. And it was fun to see your pics!

As for comments, I don't reply to mine except by email occasionally. I never go back and re-read the comments section where I have commented. Too time-consuming!


Arkansas Patti said...

So glad that Chrome helped some but hope you find a way to get your posts totally healthy. I think Blogger stays contrary as a form of mental exercise. They think they are doing us a favor.
I always answer comments and really don't know if many come back to check though I know some do. To me it is just not walking out on a conversation and my way of saying, "Thank you for taking the time."

smartcat said...

UGH! Stomach virus in summer.....worst time of year to be sick. I hope your recovery was quick!

I always respond to comments on my blog. If it's a post like Wordless Wednesday, I often do a long response at the end of the comments column. Usually I respond to each comment individually.

I feel that the comments section keeps me even more connected with other bloggers, potters in particular.

I have my blog bookmarked so it's easy to check out.

PoetessWug said...

Yes, I immediately comment back to my followers too. I have my blog comments linked to my email, so whenever anybody comments I get the message immediately no matter where I am online. I love that!! And I hate to not reply to someone whose talking to me! Must be my southern upbringing! LOL

Maggies Corner said...

Sweet Maggie I am so sorry to hear about the stomach virus and sure hope you all are feeling better now. Sounds like you had a fun weekend despite that stomach bug though. Sorry you are still having trouble posting here on Blogger. Hugs for you and hugs and nose kisses for Tinkerbell.

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

I reply back if there is something that comes to mind I want to say...

I love your update posts about the goings on in your life!

They aren't boring at all - keep them coming!



Julia said...

Hi Maggie, thanks for visiting and brightening my day. I sure wish I could give you some nice rain and cooler weather. It must be depressing when it's so hot day after day. I wonder what's up with Mother Nature to be so bent on giving you so much heat. I feel for the poor animals who don't have air conditioners to keep them cool.

I can see why Autumn is your favourite season after all this heat.

I wish that my nose twitching would work all the time, lol. I'd sure change those numbers in a jiffy for you and give you what you in temperature.

Take care of yourself and please don't work so hard in that heat. It's not worth putting your health in jeopardy. You and I are getting older even when we don't want to admit it. Hang in there a little longer.

I love you too dear friend.

Cherrie said...

Being with family is great :) Pretty garden!

Welcome to the Garden of Egan said...

I had to go to GoogleChrome to get any blogging done. I wish Blogger and google would just leave well enough alone. I don't change and learn very well.

Love the yards. I love seeing growing things.

How awesome to spend some precious time with your family. I bet it was great. Sorry about the bug. Yuk.

It is nice to have people reply, but sometimes you just have to make things simpler so you can do what you love.
Visiting and commenting is what I can do and sometimes not even that.

~Pam~ said...

Hi Maggie!
This is my first visit to your blog, love it! I will e back. Have a lovely weekend. :)

Jennifer Richardson said...

So great to see you back again,
Miss Maggie:)
Sometimes sisters in love
are the sweetest treasures.
I'm grateful for the way the Lord
wraps you in all that you need
even when the temps are high
and the heat is wilting.
Stay cool and enjoy these last sips
of Summer,

La Petite Gallery said...

Glad you got rid of the Virus
bug. Everyone should get out and do
a garden tour in the Summer, Gosh
knows come Winter we will wish we could. I think that is a Cherry Tomato.


~Pam~ said...

Hi Maggie!
Thank you so much for the visit and the sweet comment. :)
I look forward to getting to know you better!