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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Young Man In Prison!

Here it is several days past the time I was going to do this post. I have to tell you I am busier now than when I held down two jobs. 
How all of you do it working full time, children and hubbies to take care of and still blog is amazing to me.

I was looking for a picture to go along with the prison story I wanted to share with you but could not find one but look at the pic's I did find on this site  Vintage Mugshots from the 1920s [30 Photos]

These are old mug shots from the 1920's. I found them kind of interesting in that the way the pictures were taken. Not anywhere near the mug shots of today's prisons.

Did everyone wear suits and hats in the 1920's?

Take a look at this guy!

Or these two!

I guess back then they saved money by taking group pictures.

This last one of the way the guy is posing with his legs spread and hat on is just too much.

On this site it tells you also what these guys were arrested for...I will let you just guess while your looking over their pictures.

The story I wanted to share with you today is a sad one so you may want to skip my story. It's about a very young man of 18 who came to our prison with full blown aids.

It was state policy or federal policy not sure which but we were not told which inmates were infected with the aid's virus when incarcerated at our unit. This we felt was not right but as the saying went Inmates always had more rights than the Officers.

In this young man's case we didn't have to be told because it was obvious how sick he was and very soon he ended up in our infirmary. This is where I met him and my story begins.

I was told by my Sgt to report to the Infirmary for a Medical transfer to the John Sealy Hospital in Galveston. My shift was almost over and I was tired and ready to go home. Taking a Inmate 150 miles
at the end of my work day was not what this ole tired woman had in mind. My bed was calling me.

Having been working in a prison for a while I thought I had already pretty well seen everything there was to see but when I stepped inside our Infirmary to get this inmate I have to tell you I had to do everything to control my emotions. Never had I seen a man or boy in his case walking toward me that looked like something out of a horror movie. He absolutely looked like the actors in the Walking Dead.  Covered in horrible sores from head to toe. Just unbelievable sight.

He could  barely stand yet he was scuffling  toward me with handcuffs and leg shackles on pulling his bag of personal property.

I reached for some gloves and then I took  the bag from him to pull myself. I knew this was a No No but like I said this boy was barely walking.

Before I could take two steps toward the door the Officer assigned to the Infirmary that night told me No way was I carrying that for him. He even went so far as to tell me he would call the Sgt if he had too.

The Officer then pulled me aside and started explaining to me that if I knew the crimes this young Inmate had committed I would not be offering to help him.

Don't get me wrong I was upset hearing what he had done. Disgusted that anyone could be so cruel but I knew that he was dying and as a human being first Officer second I wasn't going to walk the long distance to our back gate watching this Inmate try to pull this bag.

I knew I was breaking rules but sometimes in situations your faced with you feel like I did you had no choice.

On the ride to the hospital very few words were exchanged with the two of us but he did manage to tell me that all he had in this world was a Dad and he was locked up in another Texas prison. He ask if his Dad could be notified of his going to John Sealy. I assured him that someone would take care of notifying the other Unit where his Dad was incarcerated.

He did admit to me how scared he was because he knew that he was dying. I told him I understood  and that we could talk about it and even pray together. Maybe later was his reply. I explained to him there would be a Inmate Chaplin there at the hospital and he should spend time with him.

Upon our end of our long drive he thanked me for helping with his bag.

I remember riding back and thinking to myself what a sad long drive that was for that Inmate and for me because of not knowing the right words to say to him. Little did I know that only a few weeks later I would be coming home from Houston  on  another trip from a hospital but this time the journey home was even harder. My girlfriend ask me to ride with her to get test results from her doctor and then we would shop and have lunch.

She came out of the doctors office and collapsed  into my arms. The doctor  had told her she had six months or less to live.  I was beyond shocked . One minute I am sitting in the waiting room waiting on Barbara to come out from her appointment and the next we are holding each other sobbing.

I still can't believe that this doctor gave her no indication that he was going to be giving her this kind of news. She could of brought her husband along instead of a friend. Unbelievable!

Needless to say that turned out to be a even harder trip than the one with the young man. The next five months I was able to stay with her during the day and her husband at night.  She never gave up hope that the doctors were wrong and went to several others for test but it the end we lost her.

Sorry for sharing such a sad story with you today. I have so many stories of my days working in the prison and now and then want to share them.

Thanks for visiting with me today. I hope you are having a good week. I painted my front porch yesterday morning and now it is gray instead of green. Will take some pic's.  Did not realize how much furniture and other stuff I had on my porch until I had to take it all off. Pretty sure not all is going back on it.

Today I am cleaning my little back yard and spraying weeds around the fences. I am tired of trying to weed eat them so I am hoping this spraying will take care of some of that work.

Be good and stay cool. As always

Love to all


Olga said...

Downer, Maggie. My first husband also worked in a correctional center, at the time nothing like a Texas prison, I would bet. Still, I know that some people have very sad lives. It is too bad when they take that out on the innocent, though.

Debby said...

Two very different stories about the end of a life. One lived well and the other not well at all. That had to be a hard job Maggie. Probably not as hard as loosing your friend.

LuLu Kellogg said...

Maggie, you truly had a hard job. I don't know how you did it.

I hope your day is filled with Love and creativity!


PoetessWug said...

That really was a tough story, Maggie, but I'm hoping that a little sunshine will cheer you up! ^_^ ....You're not obligated to follow the rules, but I just wanted to let you know that I did a blog post today, nominating you for the Sunshine Blogger Award! :-)

A Tale of Two Cities said...

Everyone needs a little bit of hope and comfort in their lives, and I'm thankful you were there at just the right time to do that for this young man. Two sad stories, for sure....

♥ Sonny ♥ said...

Bless your kind heart Maggie Mae. You've been thru the emotional wringer in your lifetime. Folks who you've been in contact with are blessed to have you in their life , for years or just a few moments.

I'm proud of ya and how you handle the different situations that come up and I love the fact that your heart pays no mind to Rules:-)
You are the Master of your own Universe and thats a quality most dont have.

Thank you for sharing your stories with us and if possible I would read them for hours and days and then you could start all over and I'd listen like it was all new to me..

luv ya bushles and pecks

Sharon said...

Two very interesting but sad stories.
Thanks for sharing them with us.
I am glad to hear that you got your painting done and that we will have photos soon.
Hugs to you sweet one.

shawkl said...

Thanks for sharing Maggie...the good and the bad. I think you were right about carrying that bag...and, it could have been the only kind thing that young man had experience in a while.

Sue said...

I'm proud of you for wanting to carry that bag. Whatever he had done, it did not change the person that you are.

And what a sad experience with your friend...


myletterstoemily said...

this is why i love you. on the one hand
you're all sassy and 'give 'em hell', then
you're sharing the Lord and lending a
compassionate shoulder to a friend . . .
and to someone who has done something

you gave a 'cup of cold' water to the
least of these and therefore to Him.

blushing rose said...

Knowing your heart personally, I would expect this of you. Both are very sad, may their souls be blessed.

Have a wonderful day, my friend
Hugs & love,

Sybil said...

I say thank you as well Maggie for being their for the young lad and your friend...who are we to judge we do not know what the young lads background was certainly not good if teh Father was in jail so no role model. I expect your kindness in carrying the bag was the only one he had or was going to have in a very long time..
God Bless,
Love Sybil xxx

Sweet Tea said...

Your stories always give me food-for-thought. What tales you have inside of you. Thanks for sharing and good luck with the weeding. I love the rain, but the weeds do too!

Retired English Teacher said...

These are such sad stories. I wonder what caused all of the sores on this poor young man's body. You might have broken the rules, but your humanity won out in you actions.

I am so sorry about your friend also. I can't imagine getting news like she did.

I've been missing from blogland. Too busy. I've missed reading your posts. Have a good day.

Lisalulu said...

You really had quite an experience working with the prison system.. you really are a strong person.. and all those stories. Little did you know that you could be telling your stories to a multitude of blog friends! So sorry for your friend, but you showed again that you are a GREAT friend.

GerryART said...

Love and hugs, sweet Maggie

Gypsy Heart said...

You should be wearing a crown my friend ~ Queen of Compassion. It's so sad that your friend lost her battle. That's a difficult prognosis and the Dr. lacked interpersonal skills, IMHO.

The young man's situation was sad too. I wonder if he ever repented for the crimes he had committed? You are so right too...the prisoners have more "rights" than the victims these days. :/

Take good care and don't work outside in this heat and humidity for long periods & drink tons of water! Ok, that's my RX for you. :)

Not sure if it would help but plain white vinegar will kill weeds. Might be less offensive to use than commercial formulas.


Gypsy Heart said...
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Shirley said...

Hi Maggie, I always learn something new about you each time I read your blog. I can see you going against the rules because you are a very caring person. I can see you dealing with whatever you are given or rolling with the punches as I like to call it. We can be moral support, or show a little kindness. It always make you feel better knowing what you did for the other person. Have a great day and be careful being out in the heat. Take care Hugs from your Missouri Friend

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

What a sad commentary on our society...

We all need comfort in one way or another....



yaya said...

You may have had the most influence in that young man's very short life. He probably hadn't had very many random acts of kindness. We shouldn't have to compromise our true selves for a job...I'm glad you didn't! The mug shots of those guys made me think only one thing: "They sure don't look very repentant!"

Arkansas Patti said...

The burden may have been heavy but your timing was just right for those concerned.
So sorry about your friend but also that young man. Good for them that you were there.
Crooks sure dressed dapper in the old days as compared to todays crooks with baggy pants and wife beater shirts.

Darlene said...

It does sound like you had some pretty hard times emotionally while working in prisons.

Losing your friend had to be hard too. You just don't expect something like that. It was so very sad.

I'm glad that you got your porch painted. Sorry you had to move so much stuff off. I think you are wise not to put it all back again. Now we need to see pictures of the newly painted porch.

Chatty Crone said...

Interesting pictures - don't they look so stiff and hot back then? sandie

Karen Whittal said...

What a sad story, I think we all need to remember sometime that God hates the sin and loves the sinner. How are you doing my friend, how is your back treating you these days, much better I hope. Prayer is all I have for your friend, but at the end of the day it is all she needs

Debbie said...

You have sure had a interesting life Maggie. Some wonderful times, but some really hard times also. You certainly know how to live, and have so many stories to tell. I am so inspired by you!!!
I can't wait to see pics of your porch!!! I just wish I could rent that lil pink house and be your best friend!!!!

God Bless~

Grandma Bonnie said...

Thank you for sharing your sad stories. We all need to be reminded how thankful we should be for our health. I hope you are having a great weekend.

Jennifer Richardson said...

oh friend,
life can be so ugly and cruel.
it's such a comfort
that we are loved,
even in the most horrific
your heart is such a beauty,
oh yes it is.
thanks for sharing it,

Maalai said...

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Vickie said...

Hi Maggie!! I remember your first blog so well...And I have to admit, I'm soooo digging this blog here. Love, Love, the header photo, the feeling of visiting you here.

I've been low key on the blogging side because I went back to school for three years, but now I'm done. yeah!! Graduated May 8, 2012.

This story of compassion you shared touched my heart. Yes, it was somewhat a sad story, but I saw the beauty in it. We are all ONE with Divine Source, even though we make terrible mistakes. We cause our own suffering. Peace and Blessings to you and so glad to be in your presence again!

NitWit1 said...

Despite the opposite but parallel stories, you administered kindness to both which is what we humans beings are supposed to be when the opportunity arises. Sometimes we find ourselves unwittenly being taken advantage of (I have several times), but we usually find out and avoid such situations again.

Yeah, maybe a downer post but it is life.

Libbie said...

Hey Mags! I just love how your share your life with us! The good times and the heartbreak...that is why I feel I know you so well! And what a gift to give your family....your history.

I can' timagine your emotions in either circumstance but you remeber so much that we can get a feel. Love you and your life Maggie! Keep sharing!

Delena said...

We all make those trips in our lifetimes don't we. Thanks for once again sharing your stories and making us all realize that life is really very short and full of journeys.

Cherrie said...

Wow what a story! I just blogged about Alana Stewart's book on Farrah Fawcett. Alana was a great friend to Farrah like you were to your friend.