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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Almost Bra less and Haggard!

Good morning my dear friends. I hope you are well and enjoying the week. AS always I  Appreciate you coming by and visiting with me. You are important part of my life. I miss you when I am not able to keep up with my blogging.

It seems I am repeating myself over and over again by asking Where do these weeks go? Is it my age because I have always heard the older you get the faster time goes by.

Sunday I rode with my brother Billy and Sister-in-Law Linda to the other side of Austin to visit with my dear friend Ruby. If you remember Ruby is Linda's sister and we were raised together since before I was in the first grade. We have always kept in close touch and Ruby, Linda their other sister Bonnie and I get together for girl's weekend whenever we get the chance.

Ruby's home is the beautiful hill country and her home is gorgeous. Her back patio porch is my favorite place to sit when I am lucky enough to visit. It's such a relaxing place to sit.

It was Father's Day and I was so happy to spend it with their Dad Harvey who was my Dad's best friend. My dad has been gone for over twenty years so Harvey has always been like my dad. He is one of the sweetest men you will ever meet and I love him dearly.

Ruby thank you for having me Sunday. I had a wonderful time.

Let me share with you a quick story of how I showed up dressed for my visit Sunday. My outside cat had kittens April 22nd and before I could find them and help her take care of them something killed three of the four. Leaving me just one poor little female. She is really small for 8 weeks old. Anyway I have been keeping her either in a cage or locked in my bathroom to save her from what ever killed her siblings.

So when I got up Sunday morning I had plenty of time to be dressed and ready by 8:15 the time my brother said he would pick me up. Well I did not allow for the kitten to get loose in my house and me having to chase it from room to room trying my darnedest to catch it.

Finally after a good twenty minutes I got her and put her back in the bathroom hoping she would be okay while I was away. She has not been to the vet yet so I am keeping her away from Tinkerbell..

Billy and Linda drive up exactly the moment I catch the kitten and I grab my purse, my candy I had fixed to take and run out the door. Some people you just don't keep waiting and Billy is one of them. He reminds me so much of my granddaddy.

About ten minutes on the rode I realize I have no jewelry on. I mean none.  Never do I go without at least ear rings because my ear lobes have gone south along with every other part of me.  I look through my purse praying I have an extra pair inside but no such luck. I wanted so bad to get Billy to go back but I just pulled my hair over my ears and tried to forget it.

Then after another ten miles or so I realize I had forgotten to put in my bridge for my bottom tooth I lost. Remember the post of how devastated I was to loose a tooth near my front at the bottom. I keep thinking I am going to break down and have a implant but so far have not been lucky enough to do so.

I nearly died when I realized there was no way Billy was going to turn around and go back. Seriously I know this sounds terribly vain but we were going to be seeing quite a few people at Ruby's and to think I will be greeting them toothless was horrible.

While going down the rode I thought of my friend Gretchen who would run over to my house from the pink house and watch Mad Men on Sunday nights and she would always comment that she was coming over bra less and haggard. I laughed so hard thinking if she could see me now almost bra less and haggard myself riding down the rode to visit my friends.

We had a good laugh about it while getting to Ruby's. I guess sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself.

Speaking of the kitten I think you can have them fixed when their 8 weeks. Does anyone know if this is right? She seems so little for surgery. Also I am thinking it was a big Tom Cat that killed her sisters. Tonight when I went out to bring her in I saw the tom cat that I think might have done it and I am thinking if I had been a few minutes later she would not be here right now. So  does anyone know when it would be safe to leave her outside. I can't keep her in my bathroom forever. Now after seeing this cat right at dark I don't think it will be safe to let her out during the day.

Also could her mom already be in heat again. She sure has been crying a lot the last few days. My intentions were to have her fixed before she gets pregnant again. I thought it would be longer than 8 weeks for her to be in heat again. Good gosh I am sorry for being so dumb but you know I was a city girl thrown out here in the country. haha

I wanted to show you my porch that I painted but it is raining so I will wait to take my pictures. I am happy with it so far and it was a wise decision not moving everything back on it.

Today I will be busy entertaining my friend Barbara who owns this place. She is in Texas from Nevada and is spending the day out here. I hope she will be happy with how the place looks. Believe it or not even though I mow all the time I am still behind with mowing. I can't seem to be lucky enough to keep more than one tractor working at a time.

I think one thing we will be discussing is the pink house. It will be empty again at the end of this month and she is considering we go in together with doing a bed and breakfast. Much to figure out if we do decide on making it into one.

Well as you can see I just posted to say hello. Hopefully in the next few days I can catch up with you and see what you have been up to.

Enjoy your day and BE Happy!

Love to all


smartcat said...

I'm not sure about the age but I know animals can be done at a very early age. Our pup Winter was spayed at ten weeks. I think the feeling these days is the earlier the better. You can have mom-cat spayed when she is in heat (a little more complicated but possible) or as soon as she comes out of heat. If she is easily approached and caught I would talk to the vet and then take her in ASAP. As for the baby,unless you have a crate or enclosure you can close tightly there is no safe way for her to be out at night. Old sucker me would just turn her into an indoor puss.

I sympathise about going off without earrings and tooth. I personally feel naked without earrings and mascara.

You seem to have managed a lovely visit in spite of the harried, hurried start.

B&B's are very popular in this part of the world. Some retired couples do them as a bit of extra income. The upside is that you can set the times you take guests. The downside is that it's a lot of work. Hope it all works out well for you and yours.

"Auntie" sezzzzzz... said...

Ohhhhhhhhh babe! ONe of those days, hu? -giggles-

But we just have to laugh. Well, it's not easy to laugh THEN, but later. Like when writing this post.

Gentle hugs...

"Love looks not with the eyes,
but with the mind..."

~W. Shakespeare, 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'

Paula said...

I'm with you no earrings equal naked. lol Love your blog you give me a nice laugh and laughter is the best medicine they say.

Susie Swanson said...

Love your post , you really caught my eye with this I go braless alot here lately..shhh, don't tell anyone..Hope you're week is going well..hugs, Susie

Debby said...

Bras are overrated, hah.
I bet you felt self conscious all day long. But your friends and family had a good laugh on you.
We had our cat spayed and her declawed (just the front). She was older......4 months or so. We almost lost her. Seriously, it took a special vet to nurse her back to health. I think I would wait to have the kitty spayed. Poor other little ones.
You behave yourself now. Anxious to hear what you and your landlady come up with.

Whimsey Creations said...

Maggie, you always make me laugh out loud! Just love your posts!

Sweet Tea said...

You are one fearless gal to be seen w/o your tooth. I could handle braless (easy), and no jewelry, but I'd have a hard time going into that situation minus a tooth. LOL

Sorry, but I know nothing about cats, but hope you can get it all figured out.

Carolyn said...

Cats are several months old before they start that "foolishness", I'm fairly sure. I've never had one to become pregnant under six months.

Two different vets tell me that cats are ALWAYS in heat; I find this hard to believe yet...for 2 to say this, makes one wonder.

Give that baby a litter pan and keep her as an indoor cat. Two aren't much more work than one :)

I'd shoot that big tom!!!

Shakespeare, very intelligent; Thanks, "Auntie" sezzzzzz. Such a true statement.

I won't discuss my degree of nakedness, sweltering here in my abode!

Grandma Bonnie said...

Some vets will the kittens at 8 to 10 weeks and weighing 2 lbs. I had a mommy cat get pregnant right after loosing a litter. I wish you the best with your kitten.

sjmcdowell said...

Hi sweettie,

Well Maggie....Without your jewelry and your tooth..I think you had a great time after all!!!
Your stories are so vivid and very emotional. You have been through and seen so much Maggie and You have the biggest heart I have known anyone to have!!
God Bless you Maggie!!

Lots of Love always,


Sue said...

Such an interesting post, and I had to chuckle at your arriving toothless. That part of your post sounded exactly like something my mom would write.

Loved it!