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Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Lovely Wedding!

Last night I attended the wedding of my dear friend Janie's daughters wedding. 
Here Janie is in the church where I grabbed her before everyone else came in so I could get a picture.
Isn't she beautiful?  She surprised me by being so calm before the wedding. 

Janie and I have been friends for over twenty years. We met in prison! No not as cell mates but co-workers.  

Janie and I posing in front of the pretty wedding cake. 
After seeing this picture of me I have been depressed ever since. Can't believe my fat face and the long hair that never got cut for the wedding.

The happy couple entering the reception hall lead by a Mariachi Band. I was not quick enough with the camera  and only captured the last  Mariachi player. It was five of them and they serenaded us through out the meal.  Our dinner was delicious with  steak as main course and some rolls to die for. lol  And then I wonder where my fat face comes from. It's two rolls under each eye.

Let me present Mr. and Mrs. Benito Juarez.  I have to add the bride Andrea had the flu but she still managed to a gracious smile all night.

The hall was decorated beautifully. They even had a candy table. Yummy! 

Janie came over to our table and greeted my friend Sharon who was kind enough to be my date for the wedding. 

Here we are right before leaving! No that's not beer cups but tea and lemonade. haha
From the looks of us in this picture I know you don't believe me. 
Other than the fat jaws I have a big problem taking pictures. 80 percent of pictures that I am in my eyes are closed. Now tell me how can I solve this problem. Honestly I am seeing the camera the whole time so my eyes have to be open right.

We did side shots of each other because I told Sharon that is only picture I can take without my eyes closed.

Here you can see my long white hair. I keep saying I am getting it cut off and yet as you can see it's still long.

It was a lovely evening. I know my friend Janie worried herself sick about everything being prefect but it turned out her worries were for nothing. As most of the time we find out they are.

Janie lives in Navasota  where the prison is located where we both worked for many many years.
Janie is planning on retiring from there in August. She was smart and always worked in Administration and never went into Security.  The short 9 months I worked up front with her we became immediate friends and have remained close even after I left the unit.

Janie is a very sweet Christian Woman who radiates her love for Christ in the way she lives and loves everyone around her. I always have admired her for having the faith that she does.

She is one of those that would give you the shirt off her back if you needed it. I am lucky we connected like we did and remained close.

The rest of this post is for the person who scolded me for not being a good blogger.

I received a email the other day from a blogging buddy who told me that I was not posting enough or coming by her sight regular. She informed me that I was going to loose friends if I did not shape up.

Well I never took the time to answer her email because it left me speechless and you know that is not a common thing to happen to me.

Besides I did not know what to say to her but now a few days later I want to say that I feel we all do the best we can with keeping up with our blogging. Some of course a lot better than others.  But  give your friends a break out here in blog land. You have to remember that life is different for each of us. If you find someone like myself who has not writing post as much as they did then take into consideration that maybe something difficult is going on in their life that would keep them from writing. Also I admit I am behind with visiting a lot of you but please know it's not intentional.  I think of you often and try my best to keep up but I am finding at my age I am slower in a lot of things lately. 

Taking care of this North Forty out here has me going every which way until after dark each night so if I hurt  anyone's feelings as I obviously have from this email then I am asking for forgiveness.

Also my brother Gary is going through cancer again and he is in MD Anderson Hospital which is a hundred miles from where I live so when I visit him I leave early in the morning and it is late at night when I get home. I know I am not the only one that has loved ones in the hospital but trying to give you some idea of why maybe you have not seen me come by your site. Also I have visited sites where I have had trouble leaving comments. I can't honestly say it was yours.

Just asking to give your blogging friends a break. You may need one yourself one day.

Love to All


♥ Sonny ♥ said...

You look beautiful to me as does your friend and the wedding couple.

I too have changes going on and am not able to post as I have in the past..
Its good to know ya love and understand me even with all my flaws..

post when ya can sweetums. You are loved~!

Linda said...

Phooey on the person that complained about your blogging! Your blog is yours to do as you please, and as often as you please. I know, I don't put anything on my blog all the time, and most of it is not original.

My eyes always close too, when the flash is on. My hair is short, but I have a fat face and baggy eyes too. I'm not 30 anymore!

Glad you had fun. We had a wedding last weekend. I'd rather go to a wedding instead of a funeral, but the funerals come much more often!

Thanks for posting when you can.

Olga said...

Gee, I did not know there were rules about number of posts per week and ratio of visits to comments. You were very diplomatic in your response.

The wedding pictures are lovely. I have not been to a wedding in such a long time. I have nieces and nephews, not to mention my own son...but I guess we are not going there.

Rebecca said...

You look sooo beautiful my friend. So lovely at this wedding and I so see the sweetness of life in your eyes.

What I didn't share in my airport post today was that the woman screaming at me was not physically attractive. On the contrary. She was haggard and worn and bore upon her face a life without peace. My hubby summed it up when he said "ugly on the inside and out." Still...I'm so overwhelmed with the thought that there is soo much anger in the world.

Blog all you want, when you want, how you want. xoRebecca

myletterstoemily said...

what??? you have a very SWEET face
and lovely hair!

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Such a lovely wedding and you look fabulous. You look like you were having a great time and that makes everyone beautiful. Just blog when you can, we will be here. This is supposed to be fun and not a command to blog so many times a week and no you only need to visit when you can. Geeeeeezzzzzeeee This is just way too much fun to make a chore out of it. Hugs, Marty

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

I agree with Emily, you are sweet and fun looking, and i simply ADORE your blouse. Adore!!

GerryART said...

Sweetie, you just blog when you can. We ALL know life takes it's place first in line.
Love your photos at the wedding. You're just as beautiful on the outside as you are in the inside.

I am so happy to have you in my life.

love 'n hugs with me eye squinshed closed,

Balisha said...

Hey...I looked in the mirror and saw my mother the other day. You look so pretty in your wedding attire. You are a beautiful person inside and out.
Shame on that blogger who emailed you. We all do the best job we can. Some of us are older and like you said...we do move slower now days.
Just put that blogger in a time out.

Gorges Smythe said...

The older I get, the more I realize how important friends are. Maybe I should try to make some!

Kim said...

First, you look gorgeous. Second, Maggie don't you dare apologize or make excuses for your blogging. We all have busy lives and do the best we can.

Julia said...

Dear Maggie, first of all you are beautiful from the inside out. It shows in your eyes that you are a caring person and lots of fun to be with, even when you have your eyes closed. I always love to see pictures of you. I love you just the way you are, period...

You have been through so much lately that it's a wonder that you have time to blog at all, and you have more than enough to take care of.

I'm one to put things into perspective, and I see that you have a whopping 670 followers, how could you possibly visit everybody. So what if you lost a follower, you have plenty left. Good grief.... this blogger should get a life of his or her own. Don't let this bother you dear friend. I don't post very often either. Only when I can, that's why my posts are too long most of the time.

PS I hope that your plants are blooming. Hugs


Susie Swanson said...

Hi Maggie, thought I'd stop in and see how you're doing..I guess you thought about dis owning me.. wouldn't blame you..I've neglected my blogging so bad and my dear friends, sorry.. I'll try and do better.. That sure is a beautiful wedding and you girls are as beautiful as the bride..Hope all is well with you..Love and Hugs, Susie

Paula said...

The pictures are all so lovely. Thank you for sharing them. Maybe you're like me sometime you just don't have anything to write about. You mentioned Navasota, made me think you probably know where the little community of White Hall is. John used to buy cattle at the auction in Navasota.

Shirley said...

Hi Maggie, You looked so pretty at the wedding and the bridal couple did to. I guess I fit into the same sceniro as you because I have been hit and miss with blogging and visiting people and I don't have near the followers that you do. I still work full time, am a primary caregiver for my spouse who's having problems right now requiring a lot of doctor office visits to try to find out what causes his chest pains, It wasn't his heart. Then I got told that I am going to need cataract surgery. I am going to try new lenses which will buy me some time to get me through the appointments we have schedule. Plus I have other commitments with my grandsons and no way will I tell them no. I wonder what she or he does. You have a great day blog when you can and visit when you can we aren't going any place. Hugs and prayers for you and your family from Your Missouri Friend.

Buttercup said...

Beautiful wedding. I'm with you on the hair issue. I've let it grow and some days it looks good and other days I'm not as happy with it.
Blogging and life aren't all that different. Sometimes I do well keeping up with things I want to do and other times my list runs to pages and pages. Blog when you can, visit when you can and know we love you all the time! Prayers for your brother.

A Tale of Two Cities said...

Your brother is in an excellent place-I hope he is getting just what he needs to improve. Must be hard having him so far away.
On a brighter note, it looks like that wedding was so much fun. My niece had a mariachi band play for their entrance too, and they were a big hit!

Brynwood Needleworks said...

You look beautiful, Maggie! I hope you had a grand time at the wedding. Best wishes to the newlyweds.

yaya said...

You looked lovely at the wedding! I'm glad it was a good time and I think your friend's worries were needless, but having done weddings before, I sure understand the nerves! The blogger who wrote you was mean spirited. There's no rule about how much to blog or who or how you should comment. Your real friends will not "leave" you. Everyone has issues in life and frankly I enjoy reading and supporting those that I follow and when they take breaks from blogging or whatever I figure that a good story will be coming when they have the time! I love your blog, your honesty, your humor and maybe Ms.Pearl needs to set that person straight! Ok, I'm done preaching..have a great week and I hope your brother gets back to health soon. I'll keep him in my prayers Maggie.

Tam said...

You sound like me when it comes to picture taking. I get really mad at myself to for having the eyes closed on half of my pictures. Lot of retakes necessary in our family.
Like the others I too think your beautiful inside and out.
Your too hard on yourself.
As far as your blogger bud I think Ms Pearl should take care of her. By the way where is Ms Pearl we have missed her.
Maybe that was what the lady was trying to do was bring Ms Pearl back.
Hope your brother Gary recovers and his home soon.

Martina said...

Hi! Thank you for visiting me and your sweet comment! I'll follow you too - such a great wedding here!

LuLu Kellogg said...

Oh Maggie...I love your lovely long hair! I didn't realize that your hair was that long. It's beautiful! Just as beautiful as you are my dear.

I am sorry you received that email about your Blogging. I too have found that I am not able to Blog as much anymore as my business has picked up tremendously. I just Blog when I can and visit people when I can. I guess some folks don't realize that there are those that do have other parts of their lives that need to be tended to. You certainly handled that like a true lady. We really do all need to give each other a break.

I will keep you and your brother and your family in my prayers my dear.


My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

FIRST: THX for sharing that specisl day with us readers.
Don't know about you....BUT I blog for MYSELF....if that's selfish of me...oh wellllllllllllll. ;0)
YOU m/f are doing JUST FINE.
I shit you not!
When I don't see a post from a fave blogger every day or even longer, I think to myself...SELF, they must be busy. Check back tomorrow. IT ALWAYS WORKS! (((hugs)))Pat

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

P.S. I made wedding cakes for over 40 years and I MUST SAY....since I have only done a few in the past ten years for grandkids, the styles HAVE CHANGED! They have gone from "beautiful" to "AWESOME."

Arkansas Patti said...

You look marvelous Maggie but so awful that the bride had to have the flu on her wedding day. Yuck. It is so neat that your prison buddy and you are such good friends. How fun to be able to say you met in prison. I'd just let the statement stand alone and not explain. I'm ornery that way.
Can't believe anyone chastized you for not posting enough. If there were such rules, the blog police would have me locked up.
I am keeping your brother in my prayers.

Jennifer Richardson said...

oh! I LOVE your long white hair!
Stunning, friend:)
Some day i too will wear my hair
and white
and free:)
inspired I am,

Nezzy said...

Hey my beautiful friend, please don't sell yourself short. You are beautiful both inside and out!!!

I love the pics of you and your lovely friends!! What a wonderful celebration it must of been.

Tea and lemonade right! Heeehehehe!!! :o)

No worries 'bout bloggin'. We all have busy lives so no apologies!!!

Yep, there's not a one of us gettin' any younger. I helped a niece and her hubs(who had a clue 'bout nothin') load a U~Haul Friday and then Saturday afternoon we worked 76 head of feeder cattle...needless to say...I'm feelin' it baby!!!

Sweetie, I'm so sorry to hear that your dear brother Gary is havin' trouble again. Bless his heart. Know is is on my prayer list an 'will lift up prayers daily. God is good!!! We'll just agree for a miracle.

God bless ya sweetie and have yourself a glorious weekend!!! :o)

Cherrie said...

Blogging is not a job it is suppose to be fun! Someone needs to take a chill pill. You have a lot going on in your life so don't worry one bit about that email. Those of us that love you will be here no matter what.
You look beautiful in your pictures. I hate having my picture taken I look older and fatter. lol I just want to remember the thinner prettier me! :)
Love You!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Not much of a buddy if she is scolding you for not paying attention to your virtual world, Maggie! I wouldn't let it bother me ~ real life is definitely more important and you're right, people don't know anything of what our lives our except for what we let them see through our blogs. You blog when you can and visit when you can!

Your friend looks so pretty and does look pretty calm. Especially if you know your daughter the bride has the flu! I think we are always harder on ourselves when we see pictures. I think you look just fine and I like your hair pulled back that way. I'm a blinker, too. Have no idea why and I've tried a few different things, but it's still the same. There are always 7 of me with my eyes closed and one of me with my eyes open.

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

You look wonderful in that white top sweetie.

I love love love when you visit, but completely understand when you can't. We all have things to keep us busy and a real friend understands these things.

I always feel bad when I don't have some new writing for you when you visit! lol...

My advice is to keep on being exactly who and what you are, you're awesome as is!



Lisalulu said...

Your real friends are right here!
The wedding looked beautiful, and you and your friend are beautiful.. with light in your eyes!! that truly look like good times were had by all.
I'm so surprised that ANYONE who calls you a friend would write something like that, especially with all your family around and worries on your mind.
YourREAL friends will always love and gather around you if you blog everyday or not!!!

Sue said...

I think both you and your friend look beautiful.


PS. And no need to explain your blogging variations to me. I'll just be happy to take whatever you have time for...And I know you will return the favor!

Sush said... look lovely and I think anyone who has spent any length of time blogging knows life interrupts and takes precedence. You are a dear person and so helpful to all. I will hold your brother in my prayers...

Sandy said...

Just to let you and the "blogger" know -- I, too, have not blogged in 6 months. You're right, we all have lives and sometimes between working, doing household chores, and weekend chores - the blogging gets set aside. If any of you have kept up with my blog - you know my dad died in October and it has been quite a transition for all of us. Mom has not been feeling well, and I'm all she has now -- so those of us with full plates can understand and are grateful when you have time to catch up .. love you ..

Forty Pound Sack said...

First of all, honey, you are too hard on yourself! You look lovely. When you smile your face just lights up.
The wedding was beautiful, too. I've never been to a party with a candy table. I would sit right down next to it, LOL.
Now, as far as your blogger pal with a bee up her bum, honey, you handled that very gracefully. I really wish people in general would lighten up. I love reading your stories but I also know that what we read about in blogs is only a tiny bit of a great big life, and there is no way anyone should be called out for "not writing enough". I have no idea if you'll lose any readers but I do know I'll be here, and I bet I'll have lots of company. Hugs, honey ~

Debby said...

Maggie you are white haired girls got to stick together, hah.
I almost turned into Ms. Pearl for you when I read what that person emailed you.
Your blog is your blog. I am sad that she upset you. YOu have alot on your plate and even if you didn't who cares. I always feel blessed when you leave me a message but I don't expect it.Unreal.
So sorry about your brother. What a long day for you when you visit. I know he loves to see you. I will keep him in my prayers.
You are loved......xo

Sweet Tea said...

Thanks for sharing the wedding with us. I love the idea of having the Marachi Band preceding the Bride & Groom's entrance. You've got clever friends!

Hope your brother is responding well to his treatment.
Take care of yourself, Friend.
IMO, Blogging is supposed to be fun.
So blog when you want to and keep it fun for YOU..
Don't let nay-sayers suck the joy from what should be
A pleasant experience. ;-)

Marydon said...

What a gorgeous wedding! Beautiful bride & mother. And, look at YOU Miss Gorgeous!!

I'd tell that blogger to take a flying leap!! I can't believe you were wordless, chuckle! How thoughtless. You have had a lot on your plate lately ... shame on that person ... click delete, Maggie.

How is Clint & Gary?

I will try & call this week ... so much to catch up on. Sister I haven't seen in 45 yrs.coming in for 5 days ... I am glad, hope it works out well. Then this weekend the 'event' for Miss M, oy!

Hotter than a french fry today ... 89! & I had so much to do in this heat.

Got my spring flowers, hundreds of them. They are on the upper terrace waiting for another couple of weeks to go in the ground. I was soooo excited.
I have pics up on blog of some that are in bloom in the garden now.

I hate this new blogger setup & can't find my dashboard so I am only able to write when time permits to those that comment. That really stinks.

Love & miss you my precious friend ...
tell Gary & Clint we are praying for them.

Love & hugs,

Dr. Kathy McCoy said...

Hi, Maggie: As you can see, I'm behind on my reading and responses, too, not to mention my posts! My sister Tai has been visiting me this week and I've wanted to spend every possible minute with her. Life happens to all of us and, I agree, we need to cut each other some slack. Maggie, I know you have so much going on in your life right now and think of you all the time. Whenever I read your blog or get an email or a comment from you, it's a joy! I loved the pictures of you! Don't be so hard on yourself, sweetheart! Your beauty shines through!

Garden of Egan said...

Wow! Some people have nerve I think.
I think reality is much more important than virtual. The virtual world doesn't do much to get things done around the laundry.

You are beautiful at that wedding and I love the pictures!!!!

Hugs and love my friend.

Darlene said...

Sounds like you had a great Easter! I actually wasn't able to even go to church last Sunday because I had and still have bronchitis. It really was a bad day as I always look forward to going to church on Easter Sunday.

The wedding sounded amazing. Your friend didn't have to worry about it coming off perfectly, but that is just what mothers do, right? I know I worried all through my four daughters marriages, and was pretty upset when my son and his first wife ran off and got married without me. How dare he? the marriage only lasted seven years too. He married a wonderful girl and the wedding was absolutely beautiful. Talk about a perfect wedding. It was held outside beside the lake at Lake Tahoe where they live. Honestly, weddings can and should be beautiful.

AS far as your blogging is concerned, we all have times, I think, when we miss blogging. I only do mine on Tuesdays and las Tuesday was the first time I missed. I just don't have time to keep up with it any faster. Don't worry about her comments. we all love you whether you blog regularly or not.

I too thought you looked beautiful at the wedding. I loved the top of your outfit. And, so what, if you didn't cut your hair. Why is it we are so hard on ourselves at times. We are getting older and that is mostly natural to put on a bit more weight. So what?

Gloria said...

Hi Maggie,

The wedding looks like it was beautiful. And I think you are lovely, inside and out! No worries sweet lady. God loves you too. I am not getting any younger myself. These are the times when we have to believe in the reminder that what matters to God is the heart. I do know it can be difficult to focus on that when society focuses so much on the outer person.

Thank you for visiting over on my blog and becoming a follower. I appreciate that so much. I am always inspired and happy to make new friends...:)

I DO know life gets busy too! We can only do the best we can do! God will give us the strength each and every day. Bless your heart for trying to be such a good blogger :) God sees all!

God bless you,

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

I LOVE weddings and it looks as though you had a fantastic time at this one. Everyone looked great!!

Sybil said...

What a wonderul wedding day you all had iy is clear to see with these great photo's..I am so happy for you when I read that you are having a relaxing time. What a cheek that supposed "friend" had complaining about you not blogging enough..I am so very grateful to you for blogging at all, We would all be so much worse of without you being around. Real good friends are friends however long they may be apart.
Keep smiling my dear friend,
Love Sybil xxx

Sares said...

It looks like a wonderful reception and the bride was beautiful even if she was sick. What rotten luck to be sick on your wedding day. Now you quit bashing yourself, you looked lovely! We all have complaints to make about ourselves and most of us have more than a few pounds we would like to lose. I know this last year I have somehow found 10 plus I would like to kick to the door!
I'm surprised I haven't gotten any emails like you. I have been so bad about blogging since last summer. I must blog with ladies who understand that my world can't always revolve around the computer and sometimes we just need a break.
Sending prayers up for your brother and take care of yourself!