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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Happy Birthday To Me!

Isn't this the cutest vintage birthday card? I found it in my locker at work on Friday the 13th my Birthday! A Deputy friend of mine always remembers everyone's Birthday.

Don't Birthdays come around fast. At least they do for this ole grandma. lol.....I still can't believe I am this old and got this old really fast.

All last week I tried to do a Birthday post on here and never could get into Blogger. When Marydon phoned me to wish me a Happy Birthday she told me Yes, blogger had been down since Wednesday. So I guess I am not the only one that had problems with posting.

I suppose the post I wanted to do for my Birthday will be still be good by next year. lol Instead I came up with this idea. My sweet DL Andrea tries to keep me in the loop about what's happening with Kaci's diabetes therefore I got this email from her that I have copied and pasted to share with you. As most of you know I am so proud of how Kaci's handles being a Juvenile Diabetic. She is my little hero along with her Uncle Chad who also is a Juvenile Diabetic.

The first part of the email I am sharing with you is written to Kaci from Juvenile Diabetes Foundation. Second part is a note to me from my DL Andrea. The last part of the email is a letter that Kaci wrote along with her entry.

Now here is what I came up with to do my part to help Kaci raise money. For every Happy Birthday comment I receive on this post I will donate a dollar to Juvenile Diabetes Foundation and hopefully my donation with help find a cure and of course help my precious Granddaughter's Car Drawing come in First Place.

This is one post I hope I get a lot of comments from all of you! Thank you for always coming by and checking on me and leaving me sweet comments. I hope to visit you soon too.

Sorry for such a long post. Here is the email and Kaci's letter.

Congratulations, Kaci!

We have just received your entry for the JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) Race Car Design Contest.


Your design will be posted on our website with voting to begin on May 4 and run through June 30, 2011.Be sure to send the following link of your design to family, friends, and neighbors and encourage them to make a donation to support your design!
REMEMBER, the funds raised are credited directly to your family walk team and the more you raise, the better your chance of winning. So send the above link to everyone you know!

Post it to your Facebook page and Tweet it too!Representatives from Ford Motor Company's Motorcraft and Quicklane Divisons and the Wood Brothers will select a final winner from the top five designs that raise the most money. The winning child and his/her parents will participate in the vehicle unveiling at Ford Motor Company's World Headquarters in Dearborn, MI on Thursday, August 18, 2011. In addition, the winning child and their parents will get to see their design run on the No. 21 Motorcraft / Quick Lane Ford Fusion at Michigan International Speedway for NASCAR Sprint Cup qualifying on Friday, August 19, 2011.

**Good luck!Your friends at JDRF and Ford**

So- We need YOU! You can click on the above link and make a donation of $1 or more and cast your vote for Kaci's car design (attached) It is the blood drop she sees each day when she checks her bloodsugar. Notice he has pricked his finger for testing too!All the money you donate will go towards our, "Say Boo To Diabetes" walk team in October~ You can vote as many times as you want....and feel free to spread the word! Attached you will see the letter that Kaci has created to share with all of our family and friends.

Just click on Kaci's letter below to read it. I could not get it to let me copy and paste it. But if you click it on you probably will be able to read it. I hope so.

Hopefully my next post I can tell you about scaring Gretchen and how I spent my Birthday!

Sweet Dreams and Love to All



Brynwood Needleworks said...

Hi Maggie!
Let me be the first friend to officially cost you a buck! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GIRLFRIEND!!! If you're like me, you're gonna milk it for all you're worth...and stretch it out at least a week. You can do it.
Wishing you many, many more.

susanc said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAGGIE!!! I hope you had a wonderful day and birthday weekend and that you are feeling better. :) xxx

jojo said...

I hope you get the most comments in the history of bloggy!! Happy Birthday my sweet friend...I can see why you are so proud of your little grandgirl. She is such a trooper, please congratulate her for me! love you..;j

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Happy Happy Birthday, my dear Maggie! My Dad's birthday was Friday, too. It's always nice when people remember your birthday. If you get a chance you should download Microsoft's Live Writer. It is a free and safe download and you can draft your blog posts in it and post them to blogger. While I had a post disappear from Blogger I was able to repost it {minus comments} when Blogger was back up because it saves in the program.

You should be proud of your granddaughter. She is so active in the Juvenile Diabetes forum. I'd like to make a donation. Can I do that through the link in your post?

Arkansas Patti said...

Happy Birthday Maggie.
I can see why you are so proud of Kaci. That is a very clever drawing and should win on talent alone.
I will check that link and see if I can't help her out a bit.

Kim said...

I am sending you the biggest, brightest, happiest birthday wishes ever!! Be like me - celebrate for at least a week.
That Kaci is such a sweetie :)

Julia said...

Happy Birthday Maggie, so special to have your birthday on Friday the 13th. I hope that your day was filled with good luck because I'm not superstitious. That birthday card sure brings back old memories.

I hope that your granddaughter wins the contest. She did a super job on the drawing. My niece also has juvenile diabetes. Good luck with this.

I'm off to the barn to scrub the ceiling in the milking parlor. Not an easy job on the neck and shoulder. It's still raining here until Wednesday. I'm so very sick of rain. Can't even cut the lawn or weed my flower beds. Hugs, JB

Tina Eudora said...

Oh Maggie Happy Birthday to you sweet lady and thanks for this great post about your darling, brave Kaci!
This is so timely for me as I have gone recently from pill controlled diabetes to insulin injections and although it is imperative I give myself the shots I have a morbid fear of needles and haven't been able to find the courage to do it even to save my life. Seeing little Kaci and how brave she is has given me a little "slap upside my head" so to speak and tonight I am going to think of her and give myself my injection! Thanks Maggie for your post, and thanks Kaci for being such a wonderful example to an old scaredy cat! Good luck sweet girl!
Tina xo

Susan said...

Happy, happy Birthday!
I think it's cool the way they are really dealing with the juvenile onset diabetes. My SIL is in her '60s now and was diagnosed when she was 7. She is one of the most amazing women I know.
God bless you, Maggie, you've had one heck of a year.

Debby said...

Happy Happy
Birthday. Sweet Kaci......hope she wins. Hope you don't go broke. Wish I was there to celebrate with you. xo

Lisalulu said...

oh Happy Happy birthday, it is the same day as my eldest daughter. And what a doll Kaci is and good for you to support her this way! Grandma is always there for her! Happy Birthday take care and don't over due it working and all!!

Barb said...

Happy Belated Birthday to you, Maggie,
Enjoy today,

Sue said...

Hope everyone treated you like a queen on your birthday!


PS. Good luck to Kaci. I like her design!

Anne's Original Hooked Rugs said...

Belated Happy Birthday Greetings to you, Maggie..Hope your day/week is very special..Time goes faster as we age and that is for sure.

what a sweet little guy, Kaci...Hope you win and I will go to the website...

Olga said...

As they say, "Better late than never."

So Happy Birthday!! (I hope it was)

Good luck to Kaci. I will check out that site.

Joy @ Joy Of Desserts said...

Happy Birthday! And good luck to your grand-daughter for the contest.

NitWit1 said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND MANY MORE. Yes, the years do fly by. I was thinking yesterday what happened to Jan. Feb. Mar. and April. It is nearly June?

Delena said...

Happy Birthday Maggie

Time does go by in a blink. I am glad I found your blog. You keep me young!

Sybil said...

What another can you get younger every year...pass on the hints please LOL
As for Kakci well you already know how much I admire her, only wish it was a web site for UK as I coudl then sponser her no bother...So I will just have to leave it up to her beautiful Grandma to do it for us !! Love her designs.
My great niece Samantha who has had the diabetis since she was 4/5 if I remember rightly is still hoping to go to Univ. in Sept. just one more exam to get through.. think it is this week... Then it will be onward and upwards for her as well. (Her Mum is concerned about her going away with the diabetis not always being in control but we are trying to say she must let her go)
Hope your feeling better,
Love and God Bless, Sybil xxxx

Tammy said...

Sorry I'm late....HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Maggie.

Susie Swanson said...

Happy belated Birthday Maggie. A day late and a dollar short. I'll try to remember it next year being it's my brother's birthday. So sweet of you to do this.

Simply Soothing Studio said...

Happy Birthday to you!!!!!! I'm a little on the late side but I wanted to ensure I wasn't extremely late.

Hoping you had a great day and as a friend of mine does, you should celebrate for the entire month. She has a terrific time (and lots of cake, too)!

Take care.

yaya said...

Wow, what a great party you could have on a Friday the 13th! Happy Birthday Maggie! May is a big birthday month in my family and now I can count you as part of the tribe! Hope it was fun and the cake good!

♥ Sonny ♥ said...

Happy Birthday sweet Maggie..
My neice and nephew both have JD .. I feel there will be a cure very soon.. I am wishing it for all of them..


Donna said...

Happy Birthday Maggie...a bit late! Kaci did a super job on her drawing, and now I hope she makes a bundle of money too!

Can't wait till next year to see what your birthday caper was! Knowing you, it'll be a hoot!

Marydon said...

Awwww! My precious Maggie is now 'sweet 16' ... chuckle! You know I love you & wish you the most love in the world, sweetie. We are on the road so not on web but in eves. May God bless & keep you ...

So love Kaci's drawing. Go, Kaci!!

More when I get home, you know that I'll help you out. Going to post a link to this post right now.

Love you, sweetie

Karyn Bernard (French Charming) said...

Happy Birthday Gorgeous sorry I am late. I hope your day was as special as you are. Been thinking a lot about you...sending you love and prayers sweet friend!

Libbie said...

Hi Maggie!

I am headed to bed but I will come back tomorrow & read Kaci's letter! I can't wait but I want something to look forward to tomorrow too :) & I am super tired so I want to close my eyes but YES! I want to support that sweet girl!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY is the reason I stopopped by...I have been out of it lately & never seem to have the time I want to visit everyone. But I hope you had an amazing Birthday!

I'll be back!!!


Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

WooHOo!! Happy Birthday, sweet girlfriend!! And I hope your precious little granddaughter wins!!!!!

Did you hear I'm hosting my Wedding Blog Party and Giveaway on June 10th? I do hope you will join us as I'm sure you would share such fun things!! Read all about it on my blog!

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Marydon sent me to you :) Happy belated Birthday!! And I loveeeeeeeeeeee her design! I will go vote for her now!:):):):):):):):):):):):)

Libbie said...

I just went & voted! I am excited to hear how it goes! Her car is sooo cute!

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Thanks, sweetie! Appreciate your adding the Wedding Party button to your sidebar!! Want me to add you (and Elvis) to my sidebar participants list?

I think your post last year was the "funnest"!

Angelic Accents

cathyjo said...

HI, I know it's late but Happy Brithday Maggie and all the best to your Granddaughter. My Granddaugther Juvenile Diabites also she is 18 yrs now,still worry about her.We almost lost her twice,It's hard to let go. Hugs.

Firecracker Kid said...

Aargh! Darn blogger glitch, I missed your birthday. Well, happy belated birthday luv! I have posted Kacie's design on my blog with a link so all can go vote for her:) Praying for a cure!
Love ya!

Julie Harward said...

Thanks for your visit. I don't care how old we get, birthdays are exciting...HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope it was the best one ever. What a neat grand daughter doing such good things too. Have a good Spring, if you are like us, we are wondering if she will ever get here! :D

Connie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAGGIE! I hope it was a good day for you. Love the card. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we found a cure for diabetes.
Hope you're feeling better. (Looking forward to the chocolate!!!!)

Darlene said...

Maggie! I didn't know it was your birthday. Darn, this is really a belated wish for you. I hope you had a Happy Happy Birthday and that you did something really special to celebrate.

This was a crazy weekend for us. We were on the go a lot,which meant that I didn't get on the computer much. The day I did, I couldn't make comments on anyones blog so I gave up.

You should be very proud of Kaci. It is hard for kids to handle diabetes. She is a trooper for sure and a good designer to boot!!

Take care, my dear friend, and feel better. I am always interested to hear about your progress with your pain, so keep me informed.

Love you,


Farmhouse prims said...

Kaci, Happy Birthday to you!!!!! My daughter is also a type one juvenile diabetic, I have watched her struggle with this disease for 9 years. The highs and lows and her fingers getting so sore from pricking them everyday!!
She now has two babies and I call them the miracle babies. Years ago they didn't want type 1 diabetics to have children. I pray for a cure and thank you and your neice for what you are doing to support this cause. Bunches of hugs to you, Lecia

Tiffany said...

I know this is late but happy birthday and good luck to her.

Hanni said...

Happy Belated Birthday, isn't it wonderful to have a birthday on Friday, the 13th. It was my birthday also.

FabShabbyRoses said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAGGIE! I hope you had a happy one! I knew we were kindred spirits! My 5 year old granddaughter has diabetes too. She was diagnosed at 3 years old after having a nasty virus with high fever. We do a walk for JDFR every summer to help raise money for a cure. I pray to God every day that they'll find a cure for all children that have to suffer with this every day of their lives. I can't even talk about it without welling up with tears. So please....anyone reading all you can in your community to raise funds to help with the cure!

Cozy Little House said...

Yes, most definitely these birthdays do indeed roll around WAY too fast!

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Hi Maggie Sweetie...
Oh I am so tickled to see this post. I will be heading over there to vote as soon as I get my message down. Being an insulin diabetic myself I know exactly what she is going through. Shots each day, several times a day are NO fun. Bless her little heart. I will be adding Kaci to my daily prayers along with you sweet Maggie.

Thank you for sharing this with each of us today. Many hugs to you and SO much love, Sherry

Cherrie said...

Sorry I am just now stopping by to wish you a happy belated birthday. I hope it was a great one! I'm still praying about your work situation!