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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

It Could Only Happen to Me!

Don't let this innocent look fool you!

 Toby spent the holiday weekend with me while his Mommy spent the Fourth of July at the coast.  He has been my daughter's companion for 13 years and is very much part of our family.

I don't mind spending the weekend with him but I did worry a little about having him around my Billie Sue because of how she is a very strange cat at times. After a full day under the chase and love seat Billie Sue and Tinkerbell eventually surfaced and just spent their days watching Toby.

By Saturday afternoon I had actually wrote Christi and told her how good Toby was behaving and that all was going well. THEN everything changed in a heart beat or bite in this case.

The last two weeks I have been sick. Not sure what is wrong with me but not a pleasant few weeks. After too many nights of  being deathly ill I went to see my doctor. She diagnosed it as acid re flux. I did not agree with her diagnosis but agreed to give the medication a try. Long story short I was sitting in my chase Saturday evening and I felt sick again. The coughing started and I knew that what was probably going to happen next so I removed my bridge and laid it on the table by the chase.

I left the room for a very short time and upon returning I noticed Toby at the chase with his front paws on it. I walked over to the table to pick up my bridge and it was not there. I immediately got on my hands and knees and looked everywhere on the floor. I then took the chase apart. After finding only crumbs from who knows what meal I then tore the rest of the living room apart. 

I then started to panic because I knew now why Toby had his paws on the chase. He had cobbled down my bridge and was now just looking at me with his big innocent eyes. A look he saves for us after he has done something bad.

My next thoughts were OH No there's wires in the darn thing and now these wires are in his stomach. I did the only thing I knew to do and feeling like the worse baby sitter ever I called his mom. She insisted that Toby did not swallow things like bridges and that I needed to keep looking. 

Again I tore the room up and still no bridge. By now realty sunk in and I realized the darn thing was gone and I would have to buy a new one. This of course was upsetting since just a few months ago I had lost a tooth from this bridge and it was over six hundred dollars to have it replaced and now I needed a whole new bridge not just a tooth replacement. 

The next day his mom picked him up and they tore up my living room with the same luck I had. That evening she phoned me and told me that he had passed my bridge. Not in one piece but in three pieces. 

Yesterday I went to my dentist and started the process again for a new bridge. They felt bad after hearing the story from my son why I needed a new bridge that they gave it to be at half price. What a awesome thing for them to do for me! I was so relieved and happy that it was not going to be $1200.00. 

I can say this will be a Fourth of July weekend that I will never forget. Hope yours was not as crazy as mine and that you enjoyed family, friends and good food. 

Life here on the North Forty has been exceptionally busier than normal. We are in the process of tearing down the house that the Cowboy lived in and a big public restroom that was built to accommodate the big parties and weddings once hosted by the previous owners. 

Still have not completely finished painting the front porch or I would share pictures of it. I have the top completed but the sides and steps are not finished. Too much scraping old paint off has kept me from completing this project.  This July heat is not helping out either.

On my previous post I mentioned my problems with my two outside cats. After having them both fixed the oldest one has turned on the little one and making her life just miserable. Nothing has changed with this situation and is very upsetting to me. My son Chad has been talking to others that have had their cats fixed and some of them have had similar issues. He told me a vet said that she might be depressed since surgery and that hopefully in time she will accept the other cat again. If she continues I will probably have to give one of them away and this would be hard to do but may not have a choice.

Wouldn't it be nice if I could do a post with no problems. haha.....Your a sweetheart for still coming by and checking on this ole grandma. I am hanging in there and hopefully in a few days I won't be toothless but smiling again.

Stay cool and know I think of you often! I hope to stop by your site soon and see how you spent your Fourth of July weekend. 

Love to all


Debby said...

I hope you feel better soon. If you don't think it's reflux keeping searching for answers. If you keep vomiting that doesn't sound like reflux.
Oh my about the doesn't eat things like that. Good for the dentist. Actually other than the cost, it is pretty funny.
Hope you are staying cool. Just get better. HUGS

Terra said...

I don't think anyone will ever write a more strange bridge story. Yikes, it came out in three pieces. How good the dentist did it for half price and maybe one day you will chuckle about the funny side of your story.

Olga Hebert said...

The dog that swallowed your bridge--I know you don't make these things up. But, really, could they happen to any one else but you? I am glad to hear you have such a nice dentist!!

June said...

Oh Maggie, I knew when I read the title of your post it was going to be something and was wondering if it would be anything like the time you had to climb through your window again. I was warned by my dentist when he gave me cleaning trays that dogs are especially attracted to anything that goes into our mouths and told me to keep them out of reach. I feel so bad that you had to buy a new bridge.
I agree with Debby, keep searching for an answer if you continue to be sick!
I'm so sorry about your cats not getting along. I hope they can figure out a way to get along my dear.
hugs from me...

Julia said...

Oh Maggie, talk about bad luck with the dog chewing your expensive bridge. Your dentist at least was very nice. God knows they charge enough for their work.

The cats are giving you some grievances and now the dog too. All in all they are costing you a pretty penny too. I sure hope the cats will settle down soon.

We,ve been hit hard by hurricane arthur and we are still without our power so It's been hectic here on the farm and at home feeding the men and cleaning up. I don't always have wifi available so my commenting has been very spotty. I answer my emails first and blogs after.

Take care my friend and soon you'll have your beautiful smile again.


acorn hollow said...

Well at least the dog passed the bridge without surgery that's good.
I do hope you feel better soon.

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

Good for the dentist and really good for you.

I Have the same problems with the outside cats. One has turned personalities overnight and has become a nemeses to the others. What to do, what to do?

June said...

I love you too Maggie!!! Always will. Do you sometimes miss the good ole days of blogging when we seemed to have more time and more to share? I have been so absent for so long it's hard to get back to it.
Now...level with me girl...would have you put that back in your mouth after the dog the dog passed it????
I think I already know the answer to that one :))))))))))))

Gorges Smythe said...

No wonder dentists drive nice cars.

Welcome to the Garden of Egan said...

Your life is NEVER boring! Silly lady. I wonder if the dog smiled just once with your bridge in.

Glad you have a dentist that sounds like a decent human being.

Hopefully you have all the energy you need to get those projects done.

Have a great rest of the week.

Jacqueline said...

You are certainly having a rough time of it right now. I hope life settles down for you soon.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

What a cute face! Hard to believe he ate your bridge, Maggie! I guess Kristy knows now that he will eat such things. : ) If that medicine doesn't work, make sure you go back or find another doctor. I've heard that gall bladder issues can cause people to vomit {out of nowhere apparently}.

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

Gives new meaning to "shittin a brick." (bridge)
Still shaking my head!

Have a relative that has two female house cats and one makes life hard for the other, but it's learned to adapt and stays out of the others way,( mostly under a bed).Works for them.

Two weeks is much too long to be sick. If you see no improvement with that new med, make another call to your doctor.


Arkansas Patti said...

First off, hope you find out what is ailing you. If the meds he gave you don't work, go somewhere else. Do take care lady.
Now, I apologize but this post cracked me up. Easy for me since I am not buying the replacement. Don't suppose they could have put the 3 pieces back together though not sure I'd want it in my mouth after the trip it has been on.
Hope the kitties quit the squabbling. Sometimes it takes a while before peace is restored. They will probably never be buds but should be able to coexist.
Let us know how you are doing.

La Petite Gallery said...

Maggie, we had a beautiful blue eyed Dalmatian , he ate my husbands hearing aid. Feel better. Thanks for the comment. I think the govt. should give us insurance priced on our income. yvonne

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

Oh, bummer. I'm glad your dentist bit a chunk out of the price tag for that new bridge, anyway. I hope you're feeling better.

Maggie M said...

Sweet Maggie I am so sorry to hear that you have not been doing well. I hope the medicine is helping you and that is all that is going on with you. I don't want to alarm you but, I have never heard of anyone vomiting with acid reflux. If you are not better very soon I would think maybe a second opinion might be in order.

Wow, Toby ate your bridge. I guess he is okay since he passed it. I am happy for you that they are making you another at a good discount.

I sure was hoping Mommy Kitty had settled down by now and all was going well with your outside sweeties.

You are doing some very tiring jobs in the heat right now my sweet friend.

Take care of yourself! Keeping you and your family in my prayers as always.

Thanks for stopping by my blogs. It is always a joy to see you have come by. Love hugs and nose kisses to you and yours from me and mine!

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Oh dear Maggie at least the dentist wad able to give you a good deal. I hope you find out soon what's wrong. I had reflux and found out I was gluten intolerant! Good Luck Maggie!