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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Kaci's Walk!

Raining hard all week and instead of looking for instructions on line for building an Ark I decided to use the time for catching up on unfinished projects around the house. 

How do you like my chicken fabric for the curtain in my kitchen? I am to embarrassed to tell you how long this project has been calling my name. I have wanted to cover the opening under my counter forever.

Since this house is over a hundred years old there are no kitchen cabinets or drawers in my kitchen. So using my imagination on where to store things is a ongoing problem for me. After hanging the curtains I thought I would use the space for storing some of my groceries.

Even though this picture is not too clear you can see that my putting food under there
was a huge mistake. 

You see my daughter left her sweet Toby Friday night for me to babysit the weekend and Saturday morning I woke up to find this waiting for me.

Flour, sugar, corn meal, hot chocolate and who knows what else all over the kitchen floor. I thought it was strange during the night that Toby was awfully quiet and not pacing the floors. 

He not only trashed the kitchen but he tracked all over the house. I felt bad fussing at him but Jeez what a mess!

Tinkerbell had to get in the act of messing up the house too. I have never seen her throw the chair cushion on the floor and her lay in the chair but as you can see this is what she did during the night while Toby did his thing.

 The weekend before was Kaci's Juvenile Diabetes Walk in Austin. I was lucky enough to be able to attend the walk again this year. It was only a two mile walk but for some reason I thought it felt like five miles. haha

It could be because we got there early to walk around for a while and I think by 11:00 I was already tired.

Before the walk I captured some pics of my precious kids. In the pic above my son Clint with his lovely wife Andrea and my grand babies Kaci and Bailey.

Kaci posing with her Uncle Chad. I could not wait to see Chad because it had been a while since I had seen him.

Kaci had a broken ankle so we took turns pushing her in the wheel chair. Here her Aunt Christi and Paul are taking their turn.
Posters of the children with Juvenile Diabetes are placed along the walk. At the end of the walk you can take your poster home with you. In the top pic Bailey is posing with Kaci. I love this picture because if you look closely he is holding two fingers over Kaci's head. How many pictures of my child hood were taken of my brothers doing this to each other. lol

The poster is of Kaci and Bailey in their Halloween costumes.

Bailey with the mascot at the walk.

It was a busy weekend. The walk was Sunday and on Saturday I went to Bailey's last ball game of the year.
He was playing for the championship and his team Won. They were actually undefeated for the season. Awesome Bailey!

I wanted to share this with you something I found out about Social Security that might help some of you that are divorced and were married for over ten years. If you never remarried and your husband is 62 you can file for his social security. I had no idea that I could file on my idiots social security but you can. You of course have to be 62 or older. It is no guarantee that you will get more money than what you draw from your social security but it's worth finding out. In my case they told me I could get maybe a hundred more dollars. I will find out at the end of this month when I go my appointment with them. I did not care if it was ten dollars more I am drawing from the one that pays me the most. haha

I also found out that even though we are divorced if he should pass away before myself then I am entitled to his full social security. I only thought this was for the widows but not true. I hope he lives a long and happy life but it is good information to know.

Also today I signed up for a medicare supplement. Boy medical insurance is expensive even for us on social security. It was hard deciding the right one but I went with Blue Cross Blue Shield. So keep your fingers crossed that I at least get enough from his social security to pay for my supplement. lol

Hope your having a wonderful week. Be gentle on yourself and thanks for stopping by. I love having you here.

Sweet Dreams and Love to All,



joanne said...

Hey there stranger! So very proud of Kaci and her 'group.' We must keep fighting the good fight against this cruel disease. Good to see the big kids too!
Nice little curtain in your kitchen despite the lovely mess that Toby left there. Are you finally done mowing for the season? Rains have started here, that and the early darkness really mess with my head! I love Fall and the colours but not the rain/dark.
Great news about SS, I'll have to remember that. Hope you get plenty of $$ so then you can come visit me! Take care sweetpea, I miss you and your fudgy ways!

gpc said...

Glad to see Clint and Kaci up and at 'em! Love the chicken fabric! Poor Toby, we've all done things that seemed like a good idea at the time but turned out not so well, right? :)

Julia said...

Hi Maggie girl, it has been a while since I've read your post. Life has been so busy for me.

Awesome that your family rallied together to support Kaci's walk for the Juvenile Diabetes cause.

The kids are growing so fast, it's unbelievable.

The chicken curtains are great but what a mess the little cute dog made. Maybe you could use some of those deep plastic totes and put the bags in the totes under the counter. When you need some flour, just pull the tote out.

I hope that you get some extra money. Great that you checked into it. Getting old isn't an easy thing.


Welcome to the Garden of Egan said...

It looks like you had a wonderful weekend. Kaci is a beautiful sweet angel.
I think a two mile walk would do me in way before you.

I didn't know that about SS. I hope you get the absolute most you can. You have certainly worked hard all your life.

shawkl said...

Cockers are driven by food...which makes them really easy to train (I have Buddy now, but he's my third cocker). It is also irrestable for them when left to their own devices! I suspect that Toby is the one who put the cushion in the floor...probably digging to get a morsel in between the cushion/chair. And the cat was just claiming the territory afterwards.
What fun they had!

JaneT said...

I don't know how true this is since I use a place other than Walmart to fill my prescriptions, but some ladies well into their 70s told me the other day that Walmart told them they would no longer take Blue Cross as secondary to Medicare. They will only take Walmart Humana. Like I said, I don't use them, but I would check it out before I waste time with them. I just read what you were saying about drawing from a husband you are divorced from this afternoon. I checked with SS to see should I outlive my husband, would I draw his since he gets around 250 a month and I pay to have Medicare because my quarters were earned in the stone age. They told me that I could never have is SS. We shall see because I am sick of the government screwing around with some people and giving the moon to others. Now, I will put my speakers box under the bed and shut my mouth.

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

That mess looks like what a child would do. UGH!

Enjoyed hearing about what's going on in your life and seeing your family today.
You certainly ARE and Have Been busy,busy,BUSY! (((hugs)))

Anonymous said...

Hey, sweet Maggie so good to hear from you. I do like your curtains, cute fabric. Oh, my what a mess you had to clean. Those doggies do love to make messes don't they? I am so sorry you had all that to clean up.

I was so surprised to see how much Bailey and Kaci have grown since I last saw pictures of them. So happy for you that you got to spend time with your family on the walk. Hope Kaci's ankle will be all healed and back to normal very soon.

Happy for you and the SS too every little bit helps doesn't it?

Take care of your sweet self my friend. Love and hugs for you and some nose kisses for the kitties.

La Petite Gallery said...

Great photo of Kaci. That cocker is soooo beautiful. I would love to have a dog like that, I had a red cockerfor years, was stolen.

Sissy said...

So good to read another post of yours. Reading blogs make me feel less lonely and isolated.
Those 'babies' of yours aren't babies anymore. It amazes me how fast they grow up. Don't blink!
Yeah, Toby was a busy buddy, wasn't he? He's got nothing on my 4 though and with the tiny one, Ms Unattainable, strutting her stuff this week, my life is a hectic struggle. No doubt, I need some extra money for necessities such as this situation but none to be found or coming my way. I'm thinking of going ahead and winning a big lottery. Never played but have high expectations.
Why can't your landlady have some cabinets installed for you; drawers too? She appears RICH to me! A great time you all had at the walk, I'm sure of. Um, I'm having a fudge crave right now; doggone it

Kathleen McCoy said...

What a weekend you had! Loved seeing the pictures of Clint,Kaci and Baily! And what a rascal Toby is!

You're right that Medicare and its supplements are far from free. I think people have this notion that we're getting something for nothing and that's so not true! I'm delighted with Medicare and also the supplement (ours is Mutual of Omaha), but it does cost us, all told, nearly $600 a month. Still, that's a lot less than we'd be paying as near-70 year olds on the open insurance market!

Debby said...

Yeah for Kaci. My she has gotten taller. Bailey is growing too. IS this the previous ankle injury or another one.
I knew that about being married 10 years.....but I thought you could still go back on them if you remarried. I din't know about if they die and getting all of it.
There is so much that you would never guess about SS unless you make an appt. and go talk to them. Don't just show up.....make that appt. We found out that our adopted special needs son will get quite a bit of money each month if my husband dies. Good news for us to know that he will make it without us.
Let's hope it all continues or that we are grandfathered.
Bad doggy but he is a cute doggy.
(((((HUGS)))) to my friend

Sue said...

Yikes, what a mess! I like your fabric, though!
And I'm so glad your family could support Kaci in her walk.