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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Stephen King’s Home In Bangor!

Wow where has this week gone? I wasn’t even on vacation but working like a wild women out here on the North Forty and the days have flown by. I thought last week was fast while I was in Maine but this one has gone by just as quick.
Yesterday I scrubbed my big master bedroom floor on my hands and knees with a product called Rejuvenate I found at Home Depot. Then after the floor dried and I went back and used the varnish they sell to go with the cleaner. OMGosh my floor looks so clean and they are shining for the first time since I lived here. Their beautiful pine floors but always look dull to me so I tried this Rejuvenate and I can testify it worked great on this ole floor.
Of course the instructions call for you to use a mop but I wanted it to turn out really good so like a nut I did it on my hands and knees. I thought I would not be able to walk to today but since I mowed for six hours I did not have to walk. lol
Now if only I had a cleaning fairy to do the rest of the floors. OH how sweet that would be.
I promised a few pic’s of author Stephen King’s house that we visited while in Maine. It turned out to be a fun visit and we laughed the whole time we were standing in front of his house.
We drove up to his huge mansion and his driveway gate is open and three men are getting out of a car near the back entry to the house. Of course we got excited thinking it was HIM! They never went inside the whole time we were there but since we were in the front of the house taking pictures and they were on the side I never could tell for sure if one of the men was King.
So at first we are shy and we park across the street and take pictures. Then I tell Christi that is silly so we walk across the street and get better shots of his entry way. On the top of his gates are Bats and the gate his a huge spider web.
Only Stephen King would think of having such a gate. Right?
What really made our time there was out of no where a Black Cat appears right between my legs. I mean neither Christi or I saw the cat walk up. It’s like out of one of his novels. A big black cat appears from no where. Spooky!
The cat was so friendly he would not go away. Then we hear laughing and we turn to the road and two ladies are in their car taking pictures and laughing at us. They thought it was so funny that we were brave enough to walk up to his gate and stand there playing with a cat all the while snapping pictures.
I told those two chickens to get out of their car and join us. So after a minute of their talking it over they parked and joined us on our stalking of the famous writer. We then let them take pictures of us and we return the favor.
Some neighbors of his are out walking the neighborhood and they stop to visit because I had to ask if the cat belonged to King. They said No it was just a neighborhood cat that went from house to house. It had a red collar on with a phone number so I guess it had a home.
After a while we say our good byes to the other two stalkers and we head for our car. While turning back for my last look of the house bigger than life he coming out of the gate with another guy and they are going for a jog. Naturally they start jogging the opposite direction of our rental car.
I did snap a picture when it finally came to me that I was holding a camera but by then they were pretty good distance away.
His house is huge old Victorian style that sits on a big lot surrounded by trees. What surprised me was he lives in a neighborhood in town where the houses are close to each other. I figured a man of his wealth and fame would live out on one of the many islands off the coast of Maine. 
It even had a playground set in the backyard so I guess he might just be a grandpa.
The idiot introduced me to his writing when we were dating and of course in those days you crawl through hoops trying to impress the other so I read every book of his early writing because the idiot loved them. They were so different from anything I had ever read and yet I kept reading them. I use to think the man had to be doing drugs to write books like these. If I remember right he did mention doing Pot in his early writing career. I knew it. lol
Now his latest books have not kept me interested at all. His writing has really changed. Even my son Clint who has read a lot of his work has trouble finishing his books now. I think he might need to buy another bag of pot.
Here are a few of his neighbors houses.  Anyone wanting to be his neighbor there is one across the street from his for sale.

One thing I noticed in most of the villages along the coast a lot of the cottages had gorgeous Hosta plants growing in their flower beds. I have tried here in Texas to grow them but I just don’t have any luck. I think it is too hot for then.
As you can see I took way too many pictures on my trip. I do have some more beautiful coastal pictures that I guess you will just have to hang in there this too shall pass with me. haha
One thing I noticed about my pictures I am in my hair is never combed and usually my sunglasses are on the top of my head pushing my hair back. I  never have taken good pictures.
Wish I knew the name of the this kitty. We became instant friends.
Now I must turn in for the night. I have to get up early and see if I can get another six hours of mowing in tomorrow. In some places the grass was so tall I thought I might not be able to cut it. We really had a lot of rain while I was gone.
Sweet Dreams

You may have to click on the pictures to get a better look.


yaya said...

His house is so cool! I love that style and I love his gate...perfect for him! All I could think of was what a great place to go trick or treating! Boooo!

Paula said...

Interesting post and interesting mansion. I like the picture of you by the gate with the friendy black cat.

Deanna said...

Enjoyed visiting your blog today. Fun post!

God bless,

Maggie M said...

That place has Steven King written all over it. Love all the pictures with you in them sweet Maggie. It sounds like you and Christi had a wonderful time. Hope the soreness in your knees goes away quickly. Hugs sweet friend!

A Tale of Two Cities said...

Well. how fascinating! You were a very good detective to find his place and hunt it down.

Olga said...

A fun post, Maggie. I love those Maine villages and the old houses. I know King also has a house near where we go in Florida. Maybe I will do some investigation work while we are down there. BTW, you look fabulous in those pics.

Marla and Steve said...

Love this post. Wow, what a weird gate but that old mansion is amazing. You and Christi are beautiful.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Very cool, Maggie! I was a fan of Stephen King for many years and then, when his writing started to change, I stopped reading. That is a great picture of you at the end with the gate and the black cat. You may have to frame that one as part of your Halloween decor!

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

Be your step. NO SOCKS on that shiny,slippery, floor. Ya hear! (((hugs)))Pat

♥ Sonny ♥ said...

What fun to see and hear about your trip.. Thats such a cozy looking neighborhood.

I think that black cat finding ya'll and being so friendly is amazing.. They are a sign of good luck- ya know.

You look sooooooo pretty and happy in those photos and it warms my heart to see that.

hugs to Ya~!

Julia said...

What a great picture of you and Christie... How I wish I would have been on this trip with you and Christie.

Love the old mansion and that creepy spider web gate with the bat. It's Halloween all year round at Stephen King.

6 hours of mowing is a lot of mowing. Good thing you got a tractor. The grass is growing fast here to and no time to mow my lawn between rain drops..

I had 2 calves born this morning and had herd health with the vet checking which cow or heifers are pregnant and the feed truck coming to fill the big feed tanks all at the same time and I'm chasing a herd of young heifers to let the truck in the back of the barn. Never a dull moment here too and the weeks just whizz by. I just had my breakfast at 11:35 am. Do you want to change job with me? please?
Hugs, JB

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

I only like one of his books, the one he did on writing. It's a memoir of sorts. It's really good! A Great Read!! I'm not much into horror, but I love books about writing.

Love the pics!

Jennifer Richardson said...

that is a gorgeous old neighborhood
...I see where he gets his love
for that place.
(needs to buy another bag of pot...had me rolling. well, not
thanks for the wonderful share!
I felt as though I were there
too for
a minute.
I love your blog, I do:)

sjmcdowell said...

Hi Maggie,

What a wonderful and interesting post!!!
I love the old fashioned houses. It could be why Mr. King lives
likes there too.
I love the pictures you have taken and the one of you and Christi is so lovely. I especially love the one of you and the black cat!!

Come visit me when you get a chance, ok? Missing you!!!

Love and Blessings,


Sue said...

Perfect house AND gate for Stephen King. My son is a big fan of his and would love seeing this.


Debbie@Debbie-Dabble and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

Thanks so much for sharing the pics of Stephen King's home!! I love it and I love the gate!!
I am a huge fan of his and even watch Haven which is based on one of his book on the Sci Fi Channel!


From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

Oh Maggie,
What a wonderful post. Being a New Rnglander, we are always on the look out for him (S. King) at the Red Sox games. I have been a bad blogger myself. What a gorgeous neighborhood he lives in. I also think it is really neat to have your picture taken in front of his house with a black cat. An even neater photo would have been a German Shepard!! lol

Forty Pound Sack said...

What fun! I love the spooky kitty - just in time for Halloween. Your daughter has a lovely smile ~

Connie said...

Wow!!! that is exactly the house that you would expect him to live in, right? Thanks for sharing,
Connie :)

Terra said...

Now that is a classy house that Stephen King lives in, not one of those huge glass modern mansions that are hidden behind fences. I like it, and the trees and the gate. Thanks for sharing it here.

Zaa said...

Thanks for the fascinating tour...Love the pic's too...Looks like you had a marvellous time..Hugs

Taos Sunflower said...

I love the photo of you and Christi...I don't know how he could have resisted stopping to say hi to you! At least the cat had good taste. What a hoot that must have been. I love those old houses and that fence is a real treasure. Wonder if they decorate for Halloween???

Delena said...

I too would buy every Stephen King that came out. I didn't even look at the title as long as I saw his name I bought it. Now I just can't spend money on his books anymore because his writing has changed. Maybe he has finally run out of ideas.