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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Hope Springs!

My hope for you this weekend is to take the time to go see this movie. I took my dear sister-in-law Linda for her Birthday and we both laughed so hard. It was extremely hilarious watching Meryl and Tommy Lee together. They were the prefect two for this movie.

I knew from the trailers of this move that it would be good but I have to say it was better than my high expectations. One scene while they were on a movie date I almost spewed my Dr. Pepper all over the couple in front of me. Thank goodness that did not happen but when I think how close I came to having done this really makes me laugh again at how crazy this movie turned out to be.

Towards the end I was surprised my self when I was wiping a few tears from my eyes. Sometimes there are moments like there were in this movie that make me realize how much I miss being married.

The movie is not just funny but deals with problems of some married couple face while growing old together.
So it has it's serious moments too. I loved it so much I could sit through it again.

Today is my son's Clint's wedding anniversary. I wish I were there to babysit for him and his sweet wife Andrea where they could go out this evening. God Blessed me when these two married. They are the prefect parents for my two precious grand babies. Happy Anniversary you two!

Wish you could of been with me this week I sure could of used your help. I have been spending a lot of hours tossing things out of my closet. When you have one closet in your home it makes it hard to not throw out things. I just closed my eyes and cleaned. lol

Another thing that has taken up a lot of my time is trying to get a carpenter and plumber out here to fix the damage done from the old roof. I have talked to several but none have showed up. There is not a shortage of work for carpenters in our area. I told my brother today I have been thinking of doing it myself and you should of seen the look on his face. lol Priceless.

The highlight of my week was talking to Cathy from Acorn Hallow  for the first time last night. She was a sweetheart for calling me and telling me about her home state Maine. It was a joy hearing her voice and laughing with her.
If you have not met Cathy be sure and go by and meet this lovely lady.

Well I hope you are having a fantastic week and enjoying the last of the summer. It has been in the 100's here all week so I find myself waking up during the night from leg cramps. I guess I am not drinking enough water or Gatorade.

Be gentle to yourself and remember this ole Grandma Yellow Hair thinks of you often. As always I appreciate you coming by and saying hello.

Love to all


Marla and Steve said...

Oh Maggie, I'm going to see that movie tomorrow with a few girlfriends. I can't wait! I love both actors and the previews look so funny.

I bet you are roasting your little fanny off about now. I wonder how the heat affects your property.

Hugs, Marla

Kim said...

Hey Maggie, I'm looking forward to seeing that movie too. I love both of those actors. It seems like its hard to find handymen everywhere.
Come visit me, I'm having a giveaway ;)

Maggie M said...

Thank you so much for posting what you thought of the movie...I want to see it so bad and can't wait. They are two of my favorite actors and I knew they would be terrific in this movie. Sure hope it cools off there soon. We are finally in the 90's for the last few days...hope it does not go back to the 100's. Hugs sweet Maggie and nose kisses for Tinkerbell.

Gina said...

I have wanted to see that movie from the first time I saw the preview! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Shirley said...

Hi Maggie, I would like to see the movie, but my hubby is not in the going mood. He is having problems with his balance. We have had some cool days for which I am thankful. Today warmed back up and the ac froze up at work. I told them it didn't sound right. I am only a woman so why should they listen to me. Have a wonderful week. Hugs Your Missouri Friend.

My Grama's Soul said...

Hi Maggie.....did a post today about Hope, Idaho....ESP....perhaps.....gotta LOVE anything with the word HOPE in it.....wouldn't you agree?

hugs to you,


June said...

Hi sweetpea! I think of you often too.
I want to see that movie so bad, but will probably wait for it to come out on DVD, because I live nowhere near a theater : ). It looks great.
I hope that your son and his wife have a great anniversary too.
hugs from here...

Sweet Tea said...

I'm anxious to see that movie - it looks like one I will enjoy! I need to clean my closet, but am waiting to be inspired, and it just hasn't happened yet. Someday!

Take it easy in this awful heat, Friend!

PoetessWug said...

I was glad to hear that you liked this movie! I was wondering if it could possibly be as good as the trailers look. Frankly, having Tommy Lee Jones and Meryl Streep in it was an automatic attraction for me anyway...but I'm glad it got the "Grandma Yellow Hair" seal of approval! ^_^ ... By the way, Happy Anniversary to your son and daughter in law too! :-)

♥ Sonny ♥ said...

I have been in love with Tommy Lee for 30 years:)

Sounds like my kinda movie- so thanks for the great review.

it took me 9 calls and 11 days to finally find someone to come and clean my home. I was shocked to hear how busy folks are when all I hear is whining about not being able to find work, so I understand about you not getting workers to call you back to come and fix things.


Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

I like Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones and would love to see this movie, too, Maggie! It does look funny and I'm sure there will be many scenes that are accurate. I hope the heat breaks for you soon. We've had some decent no humidity days, but I think today is going to be 90, with some rain/thunderstorms tonight and then they "say" it will be cooler. I don't believe it until I step outside for myself!

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

That movie has piqued my interest.
Watched The Notebook after it came out on a CD or whatever they are called and still haven't recovered from it. Have you seen it?
I hear you about the "marriage" thing. Even just "sharing" times together would be nice as I just learned. (((hugs)))Pat

Sheryl "Wilderness Wife" Thompson said...

Happened upon your blog today and really enjoyed it. Thanks for the review of the Hope Springs movie. I thought is was going to be good after seeing the trailers on TV.
Enjoy your trip to Maine! We're tiny compared to Texas but very diverse! Sounds like you are going to be in southern part. I live in the North Maine Woods, about 300 miles north of Portland.

Sue said...

We were thinking of going to that very movie tonight!


Debby@Just Breathe said...

Loved the movie. Went with my dad while visiting him in Florida!

yaya said...

Jack and I went and saw that movie over the weekend...we loved it! We laughed and just enjoyed it so much. I also love Cathy from Acorn Hollow. She's a sweetie and I love her blog. I'm still very jealous of your trip to Maine but I'm looking forward to the blog posts about it! Have a good week and Happy Anniversary to your son!

acorn hollow said...

Maggie is was a joy to talk to you. I hope we talk again soon.
I may live in NH but I was born and brought up in Maine. When I moved to NH who did I make friends with? a girl who was brought up in Portland. I think we maine girls have radar. I am excited as you are about your trip.
your Maine friend with the accent:)

A Tale of Two Cities said...

I've been waiting to hear someone's review of this movie, and you've sold me. It sounds perfect for a weekend flic!

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

Try potassium for the leg cramps, it works for me!

I want to see that movie also, but I think I'll wait until one of my friends wants to go, don't think my boyfriend would like it (no explosions or blood)....



wendy said...

Hi Maggie! I was just talking to my sisters the other night about us going to see that!!

Cro Magnon said...

Hello Maggie. Yes, hot here too; we're forecast 41 degrees C today (106 F). WE shall stay indoors (or in the pool).

Best wishes, Cro x

dulcy said...

Oh I'm so glad I dropped by Maggie! I hadn't talked to anyone who had seen the movie Hope Springs, so will be sure to catch it this weekend. I've also been throwing things from my closet and have a pickup coming next Wednesday. It's "take no prisoners" here! If something hasn't measure up over the past year.... out it goes!


Auntie Cake said...

Hello Maggie,
Just stopped by for a quick visit. Hope you can find a repairman, I am in the same boat. We had straight line winds come through, leaving two big holes on our roof where vents were blown off. It has been sitting there for the last two weeks while I try and persuade people to come fix it.

Hate to think of you baking in that heat. We are enjoying cool nights and warm days now. A welcome relief after the summer we had. Wishing you the same! 100 degrees is a lot more fun if you are a kid in a swimming pool!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review Maggie! Hubby and I really want to see this flick!
I love Meryl Streep...she's amazing!

ciao bella
Creative Carmelina