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Monday, October 19, 2009


Anyone want to join me in having a ONE OF THOSE DAYS on their blog. You see all these other blogs having Metamorphosis Mondays and Mosaic Mondays we could start one called ONE OF THOSE DAYS.
When I work at the sheriffs department I get up at 3:20 am in order to be at the shift meeting by 4:45. My routine is pretty much like anyone else in the mornings but today was ONE OF THOSE DAYS that I won't soon forget. While brushing my teeth my lights go out in the bathroom. I start unplugging things thinking I have blown a breaker. Nope lights were out all over this old house. So I stumble back to the bedroom find my big flashlight for emergency such as this and start over on my daily routine in the bathroom. Well dang if the flash light does not go out less than five minutes later. I can not put in words how dark it was. So once again I am stumbling through the house looking for a candle and matches. I finish dressing by candlelight but did not put on lipstick or eye make-up because too afraid of looking like a clown doing it by candlelight. I go outside to my car and just as dark out there but thank God my inside lights came on when I got inside. Well I turn the key and the car does not start. I wanted to bang my head on the steering wheel but was too afraid of the pain that would cause. I then call in too work to explain my situation and they suggest I sit out there for a little while and try it again. Took their advice but still no luck. I then stumble back on to the porch where my dog, Dotty Forrest is waiting on me and low and behold if I did not fall over her face first on the hard wooden porch and I bit my tongue. My keys flew out in the yard and it took me twenty minutes to find them. Would you believe they landed in a pot full of geraniums. I finally get back into the house and call the sheriffs office again and then I lay down waiting on day light so I can wake up my brother to see if he can come over and jump start the vehicle. While I was laying there my poor cat Tinkerbell started throwing up all over the bedroom floor. Needless to say it was ONE OF THOSE DAYS. Seventy-five dollars later I have a new battery and I pray in the morning goes so much smoother than this one. OK your turn. Write about One of Those Days on your blog and let me know so I can laugh along with you.


Barbara C said...

I hope the day proceeded in a better way for you Sometimes so many things go wrong at the worse time that all you can do is laugh.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope the locker hooking is fun for you. I've still got a canvas set aside and a bunch of strips cut for my second rug. Maybe I'll start it after I finish knitting the sleeves on the sweater I'm finishing.

giftsofthejourney said...

What a day you had...I would have probably crawled back into bed thinking the universe was sending me a message.

I've had a look around your space here and you look to be a woman with remarkable perseverance. I like that in person...someone who just gets on with things even with it looks almost impossible.

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog over at GOTJ and for leaving such a kind comment. I'm so glad you found something at my space to enjoy when you're having a cup of hot chocolate in a resting moment. That makes me smile.

I hope all your days get easier and you have more time to visit with those you love soon.

quilterbear said...

You wrote a note on my blog at LJ about locker hooking. I wanted to tell you that my husband and i both love to do it, and have made a LOT. Write to me privately and we can talk!

QuilterK at RoadRunner dot com is my email address.

grandmayellowhair said...

Thank you all for visitng my site and leaving me comments. I appreciate it very much.

Catherine said...

Oh my - what a funny post! Thanks for the laughs.... sorry about your day, though. Hopefully enough time has passed that you can laugh about it now!